Neighbourly Ladies Ch. 02

Huge Strapon

This story is set in England, so the words used are English not American. It continues after ‘Neighbourly Ladies’ Chapter 1, and tells of two ladies finding themselves, so please don’t read it if you don’t like this idea.


When Tom was at home we would sometimes go out for a meal together as a foursome. I was pleased that Tom got on so well with Elizabeth’s husband Chris. I thought that he was a bit effeminate but he seemed nice enough. It was funny really as he would almost jump to attention when Elizabeth told him to do something. Anyone could see she was the boss.

My husband Tom was totally different and it was noticeable that Elizabeth was very respectable when Tom was present. If Chris was with us on his own, Elizabeth seemed to ignore him, so I started to ignore him as well.

One evening the four of us went out to dinner. I told Elizabeth that Tom had to leave for an overseas trip the next morning. She smiled. So did I. She knew I wanted to see her again.

At the end of the meal she whispered: “Ring me as soon as he has gone!”

So the morning after Tom had left I rang her to tell her that I was free and she told me to come around at 11 am.

I agreed, and then she asked me: “What underwear are you wearing Margaret?”

I told her I had some little skimpy bikini knickers on.

She simply said: “That’s no good, Margaret, I want you in tight white cotton panties. They are much more suitable for a woman of your age, and better for your pussy than that thong you wore last time.”

I don’t know why I was so subservient but I simply answered: “Yes Elizabeth.”

Again it seemed so natural to ask: “What else would you like me to wear Elizabeth?”

She went silent for a minute so I waited.

Then she said “I want you in that nice beige sweater-dress.”

I asked: “Do you mean my short angora woollen dress, Elizabeth?”

She laughed: “Yes Margaret. I’d like you in cuddly soft wool and nice white knickers. You should leave your bra off too.” I don’t know why but I felt so giggly.

I let myself into her house – she’d lent me a spare key the week after we’d first moved in – and went into the lounge to see her sitting in their sofa wearing just the pink v-neck cardigan that she’d had on the last time we’d played, and plain tight white panties – no skirt at all.

I gasped but somehow it didn’t surprise me.

She looked at me and smiled: “I do like you in that dress Margaret, and with no bra you look so cuddly and soft.”

I murmured gratefully: “Thank you Margaret.”

I couldn’t understand myself. I was in my forties and yet I felt so thankful if she said anything nice to me.

It got even more bizarre as I stood in front of her and she smiled: “You are a good little girl, aren’t you Margaret, wearing just what I wanted and doing just what I say.”

“Well of course – I hope I’m polite enough for you Elizabeth.”

She nodded.

“Pull your dress up Margaret, and let me see your panties.” she ordered.

I didn’t even question it, and just pulled up the hem of my short dress, displaying my tight white cotton knickers.

Again I felt relieved when she smiled: “You are a good girl for wearing just what I said. You do want to be a good little girl for Mummy, don’t you Margaret?”

I am 43 but felt in a dream as I heard myself answering: “Yes Mummy.”

She was sitting in front of me with her legs together, and opened her arms before telling me: “Come to Mummy, Margaret and kneel over me. Keep your legs apart to straddle mine.”

As I moved forward she pulled me partly on top of her so I grabbed the back of the chair, with my knees on the sofa, so I was left straddling her with my legs wide apart, feeling somehow vulnerable despite being on top of her. She pulled my head down and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue just licking at my lips.

“Now I’ve got you where I want you!” she smiled, and I felt her arms encircling me then stroking down my back, feeling the softness of the wool, moving down to squeeze my pantied bottom. It was a ridiculous position for two women of our age but it felt so lovely as her hands stroked softly but firmly over the tight cotton of my panties.

We stayed like that for ages as she fondled me, feeling round my waist under the dress, and over the soft wool where my breasts were hanging down.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “I do love the feel of your body under this soft wool. Your titties feel even more gorgeous than before, now they are hanging in front of me, and your bottom feels so nicely firm under your knickers. I can’t wait to taste your pussy again, Margaret!”

I flushed, but loved the feelings she was giving me, and in this position I just had to let her make all the moves.

She moved both hands down to my panties, stroking over my bottom then getting closer to my cunt as she followed the line of the elastic round and slipped between my legs.

Then she whispered up to me: “Undo my buttons, Margaret. Get Mummy’s tits out.”

