She’d been standing by the bay doors of their suite, cell phone in hand, for 10 minutes. She was naked; a lingering aura of heat still radiated from her body as if waiting to be summoned. But the streetlights cast shadows of rain droplets across her lush curves, filling her with dread and cooling her ardor more and more. Briefly, she glanced at his muscled frame, still dozing and unaware of what has happened. As she watched his smooth brown chest rise and fall, she allowed herself a small smile. Sighing deeply, she wished she were still lying next to him, that she’d never picked up the wake-up call that would alert her of the storm that had delayed all outgoing flights back home. Other travelers would reschedule another flight with the standard grumbles and groans while she was rendered helpless to watch their perfectly executed plan unravel right before her eyes.

“Hey…what are you doing over there?”

He’d started to sit up in bed to get a look at her. The sheets slid away, revealing more of his body, stopping short where his rippled chest ended and the curled tufts of hair leading to his manhood began. She smiled hungrily, her mouth watering with the memory of his taste and scent, and replied, “Enjoying the view.” He chuckled slyly, but suddenly, her face clouded over as she remembered her plight.

“The weather’s delayed my flight. I won’t be able to leave on time.”

“And why is that a bad thing?” he asked, rising to join her by the window.

“You know why,” she said, pushing him away. “Thomas will be back from his conference tonight. Now he’s going to beat me home, and I’ll have to lie to him again to explain why I wasn’t there…” Her voice broke as she strived to keep her eyes from flowing over. “God, I hate the lying so much!”

“You’ve done pretty well so far,” His voice tried to soothe her as his large hands curved around her waist and slowly, yet tantalizingly made their way towards her breasts.

“That doesn’t mean I like…ah!” His hands squeezed her fullness, cupping them in each palm while simultaneously teasing her nipples to hardness.

“You see? It’s not all bad, baby. Your body’s never lied to me…”

“Please don’t do that,” she moaned as his hands glided from her breasts to her ass. Grasping each cheek firmly, he pressed his warm, thickening cock against her and slowly began to grind his hips, making her become one with his rhythmic siren’s call. She knew she should be worrying about getting back home, to make sure that their illicit love was not discovered, or even hinted at. She should be calling the airport again; maybe there was a break in the weather, a later flight, anything that would help her…

Suddenly, lightning crackled and flashed across the sky. Her eyes flew open; her heart leaped as her body summoned a primal instinct within her to flee. But as she reared back, the radiance from his bare chest found her, evaporating each inch of tension from her flesh. She audibly sighed as her body melded into his strong frame. His arms now surrounded her rounded istanbul escort belly; his fingertips tickling her own moistening curls below her waist. And then she realized she didn’t want to worry about her flight anymore. The lightning lit the match, and now the thunder fanned the flames of passion that still roiled inside her.

“Make love to me,” she whispered.

“Oh, baby, I knew you’d come around,” he said, smiling. “The storm will blow over soon enough, but for now, just let me hold you.”

The fading thunder emulated the potent tremblings rising within her. They seemed to leap from her body to his palms, and back again, making goosebumps radiate from her breasts to her thighs. One large palm covered her silky bush while the other cupped her face, drawing her away from the window. Sniffing her hair, his slick, pointed tongue darted out to find the spot on her throat that would make her helpless to say anything but ‘yes’ to him. She gasped, fully aware of the hot moisture on her neck and between her legs. Once again, her mind struggled to regain control. Tightening her thighs close together and scrunching her shoulder up against her cheek, she tried to prohibit him further access to the lust she had for him that threatened to gush forth at any moment.

The lightning streaked through the clouds once again, this time with the thunder close behind. She cried aloud and willed herself to run. But her legs opened for just an instant, and he took full advantage, pushing one finger into her juicy folds. She gasped, and he kissed her, his tongue rolling over her teeth, entwining with her own, and then darting inside her mouth With the same motion, his finger matched the rhythm, effortlessly gliding into her glistening, expectant cunt.

His cock began to grow with an awareness of its own. Seeking to absorb the rising energy of the embrace, it nestled in the groove of her warm, plump ass. Her hands reached behind her, slid down the front of his thighs, then lightly grasped his sac and cock, pre-cum already adorning the tip. Sensing his need, she smiled slyly to herself, then kissed him back more deeply. At the same time, she placed her hands on his hips to steady herself. With his bulging hardness planted squarely in her warm cleft, she slid up and down its length, causing him to sigh with pleasure.

“Oh, it’s like that now! Well you can forget it; I’m gonna get that ass MY way!” Both arms encircle her again, but this time, he pulls her up, flattening her body against his own. As their auras melded, she looked up at him. Once more, his tongue found her neck, and when he kissed her, her arms rose slowly over her curves to rest behind his head in an embrace of acceptance. The lightning and thunder snapped and rolled in confiding acquiescence as he lifted her luscious body with the delicacy of a China doll and laid her down on the bed.

