Nicks Birthday


Nicks BirthdayWell, Saturday night finally arrived, we had gathered at Greg and Veronica’s house for the Birthday, Nicky had invited his friend’s from school. Robert, KJ, Todd and Tyrone were the Senior students from from St. Mary’s basketball team where Nicky had been the team manager. All the k**s had always looked out for Nicky and helped keep him out of trouble.Greg and Veronica had a nice pool with a small changing room and a large grill and patio, perfect for parties and entertaining. The k**s had been playing and lounging around the pool while Greg served as the cook, and Veronica served as a hostess, she was wearing a micro bikini that left nothing to the imagination and had all the boys sporting wood as she openly flirted. At 5 o’clock the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I opened the door to find Wendy standing there, she had a small overnight bag and was wearing a red lace mini skirt with a matching top, you could see right thru the skirt and tell that she had on a red corset with matching thigh high stockings and black high heels. I ushered her into the foyer, took her bag and tossed it on a chair, grabbed her by the back of her head tilted it upwards and kissed her deeply, as my hand slid under her skirt to find her pussy was already moist to the touch. As I broke off the kiss I informed her if she behaved at the party and did as she was told, she would not have to worry about the pictures I had of her, as they would all be deleted. Wendy said, she just wanted to get this over with and would do as she was told. I told her we would go out back and she would take the Birthday Boy into the cabana and give him a good fucking before he had to go home to spend the night with his parents for the rest of his party, after he left we might have a little more fun then Wendy would be free to go about her own life.I reached out and undid the first two buttons on Wendy’s blouse then walked her thru the house with my hand massaging her left ass cheek as we walked, we stepped out onto the back deck and Wendy stopped dead in her tracks, as she realized that instead of three or four people there was a total of 8 in the area, she seemed a little relaxed to see two older adults, present but was still nervous. I called out to Nicky, and everyone looked my way, Wendy then became very aware of the five teenagers, one old man and a twenty something bimbo in a micro bikini staring at her from the pool area. Nicky jumped out of the pool and shouted “Wendy, you came to my party” as he ran over and hugged her and planted a wet over joyed kiss on her, when he stepped back the water had turned her blouse almost completely see-thru and every eye was fixed on her stiff nipples as they poked thru the fabric, Nicky didn’t seam to care as he pulled her over to the pool area and introduced her to his friends, simply saying, “guys, this is the woman I told you all about.” Wendy looked in their direction as they all gave her an a****listic stare, an KJ, the boldest of the four, openly rubbed his cock thru his swim trunks while staring straight into Wendy’s eyes. Then Nicky looked at Wendy and asked why she was so late, because the party was almost over and he would have to leave in about an hour to go home. Before she could speak I told him not to worry and that she had a “special present for him” and that they should go into the cabana for her to give it to him. Nicky got an instant hard-on as he pulled her into the cabana and closed the door. I held up a finger to “hush” everyone and motioned them over to the grill area where we turned on the flat-screen TV, which had a closed circuit monitoring system on it and pulled up the camera in the cabana to watch “the present being given”.(Nicky’s Point of View for his Present)Nicky closed the door and turned to look at Ms. Wendy, he quickly reached out to pull her into him and tried to put a deep kiss on her, Ms. Wendy stopped me and said to sit down and relax, she pushed me down on the bed and stood just a few inches away and as I stared up at her she slowly undid the remaining buttons of her top and pulled it off, I was greeted by her titties as they pushed up and out of her red corset, then Ms. Wendy pushed her red skirt slowly down her body and turned slightly to show off her sweet ass as the skirt slid to the floor and I saw she didn’t have on any panties and I could see her trimmed pussy staring me straight in the face. Ms. Wendy reached out and grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me into her pussy, as my tongue licked her fold she maned softly and told me to suck on her, I locked my lips on her clit and sucked hard as my tongue wiggled its way into her and I reached around and grabbed both of her ass cheeks and pulled her into my face as hard as I could. Ms. Wendy grabbed my head to help hold her up as she told me “Yes, that’s it, lick me and get me good and wet for your sweet chocolate cock to slid in my hot hole for your birthday fuck.” I stayed like that for several minutes till I felt a torrent of her pussy juice flood my mouth, then Ms. Wendy pushed my head back and said it was her turn to get me ready, she knelt down on the wood floor and grabbed my trunks by the waistband, I lifted my ass up off the bed so Ms. Wendy could pull my wet trunks off and I watched as my cock popped up and hit her in the chin. Ms. illegal