It was casino oyna difficult to do from this position, but I did as I was old, reaching down with one hand to fumble at each button, as I had to keep my other arm on the back of the sofa to stop myself falling on her. Despite only having one hand, the buttons seemed to opened easily, and the soft woollen fabric just fell away with each button, until her beautiful big breasts were fully exposed and the wool hung each side of her, framing them prettily.

As she put her hands between my legs and started to rub my panty gusset I started to moan but I knew how good she was and besides, straddling her like I was, I couldn’t stop her anyway.

Soon her fingers had wormed their way inside my panties, and I felt them tickling my cunt as the explored me further. I was feeling quite damp and squidgy now, so I opened my legs more and felt her fingers move gently inside me.

She whispered: “Is this nicer than with your husband Margaret?”

“Oh God yes Elizabeth, he’s not gentle like you – he seems to think he can just push a finger in any time.”

“Is he any good at fucking you, Margaret?”

It was a very personal question about the private side of my marriage but I had no hesitation in confessing “No, Elizabeth. He doesn’t satisfy me at all. He usually just sticks himself in me, then pushes up and down till he’s finished. That’s when he can get hard enough to stick in me at all.”

“Well from now on Margaret, you will tell me every time he fucks you, or tries to. Then we will make love properly afterwards, to make up for it”

I nodded.

“Margaret?” she smiled.

“Yes Elizabeth”

“I will satisfy you fully. You know I will, don’t you?”

It didn’t seem strange to me so I answered “Yes, I know you will Elizabeth, just like you did last time.”

“So now I will finger fuck you to start with, Margaret.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘to start with’ but again I quickly replied: “Oh yes please, I want you to finger me Margaret.”

She knew I was nervous about Tom and she murmured: “I will fuck you whenever Tom is not around.” I wasn’t sure if she had used the word finger.

I suddenly wondered about her husband so asked: “What about Chris, Elizabeth?”

She didn’t seem to understand the question. “What about him?”

“Will we have to wait until he’s gone out?”

She laughed: “Don’t worry about him Margaret. He will do as he is told. He’s in his room now, probably looking at porn on the internet.” Somehow I didn’t doubt her power over him.

Chris had a small build but his face was quite attractive. When I had mentioned it to Elizabeth the other day she had said ‘I know Margaret he can be quite pretty’. It was a strange way to talk about her husband but I didn’t dare ask any more.

So Elizabeth continued her fingering of me, with me straddling her and watching her breasts wobbling as her fingers did their wonderful work. I just stayed still, taking in the beautiful feelings of my neighbour’s fingers inside my knickers as she flicked at my clitty and pushed deep inside me. After a while I’d started a gentle rocking movement, pushing down on her as her fingers pushed up inside me, and relishing the fingering of my clitty with each thrust.

“Mmmm well I think you’re ready now, don’t you?” she smiled up at me. “You won’t cum very well in this position, so let’s have you on the floor, with your dress pulled right up and your legs apart. Then I’ll be able to get to you properly!”

Feeling so strange, yet somehow so natural, I just did as she said, standing up first before sitting down on the big rug in the centre of the room.

“Now just pull that dress up and lay back, with your legs wide apart, and your hands behind your head.” she ordered.

So I meekly did as I was told, feeling the cool air as it reached my cunt, and letting the soft wool of my dress crumple up around my shoulders. I felt totally exposed, yet somehow it all seemed perfectly normal. Maybe it was because she’d fucked me already, so I knew what pleasures she could give me.

Elizabeth stood up, her breasts wobbling as she moved, and stood over me with her hands on her hips.

“You are such a good neighbour, aren’t you, doing just as I say? Now I’m going to give you a special treat!”

And to my surprise she went out of the room.

I heard some noises outside, and in a couple of minutes she was back, with a big black strap-on dildo at the front of her panties. I was shocked – but somehow couldn’t think of what to say or do.

“First a little sucking is in order, my dear, before I get on to the fucking!” she smiled, bending down between my legs and parting my folds with her fingers.

I gasped as he tongue licked my clitty – she just did it so well. Then she was kissing and licking and sucking at me as my body gave in to her again. At the back of my mind was the black dildo, but somehow her pleasuring mouth was just too good to think of anything else.

Then I felt her slip her fingers slot oyna into me again, and I pushed down on her to welcome them back. God she was a good lover, always knowing what I wanted next, and giving it to me so skilfully.

