Night Swimming


It started out as most any other July night in Indiana: hot, some would call it sweltering even, with the heat hanging still in the air, the setting of the sun doing nothing to relieve the warmth. Even in the comfort of our air-conditioned bedroom, we could still sense the stifling temperatures and the cool sheets we lay between still weren’t enough. Realizing this was just such an occasion that swimming pools were built for, we decided to go outside and take a night swim, hoping that would help cool us off.

You dressed more quickly than I; we chose to wear suits in the off-chance that one of our neighbors might be stirring, as it wasn’t quite midnight yet. Opening the door, you had to catch your breath faced with the sticky hot air and the sweat started to roll down your back almost instantly. You wasted no time in reaching the pool, pausing only for a moment to watch the sparkling water before diving smoothly in.

Breaking the surface, you heard the back door click closed and turned to see me approaching. I carried towels in my hand, holding them in front of my body to keep it covered until I reached the pool. “Hey now, that’s not fair….how am I supposed to get a good look with all those towels in the way?” you teased me. I smiled, shrugged, and dropped the towels.

For what I paid kartal escort for the bikini, there wasn’t much material. It was white, almost glowing against my tanned skin. Slung low on my hips, it was held up at the bottom by thin strings wound through gold hoops. The top was similarly bare, scraps of white fabric held on by thin straps loosely tied. The gold and diamond jewel in my navel caught the moonlight and sparkled once as I carefully walked down the steps into the cool water. I slipped under the surface quickly and re-emerged, standing back up… hair slicked back, body wet, the white becoming slightly see through. I laughed, hoping your rapt silence was a sign of approval. I knew you hadn’t seen the bikini before and was hoping you would like it. “So, you like?”

Giving me a look I had been hoping for from you, you swam over to me. Crouching before me, you pulled my legs gently out from under me, put your hands around my hips, and guided me through the water, pressing me back against the wall, our bodies submerged except up to our chests. Wrapping my legs around your hips, you pressed against me, and I could feel that at least one part of you approved of the bikini. “Do I like?” You leaned in to whisper directly in my ear, knowing your breath bostancı escort would make me shiver. “What do you think??” Grinding your hips into me, you made it clear how you felt about it.

Gasping at the sudden movements, I pressed my fingers into your shoulders. I began moving my hips against you, sliding myself against your length, getting more and more turned on. Kissing me roughly, you slid one hand down my side, around the back, cupping me from the rear. Working your hand underneath the suit bottom, you slid first one finger inside of me and then two. I moaned but you quickly silenced with your mouth over mine, not wanting to risk waking the neighbors with our activities…even if part of the arousal was from the thrill of possibly getting caught. You imagined someone watching secretly from a nearby house, getting aroused themselves, possibly even pleasuring themselves while watching us caught up in making love.

Getting even hotter with that thought in mind you pushed down your trunks, kicking them off, all the while never letting up with your fingers. I reached down and slid my hand along your length, jerking you off and teasing you, running my fingertips along the head in quick firm movements. With this, you decided it was time enough. maltepe escort This was no time for slow foreplay, taking time and teasing gently. Neither of us wanted anything but what came next.. Quickly pushing aside my bikini bottoms, you slid fully into me. The suddenness of being filled by you made me gasp but I didn’t have time to catch my breath as you immediately began fucking me, at times quick and forceful thrusts, and then abruptly switching to slow, deliberate motions, sliding almost all the way out of me before pushing back in all the way to the hilt. No words were needed, but I knew you liked hearing how good it felt for me, how you were hitting in just the right spots, all that you got from my noises and you were not disappointed.

Tilting my hips to change the angle, I watched your eyes as I saw it starting to send you over the edge. My own orgasm was building and I began to fuck you back, moving my hips against you, trying to draw you deeper in. Your hands wrapped around my back and you held me against you as you moved faster and harder, trying to hold it back but unable to. I whispered deceptively softly into your ear that you were making me come and that was all it took. Pressing your body to mine you went over the edge, coming hard with me right along with you. Your thrusts slowed and we started to relax our grips on each other, finally stopping and catching our breaths. Sliding out of me, both still breathing heavily and we leaned back against the wall, sitting on the steps in the water. I guess pools are good for heating up as well as cooling down… with the help of a little white bikini.

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