Neighbors Ch. 01


My younger eighteen-year old sister Kathy and I were sprawled out on the living room floor looking at the photos and the lingerie ads in a hot fashion magazine. We were admiring the beautiful women and the sexy clothes they were wearing. I don’t know what Kathy was thinking but I was getting turned on by some of the photos showing short skirts that barely covered their butts, and women sitting down with their legs crossed showing their gorgeous legs encased in sexy nylons. I have always thought that the models in lingerie ads looked so sexy. I wanted to be sexy like that too. Maybe I could be a model like that someday, I thought. It looked so sexy to be able to dress up in sexy clothes like that, strike sexy poses, and have your picture taken. At nineteen and a half years of age I felt that I almost had the body for it. I was about five-four, trim, and had blondish, reddish hair. The problem was that I looked too young for my age. I had freckles and my tits were only the size of apricots.

But at least I wasn’t as dorky as my sister Kathy. She had just recently turned eighteen and thought she was God’s gift to sexiness. But her tits were even smaller than mine, nothing more than grapes on a dinner plate whereas mine stuck out like nice little plumbs.

As proud though as I was of my budding breasts, I still had a ways to go to catch mom. Perhaps after having a couple of kids nursing at my nipples . . .

Mom was a good half a foot taller than Kathy and my five foot four, and her boobs were like grapefruits. Why did kids have to stop nursing as infants? I thought with an inner giggle how much fun it’d be to snuggle up between mom’s huge fruits and suckle.

Oh, and all three of us are redheads—even down there! (Giggle).

Looking back at the magazine again, I wondered what it would be like to have sex with one of those gorgeous models. I’d never had sex with another woman before, but I’d read about it and scene some lez porn and thought it was sexy. I wondered if Kathy was thinking the same thing. Was she getting turn on by the pictures like I was? Her and her little marbles for tits?

I had to admit though, that she had a better ass than I have, rounder and fuller. And she’s bouncing it up and down now as if she’s trying to fuck the floor! Bet she’s turned on by the sexy women in the photos as much as I am. What a riot! Watching my sister’s ass bounce up and down turned me on even more. Perhaps some day I could teach her to lick my pussy? Now wouldn’t that be hot? But I shouldn’t think such naughty thoughts now should I?

“Ooooo! Look at this one” I said, as I turned the page to a new ad. There were two women in it, both wearing white bras. One was dressed in waist-high panty hose, and the other was wearing a garter belt with nylon stockings. They were facing each other so close they looked like they were about ready to kiss each other. The one in the panty hose had one leg bent so it touched against the nylon stockings of the other one. And they had their hands on each other’s butts. “For the sexiest, smoothest, silkiest legs, wear Godiva hosiery” the ad caption said.

“That sure is sexy,” Kathy said, her finger running over the forms of the women in the picture.

I was about ready to agree with Kathy and try to take the conversation a step further but just then I heard mom drive up in the driveway.

“We’d better put this magazine away, and pretend we’re doing our homework,” I said. “Lest mom give us a spanking.” I giggled at the thought. It might actually be fun, having mom give us both a spanking on our butts. I’d love to see sis’s bubble butt jiggle each time mom slapped it. Mom was forty and still had it all. She always looked so sexy, no matter what she wore. She was some four or five inches taller than me (I think Kathy and I got our shorter height from our father who disappeared when we were little), and had boobs that were at least twice the size of mine.

I heard her enter from the kitchen. “Heather!” She yelled.

“Yes mom, I’m right here!” I said as I put the magazine back in the magazine rack.

“Our new neighbor just moved in next door,” she said as she entered the living room to find Kathy and I sitting on the sofa with textbooks in our hands, “why don’t you go over and see if you can help her get unpacked and settled.”

I instantly had visions of some boring old hag of seventy or so that needed help moving her furniture around and couldn’t make up her mind where she wanted things. “Why is it always me that has to do things. Why can’t you call on Kathy once in awhile?”

“Because Kathy is going to help me do the laundry, now, please go over and see if you can help the poor dear.”

“Yes mom,” I said as I shuffled half-heartedly out the door.

