Not Hungry for Food



The alarm goes off and I wake up, today is the day! I get to see my girl again. You see, we’ve been in a long distance relationship for some time now and every break in between visits doesn’t get any easier. Thinking about what I’ll get to do to her later tonight already has me hard and I’ve only been awake for a minute!

Her flight doesn’t get in until 7PM so I have some time to kill before showtime, it’s only 9AM. I put a pot of coffee on and hop in the shower. I get out, dry off, and put on some lotion. My mind starts to wander…hmmm…this lotion feels amazing. And I know exactly where it would feel even better. I squirt some into my hand and begin to rub one out thinking about tasting her, touching her, smelling her. There is nothing that makes me cum faster or harder than remembering her soft whimpers or the shaking of her legs when I get her close to finishing. Mmmm. God damn.

I go about the rest of my day, it’s a Saturday. I throw a load of laundry in and head to the grocery store. I’m wandering around and it seems like everything is exuding sexuality. In the dairy aisle I see the whipped cream and I think about how I could lick it off of her nipples, she goes nuts when I play with them. I pass by the veggies and see cucumbers, it makes me think of that first moment that I get to slide myself inside of her.

I’m getting turned on. I shoot her a text “Hi love, I’ve been thinking about you all day. I can’t wait to make you cum all over me.” She usually responds to my texts quickly but this time it’s taking a bit. I’m sure she is reading it over and over. She texts back, “Fuck.” I know I’ve just made her so wet. Mission accomplished!

I get back to my apartment and finish cleaning up a few things. I think about making something for us to have for dinner but there is only one thing that I want to eat right now. She texts me, “On the plane, I can’t wait to see you…and feel you. ;)”, I text back “Counting down the minutes babe.”

Two hours now. What am I supposed to do for two hours?! I look around the room and see my game controller, oh yeah. That just might be able to take my mind off of her beautiful voluptuous body for a bit. Before I know it my phone lights up. “Landed! Anddd so incredibly wet. I’ve been thinking about you this entire flight.” It’s on. I jump out of my chair to get in the car to go pick her up.

I finally see her, standing outside of arrivals with her suitcase. God she’s gorgeous. And all mine! Who would have thought. I pull over, get out of the car, and swing her around while planting a huge kiss on her soft, plump lips. I feel myself getting hard already…and so does she. I can see the twinkle in her eye, she’s just as excited as I am.

We have small talk on the way back to my place, catching up. I put my hand on her thigh, just close enough to her pussy to know that it’s all she can think about. I flick my fingers around a few times so it grazes her mound. She gasps and playfully swats me away. I think about how in just less than an hour she will be begging for me to put those same fingers inside of her. I laugh to myself.

We’re home now, thank god. She asks me what I want to do for dinner. I look at her with sultry eyes and say “to be honest love, I’m not hungry for food right now.” Her eyes get wide, she knows what’s coming. I make my advance and she tries to turn away but I get one arm wrapped around her with my hand over her pussy, I start to rub gently in circles. I wrap my other arm around her waist to pull her closer to me and begin to kiss her neck. The spot between her neck and shoulder is her favorite. I breathe in the perfume she always wears, it smells incredible. I feel her start to relax and push her pelvis into my hand that is doing the caressing. I know she is already wet for me.

Now that I’ve got her going I pause to take her hand and lead her into the bedroom. Leaning against the bed she pulls me to her, kissing me fiercely and grabbing handfuls of my hair to keep my head close to hers. I can feel her urgency, she has been wanting this just as badly as I have.

I need more now. I begin to slowly take off her clothes, I want to tease her and make her even more wet for me. I pull her shirt over her head and kiss her deeply. I unhook her bra and as I pull it off to release her magnificent breasts I let my fingers graze over her already hard nipples. She shivers and I see goosebumps raise on her flesh. I kneel down before her to remove her pants. As I undo the button and begin to pull them down I again let my hands graze down her thighs, calves, and feet.

Finally, I have her down to her panties. They are black and lacy, allowing me to see her trimmed hair beneath them. God damnit she is so sexy. She takes off my shirt and unbuckles my belt, she is in a hurry, I don’t think she’s ever gotten my clothes off so fast! She grabs my hard cock through my boxers and kisses me long and deeply. Not yet my love, ladies first.

