New Apartment and a New Deal Pt. 01

Group Sex

This is my first story and is part of what I hope will be a very fund series. A bit of set up in this one so less sex, but don’t worry, plenty of that later on. Feedback welcome!


Claire was in trouble. Trying to get through college was hard enough, but she now was staring at an eviction notice that had been posted through the door of her and friend Lauren’s place. The two girls had both been trying to hold down waitressing jobs at a restaurant that recently went bust and they’d quickly fallen behind on their rent.

“What are we going to do?” Lauren asked, taking the notice out of Claire’s hands.

“What can we do? We’re going to have to find a new place to live where we don’t have to pay much if any rent!”

The next couple of days were spent apartment hunting but both girls struggled to find anything they could afford and in desperation Lauren told Claire she was so sorry but she’d decided to take the room her cousin had offered her, leaving Claire to find a place by herself.

This is what brought Claire to answer an ad she saw online. The ad read

‘Room available. Spacious room as part of apartment share with three college boys. Apartment comes with longue and fully equipped kitchen plus two bathrooms. Rent negotiable if terms can be agreed.’

The idea of living with three other college boys was not Claire’s idea of a good time. However the place did come with 2 bathrooms so maybe she could try and get one exclusively in this ‘negotiation’ the advert mentioned.


Bill opened the front door the next day to see a young college girl standing in front of him. The girl was short with long reddish hair. She was dressed in a vest and shirt combo with the buttons undone. He could clearly make out her decent sized chest and the edges of her bra poking through. The girl had completed the look with a pair of brown leather boots and some tight fitted jeans.

“Hi, I’m Claire.” The girl nervously said, “I messaged about the room you guys are advertising?”

“Of course,” Bill replied, “Come on in.” He gestured with a smile as he stood to one side allowing her into the apartment.

Once inside Claire walked through the entrance way straight into the living room where two more guys were sitting on a sofa watching TV.

“The blonde haired guy at the end there is Joe and the dude in hoodie is Shawn. Guys, this is Claire from the advert.”

After they’d all exchanged hello’s bill gave Claire a tour of the apartment. Claire had to admit, they made it hard to refuse. They’d left her the largest bedroom which clearly had previously been held by another girl with how it was decorated. Both bathrooms were a good size and one was right next to her room.

This made Claire even more nervous as she sat at the breakfast bench opposite the three young good looking guys following the tour.

“So what do you think of the place?” Joe asked as he passed out 4 bottles of beer to everyone (Must be a senior Claire thought).

“It is certainly very nice and I am tempted but I suppose I should say upfront I’m current in-between jobs so I might struggle with the rent for such a nice place.” Claire answered honestly.

“We can always come to terms on rent illegal bahis no problem, question is, are you interested in the room and do you think you could handle 3 guys”? Bill replied

Claire thought the phrasing of 3 guys was a little odd, but moved passed it to ask a couple more questions.

The guys all agreed they’d be happy to let her have a bathroom and said everyone was responsible for their own food and cleaning so it wouldn’t be a case where she would be expected to do it.

The three guys all seemed nice enough, no jocks which was a plus for Claire. So it was with hesitation she asked about terms and rent.

“Well, see here is the thing,” Bill began. Claire noticed all the boys had gone a little bashful and awkward, “The last roommate we had was also a college girl and well, she also ran into rent problems while living here.” Bill trailed off leaving Claire confused.

Shawn then added “She missed two months payment and couldn’t find a job. Trouble was the 4 us really got on well together and didn’t want her to leave so one night she proposed a new arrangement which worked out great and we now she has graduated and left we hoped to find someone who also fit into that arrangement.”

“What kind of arrangement?” Claire asked very cautiously, fearing she had an idea where this was going.

“Well, to put it in the terms she used, she put her body up as compensation for rent.” Bill answered. This was clearly awkward for the boys to say as they all stared at their feet. Claire couldn’t believe what she was hearing. However, she also found herself sipping more beer and asking more questions.

After 10 minutes of questions she had the story and what they were proposing. She would be their slut, their fuck toy, their entertainment! She would pay no rent and was still allowed the privacy of her own room, but otherwise she would be their plaything.

What scared and surprised Claire the most was that she still wasn’t heading for the door.

Claire considered herself fairly sexually adventurous with her previous partners. She’d never been with more than one person at once before, but she had a kinky side she liked to explore and push. That said, this was a whole new level.

Seeing she was torn Shawn jumped in

“You have to understand this is a mutual thing and about respected. Everything we do stays between us and no still means no. We want you to be happy living here and feel like it’s your home to.”

Claire liked his sentiment and they all seemed genuine but she was still leaning towards no she noticed something. She felt fire in her pussy. Her mind had wondered off into several different scenarios with these 3 boys and while her head was telling her to leave, the kinky devil in her had other plans.

This would also take care of her money problems for the rest of college. After a deep breath she answered

“If you swear this stays totally private, I still have my own space and if I’m not in the mood I can say no, then yes, I think we can have a deal.”

The boys all cheered and beamed at her.

“You won’t regret it.”

“This will be amazing.”

“Welcome to your new home”

They said one by one. They agreed Claire would move illegal bahis siteleri in Friday and there would be a special welcoming night to celebrate their new arrangement.