bahis Wendy smiled up and me and grabbed my hard cock and looked me in the eyes as she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of my cock, from the base to the head, then back down the side and up the other, all the while never breaking eye contact until she closed her lips around my seven inch cock and started to bob up and down on it while slowly drooling on my cock, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as she gave me my second blowjob of my life, the first one was from her just a few weeks ago, in her hotel room.After sucking on my cock for what seamed like forever I felt my self building up pressure and was getting ready to pop, I told her I was about ready and she quickly grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed it, HARD. I winced in pain and Wendy told me she didn’t want me to cum yet, she wanted to feel my black cock pumping in her pussy, those words alone were almost enough to make me cum, Ms. Wendy climbed up from the floor and onto the bed, pushing me back as she did, Wendy said she would do the work, all I had to do was lay back and enjoy my present. Ms. Wendy straddled my body and eased her pussy onto my painfully hard cock and slowly slid down as I went balls deep in her incredibly hot pussy, then when she had me buried all the way inside her she began to bounce up and down on my cock, I was in heaven, here I had always felt different because of my learning disabilities and yet here was a 50 year old white lady bouncing up and down on my young black cock. After about 15 or 20 minutes of her bouncing slow then fast then slow again, up and down on my cock, I told her my balls were starting to hurt, Ms. Wendy grabbed me by the head and bent down to kiss me and said that it was time for me to fill her up. She settled down on my cock as my balls rested against her ass and started rocking back and forth. Ms. Wendy reached behind her back and massaged my balls while saying be a good boy and give me all your hot cum, fill my pussy with your seed and make me cum with you. That was all the encouragement I needed as I felt my cock pulse and shoot a huge spurt into her pussy followed by another and then another. Ms. Wendy arched her back and I felt her cumming around my cock as I pumped her full of my cum. I lay there on the bed with my hands on her hips as I felt my cock pump the last little bit into her pussy, Wendy bent down and kissed my full on the mouth and pushed her tongue in me as we shared a long kiss, with my cock slowly softening in her. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, Mr. Jim my coworker and former teacher yelled out that my mom had just called on was on her way to get me and would be here in 15 minutes. My heart sank and then I had a sudden panic attack, I looked at Ms. Wendy and told her I had to hurry and get cleaned up before my mom arrived or I would be in trouble, she looked at me and said not to worry and that she would help. Ms. Wendy climbed off of me and I looked down at a mixture of my cum and her pussy juice coating my legs and cock, she quickly started licking up the juice from off my cock and legs then pulled me up off the bed, we went into the bathroom where she pushed me in the shower and turned it on.Ms. Wendy soaped up her hands and washed me clean, while giving my cock a little extra attention, although I loved taking a shower with her, her scrubbing me clean gave me another hard-on, Ms. Wendy smiled and said “I can’t let you go home like this”, then she knelt down in the shower and started giving me another blowjob. This time was different than the earlier one, she bobbed up and down on me and sucked on it hard while constantly massaging my balls, till I tilted my head back and said I was about to cum again, instead of stopping, Wendy sucked harder and moaned around my cock and rubbed my balls on the underside till I felt the pressure hit and it was my turn to moan as I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop that shot out of me. I looked down and thanked Ms. Wendy, she smiled and turned off the water. Ms. Wendy said we didn’t need to dry off as we were supposed to be at a pool party. We walked into the room and she helped me put on my trunks as another knock came at the door. Mr. Jim yelled out that my mom was here and it was time to go. I kissed Ms. Wendy goodbye and thanked her for the bestest birthday present ever. She said she was glad to do it, but that it had to remain our little secret. I agreed and walked to the door opened and there stood Mr. Jim and all my friends were gathered around the bar area cheering me and wishing me a happy birthday as Mr. Jim walked me through the house to the front door. Where he said goodbye as I ran to get in the car with mom and go home.