Neighbour Granny Seduced me


Neighbour Granny Seduced meHi readers, i am posting the incident happened to me long back.My family was went to attend one function in a city which is 750kms away from my house.My mom requested the neighbour to take care of me. as they will back to home after 3 days only. I was left in house due to studies.Let i explain about my neighbour. They are 4 people in my opposite house.Beautiful structured aunt aged 22 with boobs of 34D. Her husband (Lucky man) works in software industry. Her 2 yrs old cute boy (vicky)and her mother. It was happened with the granny of vicky.Since we are good family friends i used to take vicky to my home and take care.When i ask his granny to give vicky she gives her grandson to me. During those times my hands slightly rubs her boobs. (Not intentionally)Ok lets come to that incident.After my parents left home, i spend time with the small boy and came back tuzla eve gelen escort to home.His granny named Sujatha came to my home along with was 8.30am, so i went to bathroom. She was in the hall with her grandson.She came to the bathroom and asked me “Do you want help” shall i clean your shoulder area”. I said “No thanks”. But without listening that she came and started putting soap on me. Till such time i had no intensions with her.By seeing her in small top and bottom i got aroused. (Seems she removed her clothes before entering in bathroom). But i kept quiet. My cock erected 90deg. i tried to hide that but i couldn’s. She started rubbing from my back. after few minutes her body was rubbing me and hers started cleaning my front body. I was nervous and i dont know what to do next.She slowly put his hands down and caught my 7″cock. I said tuzla otele gelen escort no.. no…She doesnt listen and started putiing soap there and rubbing it hardly.She hugged me suddenly from my back. This time her 40inch boobs pressing my body.She slowly making me out of control.Now she started stroking my penis. I asked what are you doing.She said northing ” i am just cleaning our body inside also.I asked how. She said wait and co-operate with me. I explain you practically.whatever during the conversation time she never stopped stroking my penis.After 15minutes started to cum. She swallowed everything in her mouth .After wash i came to my bedroom for dressing. Came ran to the room and forced me on the bed.She said i cleaned you inside. Similarly its your turn to clean me. She made a lip lock for 5 minutes. and made me laid on the bed. She tuzla sınırsız escort was over me and licking my body. Her right hand was started stroking my penis. In 20 minutes she positioned herself and inserted my cock into her and started fucking me very hard.After 10 minutes i sprayed my cum into her vigina.She laid down and asked me to fuck. I said no. She threated me that i will shout and say that u have ****d me. so u have no choice but to fuck me.I fucked her 2 times in 1 hour time.Then she went back to her home.On that night, i had dinner in my neighbours home. Granny smartly spoken to her daughter and came to sleep with me. That whole night we fucked for about 6 times. At that time only i seen her beauty she was 45 years old with 40DD size boobs.Also, she was 5’6″ height. We fucked in various positions and she taught me how to make the partner feeling happy during sex.Thereafter whenever we are alone we used to fuck her very hard. We fucked in balcony, Lift, terrace, etc.,Last week she asked to come to france so that we can enjoyed the entire week .I went and had a jolly fucking week, completely nude all time. No work no outing ONLY FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING…………………….

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