So here Claire was, moving boxes in Friday afternoon. The boys were all gentleman and helped her carry everything in and left her to unpack. They even brought her lunch as she unpacked.

At about 4 a note was handed to her by Bill before he left her alone again.

Claire open the note to find it was an invitation to a night of ‘getting to know the roommate’. The note told her to come looking her best and ready for a night of thrills and debauchery. She was also told to text the three of them with anything that was off the table/ a dislike to them before hand so there was awkwardness.

So this was the moment Claire thought, she was now committed. This meant she had to make a decision she’d be wrestling with all week. The decision to tamely go in and see how little she could get away with, or embrace her new life and see where it would lead her.

The answer came when she text the 3 boys a simply devil emoji and nothing else.


Shawn, Bill and Joe all sat in the living room with a beer each waiting for Claire. She had come out of her room 2 hours earlier in a dressing gown to grab a bottle of wine and get ready. She’d not come back out since.

“Do you think she is really going to go through with this?” Shawn asked

“I don’t know man, that text was certainly teasing, but she might chicken out at last minute.” Joe replied.

“Have faith guys,” Bill said looking at his phone as a text from Claire arrived asking if they were ready, “I think we’re all good.”

He replied yes and put on some music.

They heard the heels first. The boys all turned their heads to be greeted by what might have been the hottest thing they’d ever seen.

Claire had her hair up in a pony tail, her makeup done to reflect that of a porn star or stripper. Her outfit however, was where she really had them drooling already.

Black heals with stockings running up her shapely legs to meet a very short plaid skirt. This had braces and barely covered her pussy and ass. Claire’s toned midriff was on full display. Her breasts covered by a white shirt with a knot in. The dark red lace bra clearly visible through it.

Shawn was the first to notice the collar on Claire, clearly meant to set the mood. It simply read slut.

Claire strolled past the three of them on the sofa to stand legs apart and hands on hips in front of them in the middle of the room. She looked directly at each one of them in the eye, a sly smile on her face.

“So boys, do I meet with your expectations?” she asked

“My god you are the sexists woman I’ve ever seen.” Bill managed to say. The other two just nodded in agreement, taking it all in.

“You don’t think it’s too much do you?” Claire asked solely, slowing turning round to show off her backside.

“Perfect.” Was all she heard back.

“In that case, what happens now? How does this little dirty deal of yours work now? I’ve followed the instruction on the invite well I believe.” Claire said. She could feel how hot and wet her pussy was already. canlı bahis siteleri The wine had given her a little courage, but to tell the truth she couldn’t wait for these boys to use her however they wished.

Bill they surprised her by standing up and handing her 6 cards. Each card had a different sexual act written on it apart from the last one. It simply read, master wants.

“For your first night and make you comfy with us you can hand these out, whoever has the card will do what is on it. She will be one of the rare times where we’re not going to be pushy or dominant in any way.” Bill explained.

Claire was a little disappointed they weren’t jumping on her likes wolves, but reading through the cards again she had an idea.

“What does Master wants mean?” She asked

“Master wants means whoever has that card is fully in charge of everyone.” Joe replied.

Claire smiled. She threw the other 5 cards away and held up the master wants card.

“I didn’t come here to control 3 boys, I came here to be used by 3 men. So here is what is going to happen. 1 by 1 you will each come up here, get on your knees and make me cum. I will judge who then earns this. After that, I expect nothing but to be treated like a slut. Is that understood?”

The boys all nodded. Shawn then moved forward before the offers and knelt in front of Claire.

He lifted up her little skirt to reveal her soaked matching red lace thong. He pulled it to one side and dove straight in. Claire grabbed the top of his head for support and moaned. His tongue was so good, this boy knew what he was doing! Shawn would switch from licking at her folds to nibbling her clit slightly, diving Claire wild.

“ahhhhh” Was all she could say. It did not take long for her to cum, she was already so excited. Shawn slowly backed away, his face glistening with her juices.

Bill went next. He turned Claire around and bent her at the waste. He then stuck a finger in a wet pussy along with his tongue while also showing off her butt to the other 2. He took longer and was not as experienced, he did spend more time exploring the folds of her pussy though and occasionally his finger really would hit the spot. but Claire was cumming within minutes still.

Joe then stood up and walked over to Claire. She smiled at him as he kept her gaze walking up to her. He then slowly sank to his knees and began to tease her clit with his tongue. Claire moaned in pleasure and soon began to plead with him to do more.

“Please Joe, mmmhmmm, please eat my pussy.” This did the trick; Joe dove into her wet pussy. He also ran a finger along her soaked slit and then her Claire’s surprise, pushed it into her ass while her carried on licking. This sent Claire over the edge and soon she was cumming again.


It took Claire a few minutes to recover and come down. When she did she was met with three faces, all with her cum on them. She smirked, stood straight again. Deciding it was time for some real action she lifted the braces offer her shoulder and pushed her skirt to the floor. She then undid her shirt knot and threw the shirt away.

She stood in front of the boys in just her matching bra and soaked red lace thong, along with her heals and stockings. Well boys I guess it’s time for me to award the master card. She picked it up from the floor and looked at the three boys, I think it should be….

To be continued…

(Who do you think will win?)

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