Mystery Man


Note: Hi readers… I would really like to know what you all thought of my story, any constructive criticism is welcome as are plain old compliments! If you have something negative to say… find a nice way to say it or please don’t say it at all… Not much dialogue is included in this story just because of the situation and the direction I was coming from when writing it… thank you and I hope you enjoy!!!


I wonder out to the street and turn down a dark ally a few doors down from my unit. In the distance I see a figure stepping in my direction. The cold air is chilly on my neck, and an uneasy feeling rushes down my spine. I hear the footsteps getting closer and louder. I am watching the ground as I walk and I feel the anxiety rising in my chest as he nears me. My heart leapt into my throat as I saw his feet appear in the top of my vision. He doesn’t slow down or change his stride, but continues walking. His feet disappear from where I can see them and I hear his footsteps beginning to fade. I begin to relax and my anxiety calms down but then his footsteps come to a halt. I stop, turn and look at him. He stares back, blankly, not knowing what to do. I see a shimmer in his eyes and a small grin forms across his face. I see him look up and down my body… and the grin turns to a smile. The look in his eyes was dark and mysterious, they almost seemed hollow. Feeling the anxiety return to me and realizing that the dark, mysterious look had now turned to greed and excitement, I quickly turned and continued on my way. I listened out for his footsteps and after only 2 of my own did he start to walk. As I continued down the ally, I realized that the footsteps I thought I had heard leaving in the direction I came, were in fact following me.

I could feel his eyes on me. The thought of him watching me made my ears burn and my hair stand on end. What could he want? Why is he following me? Then I realized that I didn’t really care. I had been in a similar situation before and it ended badly…

The end of the ally seemed so far away and there was no one else around. I began to worry again, coming to the conclusion that if anything did happen, I had no escape route. And just as I realized there was nowhere for me to hide I heard his footsteps getting faster, and heavier. He was no longer creeping but marching towards me. The sound of his shoes grinding against the cold wet gravel got louder. I could hear he was inching closer to me with every step he took. I began to worry a lot more as the realization of what he wanted became clear to me but I was too late. I started running and just as I thought I was succeeding, I felt his large hands grasp my arms tightly. He jerked me backwards so my back was firmly pressed against his front. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my lower back, pulsing with every breath he took. He rested his cheek lightly against my head with his mouth just above my ear, breathing into it. “You’re a very pretty young lady,” he whispered. His grip loosened and he started slowly rubbing his hands up and down my arms. Even through my thick winter jacket could I still feel his warmth. “You have the face of an angel and the body of a goddess, I want you!” he breathed in my ear as he thrust his hips forward forcing his stiff erection into me harder. His hands moved, slowly, from my arms across to my chest. He gently ran them over my perky breasts which made my nipples stiffen. I was petrified, yet I felt as if I wanted him too. He continued to move his hands over my body. Reaching my lower stomach, he twisted his hands to my sides and continued down the outside of my thighs to about half way down, returning back around to the front and slowly moving up, he slid his fingers on the inside of my thighs, and kept moving up. His fingers trialed over the crotch of my jeans, his light touch sending tingles through my body. I breathed in deep and my head fell back onto his shoulder as I savoured the feeling. I began to feel warm in between my legs as he continued to move his hands over my body. He worked his way back up to my shoulders then swung me around and looked down at me, into my eyes. He would have been more than 10 years older than me. But he was still a handsome man. His dark brown hair and pale blue eyes captivated me as I stared, waiting for him to talk.

He lent down and positioned his face in between my head and my shoulder, and I heard him breathe in. He held it in until he was looking back into my eyes. He exhaled… “You smell good… Sweet…” trabzon escort he said, “I want to taste you, I want to have you for myself.” My clit was throbbing as he spoke. I wanted him too; I wanted to feel him inside me… I needed him to take me and fuck me… use me how he pleased. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter thinking about what it would be like to be taken by this 30 something year old man.

He stared at me, and then smiled. He moved his hand from my shoulder down my chest and stomach, slid his hand in between my legs then pushed his fingers against my clit. I moaned out loud as it sent excitement through my body.

“Come with me,” he hissed and he took me by the hand leading me towards a door along the side of the ally. We stepped inside and he closed it behind us. The light from the outside world disappeared and we stood silent in the darkness. Thrill and excitement mixed with fear begin to run through my veins. I strain my ears to listen and hear his husky breathing behind me, inching closer. My heart begins to pound inside my chest and my knees begin to weaken.

From behind me I feel his hands glide over my shoulders, down my chest and grasp my jacket. He slowly peels it from my body. As he drops it to the floor he steps in closer pressing his body against mine. His hands slide along my hips, around to my stomach and he begins to undo my jeans, kissing my neck as he goes. His hands move from my unzipped fly to my hips and begin to lift my shirt over my head. As it joins the jacket on the floor, his hands move back to my hips, his left hand begins to move up my body as the other moves down. His right hand slips into my underwear and he begins to massage my lips and swollen clit, his left hand gently caressing my breast through my bra, still passionately kissing my neck. I begin to moan quietly as it starts to feel better… and better…

He continues to move his fingers around my moistened sex, small circles and gentle strokes. He moves his hand underneath my bra and begins to feel my bare breast, gently twisting and pinching my nipple. I push back into him as he quickens the pace, his finger now viciously stimulating my sopping snatch.

