Neo , Trinity’s Sex Life


Neo watched as Trinity moved around the ship with Morpheus. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She moved in a sexy way and was in every way a fucking hot woman. Her tits were not large but when she wore a leather shirt, her tits became extra defined and her nipples jutted out from beneath them.

Neo watched her and watched her. His eyes followed her wherever she went. He even watched her shower by plugging in special cameras. Neo knew Trinity liked to masturbate although Neo always gave her the best sex. He had heard her masturbate after they were done fucking. He also knew Trinity used to be a fucking slut. He had seen pictures of her nude on the internet. Neo pulled up files on her. During 2099, people had to keep track of who they fucked. Neo looked at that list: Cypher, Neo, Agent Smith, and Morpheus.

The last name sent a shiver down his spine. He could fantasize Morpheus and Trinity in bed fucking doggy-style. Morpheus’s enormous black cock into Trinity’s white pussy. It was just so hot. Neo immediately got a hard-on.

Neo asked Trinity, “How would you like to fuck tonight?”

She said, “I’m sorry. I got a date with Tank at Zion. We’re renting a room afterwards for some hot fucks.”

“No problem. Just sometime soon.”

Trinity’s nipples got erect and Neo, with his eyes could see Trinity’s pussy get wet and the drops roll down the insides of her legs. Neo could sense Trinity thinking about Neo’s erect cock and thinking about how good it would bostancı escort be to suck it and have Neo’s cum all over her mouth and tits.

Neo, with his new found abilities could sense anyone’s thoughts and after going into the Matrix, he found many people with perverse thoughts about fucking. Take for example, Agent Smith, he thought about fucking his partner Agent Jenny Carter every day. Neo noticed Agent Smith looked at her legs and her ass every few seconds. Smith had often tried to trip Carter to make an upskirt because Carter wore cheerleader skirts that were very short.

Neo thought about all these things and locked his door. He stripped off all his clothes and started to stroke his cock. Soon, he started to jack off. Cum popped out and he started to wipe it away.

He walked out. Trinity was right outside his room. He sensed Trinity looking at something. Neo too looked at it. It was a little pool of cum that hadn’t been wiped. Trinity took her index finger and wiped. it. She put the cum in her mouth and said, “Mmmmmmmm.”

Trinity took Neo by the hand and laid his hand on the buckle to her shirt which had a buckle. Trinity made him push the button, the shirt fell to the ground soundlessly. Neo wasn’t surprised to see Trinity not wearing a bra. Her nipples and tits were bigger than before.

“Uh, Trin, why are your tits bigger?”

“Can’t you see, Neo? I got implants. They’re just for you.” She offered a nipple fatih escort for Neo, “Suck on it. It tastes good. Sometimes I do it myself. When I get real horny.”

Neo bent down and took her right nipple into his mouth. It felt smooth at the first touch. He started to play with it as his other hand moved down toward her inner thigh. He put two finger into Trinity’s pussy. Trinity moaned. Neo thrust slowly with his two finger making sure he enjoyed every moment he had with her. They had fucked before but tonight was the best night. He thrust harder and faster and Trinity panted and moaned.

“Don’t stop, Neo, I don’t want you to stop. Don’t stop fucking me. I want you to fuck me until I scream. Yessssssssssssssssssss. Don’t stop. Fuck, YESSSSS! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love this. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.”

With one last thrust, Trinity orgasmed and she collasped on Neo’s bed. Neo went to check if she was alright. Trinity surprised Neo and they flipped positions. Trinity held Neo and pushed him up next to the bed post. With two pussy juice-filled sheets, Trinity tied Neo to the bed post. Neo couldn’t move. Trinity bent down and looked at Neo’s cock.

Neo understood what Trinity meant. Trinity opened her mouth and enclosed it on Neo’s throbbing dick. She sucked on it and pumped her mouth up and down. Neo rose his pelvis up and down to the rhythm of Trinity’s sucks. Pre-cum flowed out of Neo’s dick and Trinity licked it up like a wild animal. She bağcılar escort licked up the shaft of the cock and all the way to his balls. Neo could just feel the load of cum passing through his cock. It spurted out all the way to Trinity’s mouth as she choked on the large load. She put her mouth on Neo’s cock once again to like up the remaining elements of cum.

Neo and Trinity started to kiss passionately and their tongues entwined inside their connected mouths. Neo played with her tits as they kissed and pinched her nipples. Trinity started to squeeze Neo’s buttocks and with her other hand play with his balls. Soon, they let go of each other, and Neo’s cock was inserted into her pussy which had so much juice it could become a gallon of milk. He inserted his cockhead in at first and Trinity moaned but centimeter by centimeter, his cock went in. Until it went fully, even his balls went through. As he did this, Neo used on finger and took all the pussy juices into his mouth. He put his tongue was engulfing and licking all her pussy juices and he made sure he was enjoying everything. He was thrusting his nine-inch cock slowly and surely. Neo thrust harder and faster as more and more pussy juices rolled down the insides of her thighs.

Trinity said, “OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I want to feel your cock within me. Damnit!!! YESSSSSSS! DON’T STOP!!! DAMN YESSSSSSSSSS! I want to feel your load in my pussy. Fuck yess, fuck me.”

While Trinity was saying this, Neo was saying, “Fuck me my little slut. OHHH YESSSS! Your pussy feels so good!”

For the second time, semen spurted out and straight into Trinity’s pussy. Trinity screamed as the gallon of semen flew into her pussy. She screamed loud and hard and she panted. They started to kiss and soon fell asleep.

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