( Mr. Jim’s Eyes Now )I waived goodbye to Nicky as his mother backed out of the driveway, then I turned and headed back out to the pool area. I opened the patio door and saw Veronica and Greg both on their knees, Greg was giving Tyrone a blowjob, while Veronica was doing the same to KJ, Todd and Robert were standing close by rubbing themselves and waiting their turn, I told them not to waste their loads on them as we still had a special guest and that they would need to use her while the chance was available. I walked over to the pool house and entered illegal bahis siteleri to find Wendy sitting on the bed as she rolled on her second stocking in an attempt to get dressed. I reached out and took hold of her and told her, “Not so fast, you were very good at taking care of Nicky but we aren’t finished quite yet.” I pulled Wendy up off the bed as she asked what else is there before she can go home and leave this behind her. I walked her over to the coffee table, which was solid iron with a slate top, then pushed her back on it and as she lay down I lowered my face down and proceeded to lick and nibble on her freshly showered pussy till she was moaning and grabbing my head and pulling my face into her pussy. After less than 5 minutes, Wendy arched her back and flooded my tongue and mouth with her sweet nectar. When she collapsed onto the table, I quickly reached under the couch and pulled out a pair of handcuffs I had placed there earlier and pushed her hands over er head and cuffed her to one end of the table. She realized what I was doing and told me I didn’t need to do that, because she was more than willing to fuck me once again. I smiled and reached under the couch again and pulled out two lengths of nylon rope and fastened her legs to the legs of the table. With the coffee table being about 3 feet square, Wendy was on perfect display. Then I stood up and smiled and said, that I would definitely be fucking her but that would be later, there was still four young men who wanted a “crack at her” and as Nicky was gone, I didn’t see any reason to deny them such a sweet piece of middle aged pussy.At this point Wendy looked at me in disbelief and said she wasn’t there to be used as some piece of meat. I reached in my pocket and took out my phone and showed her the pictures of her from the hotel and reminded her I still had her husband and family members numbers in my phone and unless she was good to the boys and my friends tonight, her marriage and life would soon end.I walked over to the door and opened it, I waived to everyone and told them to come in, then I turned and sat down on the bed, Veronica walked in, and she was topless as her tits were swaying side to side, followed very closely by KJ, as she was still holding his cock in her small hand. Tyrone, Robert and Todd followed with Greg a few feet behind, and as if there was an invitation, Red came running in behind, Red is an old coon dog that belonged to Greg, he quickly grabbed Red by the collar and pushed him back out the door and closed it. Veronica told her submissive husband to go sit on the floor by the couch and be quiet. I told KJ, that since he had a hard-on that he could have the first turn on Wendy and to be sure NOT to leave any deposits in her as everyone else would be getting a turn. KJ didn’t need to be told twice and knelt down at the end of the table and with no warmup or teasing, he leveled his cock up with her pussy, KJ was the biggest of the four boys at almost 10 inches in length, although he has what you would call a “pencil dick”, long and very skinny. He placed the head of his cock between the folds of her pussy and slammed his full length in her with a single stroke, Wendy arched her back and screamed at the sudden and violent entry in her pussy by this young black youth. KJ just told Wendy to shut up and take it as he began to pull almost all of his cock back out before jamming it back in, he continued his onslaught of her for 10 minutes before groaning out load, then he quickly pulled out and grabbed his cock and took aim as he shot his load all over Wendy’s tits. Everybody cheered as KJ shot several spurts on Wendy, with his friends making lewd comments about “fucking that Milf” and “Nail that slut”. KJ fell down on his knees and forcibly kissed Wendy on the mouth and said thanks for the fuck. I looked over at Robert and said it was his turn, Robert was only 5’8″ tall, and a little on the chunky side, his little 7 inch cock was not much for getting him a lot of female attention so, he was eager to have his turn, he lined up for his penetration and slid right in with no trouble. While Robert was working his little dick in and out of Wendy, KJ went to get a shower and clean up but Veronica stopped him and said her worthless husband would be perfect both that job so we were all treated to the sight of Wendy being fucked by Robert while Greg was on his knees eagerly lapping the remains of Wendy’s cum and KJ’s cum off of KJ’s cock and balls. When KJ was sufficiently cleaned he stepped away from Greg and smacked him then said thanks bitch, before putting on his trunks and grabbing his shirt to leave. We all said goodbye as KJ left the room and headed home, during all this time Robert had been fucking Wendy, which was a little surprising, as Wendy had already cum once from his continued fucking. Then Robert pulled out and grabbed the base of his cock as he climbed up to Wendy’s face and shot a huge amount of sperm all over her face some in her mouth, and some on her face and hair. Before Robert was even done, Todd had already slid his thick 8 incher into Wendy and was pumping as hard as he could, While Wendy was moaning and groaning while stilling swallowing the fresh load in her mouth. Veronica offered her husband up to Robert for cleaning and Robert said “hell canlı bahis siteleri no, I ain’t letting no fag suck my dick”, at which point he stuck his cock up to Wendy’s mouth and told her to lick him clean. With Todd fucking her hard, Wendy still