“Oh my god…oh my god…” I begin to murmur, not wanting to give away the fact that he is about to make me cum. My hands move to his thighs and grip tightly onto his pants, pushing into his legs. His hand continues moving in between my legs, the sensation intensifying every time he pinches my nipple. He begins to nibble and peck at my neck. I feel something begin to erupt deep with in my stomach. “Oh my god… oh my GOD!” I push harder into him, feeling his cock buried in between our shaking bodies, his hand still working on my clit. I throw my head back onto his shoulder and close my eyes. The feeling grows and I begin to moan to what I feel inside. Suddenly a sharp pain, verging on the line of pleasure, shoots through my neck. I scream out loud, and it stops. It felt so painful but so good at the same time. It just bought me closer to cumming. The pain returns, I scream again. This time I feel his tongue lap at the pain. My neck feels wet. He’s biting me! As soon as I realized what he was doing, the feeling of orgasm explodes and I feel it sweep through my body like a tidal wave. My eyes open wide and I begin screaming for dear life. He bites me again, bringing on another intense climax. I begin to feel weak and my knees feel as if they collapse from beneath me.

With his left hand still clutching my breast and his right hand buried in between my legs, he holds my limp body against his as I lay slumped in his arms, motionless and panting like a thirsty dog. My clit throbs with every beat of my heart as his fingers continue to gently stroke my lips. He removes his hand from my pants and wraps his arm around my waist, lifting me slightly off the ground. He begins to move us through the darkness, to where, I don’t know…

He stops walking and drops me onto a soft surface, it feels like a mattress. I lay silent on my stomach. “Sit up and face me,” he says in a deep, quiet, mysterious voice. I obey, rolling over and moving to the edge of the bed, sitting with my legs off the side. I feel his presence close in front of me. I hear him begin to unzip his pants, feeling the gentle swoosh of air past my face as he moves his hands. He is so close to me yet in the darkness I cannot see anything. “Give me your hand,” he says. I raise my right hand and it meets his. He slowly guides it in front trabzon escort bayan of my face where I meet a smooth, warm piece of skin. He guides my fingers around it and my heart begins to race. “Suck it,” I hear from above me. I begin to explore it with my hands, moving up and down its whole length, leaving my hands only inches from my face. It feels long and stiff. I stick my tongue out and begin to lick the tip, his salty pre-cum coating my mouth. My tongue dances with its head. It swirls around and teases him. His husky voice breaks the silence with small moans and deep breathing… he’s beginning to enjoy this…

I slide my whole mouth over the head of his cock, lapping at it with my tongue. I begin to make my way further down his length, moving my hands up and down in front of me. I start to take it deeper into me, feeling it push against my throat. My face meets his belly… I’ve reached the base. I take it all the way out and begin licking the tip like an ice-cream, my hands now massaging his sack. I dive right down to the base again feeling him gently thrust his hips forward. His hand slowly moves to the back of my head as I begin to bob up and down, increasing the speed and tightening my mouth around his large cock. He begins thrusting harder into my face, his hand now firmly pushing me into him, his small moans getting louder.

“Oh yes… oh… oh… yes…” He begins to thrust harder into me, both hands now holding the back of my head as he begins to vigorously fuck my face. The feeling of his cock sliding down my throat is amazing, the thought of this older man thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth is turning me on to the point where I can’t take it anymore. While my left hand caresses his balls I slide my right hand down my pants and begin playing with myself. ‘I’m so wet!’ I think to myself. His meat seems as if it is growing bigger inside my mouth, getting stiffer. He begins crying out, the sound of deep, husky moans and groans fills the air. With one final intense thrust, he pulls my head hard into him and holds me there. I feel his warm spunk squirt deep into my throat. I swallow as it attempts to fill my mouth, gently lapping my tongue against his slightly softening member. He slowly withdraws it from my mouth and his hands slide from the top of my head to my shoulders. I wipe the moisture from my lips. I hear him chuckle quietly beneath his heavy breathing, he gently squeezes my shoulders. “Yummy…?” he asks me.

“Mmmhmm,” I reply quietly.

His hands leave my shoulders and I hear him rustling with his clothes. I feel him close to me again, his face nearing mine. He begins to kiss me and he wraps his arm around my waist, pushing his body against mine. I feel he has no shirt, my legs make contact with his and I realize he has no pants either. His hands move to my hips and he begins to take my jeans off, underwear with them. After they slide to the floor he reaches around and unclips my bra, leaving me naked in the darkness. His whole body pushes against mine as he moves us further onto the bed. My head reaches pillows and he moves on top of me, kissing me and feeling my bare body.

