Narcissae Omnia


I have been relating my adventures with Jola and Zbyszka, the transwomanly poles (pun: they are Poles) of a trio I have called the Narcissae, thanks to their resembling each other to the point of being almost mirror-images, the third P(p)ole being Kasza, the cis-woman. Of course, the likeness does not apply at the genital level. Well, you may not be surprised to learn that there is a further chapter in the sequence.

You will certainly not be surprised to learn that, following the fervent fuck-fest of ‘Narcissae Amor,’ Zbyszka and I were soon together the following night, after an intense twelve-hour day of linguistic pyrotechnics. During which I had to make an effort not to divert attention to recalling our close encounters of the amorous kind, prompted partly be my bottom being a trifle sore from her buggering it, and my nipples a little tender from her buccal ministrations.

So, we began by gazing lengthily, languishingly into each other’s eyes. I marvelled that this tight little fairy, all fresh from the dairy, would, indeed, give me a kiss, as many kisses as I wanted, if I asked it. After all, I am nearly twice her age, barnet salted with grey, bosom and bottom softened by anno domini (since I’m using some Latin — Title: ‘All the Narcissae’).

Next, we gave ourselves into prolonged osculation, which underwent a sweet crescendo of intensity of oesophageal delving. This eventually launched an accompanying manual exploration of each other’s clothed contours, as if we were shy, hesitating to seek the flesh beneath. Though what we were really doing was what often characterises the start of the second love-making session, reassuring ourselves that the romance and desire of the first occasion were still, again, present, pressing, pending.

‘Normaczka, you have terrifical tits,’ she said. ‘That is good word?’

‘Good in private between consenting adults,’ I said, ‘Bit rude otherwise. And you have terrific tits, too, lovely Zbyszeczka.’

‘Shall we look each other tits?’

‘Let’s,’ I said, and we solemnly removed each other’s shirts and bras, and held each other’s breasts, and tenderly pressed and rubbed them together, like two girls fascinated by the first sight of another’s mammaries and wondering whether they might be lesbians. We gazed spellbound as our nipples nudged each other erect, unable to distinguish whose arousal was whose, as we entered a phase of shared sensation in which the four breasts created a chorus of total tittage. We dropped our hands and swayed from side to side in opposite directions, sliding the breasts across each other, to the point that the stimulus became almost painful.

‘Is word for this?’ she asked after a while.

‘I shall call it bloosoming,’ I said. ‘It is a mixture of blossoming, blooming and bosom.’

‘Oh, yes,’ she said, ‘Our tits are like flowers, with nipplings like bees going in.’

Only then did we take turns to bend and lavishly lick the bloosoms all over, till she said, ‘Shall we look our pusses now? My fujarka is hurting in my majtki.’

‘Yes, my darling,’ I said, ‘Let me play music on your fujarka. And my lechtaczka is ready for your lips, too.’

Accordingly, we took off each other’s skirts, and contemplated panties. She said, ‘I see your hairs, Normaczka. They are so many.’

‘Not as many as onetime,’ I said, ‘They decrease with age, you know. But there’s still a little pelt for you to scratch and stroke.’

‘My pelt is not so much, but you find me hiding in there.’

‘Yes, my darling, I’m going to find your little ram in your thicket.’

‘Time for panties taking off.’

She knelt, .drew my knickers slowly down my legs and buried her face in my pussy-grove. Her tongue felt for my clitoris, which, already erect, sent a buzz through my whole gynaecology. She said, ‘It taste good, smell good, of you.’

She held the knickers while I stepped out of them. She wrapped them round her face and inhaled deeply. ‘It your smell, Normaczka. It make me want to ficken you soon.’

‘I think first we need to free that ramping ram from that thickish thicket,’ and she stood for me to kneel and peel down the panties. As I suspected, her cock was tucked away as before, hidden behind the dark blonde curtain. She stepped out of the panties. Carefully, I eased her legs apart and reached under casino oyna her to pull out the bum-plug. Her semi-stiff penis swung loose, its mooring post dangling till I freed it from the painter and grasped it gently.

She said, ‘Hold me, Normaczka, make me hard.’

I squeezed that neat, adorable cock, sliding its loose skin through my fingers, and it lengthened and swelled, standing rigid. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth, holding it on my tongue and pressing it against my soft palate. She uttered a little sigh but remained still. I reached round and folded my right hand round her left cheek, and brought my left hand up between her thighs and took her balls in my fingers. As I slipped a finger-tip into her bottom, with another little sigh, she came, not in spurts but pouring herself into me in a steady stream, all of which I swallowed while kneading her cheek.

‘Oh, Normaczka,’ she said, ‘You have drink me all.’

