New Family Secrets VII


Sorry to my fans about the rant at the end of the last story. Anyway back to the story.

Ryan went to look for Kara…

New Family Secrets VII

I was looking for Kara everywhere I asked everyone if they had seen her. One kid told me that he had seen her heading towards the park. I ran across the street to the park at the first shelter I found her backpack. There was another backpack sitting with it so I looked around. I spotted a bathroom and figured that she had gone in there. I decided to scare them as they came out and I crouched down by the door. As I was waiting I heard what sounded like a moan, then a giggle. I listened harder and heard more moaning. My cock started to throb against my jeans as I listened. I figured she was in there playing with herself.

I crept inside and softly closed the door and locked it. “ could you use a hand or something else with that” I asked as I walked around the corner. To my surprise There was Kara on her knees with Jennifer sitting on the sink in front of her. Kara’s mouth was sucking and licking Jennifer’s pussy. I stopped sure that I had told Jennifer something she didn’t know. Neither girl stopped what they were doing until Jennifer turned to me and asked “ are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna follow through with your offer?” I was kinda bummed that it was Jennifer not Kayla but I sure as hell wasn’t gonna pass up this opportunity. I unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them and my boxers stepping out of them. I walked up to them and she grabbed my dick jerking it hard. It seemed as though she had never played with a dick before.

I looked down at her blonde hair covered pussy and I had to taste it. I lifted Kara up and sat her next to Jennifer on the sink. Kara pushed Jennifer’s legs apart as I sank to my knees grabbing one thigh in each hand. I slowly pressed my nose to her sweet smelling pussy and inhaled deeply. I started by kissing her pussy lips down one side and up the other. She let out a moan as Kara turned and shoved her tongue in her mouth. I parted her wet pussy lips with my thumbs and stuck the tip of my tongue to her clit. She kissed Kara harder as I slid my tongue down her slit to the tight pink opening. Shoving my tongue in to her as far as it would go then pulling it out I tongued her butt hole. I attacked her pussy with my mouth while I slid a finger into her ass.

Kara broke their kiss and said “be careful with her she’s a virgin.” I took that as a challenge I planned to deflower both of her tight holes before we were done. I licked illegal bahis her pussy while Kara sucked and licked her tits. When she finally came she let out a scream so loud that it scared me. She sat there shaking and moaning as I stood and kissed her hard so she could taste herself. Then I leaned in and asked her if she liked that as I lined my prick up with her pussy. Without letting her answer I slid the tip of my dick into her pussy. She tensed up and told me to wait so I stopped and pulled her face to mine kissing her gently. Kara started rubbing Jennifer’s clit with the head of my dick still inside her. Jennifer started to grind into Kara’s hand which pushed my cock further inside her. After a few minutes of this my dick hit her hymen which brought her back to reality. She stopped grinding and said she wasn’t sure she wanted to do this.

As the words left her mouth Kara pulled me forward shoving my cock right through the fleshy barrier. Not knowing what to do I stopped moving all together. Jennifer yelped as a tear fell from her eye. I went to pull out but Kara stood behind me pushing on my ass just enough to keep me there. “Are you ready for him to continue now” Kara asked as she started to push on my ass. Jennifer shook her head yes with a broken look in her eyes. I felt bad for her but her pussy was so tight as I slid in to her all the way to my balls. Kara kept the pace as I pulled out I saw the blood on my dick. The sight turned me on more than I thought possible. My dick was painfully swollen as I started to pick up the pace. Jennifer started to moan and grind against me as I started to drive into her faster and harder.

Kara walked around and leaned in and kissed her hard and pulled away and said “now your my slut aren’t you?” I just kept plowing into her as she kept repeating that she was now Kara’s slut. Jennifer came hard on my dick, And Kara suddenly pushed me back before Jennifer was finished cumming. She made Jennifer stand up and turn around. She bent her over the sink and told me to fuck her ass using the blood and pussy juice as lube. I lined up my cock with her asshole and slid the tip just into her when Kara shoved my ass and I slid all the way in. “She’s my slut so fuck her like a slut pound her asshole” Kara said with a new look in her eye. So I did as I was told after a few minutes of rough fucking Jennifer’s ass I told er I was about to cum. Kara told me to stop and she positioned Jennifer on her knees in front of me. “Suck yourself off of his cock and don’t swallow his cum my little slut” Kara said as she shoved her head illegal bahis siteleri down on my cock.