I move my hand over his bare shoulders and down his back. Starting just above his ass I graze my fingernails up his back. He draws in a sharp breath and then bites my neck again, I cry out. He moves his hand down my side and slips his fingers in between my legs. With his face against mine, I feel him smile… he knows how wet I am. As he slowly plays with my gooey lips, he slides a finger into my hole and pushes hard and deep. My hips buck beneath him as it sends a sensation through my lower body.

He raises himself onto his knees, placing my legs on top of his. He pulls me closer to him and I feel the head of his cock press gently against my slit. He begins to guide it in, parting my wet lips. As he continues to push it further into me I feel it stretch me open. With gentle thrusts he inches his hardness deep inside. Now he is completely enveloped within me. “Oooohhh… you feel soo good… tight!” he whispers, almost snarls, in my ear.

His whole body lies on top of mine with his arms beneath my head. He begins to grind his body against mine, slowly moving in and out. I feel it deep within me pushing against all boundaries and cannot help but moan out in pleasure. He begins to gradually increase the speed, pumping harder, driving his cock into me as far as he can. Muffled grunts escape his mouth getting louder as he continues to fuck me. escort trabzon His arms slide out from beneath my head and a feel him lift up off my body, now resting on his elbows. His hands grasp my hair, tugging on it as he begins to pump me harder. The pain from my hair being pulled and the pleasure I feel from between my legs begins to become overwhelming… my head starts to spin. I can feel another climax beginning to swell deep inside. My nails push hard into his back and he pulls harder on my hair. “Oh Yes… Yes… OH YES…” we moan together. His thrusts suddenly become full force, stretching me to my limits but thrusting one last time, pounding our hips together, he then stops.

Lying perfectly still I listen to his husky panting above me. He then begins to kiss me, piercing my lips with his tongue. He releases my hair and sits up withdrawing himself from me. “On your knees,” he commands. I wriggle my legs out from underneath him and roll over, legs wide open with my ass poking up in the air. I can feel my moisture… and his… down my thighs. I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet before…

I feel him kneel behind me and the feeling of warm air drifts over my dripping cunt. I feel him gently kiss my wet lips and his tongue flicks at my clit. Suddenly his lips begin slurping and sucking, as if to drink my juices. His tongue swirls around my swollen clit and traces the outside of my hole almost bringing on another orgasm. ‘Oh… he’s soo good with his tongue’ I think to myself as I indulge in the pleasure he is giving me. His warm mouth detaches its self from my now soaking lips and he takes a firm hold of my hips. I, again, feel the head of his cock aiming at my hole. He slowly slides it inside me and pulls me into him. I feel his balls pressed against my clit.

He begins to pound into me, grinding his hips against my backside. I can feel his entire length moving in and out of me, ‘oh my God… pure ecstasy!!!’ I feel him getting faster, pushing harder. His cries become more frequent and louder. I grip onto the bed as best I can with my head buried in the pillows. I feel him getting bigger again and the feeling of orgasm begins to linger. I begin pushing myself into him, craving for his cock to make me cum. His fingernails are digging into my hips and my clit tingles as his balls slap hard against it. He’s gonna make me cum again. I start to massage my breasts as I try to imagine what he looks like rooting me from behind.

“Cum with me, baby!” he pants as he continues pounding into me. An explosion deep within my abdomen erupts, rolling through my stomach and spreading to every part of my body. I am screaming at the top of my lungs as the feeling powers through me… I can’t help it! I feel my muscles clamped down tight on his cock and his grip on my hips gets worse, digging his nails into me harder. “OH FUCK YEAH!” he yells ramming himself into me for the last time. As he lets his seed seep into me, I feel his log pulsing with his racing heartbeat, pushing gently against my tight walls.

He releases my hips and I drop onto the bed, breathing heavily. I feel him fall down next to me, panting and trying to catch his breath. His hand rests on my head, gently stroking my hair. I lay still and silent, thinking, getting lost in the thought of what I just experienced… In between my legs feels sticky and moist and a light layer of sweat has formed all over my body. I lay there thinking for what seemed like hours until I realized he was up and getting dressed. He said nothing but gathered my clothes and sat them on the bed.

I roll over, sit up and move to the edge of the bed. I hear him walk towards me… he kneels. His large hands slowly and ever so gently clasp onto the side of my face. He pulls me in and his warm lips meet mine. He begins to kiss me passionately, his tongue exploring my mouth. It feels so good… I don’t want it to stop but he releases my face from his hands and stands before me as if to stare. I hear him sigh as he turns to head for the door. ‘I wonder what he’s thinking…’ I ask my self.

Light suddenly floods the dark room and I see him staring at me from the door way. He smiles at me as I fumble with my clothes. I smile back and he steps out the door, pulling it closed behind him. “See ya ’round,” he calls out before closing it completely. I am left alone in the darkness. As I continue to dress I start to think… ‘Who was he? What was his name? How did this happen…? Will I ever see him around again?’

I make my way through the darkness and open the door, squinting to let my eyes adjust to the light. I step out and pull it closed behind me, looking left then right, wondering where he went… where he is now… but just like him and every thing else that happened today… it’s a mystery…

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