New Found Powers Ch. 01


He was just a regular college student. Well, not quite a “regular” college student. You see, Thomas Benley wasn’t into the drinking or the drugs like so many higher scholars. No, he was into something different that took him away from school, the opposite sex. This isn’t to say that Tom was a player. He just always had a special attractive nature that just drove the girls crazy. That was before it happened. But, I’ll get to that in a bit.

Thomas James Benley was a happy-go-lucky boy growing up, a small town boy through and through. He was a star track and field athlete in high school, and went to states multiple times for his sprinting prowess. Now he is a junior at a small university, where he got in because of his track performance. Thomas has always been a leader in the classroom, and now has been taking 18 credit-hour semesters and still achieving a 3.97 GPA. This excellence didn’t keep Tom from finding friends. He was such a happy guy that no one could have negative feelings around him for long. Inevitably, he became the most popular guy on campus, and thus had his pick of the girls.

While Thomas did capture the heart of just about every girl on campus, there was one that had captured his. Her name was Celeste Richardson, and was Tom’s high school sweetheart. She wasn’t a typical skinny twig, but that’s not to say she wasn’t considered beautiful by most guys, and some girls. Celeste may have been considered plus size by clothes designers, but most people who saw her saw a curvaceous temptress that had all the right curves, in just the right places. All the boys used to be mesmerized by watching her luscious behind sway and jiggle with every step, or get lost in the healthy bounce of her grapefruit sized breasts in high school. As she’s gotten a bit older, Celeste’s curves just got more sensual, and her beauty more refined. It did help that her angelic face was framed by shoulder length hair, a mix of dark brown and red, that contrasted quite nicely with her halkalı escort deep green eyes. She was every guys wet dream come alive, and yet the only one to have ever tasted her forbidden fruit was Thomas.

They had fallen in love at first sight, and were absolutely crazy for each other. One magical night, the night of their four month anniversary, they took their love to a new level. After a romantic night on the town, Thomas drove them to a little known ridge overlooking the town. Under the star filled, summer night, they expressed their love for each other. They began kissing lightly, then more and more passionately. Their hands were finding places that no one had touched, and both were in heaven from it. The windows in the little car were starting to fog over, light moans filling the air in the car. That night Celeste had told Thomas that it was time.

After making sure, Tom drove to his house, all the while being distracted by his horny girlfriend in the passenger seat. They ran up to his room, and no sooner had the door been closed had they started to strip off their clothes. Both were inexperienced, since neither had been with anyone. Thus, they had been timid to stand completely naked in front of the opposite sex. Tom’s eyes had gone right to Celeste’s generous breasts, which were rising and falling ever so gently with her breathing, and to the surprisingly bare lips that surrounded her womanhood. Her attention was driven by Tom’s awakening member, and how large it was. Standing at full attention, Tom had once measured himself at seven full inches long, and about handful around. There was a strange mix of awe, attraction, nervousness, and horniness that swept through Celeste as she stared at the growing monster in front of her. She could feel herself getting wetter, beads of feminine moisture pearling on the outside of her waiting vagina. Her nipples tightened, and she found them wanting, straining to be touched. Celeste took Tom’s hand, şişli escort and led him to his bed, where she had laid back with her legs apart, exposing herself for the first time. Tom had gazed at the glistening pink hole, feeling himself get harder than ever before. He reached for it, feeling his fingers being coated by her slick wetness, finding what was pleasurable for his lover. Without really knowing what he was doing, his index finger found a small nub, which produced a moan from the lips of Celeste. He continued to rub the spot, which brought about more moans of pleasure from the girl.

Tom had taken one of Celeste’s large pink nipples in his mouth, which, combined with the motion from his hand on her clit, made her hips start bucking. He had sucked and licked on it, sending jolts of electricity straight to her throbbing love button. Tom moved his mouth to hers, muffling her moans, and moved his other hand to her large breast. Celeste was feeling pure ecstasy, far more than anytime she had played with herself. She could feel her pussy aching for something, anything to fill it. She needed Tom, needed his hard cock. Her eyes had been glazed by lust, as well as his. Celeste told Tom that she wanted him inside her. He had moved on top of her, in between her legs. The tip of his member was just centimeters from her dripping wet entrance, and he could feel the blazing heat that was coming from it. He rubbed the tip around the outside, getting it all wet and making her squirm when he hit her clit. Then he had started to probe at the actual hole, slowly sliding in the invading phallus.

He had then met resistance, her cherry. He was gentle, but still she cried out a bit as he broke it as softly as he could. Soon though, all she could feel was pleasure as Tom’s giant cock moved in and out of her formerly virginal pussy. The feeling was like nothing either had felt, and both had looked deeply into each other’s eyes, sarıyer escort feeling a deeper level of love. Both had known what the other was thinking, and with the pumping of Tom’s massive organ, both were nearing the point of no return. There were unintelligible moans and groans coming from both, and they were bucking into each other, Celeste trying desperately to impale herself while Thomas tried to ram himself to her core. Their eyes had been locked together in love and lust when both had felt a stirring deep in their loins, a building of something enormous. They had started to fuck faster and faster, the impending orgasm made them crazy. They kept trying to hold back, to make it last just a little longer.

Just when they thought they couldn’t last any longer, both erupted in a massive orgasm. Thomas kept pumping his cock deep into Celeste, trying with all his might to penetrate her to the core, to send his spasming cock deep into her womb. He let out thick jets of hot cum that lapped at Celeste’s contracting pussy walls, and filled her tight cunt until it spilled out the sides. Celeste couldn’t care less, for she was in the throes of her own massive climax. Her orgasm had built up, and now was crashing down upon her, like a rouge wave upon a tiny ship. She was lost in her sexual energy, not caring what was happening as long as she continued to feel good. Torrents of hot, wet pussy juice streamed from her cunt, mixing with Tom’s cum. Her clit was on fire and at one point she had thought it was going to fall right off it was throbbing so much. Her tight pussy had clamped down on Tom’s cock, convulsing hard, making her tighter than ever, the only thing that kept the organ from escaping in the flood of female cum. Both their legs had been utterly soaked with a combination of his and her cum, though neither had cared. They had consummated their love for each other, and were perfectly happy.

That night, without even cleaning up, they had fallen asleep cuddling on one another. They had made love many more times after, learning about each other’s bodies, finding out that Celeste was a lucky girl capable of multiple orgasms and of ejaculating. Both breakthroughs greatly pleased Thomas, and both lovers were eager to experience more about their new sexual life together.

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