My Trip Down South Ch. 1


I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he stood, in the middle of the crowd at the airport. I had a moment to observe him before he spotted me. It was Sam. Sam is the man I had been having an online relationship with for the past 2 years. He looked just like his pictures, but his stance and the look on his face showed me something you can’t see in pictures. There was an honest look of concern, hope, and nerves as he watched the passengers disembark from the plane.

Sam stood about 5’8″ and went about 175 pounds. His hair was silver, salt and pepper, parted to one side, and almost reached his shoulders in length. His eyes are a beautiful blue with a twinkle of mischief. When he smiles, he develops this dimple right above his lip on the left side that adds a bit of charm.

It seemed like I stood there for 10 minutes or more, just observing him and taking in his off-guard demeanor. Actually, it must have only been a minute or so before he saw me. Our eyes met and locked as he smiled and let out a breath of air that that seemed to be trapped in his shoulders. We didn’t move at first, just stood there, staring for a moment. After I took the first step, we began to walk slowly toward each other, our eyes still locked in place.

“I see you made it OK. I was getting concerned after all those people filtered out and I still hadn’t seen you. I thought maybe you’d changed your mind at the last minute.”

“Oh, never! I’ve been waiting too long to meet you face to face to change my mind.”

“We better go get your luggage. The carriage for this flight is this way.”

We walked all the way down the stairs and over to the luggage racks without saying a word. It really seemed odd to never run out of things to say online, but here, face to face for the first time, we had nothing to say to each other. My mind was blank and our tongues were silent. I felt like I was back in high school, out on my first date with a boy.

When they finally reached the luggage carrier, he broke the silence.

“What color are your bags?” he asked.

“They are burgundy,” I stammered, “with a black stripe down the middle, and they are soft sided.”

My mind began to wander. “What the hell am I doing?” I thought to myself. “I fly hundreds of miles down south to meet a man I’ve only known online and all I can do is trust that everything he has told me was true. Except for the conversations we had online behind the security of a monitor and keyboard in our own homes, we had never met. I was beginning to have my doubts, to wonder if I had done the right thing. He could be a crazy killer or kidnapper planning on selling me into slavery.

“Is trabzon escort that one of your bags?” he asked, breaking into my thoughts. I turned to look at him and our eyes met once again. After only a moment, he smiled at me. It was pure, honest, and from the heart. Sam is a wonderful man, from the inside out. It was in that moment that I knew I had made the right decision. I could not go on without meeting the man I had shared so much with for the past 2 years. It was within that moment that her protective shied had dissolved.

“Yes” I replied. “That is one of them, the other one is a bit larger.”

“Larger!?” he exclaimed, “I thought you could only stay for 2 weeks. Is this to be my first surprise? Are you staying for a couple months instead of a couple weeks?”

“Oh God! How I wish I could!” I told him. “But you know I couldn’t get that much vacation time. This is just the way a woman packs, and I think you’ll eventually be glad I did.”

With that, he just lifted an eyebrow and smirked. We grabbed my luggage, walked out to the car, and loaded my stuff into the trunk. He walked around to open the door for me then he went around to get in himself, and we began our long ride back to his place. I grabbed hold of his hand just as we turned onto the highway and said to him, “I thought this moment would never come.”

“Me too darlin’!” he said with a squeeze of my hand. “Me too!”

The rest of the long ride home went peacefully. I dozed a little, we talked a lot, and sometimes, he was acting as tour guide, pointing out different points of interest along the way. It was a nice acquaintance period, giving us the chance to get comfortable with each other. With every passing mile, we became more relaxed, more open, and more comfortable.

Finally, we were pulling into his driveway. The thought of my travel time being over until my trip home caused a sigh of relief. It was a long trip from beginning to end.

Sam went to the back of the car to retrieve my luggage, then he led me into the house. “You must be exhausted from your trip. I’ll show you to your room and let you rest or freshen up a bit if you’d like.”

“Oh, you must have been reading my mind. I’d love to take a nap, then take a shower and freshen up. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve set up the guest bedroom for you. This will be your room during your stay, but you can sleep where ever you want. I’ll give you a tour of the house later, but my room is right across the hall.” He informed me.

I had noticed a gleam in his eye with that comment. There was no mistaking his meaning. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, my trabzon escort bayan dear. Thank you!” I teased.