had enough presence of mind to stick out her tongue and lick Roberts cock and balls clean. Suddenly Todd shouted, “here she comes”, before pulling out and jumping up towards Wendy’s face as the first spurt from his cock shot out onto the tile floor, and the second spurt was nothing more than a small trickle that he wiped on her mouth. After, Todd and Robert had gotten dressed and left. I looked at Tyrone and asked if he was ready for a go at Wendy, he said he was but that he didn’t want sloppy fourths and wanted to fuck her in the ass. I told him no, and he became visibly depressed, then Veronica said if he really wanted to fuck someone in the ass, her husband would be more than willing. Tyrone smiled, remembering the head he received earlier from Greg and said, “ass is ass, as long as I get some”.Veronica told Greg to get down on his knees but I stopped him and told him to climb up on the coffee table and straddle Wendy’s head, since there wasn’t a fifth young cock to fuck she would be happy to give him a blowjob, Greg eagerly did as he was told and with Wendy licking and sucking on his dick, Tyrone was given a tube of lubrication that wendy had in the end table and he proceeded to lube up his cock and slid it in Gregs’ ass. Veronica suddenly got a wicked look in her eyes and reached in the end table drawer an pulled out one of the largest dildos I had ever seen and began to slowly work it into Wendy pussy, with steady strokes back and forth as she pushed a little more in each time, the dildo had to be a good 12 inches long and as thick as my cock. I knew Wendy’s pussy was going to be absolutely useless after that, so being a firm believer in taking advantage when opportunity knocks, I knelt down and slid my throbbing hard cock in Veronica’s juicy pussy and began my on onslaught.It was quite a sight to behold, Wendy tied to the coffee table, Greg getting his cock sucked by Wendy as Tyrone fucked Greg in the ass, and Veronica pumping that over-sized dildo in and out of Wendy while I fucked Veronica. After 10 minutes of steady fucking back and forth, Tyrone groaned as he pulled his cock out of Greg’s ass and shot his load onto his back. Veronica told Greg to stay put until the cum had dripped from him onto Wendy’s face. I pulled my dick out of Veronica and she in turn pulled the dildo out of Wendy although Wendy seemed dismayed, I smiled down on her cum covered face and said we were not through yet. I positioned myself at Wendy’s spread legs and slid my cock in as Veronica pushed Greg aside and told Wendy to finish her off with her tongue as she knelt over Wendy and sat her pussy down on her face. It didn’t take me long to pump the contents of my balls deep in Wendy’s pussy. Then I stood up and told Greg that he could have very sloppy seconds and fuck Wendy while he licked me clean. Greg had no more than slid his pathetic little dick in Wendy, when he starting cumming in buckets, ( as Veronica uses him for sex constantly but never allows him to cum, he is almost always dribbling pre-cum all the time) in Wendy. I made Gregg stay as he was with his little dick in Wendy as he licked me and then Tyrone clean. Then the three of us watched as Wendy ate Veronica to orgasm. Tyrone got dressed to leave and we walked him out the Pool room and back to the front door. He thanked us for the wildest sex he has ever had and said he was always willing to go again if we were willing. I told him to cheer up because at the end of the summer, he was going to the same university were I went and that if he was lucky Wendy would be his counselor. He smiled and said he would be looking to make that happen.As we closed the door and headed back to the pool house, Veronica told Greg to go to bed and that as soon as we let Wendy go, she was going to take me to the master bedroom for the night, so he could sleep in the guest room and that she wanted him to clean the party room first thing in the morning before bringing us breakfast in bed. Greg bowed his head and said yes ma’am before walking upstairs. As we walked out to the pool house we heard Wendy begging for someone not to stop eating her pussy. Thinking one of the boys had come back for seconds we looked into the pool house to see Wendy trashing against her bonds as Red, the family dog, was lapping at Wendy’s pussy while she was arching her back in the biggest orgasm of the night. Veronica looked at me and smiled, while I quickly grabbed my phone and hit record on the video. While Wendy was laid out begging Red to keep licking her pussy and I was videoing the entire scene, Veronica walked over and undid the handcuffs and instantly Wendy reached out and grabbed Red by his floppy ears and held on as she had another orgasm as this old dog lapped continuously at her pussy. Then Red pulled away and jumped up with his fore legs on the table to fuck Wendy himself, Veronica pulled him away and told him he had had enough fun for the night. I looked down at Wendy as she recovered from her oral orgasm and told her that I was going to delete all the pictures I had of her but thanks to her being a complete slut and begging an old dog to eat her pussy, I would be keeping the video and I would possibly need to use her again during the summer as a sex toy. Wendy lay there panting and sweating as she smiled and said that she couldn’t wait…

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