My Son Joe The Dynamo Ch. 02

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Joe signed up at the Community College to take electrical classes. To pay his way he found a job unloading trucks at a warehouse. I didn’t charge him rent at first, so he saved his pay and bought a motor-cycle. Once he had transportation, he started contributing to the rent. It was a relief to have someone to help with the bills.

Joe was a healthy kid, he didn’t drink or smoke or do drugs. He ran early in the morning and he bought a collection of free weights and a pull-up bar that he installed in his door frame. After six weeks of him working out daily, I noticed a difference, especially in his arms and shoulders. I always hugged him when I left for work and when I came home. I liked to feel his strong arms around me. I have lived in apartment complexes for years as a single woman. It felt good to have a man in my home.

I found out what a good protector Joe was when one Friday night I wanted to go out for a beer. Joe agreed to escort me even though he doesn’t drink. It was a warm night so we took his motorcycle and rode over to Kennedy’s Pub. All the tables were taken, so Joe and I sat on stools, propping up the bar. Joe drank Ginger Ale while I had two Coors Lites. There were some guys at the pool table that kept eyeing me. I ignored them, but when Joe went to the bathroom one guy came up to the bar and stood a little too close while he ordered his drink.

“You need a refill?” he asked me, “Looks like boyfriend ain’t old enough to buy a real drink.”

“I’m good thanks,” I said, without smiling.

He put his face closer and I could see the hairs in his nose and smell his whiskey breath. His eyes were trying to hold mine, but I turned my head.

“You’re kind of up in my space,” I said. “Could you step back?”

“I thought we might get a little closer,” he said, looking down my shirt. He put his arm around me, winking at his pool-table buddies.

I was about to tell him to take a hike when Joe appeared. He walked right up and asked,

“Is this a friend of yours?

“No,” I said, “I never met him before in my life.”

“Ok sir,” Joe said quietly, “We were having a private conversation, do you mind?”

“Do I mind? Hell no. What I mind is some junior mint getting in my business. You kiss my ass son.”

Without another word, Joe unhooked the guy’s arm from my neck, put the flat of his hand in the middle of his chest and shoved him hard across the room. The dude lost his balance and sprawled across the pool table, scattering balls. A beer smashed on the floor and then a biker-looking dude grabbed the guy off the table and dragged him across the room to the door.

“You’re drunk, asshole,” he said, “You spilled my drink. Get out of here before I give you a Friday Night Special Free Ass Whooping.”

The guy looked back at Joe with angry bloodshot eyes and pointed his finger.

“I know who you are motherfucker!” he yelled as he was shoved out the door.

“Yeah, yeah,” the biker said, turning to Joe and spreading his hands in a “what can you do?” gesture. “You done it now buddy,” he said to Joe, gesturing with his thumb to the departing drunk. Then he laughed. “Fuck it man, what a dick.”

I slid off the bar stool and put my arms around Joe’s neck. Now the drama was over, I felt the adrenaline rush in my belly. My nipples were hard and my panties were damp. I can’t help it, fights always have that effect on me. Maybe it’s all the testosterone. Joe’s dad once beat up a guy who knocked me over at a dance. He was a big guy, out of his mind on coke, running round the dance-floor. He knocked me flying and just kept going. Frank tackled him from behind, put him on the floor and kicked the crap out of him.

On the drive home, Frank had a busted lip and a bruise on his face and that put me over the edge. There’s just something about a guy who has been in a fight, especially when he’s fighting for you. Frank was so pumped that he ripped my dress right off me and we fucked for hours all over the house.

The scene at Kennedy’s bar felt like déjà vu all over again. Here’s Frank’s son, protecting me just like his daddy did. I pressed my body against Joe and looked in his eyes. “You took care of business,” I told him. “It feels good to have a real man by my side.”

Joe smiled and tried to make out like it was nothing, but I could halkalı escort tell by the bulge in his pants that he was feeling what I was feeling.

“Let’s get out of here,” I whispered. “Take me home.”

Joe had parked his bike in back and he told me to wait at the front door. I waited for a few minutes, all excited to get on the bike. Then I heard raised voices. Had the guy waited for Joe? I ran around back. Sure enough, he and another asshole had Joe backed up against a wall.

“You think I was going to leave it at that? Shit, son I eat fuckers like you and spit ’em out.” The guy who fell on the pool table was talking big. His dimwit friend stood there with his hands on his hips trying to look tough.

“You leave him alone,” I yelled at them, “leave us be you fucking losers!”

“Yeah bitch? I’ll show you who’s a fucking loser,” he said and he kicked Joe in the balls.

The other guy hit Joe on the side of the face and right then, Joe seemed to come alive.

He grabbed blood-shot-eyes by the shoulders and head-butted him so hard that the guy sank to his knees with blood pouring from his nose. Joe pivoted and punched the sidekick in his fat gut. Joe looked relaxed, like he was taking out the trash. He hit the guy three times and threw him back against the wall.

“Get your friend and get out of here before you really get hurt,” Joe said.

The two guys dragged themselves over to a green Dodge truck and peeled rubber out of the parking lot, cussing us out the whole time.