I let her shrinking tool fall from my mouth, and she drew me to my feet. She said, ‘I am drinking you now,’ manoeuvring me onto my back, knees spread, on the bed and positioning herself between my thighs. She pushed her tongue-tip into my vulva, just in front of my vestibule, and slid it upwards to find my clit. Which received its attention with relief and mounting excitation. Cleverly, then, she brought a hand up under my bottom and slid her thumb into my vagina and her forefinger into my bottom, and as she lapped at my lechtaczka she squeezed the two digits, compressing the membranes between them, so that both passages responded in concert. A concerto, in fact, with a three-part cadenza,, for clit, cunt and bum and set up a heavenly harmony and choired me to the choral, chordal, climax.

Just as I came, she fastened her lips over my tender, swollen labia and applied a French kiss, darting her tongue into me and sucking hard to draw my lubricant into her mouth. My whole body sang and, glowed, and I crowed in exaltation, in exultation.

She crawled up my body and laid her head on my swollen bosom. We fell asleep, fulfilled from completed coition.

I awoke to find myself lying face down with a pillow under my stomach. My legs were far enough apart that a tongue was gliding up and down my crevice, lapping across my anus and vestibule. My lover had skilfully moved me into this bottom-up position while I slept, and was now preparing me for the entry of her morning hard.

Neither of us felt a need to speak. We were happy that she proceed as she chose, both confident that our shared desire would seek and find satisfaction. So that when she moved up the bed, settled my cheeks into her belly and began to poke into my crack with her penis, the anticipation augmented our arousal. There was one of those delicious times when it is more interesting, more exciting, that the penis is not guided but finds its way into one or other of the apertures. My preference was actually that it lodge in my vagina, and she knew that and adjusted her pelvis to orientate her probe appropriately.

And when the cunt-seeking torpedo homed in and lodged its glans, we both let out a gasp at the shock of it, the greater in that I was not, yet, fully lubricated. The slight pain of the friction as she thrust in further increased the intimacy and excitation. She pushed in slowly till I felt her fernery against my buttocks, which made me shiver with pleasure. She forced herself all the way into me, compressing my cheeks, and rested for a few moments, while we relished her containment. I even reflected, as we lay locked together, that I really must be mult-sexual, since I do love sometimes to be filled with cock like this, especially, naturally, when I possess some deep emotional attachment to whomever is fucking me.

At this point she took my shoulders and indicated I should lift my upper body so that she could slide her hands beneath me and hold my breasts, nipples caught between two fingers of each hand. At the same time she rested her breasts on my back, so that we were bolstered against each by bosom and bottom.

She began to move inside me again, then, slowly withdrawing till only her glans remained inside, resting like that for a while before, equally slowly, sliding her whole length in again. We were content with the continuing slow in-out-in-out. I set up a conversation slot oyna between the cock and the cunt. They became perfectly attuned. I could, as it were, read her penis, my vagina understanding through the tissue on tissue contact her sensations, and through that dear divining-rod within me she was aware of how my wall-muscles were responding through the gel I was exuding, with which to caress the welcome visitor in my vagina.

We understood that Zbyszka would be the active one, accumulating her orgasm, assured that mine, also, was accessible, awaiting hers. As she pressed rhythmically into my crevarse, its cushions became ultra-sensitive, so that my orgasm seemed to be gathering as much in my buttocks as in my pussy, and the lower part of my body became a sounding-board, expecting the impact of that driving drum-stick. It was going to happen, I knew. I needed to do nothing other than attend to the pumping of her penis.

And, though she didn’t speed up, utter a sound, become more urgent, I knew she was moving onto the wave-crest, about to surf the huge breaking wave of her climax. So when her shaft expanded in the folds of my labia I began to come and felt as if my vagina was sucking the in-pouring ejaculations out of her, and swallowing them into my inmost recesses through my cervix. She didn’t go rigid: she actually relaxed onto my back and bottom as the ecstasy peaked, and I also remained relaxed and let the inrush of feeling wash through me.

After that we went to shower together, soaping and rinsing each other tenderly, still without speaking. And the first utterance of the day, over breakfast, was hers. ‘Kasza is asking you to come home with me, Normaczka. She want to fick with you.’

‘Does she say so?’

‘Not in words, but I know. She need a woman one time before she go only to men, and she want you, because you have ficken with Jola and me.’

‘It would be interesting to complete the set, of course.’

‘That mean you will come?’

‘I would love to.’

‘We go together home to Poland tonight, with my car.’

I could hardly swallow my roll for thinking about this proposal. Was it in some way inappropriate, bearing in mind my romantic attachment to Zbyszka? No, it was an extension of that, and of my intimacy with Jola, too. And my body was already registering its readiness, leaking into my nice clean knickers. It was longing to lip another woman labia to labia.

So, home we went, after a hard day’s work and the end of the course with coffee and cakes, driving all night, taking turns at the wheel, stopping for breakfast and timing our arrival for after Kasza’s parents had gone to work.

Probably needless to say, Kasza’s wises and our approach had been signalled by text, so Kasza and Jola were awaiting our arrival, and, further to messaging, naked in bed. For Kasza’s first and last lesbianising was not going to be a twosome. It was to be a valedictory quartet, after which all parties would be departing for fresh woods and pastures new. I would be simply returning to the UK, Zbyszka was bound for South America, as I already knew, Jola was going to teach at a German university, and Kasza was to accompany her fiancé to the USA.