I came so hard into her mouth that she gagged a little but she didn’t swallow it. Kara made her show me my cum in her mouth. Then she had Jennifer stand as she got to her knees, and told Jennifer to lean down and let my cum run into her mouth. Jennifer did as she was instructed letting a long rope of my cum and her juices dribble into Kara’s waiting mouth. Kara turned to me and showed me the cum then stood up and kissed Jennifer until all of the cum had been swallowed by the two hot girls. Kara turned to Jennifer and said “did you like being my slut baby” “yes I loved it all” she replied as a smile formed on her lips. Kara filled me in that it had always been a fantasy of Jennifer’s to be dominated that way.

We all three walked back to the shelter to pick up our backpacks. We grabbed our bags and headed to the school. I went to the locker room looking for Kevin when I heard the showers on. I went to ask if they had seen Kevin. I found Kevin on his knees in front of coach Ryler. Coach had his cock in Kevin’s mouth moving his head back and forth on it. I went to turn and leave when I saw the girls had followed me. They were watching the show and getting worked up by it. Kara was standing behind Jennifer rubbing her crotch against Jennifer’s ass hard. Jennifer was grinding back and rubbing her pussy through her jeans. My cock was aching to burst out of my jeans when we heard the door to the locker room close.

The three of us ducked behind a row of lockers. Coach Layne walked in wearing just a towel. He headed to the showers and stopped when he saw what was going on. I thought he was gonna freak out. “What the hell, you two started without me” Coach Layne said in mock anger. In shock at the scene unfolding in front of us the three of us left. “Oh my god, can you believe he’s doing both of the coaches” Jennifer asked in shock. Kara told us that she knew because she had overheard a conversation between Kevin and someone on his cell phone.

“Well it was hot anyway” Jennifer chimed in as she hugged Kara then kissed me hard on the mouth. With my dick making a come back I grabbed their hands and led them to a trail in the park. I pushed Kara up against a tree in a secluded part of the trail and kissed her hard. I felt Jennifer’s hand snake around to unzip my jeans and pull out my cock. “I want to watch you fuck her up close” Jennifer said pulling down Kara’s pants and panties just enough to expose her pussy. Taking canlı bahis siteleri her lead I slipped my dick into Kara’s wet pussy. I moved slowly so that Jennifer could get a good look at the action. Jennifer started rubbing her pussy over her jeans. I pulled her up and stuck my hand down her pants. I slipped a finger over her hard nub and rubbed it vigorously. A few minutes later the two girls were cumming in unison. Once they started to come down I told them I was about to cum. Jennifer asked me to cum on Kara’s ass so she could watch me cum. I pulled on my dick until I splattered Kara’s ass, Jennifer not wasting a second slid down and licked my cum off of Kara’s ass. Jennifer even took the time to tongue fuck Kara’s asshole then kissed Kara hard.

As we were walking back to the school my cell phone rang. Kevin called to find out where we were and if we needed a ride. We all met up at his car, the drive was so awkward and quiet. Once we dropped Jennifer off at her house we headed home. When we got home Misty asked how tryouts went and I told them that it went great. Kevin said “it’s okay Ryan you can tell them you just can’t tell the other guys.” I turned to Misty, Kara, Kyle, and Derrick and told them I made the team. That’s awesome they all said and congratulated me. “I thought tryouts were a week long” Derrick said confused. “He was so impressive today that coach gave him my old position, He looked even better than I did as a sophomore” Kevin interjected. Everyone had a hard time believing what he told them even I didn’t believe him.

After dinner Misty asked me to help her move something in one of the spare bedrooms. We walked into the bedroom and she shut the door behind us. She asked me how I liked fucking Jennifer. Shocked I asked her how she knew about it. “Kara tells me everything silly boy, she texted me right after it happened” Misty laughed. “Don’t worry I’m okay with sharing my toy’s” she told me as she grabbed my cock through my pants. My cock responded almost immediately to her touch. She undid my pants and bent over the dresser pulling up her dress. I liked that she wasn’t wearing panties I poked my dick into her hot pussy. I pounded into her pussy hard until she told me to fuck her ass. Without missing a beat I pulled out of her pussy and shoved my dick into her ass hard. She let out a loud moan when she started rubbing her clit fast and hard. When she came her ass tightened around my cock and I came deep in her ass. I kissed her behind her ear as I pulled my cock out of her ass. I said goodnight and headed off to bed to dream about what the day had brought. I started to think about what the next days could bring…

To Be Continued…

What do you guys think should I keep going with this story?

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