He then lay down completely on top of her, melted over her to meet her lips in a molten exchange. avcılar escort His fingers tangled themselves in her hair as her own small fingers stroked his smooth shoulders and scalp. Their kisses were strong and hungry, each trying to consume and be consumed by the other. Outside, the rain joined the storm’s increasing frenzy with a loud hiss of urgency. Inside, he drew her to the edge of the bed, then held her legs in the air. Slowly, he bent her knees toward her chest, then pulled them apart. As he breathed in her lusty scent, the cool air found her still-moistening slit, causing her to shiver. Taking her hands, he guided them to hold one knee back, then the other, and then stood back to fully take in the sight of her body…ripe, liquescent, with her full breasts and pussy stretched wide open in welcome.

As his eyes devoured and drank every inch of her, she never felt more naked, so exposed, and yet, so very ready for him. Another round of nature’s fury shook the room. Light flashed across her body as he knelt before her, and when the thunder crashed, she found herself reeling from its impact as he took her clit onto his tongue.

The pouring rain seemed to beat time with her growing cries and moans. One moment, she’d sound as frightened as a child. The next, her primal nature would grit her teeth and growl at each new sensation. He lapped at her slit as more moisture began to form. The tip of his finger slid into her as his tongue teased her over and over. He seemed to want to devour her all at once, his beard pressed into her softness, making her yelp at the roughness of his violation. But then he would tease her gently again, and instead of fighting the wicked sensations, she found herself craving them, wanting them, and to be at last taken by them, over and over…

She cried out, then gasped in bewilderment as she realized he had stopped. She looked for him, briefly gazing at her own body, toned and tensed, laid open to receive any and all sensation. Light pulsed through the room, and suddenly, she found him again. Bathed in shadow, he stood looming before her. His hands seemed to drape the darkness over her thighs and knees, his hardness gliding over her bush and belly. Then, with one hand, he lifted his dick, and with the force of a drawbridge, let it fall squarely over her clit with a thick thud.

She cried out again, this time in surprise. She had tasted of his fine form before, but never did if feel so potent with energy. Quickly, she reached around and grasped his cock so that it covered her pussy. Gently, she stroked his length from the head to his swollen sac and back again. As her fingertips brushed the tip of his cock, she suddenly grazed the small pool of precum pulsing from him. She twirled her fingers around the tip, then brought them to her lips. As she licked them clean, she hoped he could still see her, and gestured for him to come closer. His vapor seemed to reach out for her as he leaned forward. But she stopped him, grasped his cock again, şirinevler escort and pulled him onto the bed until he was planted firmly between her breasts. Now it was his turn to gasp as she began to move herself up and down the sides of his thick, throbbing hardness while she licked, kissed and sucked at the tip, drawing it out of its foreskin towards the delectable, moist heat of her tender, yet timid mouth.

The jealous wind swept the rains away from the windows, pounded against the panes to match the rhythm of his hips over her breasts. Pulsing, grinding…and for a moment, trembling, suddenly he grabbed her hands to stop the erotic movement and held his body upright and rigid. The winds seemed to wane and even the rains lessened as he chanted to himself, “Not yet…ah God, not yet.” Once his trembling subsided, he pulled her hands above her head, covering her body once again. Their breaths joined as he held his face close to hers. Moving between her legs, his cock poised at her opening, he kissed her and whispered, “Now,” as the winds echoed his desire. She returned the kiss with her own desire, and as the rains resumed their urgent spatters, she whispered back, “Yes…oh, yes…”

He guided the tip inside her opening and she received it gratefully, her folds instantly yielding to his size. Grasping her hips, he drew her to him so that her legs encircled his waist. Posed as she was, only her head, arms and shoulders touched the bed. The lust-ridden motions began to seep into every pore of her, his thrusts making her growl and cry all at once. One moment, she couldn’t take anymore, the next, he was all she ever wanted. His thick, hard dick pounded into her, fucking her hard. Her breasts bounced with each thrust as her own hips met him with a primal call of her own.

Outside, the storm creshendoed with them, echoed with the sounds of their rising passion. As he began to groan with her, dripping from his illicit work, he surged into her, pulsing against her more and more, faster and faster, harder and harder, until at last…

The sky crackled, and suddenly, a tremendous BOOM joined with her screams of passion undenied. Her hot opening gushed, then tightened around his hardness, drawing him into the tempest’s heart. It seized him completely, and at last, he, too screamed out his release. For a moment, they are fused together, their minds struggling to marshal a clear thought through the orgasmic haze. As he tried to keep his footing, his hands slid under her arms, pushing her onto the bed once again, and when her legs were secure, he collapsed on top of her gently. The heat bubbles and pops between them, oozing in compliance with their humid atmosphere. Their breathing slowly returns to a gentler pace, and all the while, the storm outside finally starts to die down.

The phone’s insistent ring cracks through the still potent haze their lovemaking has created. Rolling over, he gazes at her languidly and strokes her cheek.

“Looks like the storm’s almost over,” he said.

“No it’s not,” she replied, and met his gaze with the lightning, thunder, winds and rain still shining in her eyes, rolling in her spirit, waiting for him to join her, to release her. With a broad smile, he dove into her eyes once again, holding her tightly close to him…

And with one strong arm, he reached over to the nightstand, and hung up the phone.

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