I lay her down on my bed gently as I position myself over her. I start at her neck, that halkalı escort sweet spot again, gently kissing and flicking my tongue. Showing her what is still to come. She lets out a soft moan, mmmm, I can’t wait to hear more of those. I make my way down to her beautiful bare breasts. Teasing her more, making a point to avoid her nipples even though I know that’s what she’s craving. She arches and pushes her breasts into my face. You naughty girl. Fine, I’ll give you what you want. I instantly suck one of her hard nipples into my mouth and begin to twirl my tongue around it.

I let my hand trail down her belly to the outside of her panties. I can feel her wetness, her panties have soaked through with her delicious juices. It takes all the strength I have not to push her panties aside and have my fingers inside of her. I want her bucking and writhing from my finger fucking her. But no, not yet, there are other items to attend to.

I give some much wanted attention to the other nipple now, licking it, breathing cool air over it, and placing my warm mouth over it. She moans loudly. I somehow manage to bring my hand back up from her mound to pay attention to the nipple that is now wet and slippery from my saliva. I’ve always thought about seeing if I could make her cum from just my playing with her nipples, but now is not the time. I am dying to taste her wetness that I felt through her panties.

I begin to make a trail of tiny kisses down her soft belly. As I move myself down I can feel my precum our arousal has caused. Nothing gets me harder than pleasing this woman. She raises her hips to meet me by the time I get my lips down to her panty line. She is so ready. She bites her bottom lip in anticipation. I am loving every moment of this just as she is.

I start by nuzzling her over her panties and breathing over her pussy, letting her feel the heat of my mouth. I love to tease her, I want to build this up and make her cum harder than ever before. I lick and kiss the area where her panties are not covering, her thighs, her lower belly, the small parts of her lips poking through. I have her breathing heavily now and she begins to continuously and softly moan.

I can’t wait any longer, I need to feel her wetness completely. I need for her sweet juices to cover me. I need to be part of her. I drag her panties down using my teeth and some of her juice from the panties gets onto my nose. She doesn’t notice but I breathe in deeply, it is the most arousing scent. She is all mine I think, only I get to do this to her. I lean back in and take that first lick. She gasps and leans her head back. Yes my love, get comfortable. This is all for you. Her smell and taste is intoxicating, like nothing else in this world. I need more of it. Now. I delve back in, exploring her pussy with my lips and my tongue. Oh, how I have missed this. I feel her hood over her clit and start to circle that area. She’s sensitive there, I’ll need to warm her up. I gently lick her like a melting ice cream cone, and she is my favorite dessert. I feel her wetness increasing. I want to feel more.

I insert one of my fingers inside of her and moan, she is unbelievably wet. She has never been this wet before. By moaning from her wetness the vibrations from my voice onto her clit makes her moan loudly. Yum. More. I put a second finger inside of her and start to push and pull them, in and out, in and out, in and out. Not breaking the contact that my lips and tongue have with her clit. Her hips start to gyrate in time with my tongue and my fingers, she is getting close. I can feel the engorgement of her clit with my tongue, I feel how she’s getting even more wet. I curl my fingers upwards now, pushing on her already swollen g-spot. She’s moaning louder now. It’s incredible, the power of knowing how much pleasure I can give to the woman I love. My face is covered with her juices and I still want more. I want her orgasm now.

I focus my tongue in precise movements. Up, down, side to side, circle. I know what she likes and I know it well. I can feel that she is almost there. She is pushing her pelvis into my face and I have to use one of my arms to keep her down. I want that orgasm. I begin to flutter my tongue directly on top of her clit. I hear her moan and she bucks up into my face. She screams “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, OH MY GODDD, FUCK!” I feel her vagina close around my fingers and start to throb, I feel her squirt and cover my already wet face. It doesn’t bother me, she is the most delectable beverage this world has to offer.

I don’t let up now though. I want it again, that was too good to only have one of. She tries to push me away as she is very sensitive now but my tongue wants more of her clit and her taste. I pull my fingers out of her soaking wet vagina and hold her legs on either side of my face.

I very gently begin to swirl my tongue around, I know I’ll need to be soft now after she’s cum so hard all over my face. I’ll need to work up to this slowly. This şişli escort time I want to make her cum just from my tongue. She tries to protest and say “babe, no, babe.” But I can hear the yearning in her voice, she just needs a bit more persuasion. I shake my head no and murmur through her pussy “nuh-uh.” The vibrations from my voice cause her to lean back again and get comfortable. Yes my love, I will make you cum again. I scoop my tongue into her vagina to gather some of her ample juices and spread it over her clit. She gasps with the sensation of her wetness and my saliva combined. I keep a steady pace. I want to absolutely worship my goddess in the best way I know how.