Despite our journey, Zbyszka and I could hardly wait to throw ourselves into the fray, and the other two insisted we get started without our showering, since, they assured us our odours of penis, perspiration and pussy were more than welcome. We therefore simply stripped

The proceedings proceeded with Zbyszka dragging the bedclothes off the reception committee, and Jola’s releasing Kasza for me to ogle to my heart’s content. She was, as I expected, beautiful. Her wide-open greenish eyes gazed candidly into mine. Her full-lipped mouth was smiling a little, and then I was devouring her body with my eyes, admiring the full breasts, narrow waist and lush little jungle. With a little laugh she turned over and wiggled her deep-cheeked bottom. She said, ‘You like what you see, Norma? It is all for you. You have fine breast and we can be lesbian together, I think. You must show me what to do.’

Jola got off the bed, kissed me and said, ‘Norma, yes, you will show what lesbians do.’

I lay down by Kasza and we embraced and began a long, probing kiss. When it ended I said, ‘We do what we feel like doing, as with canlı casino siteleri all love-making. I want to suck your nipples, stroke your bottom, lick your clitoris, finger your cipa. Do you want that? Do you want to do that with me?’

‘Yes, please, I will do.’

I led in the dance, as the more experienced partner, assisted by Jola and Zbyszka, for their were eight hands and four mouths to be brought to bear. There were two cocks as well, but by tacit agreement their turn would come later. For the moment this was primarily a woman-woman encounter, with attendants assisting arousal. And what I intended for this first-and-last double-cunted occasion was the ultimate woman-woman contact, labia to labia. She would never again feel the touch of another woman’s slippery vulva on hers, the clit-clit caressing, the exchange of vaginal secretions.

Some lesbians, I know, do not approve of scissoring, but, as implied above, I love it, because it is so intimate, so ultimate in its expression of shared female excitation. So, when it seemed the right moment I guided her into position, her bottom resting on my left thigh, my right leg between her legs and she quickly understood and wriggled into position, so that our vulvae were sliding against each other and suitable bottomovements brought our clits into play. Meanwhile we could stroke bottom, suck breast, kiss and caress, looking into each other’s eyes with loving desire.

And the other two stood back to watch for a while, then reached for each other’s cocks. The four of us agreed without more than a gesture or two, that when Kasza and I came the other two would simultaneously spray us with their cum. They stood over us, therefore, hands crossed to toss each other.

I felt my orgasm initiate as my labia squirmed across Kasza’s, and I knew from her rocking motions and the pressing hard of her pussy on mine that she was close. I reached behind her and slid a finger-tip into her bottom, and with the other hand I squidged a nipple.

That did it. Hands folded round breasts, mouths sucked at each other and my vulva underwent a supernova of sensitivity, aware of every fold and wrinkle of hers. I fancied that we even released an extra gush of cunt-slip into each other. We held each other close in a long, shuddering access of ecstasy, intensified as Jola and Zbyszka milked each other onto us, dollops impacting everywhere.

Sometimes I forget how much I love to feel a penis within me, because, as then, the sensation of vulva on my vulva seems the most essential experience of my life, and the clitoris-clitoris intercourse seems the supreme way to bring on the orgspasm.

Of course, it was not long before we were all ready to go again, and, this being the first quartet any of us had ever participated in, we went for so many combinations and permutations, becoming more inventive as we went. I will not try to record them all.

The emphasis being on Kasza’s first and last lesbiactivity, she and I were always the primary couple. So, we lay head to tail on our sides, uppermost leg held aloft by the other two, who snuggled up behind us. Thus, the two women could lick and suck clit and vulvae, while the two trans could work their cocks up into our vaginas, restraining themselves until Kasza came, triggering the other three of us.

With a little difficulty we disposed ourselves so that the two trans double-penetrated my cunt while Kasza sat on my chest, my nipple in her vagina, while I tongued her clit to completion and the penises poured their ball-juice into me.

Eventually we were exhausted, and Zbyszka and I succumbed to the weariness of a sleepless night. We slept in a heap till mid-afternoon, then showered, dressed and devoured a huge meal. Till it was time for me to leave.

Jola and Kasza, having kissed and cuddled me for a short aeon, left Zbyszka and me alone in to the apartment’s small hallway, where we clung to each other, too sad at the parting to cry. I forgot the primacy of labialising and said, ‘I want to take you away with me, darling. Can you come once more inside me?’ She nodded, lifted her skirt, pusher panties down and showed me her slowly hardening cock. I turned and bent forward. She lift my skirt, pulled down my knickers just below my bottom and moved forward. This time she guided herself into me. ‘Come, darling,’ I said, ‘Spunk into me.’ And with two thrusts she came, and, after a moment or two, withdrew and quickly dragged up my knickers to catch her last gift. So I could depart and make my way home with a knickerful.

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