Number Fifteen


Number FifteenThis true story happened about thirty years ago, a time when boys could do something like this without everybody getting their panties in a wad and crying sex offender. A time when men were men and women wanted to fuck. My buddy, Jason, had just got a Polaroid camera and wanted to use it. It was the kind of camera that shoots the photo out when you click the button and then the picture develops right away. We decided that some nude pictures would be good and thought of this stupid plan to go to the mall and get some ladies to pose for us naked and we could take pictures. We would act like college men working on a study even though we looked way younger than any college student. We set up shop right at the entrance of the mall near a wall that would provide seclusion for our photo taking. And guess what, the second woman we asked was more than happy to let us take a picture of her snatch! I am guessing she was in college and went behind the wall and lifted her skirt and showed us her coochie, Jason snapped the picture and we could not wait to see it develop. Then the next girl we asked did the same! Man we thought we were on to something. We had two photos of pussy. Then hours went by and nothing. Women looked at us like we were crazy. Then more hours went by. Then in an act of desperation I asked this older woman. She looked tired and worn. I thought she was older than my mom. Red head, nice tits, but her face was wrinkled. I asked her if we could get a picture for our college project, she stopped and I made the pitch. I even offered her ten dollars. I must have made her whole month! “You two want a picture of my old twat? No one has asked to see my cunt in so long, bursa escort hell my husband won’t even touch it. Where to?” She said. We took to the spot and she lifted her skirt and dropped her panties. She had huge red snatch with pouty pussy lips. “Well there you go, men used to line up for this one.” She said with a smile. We took a few pictures. She was in no hurry and Jason and I got a real good look at that pussy. We both had massive hardons sticking up in our pants. The woman looked at both our pants at then at us. “You boys look like you could a little more than just a peek don’t you think? Tell you what, for another twenty dollars, you both can take a short ride and a few more pictures.” She said. Jason and I both looked at each other and then back at her. I dropped my pants as I handed her a twenty. She laid on the ground on her side with a leg up in the air. I moved in and grabed that leg that was up as she guided my cock into her. It slid easily into her wet pussy. I tried to act like I knew what I was doing but I am pretty sure I was not fooling anyone. I came in a few seconds. It felt like I must have pumped a gallon of spunk up her cunt. I pulled out and stood up. Jason jumped in and took over banging her. But her only lasted a few seconds too. “I think I must be the first woman either of have been with? Am I wrong about that?” She said. Jason and I shrugged our shoulders and then I admitted this was our first time to have sex. Her red haired pussy was soaked in jizz. She offered to let go another round which we did. This time I lasted much longer before filling her sweet pussy with more of my spunk. When Jason finished his second round, the woman took some tissues bursa escort bayan from her purse and somewhat cleaned up her pussy, pulled up her panties and told us thanks and walked away singing. Jason and I now had pictures of three different pussies and we both just got laid for the first time. So it turned out to be a pretty good day. You would have thought we were brand new men. We strutted around school like big cock daddies. Around the mall too. We thought the girls would line up for us now. I dreamt about fucking all these girls, and fucking the old red head again. I tried to fuck other girls but got no where. After a couple of months of no action Jason and I decided we should try the photo project thing again. It worked once and we both got to fuck an old lady. Maybe this time we would get to fuck some younger hot ladies. We tried the mall for two days, no luck. We tried a few other places with no luck. Then we tried outside this dime store. We no sooner got started and someone complained to the manager. She and another woman came outside and asked what we were doing. It was this goofy looking tall woman and a short chubby woman. We explained what we were doing and asked them if they would like to help us out. Knowing I had some money in my pocket I offered to pay some money for a photo shoot. They invited us to the back office. We talked for a minute and then the tall woman took her clothes off and posed. Jason took several photos of her snatch, she even spread her lips! Then the other lady wanted to get in on the action. She stripe down and did the same. Then the ladies suggested that I get in the photos, they took my clothes off, my hard cock sticking straight escort bursa up in the air. Jason had run out of film but kept snapping photos. The camera kept making the noise like it was doing something and the women kept posing acting like they were playing with my cock and sucking it without really doing anything. Then the skinny one had her pussy above my dong like she was about to lower herself down on it when she did lower herself down, my cock sliding into her wet snatch with ease. “Oopps! I am did not mean to” she said with my rod balls deep inside her. She started to move her cunt about my cock. I was in heaven! Finally some pussy. My cock was like a porn star and I was sure it was going to last forever. That woman rode me for several minutes then I pushed as deep as I could into her and flooded her womb with my cum. Jason had mounted the short chubby woman and was doing the same. After we both came stayed right where we were at, cocks inside the pussies and talked while the two of us recovered. The ladies were excited to get some cock. I remember asking the skinny lady how many guys she had been with. She thought for a minute, “Fifteen, you are number fifteen.” She answered. The chubby lady said she had lost count when she hit three digits. Then we got hard and we switched and I got to fuck the chubby woman, her pussy was much tighter but with all the goo Jason put in there I was able to last even longer before filling her with my spunk. This little fuck fest had taken about twenty minutes. The ladies needed to get back to work so we all dressed and told everyone thanks and left. Jason and I were walking down the street and realized we never got their names and they did not get ours. After that we stuck with fucking girls our own age and learned that we should not try so hard. I will never forget those ladies that gave us our first taste of pussy, I still have the pictures of that pussy.

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