But boy was I ever surprised when I made my way over next door. Some prissy old lady! Instead of the old hag that I feared, what I saw coming out the front door was just about the sexiest looking woman I think I’d ever seen. She looked to be about thirty, was about as tall as mom, and had light brown hair, straight, casino oyna that hung down to her shoulders. Boobs about as big as mom’s and an ass to match. But it was what she was wearing that really took my breath away. A bright red latex micro mini that barely came down to the tops of her thighs and stretched so tight around her ass that her cheeks looked like a couple of rubber balloons ready to pop. On top she wore a white blouse with no bra. Not that she needed one. I could tell she had no bra because her blouse was partly unbuttoned on the top showing ample cleavage and her tits bounced so sexily as she walked.

She had not yet seen me as she walked towards her car and then bent over to lift something out of her open trunk.

I walked up pretty close to where she was and as she bent over, I got to watch her micro-mini slide up her ass and expose the bottom of her butt cheeks (She wasn’t wearing any panties either!). My nipples immediately got hard and began to tent the tight, white T-shirt I wore. Wanting to make myself look as sexy as possible before she turned around and saw me, I pulled my grey gym shorts up. Not wearing any panties today it made a nice camel toe when I pulled my shorts up. It also felt so very fucking good on my clit.

She stood up again, and turned around holding a small box of kitchen stuff, pots and pans and the like. “Oh!” She said as her pretty lipsticked mouth opened up in surprise.

“Hi!” I said. “I live next door and my mom said . . . I mean, I thought I’d come over and see if you needed any help.”

“Why that’s awfully sweet of you.” She smiled, then her eyes traveled down my body and zeroed in on my camel toe (which was starting to grow a bit damp). She licked her lips, then looked me in the eye again. “Here, why don’t you take this box from me while I get another one.”

As I took the box from her, my hands brushed over across the tops of hers and I felt a surge of electricity just from the touch of her. Then, as I took the weight of the box in my hands, her hands caressed mine making me almost swoon.

“Have you got it now sweetie?” She said, her eyes smiling into mine.

“Yes. Ma’am.” I almost wanted to say no so her hands wouldn’t leave mine.

She turned back around then to her car, but as she bent over to take another box out of the trunk, she seemed to bend over this time even further than she really needed to, certainly further than she did last time, and her sexy red skirt slid up so high that not only did it expose more of her ass cheeks than before, but I could also see the bottom of her butterfly pussy lips peeking at me. I wanted to pull my shorts up even higher into the crack of my pussy and move them back and forth so they’d rub on my clit, but with my hands full all I could do was stare. That was enough, though, to make me wetter than before. And I knew that the damp spot on my shorts was growing.

She seemed to linger in that bent over position for a bit, her latex mini and her ass and all staring me in the face while I could only wish that I was working my shorts back and forth. But it was enough to make me keep getting wetter.

She stood up and turned around and stared right at my crotch. And I felt proud, and more sexy, because she was looking at me and seemed to like what she saw. She licked her lips a little more obviously this time, then looked me in the eyes and smiled.

“Right this way, sweetie.” She led me into her house.

She led me through the front room of her home and into the kitchen where she bent down in front of me again to set her box on the floor. She remained bent over, all the way over, with her ass and pussy fully exposed to me as she began removing the pots and pans from her box and stacking them in one of the cupboards under the countertop. As she worked she moved her ass side-to-side and I thought I was watching an erotic dance.

After she emptied her box she stood back up again and her latex skirt, resting so tightly against her hips and buttocks, failed to slide back down to its normal length. Thus, as she walked back towards me the bottoms of her pussy lips were quite visible even from the front.

As for me, I knew that my camel-toed shorts were by now sopping wet all along my slit. And I got an additional thrill when her eyes zeroed in on my crotch causing her face to light up and her tongue to sneak out from between her lips like a snake seeking sustenance.

Then she was right in front of me, smiling into my eyes as her hands reached for the box I was holding. Her fingertips grazed my breasts sending new shockwaves through my body and new wetness to my pussy. As she took the box from me her index fingers on both sides briefly touched both my erect nipples. And my face grew hot, but not from embarrassment.

This time as she bent over in front of the cupboard again exposing her butt and pussy, she wriggled her ass back and forth even more provocatively.

Watching her, and now with both of my hands finally free again, I pulled my shorts up even higher than before making my camel slot oyna toe more obvious, and also so I could rub the material against my clit wishing that I had an extra pair of hands so I could play with my nipples at the same time.