Circle, circle, circle, gather more wetness. I would love to have my fingers inside of her again but I know it would be too much for her. Circle, circle. I feel her clit begin to swell again and her legs begin to shake. Yes baby, yes, cum for me baby I think. Let me have this orgasm of yours that is building. Release it onto me. Her breathing is quickening and she arches her back. I keep the same pace, but apply more pressure with my tongue. Circle, circle, circle. “Oh my god…oh my god…oh…my…god…OHHHHHHHH” she bucks up again and squeezes my head in between her legs, I hold her down. Yes baby ride it out, I feel her juices squirt out again and I lick them up. I want every last drop of her.

I release her pussy of my mouth and watch her writhe in the great pleasure I have given her, I cannot think of a greater feeling than that. She looks up at me with the most loving eyes I have ever seen. I love this woman so. I would do this everyday if I could. Her eye contact quickly breaks however and travels downward. She sees my erection. Getting her off gets me unbelievably hard and her jaw almost drops seeing how hard I am for her right now. Yes love, see how your orgasms, and wetness, and scent, and sounds arouse me so? She thought she was done for the night, but now feels the familiar longing sensation upon the sight of my cock. She needs me again and I will give it to her. I will fill her with myself and we will be complete.


I fucking love my boyfriend. I also love fucking my boyfriend. The way he absolutely worships my pussy is like no other. How he started texting me in the morning the day I arrived to get me thinking about him and turned on, only to have to wait all day for him. He knew exactly what he was doing. But so did I, and I’m more than happy about it. I love fantasizing about him and the things he does to me, and what I get to do to him. It’s Sunday morning now. I’m awake drinking a cup of coffee and whipping up a batch of chocolate-chip pancakes for us, he’s still sleeping. We never did get around to eating dinner last night, whoops!

I’m stirring up the mix and it’s coming across as sensual to me. Something about the smooth substance being churned around softly with a whisk. Knowing something delicious is going to come out of it. It takes my mind back to last night and I am more than happy to let my mind wander back to that place of utter bliss.

He made me cum so hard. THREE TIMES. I thought after the first time I was about to melt into oblivion and after the second time I didn’t think I would ever be able to speak again! My entire body was tingling in pleasure and my brain felt like mush. Very happy and very satisfied mush nonetheless.

Just when I thought I’d never be able to even think about cumming again I caught a glimpse of his glorious and beautiful cock trapped in those confining boxer briefs. I don’t know if I have ever seen him so hard and so large before. I can’t say enough about how stunning his entire package is, all it takes is a quick peek or my hand brushing against it and I need to have him. ASAP. When I saw him last night in his aroused state, I knew I had to feel him inside of me then and there. I had his tongue, his lips, his hands, his fingers, his love, but I had yet to have his cock. Knowing he was that aroused from pleasing me made me wet and ready to go all over again.

I sat up quickly, which made me dizzy in my post-orgasmic state and quickly pulled his boxers down, springing free his rock hard cock. I see the glisten of precum on his tip and in one swift move I am between his legs and licking up his juices. I love his precum. I love to feel it with my fingers and my tongue. I like to think of it as the equivalent of him getting me soaking wet. It tastes so good. Slightly salty, but pleasant, and 100% him. I want more of his cock now. I surprised him by getting up so quickly, the speed in which I had his cock in my mouth, but he’s not putting up a fight. It’s your turn now my love, I want to please you like you did me.

I start to work my mouth, lips, and tongue down his shaft, gathering up saliva inside my mouth to further lubricate him. I hear him moan and I can feel his loving eyes looking down on me. I look up to meet his gaze and take him fully into my mouth. The head of his cock is reaching the back of my throat and my sarıyer escort tongue is caressing his shaft, all the while using my hand at the base of his cock. He moans loudly and starts breathing heavily, I love making him feel good. No one has ever looked at me the way he does. I feel the wetness between my legs drip down my thigh.