Joe looked at me, “Jeez,” he said, “Do you always have that effect on guys?”

I laughed. “Get your bike wise-ass,” I said, “We are out of here.”

On the ride home I held Joe tight and then suddenly I was sobbing uncontrollably.

“What’s wrong?” he yelled.

“I’m fine,” I yelled in his ear, “The excitement got to me. Keep your eyes on the road.”

Confused feelings washed over me like the wind. Joe made me feel young and free, like a teenage girl, wild and reckless and ready for anything. Joe was a hot guy. If I was eighteen and he was my boyfriend I’d be fucking him night and day. But I was thirty six and he wasn’t my boyfriend, he was my son. What could I do? He lived with me and I couldn’t kick him out, his dad had just died! I was so mixed up. To make matters worse, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about what might happen that night when we got home.

Right away, I took Joe in the bathroom and examined his face. He had a yellowish bruise by his eye. I took cotton balls and disinfectant and cleaned the bruise. As he sat on the toilet to let me work on his face, he groaned and touched his crotch.

“What’s wrong?” I said, “Is that where he kicked you? You have got to let me see, Joe.”

“It’s ok,” he mumbled, “It’s nothing.”

“That guy kicked you in the groin Joe, you could really be injured. Take off your pants and let me look. We might have to go to Urgent Care.”

Joe unzipped his jeans and painfully pushed them down. There was a big bruise on his inner thigh.

“Is that what’s hurting or is there something else?” I asked him.

He touched his jockeys. “It hurts in here too,” he said, “that guy nailed me.”

“Asshole!” I yelled, balling my fists. I was furious with the guy, but I was more scared that Joe might be hurt. Why did I take him to a fucking bar?

“Let me see,” I said, “Please Joe, no kidding, I need to be sure you’re ok.”

Joe stood up and eased his jockeys down his thighs. There was a big red mark at the base of his penis and the area around his scrotum looked bruised.

“Oh man,” I said, “that must hurt like hell. Can I touch it? I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Ok,” Joe said, “just go easy.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “but let’s go in my room, it’s too cramped in here.”

We crossed the hallway and I put all the lights on in my room.

“Ok stand still and let me look,” I said. I got on my knees and gently lifted his penis. I turned it in my hand and examined it carefully. There was an abrasion on the delicate skin. Then I took Joe’s delicate nut-sack in my hand and looked at it all over. There was some bruising on the under side and more red marks at the top of his thighs.

“Are your balls tender?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah,” he said, with a smile, harbiye escort “You know that’s right ma’am.”

“I don’t mean like that you jerk, I mean are they hurting you? Do we need to have you examined?’

“No mom, it’s just a kick in the balls,” he said, “No big deal. I’ll be fine, but yeah I am pretty tender right now.”

“Let me rub some cream on this,” I said, “I have some really good cream.”

I took a jar off my dresser and gently applied it to the abrasion on Joe’s shaft. As I gently caressed Joe’s shaft, he developed a giant hard-on.

“Down boy,” I giggled, “you shouldn’t be getting so excited, but I’m glad to see everything’s working ok.”

I couldn’t help it. Being on my knees, touching his hard cock was making me hot and bothered. I wanted to suck him dry, but I didn’t want to hurt him.

“What else can I do for you?” I asked.

“Mom, I really need to get my erection down. It’s hurting but I know it won’t go down on it’s own. My adrenaline is pumping and I’m all charged up. Can you help me have an orgasm so I can sleep?”

Joe looked at me with his deep green eyes and my heart melted.

“Should I stroke it?” I said. I knew what the answer would be, but I wanted him to say it.

“It’s kind of tender to stroke it,” he said, “could you use your mouth?”

“Sure I can,” I smiled. “It will be soothing on your skin. They say saliva heals wounds.”

I gently took his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue all over his shaft to get plenty of healing saliva on him. Joe held me by my hair and moaned as I sucked him. Usually he came pretty fast, but not this time..

“I know this is uncomfortable, is there something else I can do to help you to cum faster?” I said.

“I don’t know,” he said, “Maybe if you undress?”

“I can do that,” I said.

I was so excited that he wanted me to strip for him. I pulled off my tee shirt and undid my bra. Then I took off my shorts and stood there in just my boots and lacy panties.

“Ok?” I asked.

“Ooh yes,” he said, stroking his big cock as he looked at my breasts. “But please take off your panties too.”

I had gone too far to refuse him, so I slid them off.

“Can I look?” he asked.

“Ok,” I said, “but I want to make you cum so you can rest”

He got down on his knees and put his face between my thighs. I was so aroused I could barely think. For a few minutes he knelt there. I felt his hot breath on my lips as he inhaled my scent. Then he kissed my swollen, dripping lips. It was the first time he had touched my pussy! I felt so dizzy. I almost passed out with pleasure. He kissed me again, gently and long, and I closed my eyes, running my fingers through his hair. I was in heaven.

“Your lips feel so good,” I said, “if you do that any more I promise I will cum.”

“That’s what I want,” he said, “I dream about feeling you cum.”

“Please kiss me again,” I said, “You have me so close it will only take a minute.”