When done with stacking the pots and pans from the box I had given her, she continued her erotic little “dance” for me and still bent over with her ass in the air, she looked back to see if I was watching. And, of course I was. During more than just watching I was wriggling my short back and forth in my slit so they rubbed on my clit. Seeing my reactions to her antics she grinned lewdly at me while reaching back to rub her own gushing pussy.

She stood back up again and walking toward me with her latex skirt hiked up even more, her moist pussy lips kind of squished back and forth, and her boobs bounced and rippled so enticingly. (Somehow when she had been bent over she had managed to unbutton a couple more buttons, so now her cleavage was more fully exposed and her blouse just barely covered her erect nipples that jutted out like pegs that her blouse was caught up on.

“I guess we should introduce ourselves,” she said extending her right hand out towards me—the very same hand that she had rubbed her pussy with. “I’m Caitlyn.”

“Hi. I’m Heather.” I took her hand and the damp heat of her pussy juice sent electric shocks throughout my body and went straight to my own pussy, making it hornier and wetter.

“It is such a pleasure to meet you, Heather,” she said still holding my hand. “You have such a sexy name.” Her middle finger teased the center of my palm. “You’re such a sweetie to help me. You deserve a little kiss for that.” She took my face between her hands. Her right hand that had rubbed her pussy now caressed my left cheek—the heat and dampness of it sending new waves of thrills throughout my body. And with the aroma of her horniness still fresh on her hand now so close to my nostrils I inhaled deeply letting the sex of her go straight to my brain.

Resting her big, full tits just on top of my little apricots, she brought our faces close together and kissed my forehead so tenderly and lovingly it was almost like a mommy kiss. When I made no move to back away she moved down to kiss the tip of my nose. And now, my hands, seeming to have a mind of their own, found their way around her torso so I could hold her in an embrace.

Encouraged thus, she slid her tits down until her erect nipples were touching mine. And, oh, I thought I’d die it felt so fucking sexy, nip to nip. She pursed her lips tightly and sucked on the very tip of my nose while her eyes smiled into mine.

And before I knew what was happening, her lips were upon mine. Lightly at first, but lingering. Then her tongue skittered across my lips side to side like a typewriter making my pussy quiver.

I’d never had another woman or girl kiss me like that before, and it was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced. But as if my head wasn’t spinning enough from that her tongue then slithered in between my lips to explore my mouth.

As she frenched my mouth out she rubbed her hard-on nipples against mine, and even through our shirts the sensations were mind blowing as her hard-on nipples bullied mine around this way and that.

Her hands left my face and as we continued to kiss, she began caressing me all over finally resting her hands upon my butt. As she continued to tongue my mouth out and play with my ass my own hands, taking upon a life of their own soon found her own latex covered buns.

We kissed and fondled each other thus for several moments and then all too soon she broke away and smiled sweetly at me.

“You really are such a sweetie,” she said again. “I think your sexy little T-shirt is so-o-o cute the way your nipples poke through. She took each of my nips between her thumbs and forefingers and tugged them side to side. And I thought I’d almost cum. “So cute and sexy,” she said.

“And these grey gym shorts too, they look so cute and sexy on you.” She took her index finger and touched the bottom of my camel toe, then she slid her finger up the slit of my sopping wet camel toe until she touched my clitoris through my shorts. And caused me to let out a little gasp. She let her finger linger there for just a second and all I could do was tremble with excitement and desire.

Then she sidled up to me and put her arm around my shoulders real chummy like and said, “Heather dear, there are some items upstairs I need some help with, would you be so sweet as to give me a hand?”

“S-s-s-sure,” I managed to stammer.

“Right this way, then,” She gave my hand a little squeeze, then turned and led me to the stairwell. “Follow me,” she said as she led the way up the stairs.

As we climbed up the stairs, my face was almost in her latex covered ass. The smell of her hot cunt mixed with the latex of her tiny skirt made me high, but what really turned me on was the view!

Watching her round, firm glutes swell and flex and jiggle ever so slightly under her stretched-too-tight latex canlı casino siteleri mini with each step she took was almost more than I could stand—I mean I wanted to reach up and grab those hot buns so bad! But even better than that, from my angle I could look up between her thighs, up under her skirt and watch her juicy fat cunt lips squish this way and that as she climbed the steps.

