My Voluptuous Sister Ch. 02


To get more background on this story, please read the 1st chapter of this story first :=)

* * * * *

I was desperately trying to find a way to screw my older sister. The thought of my cock in her cunt was thrilling & embarrassing at the same time.

I would so often see her walking around the house in her short skirts & tight fitting tops. I imagined what her body would look like without the excuse of clothes she used to wear. Why did she have to dress in such skimpy clothes? I wondered if she wanted to get screwed by any man she came in contact with? I had not seen her with a boyfriend since she came over from the college. I knew she was not a virgin. If she had not already been taken in the back of a car when she was in school (She was a cheer leader), she definitely would not have been able to escape from all those horny bastards in college! The idea of her being taken by guys in some filthy back of a car, while watching some B-grade movie in a mall, filled me with lustful jealousy. I wondered & wished why I couldn’t have taken her myself before she was de-flowered by some horny little prick whom she hardly knew! I mean I had the chance to do her. We had spent countless nights together when she would fall asleep with me while watching TV.

She was not good in studies. I often wondered how she got into a prestigious college like Yale? Maybe she cock sucked her way to college.

Sometimes When I would go to the loo, I would see her panties & bra lying on the shelf. I would sometimes grab them & smell them, I would fantasize the how the bra would cover those deliciously ripe titties of my darling sister. I would imagine her putting her bra on her breasts. I would imagine how she would slide those panties onto her precious little cunt hole.

I knew I could no longer keep chickening out in my mission to screw my sister. I had an opportunity to be alone with my sister for the 3 days as our parents were going to be bahçelievler escort out of the city on vacation.

I was finally alone with my sister. We planned to watch a movie on TV that night. We gathered popcorn & started watching ‘Blame it on Rio’. I couldn’t decide whether to ogle at Demi Moore or at my sister.

We were sitting together, chatting about various things. I kept glancing at her boobs that were just straining against her tight t-shirt. She caught me looking at them.

“Do you like them?” She asked.

I lied, ” No. I was not looking”.

She gave a sly grin. Then she said, “OK. It’s not a crime to get a hard on when you look at a woman’s breasts”

I was getting embarrassed & horny at the same time at my sister’s boldness. What the hell did she think she was doing? Here I was trying my best not to bloody fucking get aroused by my slut of a sister & she was doing every thing to cock tease me.

” Yeah, yeah, yeah! It’s not a crime to stare but it is definitely wrong to stare at your sister, if you know what I mean your highness”

“You should stop slutting around the house in those excuse for a clothes that you wear”

I was dumbstruck by my boldness. But what the heck, that bitch deserved it!

My sister came close to me & whispered in my ear. ” I know you lust after me. Don’t deny it. I have seen you ogling at me when I play tennis or when I come after showering. Don’t feel guilty. If you want, we could have some fun with each other”

Then she licked my ear with her tongue. I was completely shocked. I couldn’t believe it could be so easy. She was practically offering herself to me. I said, “Jesus! What the hell did you do that for?”

“Come on. Don’t be such a hypocrite. You mean to say you didn’t like it when I did that? You are such an asshole! Here I am, offering you free sex & you are acting like some goddamn priest. FUCK bahçeşehir escort YOU!”

With that she started to leave. I was full of tears. When she saw this, ” she quickly came close to me & hugged me. I could no longer keep this charade. I embraced her tightly. She felt so warm & soft. I could feel her soft breasts against my chest. I could smell her hair. She smelled like mint.

“You are really weird! Most of the boys of your age would loose no opportunity to get into bed with me. Are you a virgin or what?”

She couldn’t believe herself when she saw the look in my face, which confirmed that I indeed was a virgin.

“Oh. I am so sorry. I think we will take care of that now!” she said with a grin.

I was on fire now. I grabbed her & started kissing her, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. I slid my hand inside her t-shirt & cupped her right tit, pinching them, cupping them, protecting them as if they were a precious treasure.

She moaned. ” Aaaah. That feels so good!!!” We kept smooching for what seemed like an eternity.

I removed her t-shirt I kissed her naked breasts. I sucked on them like a little baby. I bit them softly. I slid my hand inside her skirt I slid my fingers inside her panties into her pussy. She was so wet with her juices. She was moaning madly now. “Aaaaah. Yeah. Keep doing it. Do your darling sister!!. Do her know. Mmmm. “

I slid her skirt & panties down her legs. Now, my sister was completely naked. I just marveled at her body. I removed my clothes.

I started to kiss her body. She put her hand on my cock & started to stroke it. “You seem to have a cock which is badly in need of a pussy. What do you think?”

I could hardly disagree. I grinned & said, ” Yeah. I think your pussy is also ready for some action.”

I quickly positioned my cock near her mouth. ” I think you should lubricate my cock a little more, before bakırköy escort we get into the real action” She just took my cock into her mouth & started to suck it as if it was some lollipop. I moaned with unparalled joy. ” Oh Jesus!!! It feels so good!” She was slurping, sucking my cock. She would lick my balls with her tongue. I was going insane with the mouth service she was giving me.

I quickly got into a 69 position & started to lick her pussy. She screamed & said, ” So my Darling little brother is not so innocent after all!” This just made me even hornier. I just kept sucking, licking that precious cunt hole of my sister. I was determined to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me. We were moaning & doing each other like dogs in heat.

‘Oooooh, oh god, I can’t hold it any longer. FUCK ME NOW!!” screamed my sister.

I quickly positioned myself to give her the fucking of my life. I slid my cock into her pussy. This was a completely new sensation that I was feeling. “Aaaaaah, that’s right, keep sliding your cock into your darling sister’s pussy!!” I started slamming my cock into her pussy. With each thrust I discovered heaven. I was screaming with unparelled pleasure. ” Oh god! Oh god! You are soooo good, my darling sister”. I was now groping, grabbing, licking, and sucking her breasts, neck, and lips. With each thrust of our hips, we were coming close to orgasm. I could feel her love juices starting to overflow. I could see her breasts bouncing. Her nipples were fully erect now. I was now slamming my cock madly into her pussy. I could sense myself coming.

” Oh god! I am going to cum now! I am going to …..” I started to push my seed into my sister’s pussy. I could feel my hot semen flow into her cunt. It was the most incredible moment of my life.

I slowly drained myself into her. I just collapsed on top of her. I kept caressing & kissing her all over her sweaty body for what seemed like an eternity.

“You were not bad, considering it was your first time! It looks like I am going to have a very fun summer this year!!” said my sister with a wicked look.

I was just filled with the joy at the thought of the future sexual escapades I would have with my sister that summer.

I was finally no longer a virgin ….

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