I break the eye contact and go back to focusing on him, I want him to cum. I love how his cock tastes. I try to take him deeper into my mouth but I gag on his size. It doesn’t bother me, and thankfully it doesn’t bother him. My saliva is thicker now, I like to use that with my hands. I lick his shaft up and down and make a small fist with my hand, letting the head of his cock slide in and out of it. Faster. He stops me. “I want to be inside you now.”

In a second he has laid me down and is on top of me. He reaches down between my legs to feel if I am ready to receive him. His eyes almost rolled back in his head when he felt how wet I was for him and only him. He bites his lip and says “oh, baby girl.” He knows how it will feel as soon as his cock slides into me, as do I. The anticipation is almost too much to bear. I try to reach down and pull himself inside of me but he won’t let me and swats my hand aside. He loves to tease. To build up the anticipation even more.

He starts slowly, rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit but not penetrating. Just letting my juices cover the head. Up, down, up, down, up. My hips with primal instinct try to rise to meet him, to let him inside but he denies entry. God he’s good. He finally lets the head go in, I hear him gasp. He lets only the head go in, go out, go in, go out.

“OHHHHHHH!” It’s in. All the way. Holy fuck he feels amazing. How can it be that the one I love fits me so perfectly. “MMMMM oh fuck!” God damnit, there’s no way I am going to last long with the sensation of finally having him fully inside me. Part of me. It’s almost too much but he feels so fucking good. He’s still on top of me, slowly grinding his pelvic bone on my sweet spot while thrusting. He knows me too well that naughty man. He reaches over and places a pillow under my hips. I start to object because of my wetness but then I feel him slide back in. Oh…Oh my. He is reaching my g-spot now with his cock and still grinding against my clit with his pelvic bone. Ohhhh wow. Did I mention already how magnificent his cock is? He is rocking my world.

He starts to sweat above me and a drop trickles off his forehead and onto my lip. I lick it off. Did he see that? I couldn’t tell. I just know I want as much of him as I can possibly get. He says he’s about to cum and needs to stop, to switch it up. I gladly oblige and climb on top of him. This is one of our favorite positions. He gets a view and I get a little control.

I let the head of his penis meet at the entry of my vagina but not go in, it’s my turn now. I let my erect nipples trail down his face and around his lips. He tries to suck them into his mouth like a vacuum, silly boy. I am ready now to have him fill me again. I raise my hips and begin to insert his penis inside of me. Very slowly. I want to feel every ridge and vein and centimeter of his cock before I reach his pelvis. Mmmm that’s good.

He’s all the way in and I start to ride him. I lean down to kiss his neck and I breathe him in. I can smell his sweat. This turns me on even more. He has no odor to me, only scents that further arouse me. I love the way my clit feels against his pelvic bone. There is no way to replicate this feeling of him inside of me, hearing his moans of pleasure, smelling, and tasting him. I take it all in and begin to feel my orgasm build, yet again.

He can feel it, my pussy tightening around his cock, my steady pace of riding him. He has me sit up and runs his hands over my nipples while I continue to ride him. He takes some of the wetness we have created from my pussy and using his fingers rubs it onto my nipples. It is so erotic and the sensation is incredible, I am almost there. He squeezes them hard. He puts one hand on my waist and the other above my clit. I keep riding him, he starts to rub right above my clit, in those beloved sweet circles that he does. I am so close now.

I can’t help but be loud. I’m feeling the most pleasure of my life from the man I love the most. I feel it building, building, building, fuck it keeps going. Holy fuck this is intense. “Don’t stop baby, cum for me, I want to feel you cum on me, cum all over my cock, please baby” he says. That puts me over the edge and I cum. HARD. I cum all around him and on him, feeling my pussy walls tighten and throb around his cock. He is still rubbing my clit, I keep cumming. He is making me squirt now as I keep riding him.

He loves it when I squirt, he sighs loudly “yes baby, fuck, I love it, more, give me more.” I ride him harder even though the feeling is so intense after just cumming. I squirt again and again. It’s soaking through the sheets. I hear the sounds my juices are making from my thighs sliding against his pelvis, he still loves it. I ride him harder. I want him to cum! Faster and faster I ride him, letting my g-spot rub on his cock back and forth, back and forth, I can’t stop squirting. Finally, I hear him moan loudly and feel him cum, I don’t stop yet, not until he tells me to. I want every last bit of his cum inside of me, mixing with my juices and becoming one.

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