By the time we reached the top of the stairs my own cunt was dribbling hot sticky girl goo into my shorts like a pot of stew at three hundred degrees.

She turned back to smile at me again, and taking my hand led me into her bed room. And there on her bed were several sex toys, a strap on, a double dildo, and a vibrator.

I stood there with my mouth open. I’d heard about such things but had never actually seen any.

“I haven’t had the time to put my toys away yet,” she said, “so I thought that you could, ummmm, help me?”

“S-s-s-sure,” I said through a suddenly dry mouth knowing full well that she didn’t need my help to put away a mere three toys.

She picked up the dick-shaped vibrator. “Have you ever used one of these before?” She smiled, holding the cock-shaped vibrator up right before my face.

“N-n-n-no,” I mumbled.

“That’s a shame, because they’re lots of fun.” She turned it on. “See how sexy it sounds?”

The buzzzzz sound kind of turned me on. I grinned.

“But it feels even sexier than it looks,” she said as she teased my tummy with it. “Doesn’t that feel hot now?”


She slid the vibrator up and down along my stomach and then moved it all the up to the space between my tits. She looked me in the eyes and smiled at me as she fucked the vibrator up and down between my two plumb-like mounds.

I licked my lips then tried to flick my tongue at the tip of the vibrator each time it fucked up between my titties.

Then she teased one of my erect nipples with the tip of it.

“Ummmmmm, fuck!” I moaned.

She teased my other nipple with the vibrator while her other hand slide down to fondle my ass.

And all the time she was teasing my nipples with this gadget and making them harder and more erect by the second, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her own tits. The bountiful inches of exposed bosom flesh rising and falling with each of her breaths, and even jiggling a little bit as she worked the vibrator on me was maddeningly delicious. But best of all were her hard-on nipples poking through the thinness of her blouse as if they were screaming “suck me, suck me! Suck me!”

She caught me staring at her tits and grabbed one of my hands and placed it on one of her boobs. I needed no other encouragement as both of my hands now fondled her wondrous globes. And while I played with her boobs, teasing her nips with my thumbs, she moved the vibrator down, worked it between my upper thighs letting the tip of it tease my ass, then she pulled it back out and ran the tip of it up and down in the crease of my camel-toed shorts.

“Nghghgh, fuck!” I moaned again.

Then she briefly teased my clit making me whimper and shiver. But before I could even come close to an orgasm she turned it off. “Would you like to see how it really works?” She said. “It’s really fun to play with.”

“S-s-s-sure,” I managed to say between dry lips.

“Good, but we’ll have to get naked first, is that okay? Are you okay with that?” She sat the vibrator aside on her bed.

“S-s-s-sure,” I said with a giggle.

“Good, I’m so glad you want to play.” She grabbed my face between her hands and pressed her mouth into mine in the hottest kiss yet. Between the thought of what we were going to be doing and the smell of her pussy-stained hand on my face again, and the mad probing of her hot tongue inside my mouth I felt my brain just really freak out. I trembled all over and my knees felt weak.

As she frenched me out, her hands moved down from my face to play with my titties. Then she was kissing and licking the front of my neck.

She sat on the edge of her bed and with her hands on my ass pulled me in between her creamy warm thighs. Feeling the insides of her smooth thighs squeezing tight and pressing in against the outsides of my own legs was a new sensation, a new level of eroticness.

Her hands were on my titties again. “Ummmmm,” she said, “the way your erect nipples poke out through this T-shirt of yours has been driving me crazy all day.”

And with that she planted her mouth right over my left breast and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. At the same time she slid her hands back down to my ass to play with my butt cheeks. The wetness of her hot mouth soaking right through my T-shirt made my pussy purr and gush more girl goo.

“Ummmmm,” I moaned as she sucked off my entire tit through my shirt. I held her head between my hands hoping this moment would never stop.

She pulled back a little, but only enough so that she could tease my nipple with her tongue. While still fondling my ass one of her hands slipped up between my thighs to caress my pussy. Now she concentrated on just sucking on my nipple, squeezing down real hard with her lips she sucked my nip out to twice its usual length making it ache with such sweet pleasure all the while rubbing my cunt and my ass.

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