Sam set my bags down just inside the door and closed the door behind him. That left me to my explorations of the room, which was lovely. To the left was the full size bed with nice fluffy pillows. Next to the bed was a night table with a pitcher of water. On the right was a dresser with 4 empty draws and a mirror on the top. There was a small wrapped package on the dresser. “TO DAWN, WITH LOVE, SAMMY” was on the tag. On the other side of the room were 2 doors, side by side in the middle of the wall. I opened the door on the right and found a good sized closet full of empty hangers, a shelf on the top, shelves going down one side and a light with a pull chain hanging from the ceiling. The door on the left was the door to a small bathroom. It contained a toilet, sink and mirror, and shower stall. Sam thought of everything! There was a vase of fresh cut flowers on the corner of the vanity, a new toothbrush, a bar of soap and fresh towels. I opened the door to the shower and found the stall had a seat in there, perfect for sitting down to shave my legs. The thought of a fresh shower was too inviting to pass up.

I went back to my bags to retrieve a fresh set of clothes. I opted for a tank top sundress with sandals since the North Carolina sun was high in the sky. I grabbed my materials and went into the bathroom. I started the water, stripped off my travel clothes, and stepped into the nice warm shower. The water was flowing over my hair, rinsing out the grime from my travel, and washing down my body. I leaned forward just a bit to let the water beat down on my neck and shoulders to release the tension there. I was in heaven with what felt like ecstasy. The hot water felt so good on my weary body.

I was suddenly startled by the sound of a mans voice. Pulled out of my reverie, I heard him ask, “Are you all set in there, or do you need any help with your back?” With just the sound of his voice, I trembled. It brought back the memories of all our voice chats and cyber sex and phone sex, and I found myself holding my breath.

“Well, now that you mention it, I am having a little trouble reaching my back. Do you have any suggestions?”

“I have an idea, if you’re interested?”

“Well, what do you have in mind?”

With that, he climbed into the shower behind me, grabbed the cloth, and started rubbing my back. “Umm, that feels great!” I uttered. I still had not seen him naked, but I could feel him against my back, I could smell him over my shoulder, and I could feel his touch on my escort trabzon body. With every movement, my skin tingled. Even in the hot steam of the shower, he gave me a chill of excitement.

I’m not sure when he lost the cloth, but his arms were snaked around me, one tugging at my nipples and one playing with my smooth crotch. I could feel his breath on my neck and I could hear him moan. All I could do was lean into the assault his hands were making on my body. My head rolled back against his shoulder, I uttered a moan of my own, and reached for my neglected nipple and started rolling it around in my fingers. My other hand moved to cover his hand as his fingers were playing with my lower lips. My breathing was getting short. My God, his fingers felt good!

I could feel his erection on my back, and all I could think of was how good it would feel to have that inside of me. I was very hot and wet at this point, and not only from the shower. I reached over to lean on the seat of the shower stall, bending over as an invitation. The water was beating on the small of my back as I was waiting for the initial thrust of his cock. What I felt instead was his tongue searching for my entrance. His hot and wet tongue was licking my pussy as his fingers opened me up. “Oooh!” I exclaimed with an arch of my back. I figured he was on his knees, but when I looked down between my legs, he was sitting under me, ready to lick me again. I leaned into him, loving every touch. His tongue was licking me like an ice cream cone. “Oh, that feels so good.”

He then exposed my clit and started flicking it with his tongue. I wanted more. He was being such a tease. He wanted me to beg. At this point, I would do anything! “Oh please Sam, please eat me. Yes! Like that! Damn, that feels good. I love your tongue! Please, fuck me with your tongue, I want to feel your tongue all over me. Oh God Sam, you do that good!” He was licking me hard, he was fucking my hole with his tongue.

The next proved to be my undoing. While he was tongue-fucking my hole, his thumb was rubbing my clit. He was eating me like it was his first meal in a week, sucking on me, ravaging me, trying to get more and more, like he couldn’t get enough. He was rubbing my nub in big circular motions and squeezing it every once in a while between his fingers.

“Oh Sam! That feels so fucking good! I’m going to cum! Your tongue feels so good, eat me baby, yes…yes… Eat me, just like that, please don’t stop, Ahh, yes baby, ahh, you’re making me cum baby, you’re making me cum!”

“Let it go darlin’, let it go. I want to taste your juices, I want you to cum on my face. Let it go, give it all to me.”

With a final groan and my hips rocking with his tongue, I reached my peak and my juices flowed! Oh, that was incredible. If he could be that good with his tongue, I was certain he would be better with his dick and I was planning on finding out!

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