I was panting now and my hips writhing in her face as she got me more and more excited.

Suddenly she pulled back and knelt up, and I saw again the black dildo strapped to her hips. It looked much bigger than Tom, both fatter and longer, but I was so far gone now that I didn’t care.

She inched towards me, then got into position, opening my wet lips with her fingers to push the dildo against me.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” she smiled, just before she began to penetrate me. “It needs to be nice and wet before I push it in you, doesn’t it, so I’ll just come over for you to suck it a little.”

And she moved round to my head, lowering the tool to my mouth and pushing it into me.

Subconsciously I just opened my mouth to take it in – and it was huge. I’d sucked Tom on a few occasions when he was particularly forceful, but he didn’t feel anything like this size. So I just licked, tasting my own juices on the end, and sucked at it as Elizabeth looked down on me, smiling down as she pushed it into my mouth. But quite soon she pulled it back out again.

“That’ll do,” she said, “It just needs to be wet for your cunt, not for your oral pleasuring.”

And she moved back between my legs, opening my folds again with her fingers before pushing the dildo into me.

I gasped to start with, as it felt so big, but soon her fingers were flicking at my clitty, exciting me to relax as she gently pushed it further into me. As she leaned forwards to push it further up me, she slipped a hand up my dress to feel my nipple, and began thrusting with her hips, just like Tom did. The feel of her fingers on my nipple just melted me again, and I felt her pushing the dildo further and further up inside me, until I was taking it all and she was right on top of me.

As she leaned forward further, so her head moved nearer to mine, and she moved down to kiss me, pushing her cunt-flavoured tongue into my mouth. My tongue met hers and we played, as her dildo thrusting continued with my hips now rising up to meet hers.

Somehow she’d kept one hand down, and continued to flick and tease my clitty while she pounded me with her dildo, stroked my nipples and probed my mouth with her tongue. I felt so submissive with all her attention, but so delicious and squidgy at the same time. I knew I couldn’t last long, so just enjoyed all the pleasures she was giving me as her hips pushed the dildo in and out of my willing cunt.

I was breathing so hard now that she knew I was nearly there, and fingering me harder, she moved her head down to suck at my nipple under my dress.

I was in heaven when I came, panting hard and crying out: “Oh, Elizabeth!” in between catching my breath. She seemed to love it too, pushing in and out much more actively than Tom ever did, as my orgasm flowed on and on.

“Come on, Margaret!” she kept urging, “Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me!”

It seemed to last forever, but slowly I realised I was coming down and looked around the room. I was sure I saw something at the doorway, but when I looked again it was gone. Had Chris been watching his wife fuck me? I shuddered at the thought.

As I calmed down, Elizabeth smiled down at me. “Well you seemed to like that, Margaret, and you took Blackie very well for your first time, didn’t you?”

“Oh you are just so good at exciting me, Elizabeth.” I said. “I can’t help but cum when you please me so well!”

“Well I’m glad you can take it, as my next job for you is to fuck me back. I’ll not be giving you any second oral cumming till you’ve pleasured me, my girl. So I’ll just pull Blackie gently out of your cunt, and then unstrap him so you can push him into mine!”

So she slipped out of my stretched vagina, revealing the length that had just been up inside me, and stood up to undo the straps around her hips.

“Come on, up you get!” she said, offering me her hand.

As I stood up my dress slipped down over my breasts, resting on my hips.

“No you’ll need to lift it up a bit so as I can strap him on. Just open your legs a bit as there’s a strap to go between them Sorry it’s a bit damp.” she said, looking up at me and grinning.

After what we’d just done, her strapping the big black dildo on seemed just like a normal thing to do. The strap between my legs was very damp, and the hip strap pulled it tightly to my cunt as the big cock stood out in front of me.

Elizabeth checked it for tightness, by holding the end and pulling it about. As she pushed it towards me I realised why she was so wet, as there was a ridge that just pushed perfectly against my clitty.

“Now I’ll just lie on that warm patch you’ve left me, and you can come down and fuck me. I think I’m pretty much ready, but you can finger me first to check!” and she pecked me on the cheek as she walked past, peeled canlı casino siteleri her panties off, then lay on the floor, carefully arranging her cardigan so it hid her breasts, at least for the moment.

She opened her legs wide, and put her hands behind her head, which meant her cardigan just slipped open, revealing her breasts sagging gently to each side.

