My Three Favorite Uncles – Part 3


My Three Favorite Uncles – Part 3eliminadoeliminadoeliminadoVijay uncle laughed and replied, “As I said, you should have called me if you needed company.”I was taking a sip of water and the statement hit me so hard that I choked on the water. Uncle was sitting with a smile while it took me a few minutes to get my coughing under control. I was about to reply something, but Aunty came at that moment to say that dinner was ready.We had a quiet dinner together at which time I could not look at Vijay uncle without getting a blush. Aunty probably must have noticed it, but thankfully did not say anything. Since that day, Vijay uncle and I started chatting on WhatsApp and telephone regularly.The way Vijay uncle chatted showed me clearly that he cared for me and genuinely wanted to give me company, to not have me feel so down and lonely. I was honestly happy about it. And he was such a gentleman that even after knowing so much about my sexual history and my current sexual cravings he never brought it up till I did.It was on one such day that we were chatting when he mentioned that Aunty was leaving for another town for a couple of days. We are both going to be in the same situation at home. I don’t know what got over me, but I told him, “Why don’t you come over to my home here then? we can spend some time together.”He replied he was busy till 9:00 pm and can come after that. I replied, “I will be eagerly waiting for you Uncle. We can have a wonderful time tonight.” I sent the message and then realized what a double meaning sentence that was. I was not sure what way he would take it.But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, this is a good opportunity to take our relationship to the next level. The more I thought about it that way, the more excited I began to illegal bahis feel in my abdomen. I realized that I just propositioned my uncle to come home tonight and fuck me.My phone dinged with a new message. I looked at it. it was from Vijay uncle. It said, “Ok Sweta. Tonight.” I realized uncle understood what was about to happen, and so I decided to dress up sexy for him. I put on a sexy all-white dress. It had a white sleeveless choli and a white lehenga that was just about knees length.I made sure to not put on a bra under the choli so that my small boobs would hang down into the choli when I bend down. I put on a good number of bangles, a necklace and a pair of tinkling anklets. This was one of my favorite dresses to wear for Sharma uncle when we were alone since the dupatta was just an inch wide ribbon-like cloth that was almost nonexistent.It was almost 10:00 pm when the bell rang. I walked up to it, hoping that he was alone and aunty did not tag along. I did not have a good excuse for the way I am dressed in case Vijay uncle was not alone. But one peep through the door hole showed uncle was alone. And he was wearing a white kurta.I opened the door and immediately I could see he got the exact same message as I did. He came in a freshly pressed white kurta pajama, smelling of a nice perfume and was holding a big packet of jasmine flowers. I knew I was in for my suhaag raat with Vijay uncle.I smiled and opened the door and stood behind it. As he walked in I closed the door and let him see me for the first time that evening. He was about to say something, but only an audible gasp escaped from his mouth as soon as he saw me. I loved making him have that reaction and laughed.Uncle recovered in a second and coughed loudly saying, “Well, now that you have illegal bahis siteleri given me this big heart attack, I think I need something to drink to recover.” I smiled. I am loving uncle more and more. I was about to guide him to the sofa, but he grabbed me from behind, held me tightly in his strong arms and kissed me on my lips.It was my turn to get a heart attack. My first kiss with Vijay uncle was genuinely great. It was so long since I had a good kiss. Having it with a strong military guy like Vijay uncle whose arms had a kind of safety as he held me in his arms to kiss. Well, I could not help a moan escape out of my lips.I knew my small boobs were getting crushed against his hard chest and that thought/feeling caused a jolt of electricity through my body. I was blushing red and gasping for breath when he let go and realized I am now trying to recover from my own heart attack. Uncle laughed at my reaction as if he got his revenge.I looked down to get my blush under control, I saw the flowers in his hands. “Are they for me?” I asked. “Yes,” he said as he turned me and unpacked it. He pulled a big garland of jasmine flowers and put them in my hair with a pin. I loved the attention he was giving me.I turned to look at him studying my head and his gaze went down and right down my blouse. My braless boobs were held in the white choli like ripe fruits, ready to be plucked. His gaze was like he was trying to decide which one he wanted to eat first.I giggled and moved away saying, “Dirty old man.” He laughed and replied, “What did you expect dressing like that?”“How do I look now uncle?” I asked as I adjusted the flowers in my hair and turned to him. His eyes tracked the entirety of my body, from my toes to the tip of my hair. He replied, “Like a bride canlı bahis siteleri on her suhaag raat.” I could not help but laugh, “dirty old man,” and added, “Well, isn’t that what your idea is for tonight.”He got a predatory look in his eyes in reply that would have felt creepy to any young girl of my age to get from an older man. But I decided I liked it. I guided him to the sofa and I went inside to get him a glass of fresh juice I just squeezed. I got it in a tray and walked up to him.I leaned down in front of him, as low as I can.. so my small boobs weighed the choli down and opened it further. As expected, his gaze went right down there as I offered him the glass and I held my position like that for him to look down my blouse at my boobs.“Fresh squeeze juice uncle. The fruits were quite ripe and fresh uncle,” I said referring to the fruit juice. But he replied, “Oh yes they really are fresh and ripe, aren’t they.” It took me a second to realize that his gaze and thoughts were stuck on my boobs, rather than the juice. I blushed and giggled a bit expecting him to take the juice glass.But what I did not expect is what uncle did next. With one hand he reached for the juice and with the other, he reached for my boob. I thought he might touch it over my choli. But his hand slipped right into the choli and grabbed my bare boob. His fingers squeezed my boob from its base all the way down until he held my nipple in his fingers.He pinched it sharply, causing me to gasp in sudden pain “Ahh,” I yelped out. He just laughed and pulled his hand back, watching my body as he sipped his drink. I put the tray back in the kitchen, came back and sat down beside Vijay uncle, still a bit embarrassed about what had happened earlier.But Vijay uncle does not seem to have any problem since he just put an arm out and around me. He pulled me close to him and buried his face into my neck, sniffing deeply. It caused tingling shivers in my body that originated at my neck and radiated all over my body. I loved the sensation.

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