my step sister


my step sisterthere in my room I felt so alone, with my heart beating hard I was beginning to lose control. across the hall I saw you change, dear little step sister of mine, have I no shame? but I became overwhelmed with my blood rushing quick. so hard, so erect it became to thick.changing your cloths, I could not look away. then for a second you saw me at bay. I could not move, my dick still so big. my eyes would not remove, I just wanted to fuck you like a pig.with my dick throbbing hard, you walked towards my room. so elegant, so beautiful, I could not hang on. as you walked in my room I got down on my knees, asking for forgiveness up close to your grabbed my arm anadolu yakası escort and pulled me up, told me its alright with such an innocent smile :)my dick was still so hard, I could not help but feel embarrassed. with your soft smooth hands climbing down my manly chest. you whispered “itll be ok, ill do anything to help”. you unzipped my pants and went down on your knees and with one hand you grabbed my thick hot blood filled dick and began stroking it with a tight grip. I felt so weak I could not take it, I fell down on my computer chair and watched as you continued to beat off my tenderous meat with that incredibly ataşehir escort adorable smile of yours. every so often youd stick out your wet moist tongue and lick my dick from bottom to top. I want to cum, please believe me I do but this feels so good, I want to feel more, I just have to stop myself, I cant have this end just yet. you see me struggle, and realize how soon I am to cumming. you notice how I want more, and how a simple lick wont be enough to satisfy me. and so you grab my dick with both your hands and SQUEEZE so tightly I yell out a SCREAM and without a moment of hesitation you open your mouth and take my dick in whole, all ümraniye escort nine inches begin to feel the tightness of your throat, the wetness of your tongue, and claws of your teeth and the pressure of your mouth as you suck as hard as you possibly can with your hands gently caressing my balls.I place both on on the back of your head and shove my dick even deeper within your throat to feel the ultimate satisfaction of it all as you open your eyes wide with surprise. but so faithful to her step brother, you begin to suck even harder as your tongue massages my dick until I let out a ROAR and cum inside your throat. my hands still on your head I refuse to let go as you drink every drop of my cum while my dick continues to pour my thick sperm inside your mouth.I finally let go as I lose all my energy and watch as you make sure to suck my dick dry. ending my pleasure with the soft stroke of your tongue, licking the tip of my dick.your final words to me at that moment were “now its my turn?”

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