My stepdaughter


My stepdaughterOk, I admit it, I really want to fuck my stepdaughter. That by itself really sounds creepy, especially since I drive an old van with no windows, but let me explain. Chrissy is 38 years old, about 5’1″, brunette with a red tint to it, big old hazel eyes, C cup boobs, and the most adorable little size 7 feet. That’s enough in itself to make me want to fuck the shit out of her, but what really gives me a yard on a hard long is the fact that Chrissy is a self professed “Nigger dick loving whore”. She has a bi-racial 19 year old daughter that is long, tall, slender, and beautiful, but I dream about Chrissy.I went to Chrissy’s house to help her move some furniture around, and when I got there, she asked if I had any weed. I had some rocket fuel and burned a doobie with her, then asked her if she would let pendik escort me give her a foot massage. She knows I have a foot fetish, but I had never gotten a chance to get her by herself without either my wife or her daughter being there. We sat on the sofa and she plopped those cute little feet in my lap and let me have my way with them. She started telling me about this guy she dated who had a foot fetish, and how he liked to suck on her toes. By this time, I’m harder than math with letters instead of numbers, and she tells me that he was the biggest dick she ever had. She starts blushing and giggling and giving me details about how thick he was, and how black his 11″ dick was. Then she upped the ante…She then told me “I know Mom gets jealous, so this will be our little kartal escort secret. I want you to suck on my toes while I masterbate. Thinking about that big nigger dick has gotten me horny as fucking hell!” Like I’m going to tell this gorgeous woman no. She gets up, grabs my dick, jerks it a little and tells me that she is going to take care of me also. She goes back to the bedroom and comes out with a 8″ vibrator and a towel, then takes off her shorts and panties, puts her feet in my lap, tells me to take my dick out and start sucking on her toes.Sucking on Chrissy’s sweet little toes and watching her play with her vibrator was so incredibly intense. Listening to her tell me how she couldn’t move because that nigger dick was so big inside of her, hearing her moan while she maltepe escort has one foot in my mouth and the other rubbing my balls and dick with her vibrator buried deep in her pussy was one of my dreams come true. Seeing her stiffen up and have a huge orgasm didn’t quite bring tears to my eyes, but it did bring a bunch of precum from me. After Chrissy came, she gets on her knees, leans over and starts kissing my cheek and ears while jacking me off. She then tells me that she wants me to lick her clean the next time, and kisses me hard on the lips just as my dick explodes.After cleaning myself up and doing what I came over there to do in the first place, move furniture, I get ready to leave. Just before I open the door, Chrissy gives me a big long hug and a passionate kiss and tells me that the thought of fucking her stepdad is really turning her on, and that she wants to be my Mistress and have an affair with me. After a short sweet kiss, she tells me to call her and sends me on my way.So now you see why I want to fuck the goddamn living shit out of my nigger dick loving whore of a stepdaughter…

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