He kissed my lips and my swollen pussy opened up. Deep waves of electric pleasure radiated out from my clit and I came like I have never cum before. A big spurt of juice squirted on his precious lips and he licked and sipped my drenched pussy.

“Oh my God!” I said, “You are so bad. That was amazing Joe.”

He stood up and pulled off his tee shirt. Then he held me against him. It felt so good to be naked in his arms. His big throbbing cock was pressed against my belly. I so wanted to feel it inside me, but I couldn’t cross that line. I remembered I was supposed to be giving him relief so he could get to sleep.

“Ok,” I said, “Sit on the bed and let me help you.”

He picked up my soaking panties off the floor.

“Can I use these?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, “If they help you.”

Joe held my lacey beige panties to his face and sniffed the wet crotch. I had been dripping since the bar fight and the scent of hot pussy gets a man off better than anything. Frank would rub my pussy-juice on my nipples and sniff my tits to cum extra hard. Seeing Joe breathe my scent off my panties made my clit tingle. I wished he would pick me up, throw me on the bed, spread my legs and mount me, just take it. It was his, but I wouldn’t be the one to offer it to him. He had to take it for himself ikitelli escort and I could even struggle a bit.

Instead, I licked his shaft and sucked his head while he breathed my perfume. His cock tasted nice and he was dripping salty drops on my tongue, so I knew he was getting close. Then he groaned and I tasted a big jet of cum, then another and another. My mouth filled up and I choked so I let him slide out and held him in my hand. He kept jetting in my face, nearly blinding me so I aimed his cock down and he shot long squirts of thick white cum on my breasts. He came more than I had ever seen a guy cum. His eyes were closed and he had his face turned up to the ceiling like he was in ecstasy. I felt so good that I could give him these feelings.

When Joe stopped, he lay back on my bed and passed out. He must have been so jacked up and then it all came down on him. He was exhausted. His cute face was so fresh and innocent. I kissed the bruise by his eye and gently removed his jeans and jockeys. He was naked and such a beautiful guy. I looked at him for a long moment. Then I pulled the sheet up over him. My Joe! I loved him so much.

I went in the bathroom and showere, without wetting my hair. Then I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I wondered if I should sleep in Joe’s room and give him some peace. But I thought, what if something’s wrong and he wakes up in the middle of the night and needs me? I should be there.

I shaved my legs and my mound and dried myself off. I was so tired I wasn’t thinking straight. I just got in bed with nothing on. I knew I should put on a night dress, but I was too tired. I closed my eyes but I kept feeling Joe’s warmth. His body was hot. I ran my cold hands over his back and held his forehead to see if he was running a fever. It didn’t feel like it, but he was hot. I pressed my cool body against him and kissed his neck. I wondered if his groin was ok and gently slid my hand down to see if I could feel anything.

Soon I had his big thing in my hand. He had only cum once, so he would probably be hard all night. I wondered what he was dreaming about. Gently I squeezed his thick shaft. Then I smelled my hand. It smelled of cum and manhood and raw sex. God he had messed those guys up! I loved the way he beat them down like it was nothing. Thinking about it made me horny again.

I let go Joe’s cock and lay on my back, touching myself, trying not to disturb Joe. Or would he like to watch me masturbating? No! He needed to sleep. I should cum quick so I could stop fantasizing and go to sleep. But I was so horny!

I carefully pulled Joe over and he turned in his sleep. Now he was facing me. I slid closer and touched his big cock. The head was all sticky as I rubbed my clit with it. Then I glued my outer lips to the sticky shaft and slid up and down on it. I felt like a teenage girl playing with my sleeping boyfriend’s cock, making myself so horny that I would have to slide it between my lips and ride him until he came. But I promised myself I wouldn’t make the first move!

I couldn’t help it! I slid his head between my lips and sighed in ecstasy as it filled my opening. I closed my eyes and let the sensations rush through me. I wished I could stay like this forever, with his stiff head in my entrance. I eased him out. His head was all slippery with my juice and I rubbed it on my swollen clit. I came with a painful intensity. Then I slid his head back in my entrance and squeezed while I rubbed my stiff clit to another huge orgasm. I soaked Joe’s cock and then I felt him moving in me.

He put his hands on my hips and mounted me as I had dreamed for weeks that he would. He spread my thighs and thrust deep inside me.

“No you mustn’t!” I said as I opened all the way to his invading cock.

“I need it,” he moaned.

He possessed me like a man should, using me for his pleasure. I pushed my tits in his face and he sucked my nipples. He pulled my ass cheeks open and slid his finger deep in my ass as he fucked me. I wanted him to use all my holes. He was so masterful that I had multiple spontaneous orgasms and squirted juice all over the bed. Then I felt his spasms. He was shooting his thick cum in me, marking me with his scent, filling my womb with his juice. I sank my nails in his back and he bit and sucked my neck, giving me hickeys. I groaned in pleasure. I wanted his marks on my body so bitches could see I had a man who owned my pussy. For a moment he lay still and then he was riding me again, fucking my wanton cunt, fingering my ass, making me his slut, his whore, his mother fucking slave at last.

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