“Right Margaret – I’m ready for Blackie now, so come down here and fuck me please!”

I’d never even fingered a girl before, but Elizabeth was just so wet that after the first shock of touching her cunt, it all seemed perfectly natural. Her clitty was obviously well aroused so I rubbed it with my thumb, smiling as she responded with a gentle moan. She must have shaved herself recently, as the skin was so soft and smooth all over her slippery cunt.

Then I slipped a finger inside her and realised she was so big. Soon I had three fingers in and there seemed more space yet. I realised Blackie was made for her – probably unlike her wimpish husband. As she was getting more and more excited, I moved myself closer.

“Are you ready?” I asked, nervously.

“Oh yes, now come and fuck me Margaret, push Blackie straight into me!”

So I did as I was told, marvelling at how easy it was to find the right spot and how readily her body took the huge dildo inside. Now I knew what it felt like to be a man fucking a woman! I relished the thought of dominating my neighbour for a short while with my big cock inside her, and realised I should pleasure her as she had me.

So I slipped one hand down so that my finger could rub her clitty, and began some deep thrusts inside my neighbour’s cunt. I watched her breasts wobble each time I thrust in, then concentrated on making them wobble more as I thrusted with a faster and faster motion.

Elizabeth was moaning now as her orgasm neared, so feeling bolder I leaned my free arm forward and stroked at her nipples, squeezing them hard one after the other. That seemed to do the trick as now she was panting hard, her hips moving fast in response to mine as I pushed Blackie in and out of her squishy cunt. It was making quite a noise now as her juices and her body slid over the big rod, and her mound slapped against mine.

Suddenly she was there, shouting out and thrashing her hips so that I could only just stay on top of her. It was fantastic to watch, and even more so as it was me that had made her cum. I felt so good and powerful, seeing her near-naked body under me as I pushed in and out of her, fucking her deep inside her cunt. I carried on fingering and fucking her, watching as further orgasms peaked until her panting began to slow down.

Slowly she subsided, and again I thought I heard a noise behind me at the door, but when I glanced round there was nothing to see. Maybe Chris did like watching his wife fucked by the dildo. Maybe he used it himself? Suddenly I felt a little chill, but Elizabeth carried on slowly subsiding from her orgasms.

“God you were good, Margaret!” she smiled, “I’ve not an orgasm that good for ages! And you used Blackie as if it was your own cock – have you used one before with Tom?”

“God no!” I replied, “Why would I want a dildo with Tom?”

“Well some men like anal sex, you know, and would love their wives to penetrate them.”

“Really?” I asked, “I ‘m sure Tom would run a mile!”

“Well Chris certainly likes his anal pleasures – but he can’t take Blackie up his arse as it’s way too big.”

Suddenly I was hearing personal details I didn’t need, but she continued anyway.

“I think you must have led a sheltered, life, Margaret, but now you’re our neighbour we can see about opening your eyes a little – a bit like you opened your legs for me. I bet you didn’t think you could enjoy sex with a lady like this, did you?”

“Well no,” I replied, “That’s true. I still can’t believe it is so nice and so natural – and so easy too, with Tom away and Chris upstairs.”

“Well he’d better be, or they’ll be trouble!” she said, looking at the door. I was sure I could hear a noise outside, but maybe it was just the wind.

Gingerly I began pulling the dildo out of Elizabeth’s vagina, amazed at the size of the black tool, and how easy it had been to push into her. I also couldn’t believe she’d pushed it in me. No wonder I felt a little sore between my legs!

“Right, Margaret, time for a cup of tea, I think?” smiled Elizabeth, getting herself up to a standing position.

She pulled on her panties, then buttoned up her cardigan, smiling to herself as she recalled her pleasuring.

“Now let’s just unstrap Blackie!” she smiled. “He’s done enough for today I think.”

“Well yes, I’m certainly a bit sore after having all that inside me.”

“Oh you poor thing,” replied Elizabeth, “I forget that I’m so used to him now, my cunt just seems the right size. But if you’re more used to just a man’s cock, then I suppose you could be a bit tender. I’ll see if I can make you better after tea and cakes.”

And with that she went out to the kitchen, leaving me to pull on my panties and slip down my lovely soft woolly dress.

I sat back on the sofa and cuddled up to myself, wondering how she might make me better. What a neighbour! Whatever next?

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