Office Visit

Alex Tanner

Her long brown hair was twisted up into a bun, keeping the tendrils out of her face as she worked. The black slacks and red top she wore were professional, but not stuffy. Sounds filled her ears, but she was oblivious to them all except her fingernails clicking against the keys on her keyboard. Footsteps fell outside the door to her office. She kept her gaze on her monitor and her fingers on the keys. The only thoughts racing through her head were to get her report done and be out of the office on time. Out of the corner of her eye she briefly saw a shadow in the doorway of her office. She glanced up then back at her monitor. Her fingers hesitated on the keyboard. She slowly turned to look up again at what had caused the shadow.

He stood there observing her. Wanting to untwist the bun of hair atop her head and see just how long it was. Wanting to feel the fabric of her clothing before he felt the smooth skin of her body. He was taller than she by several inches and his taut body leaned against the door frame. His hazel eyes scanned her inch by inch, taking in all that he was allowed to see, moving up her body searching out her eyes. There were no words to speak; there were only feelings, undercurrents of energy streaming between them. He deliberately held her gaze as he walked towards her. Her hands were still poised above the keyboard, yet they did not fall to strike the next key. Her body was tense as she watched him approach her desk and stand before her. He held out a strong, smooth hand. Slowly, she took it, shocked by the sparks that shot through her body at the simple touch. She left her monitor on, the report on her desk, the door wide open and walked out of the office into the cool fall afternoon by his side.

He kept her hand tucked into his, only briefly letting go so that they could get into his car. Once inside he held her hand again and they began to drive. She did not question where they were going. She did not care so long as he was there by her side. The few minutes in the car seemed to last forever. She stared out of the windshield as the car turned down streets and stopped at lights until they reached their destination. They wound their way down a long gravel road. The trees hanging overhead sarıyer escort formed a canopy of red, gold, brown, and orange leaves. A house appeared before them. Made of stone, it rose two stories and the windows gleamed in the dying sunlight. He parked the car and they sat for a moment. She dared to look at him and found him staring at her, his eyes focused on her lips. She tore her gaze away from him and climbed out of the car. He followed, taking her hand once again and leading her up to the large front door. After he unlocked the door, he ushered her inside and left her standing in the foyer.

She had no thought to the contents of the room or the house. She could watch only him. As he bent to light a fire in the fireplace, coaxing the flames to life, she wondered what the rest of him might feel like. His longish dark hair was pulled back and caught neatly at the nape of his neck. The flames cast a glow to his skin, making it appear tan. He rose and started toward her. This time he did not catch her hand in his; he caught her lips with his. Soft yet firm, he pressed his lips to hers. His hands skimmed over her shoulders and settled at her waist. She yielded to him, growing ever pliant to his touch. He could mold her, shape her, and do with her as he willed and she would not have resisted. A simple kiss having deeper meanings. She breathed his name upon a sigh as he pulled away slightly. Bending, he lifted her in his arms and carried her up the steps to the second floor. She buried her head in his shoulder as they ascended the steps, clinging to him as one would a lifeline. The fabric of his sweater rubbed against her hands, rough and soothing. She placed a small kiss upon his neck, gently biting him and was surprised at the low growl of pleasure he gave.

She then found herself being lowered to stand upon the floor of a bedroom. She looked up at him, wondering what his next move was to be. She didn’t have to wonder long as he began to lift her shirt over her head revealing her bra. He tossed the shirt aside and his hands skimmed down her back to release her bra. Resting his hands on her hips, he helped her out of her pants. She stepped out of the esenyurt escort pants and stood before him nude. He lifted one eyebrow, a small smile on his lips when he realized she had worn no underwear.

She grinned back at him as he led her to the bed. He raised his hands and gently worked the pins from her hair, watching it tumble down past her shoulders. He kissed her once more as his fingers wound themselves in her hair, pulling her closer to him, demanding that she give all she had to him. Hold nothing back. When he lifted his mouth from hers, he reached inside his pocket and produced a thin scarf, which he placed over her eyes and tied behind her head so she could not see. He guided her to lay back on the bed and she sighed at the softness of the mattress, rolling over on her stomach. She felt the bed dip as he sat beside her and his hands began to work magic. Massaging her body, he stroked his hands over her back, caressing her thighs and calves.

She groaned softly when his hands left her, but she could hear the rustling of clothing in the background. When he returned, he turned her over onto her back and lay beside her, the warmth from his body, heating her own as he cradled her beside him. She wanted to touch him, to feel his body under her hands, but he caught her hands before she could touch him and lifted them above her head, patting them as if to make them stay. His lips touched her forehead lightly, then trailed down to kiss her nose and finally her lips. He kissed her deeply leaving her feeling as if her very soul were being touched as he drew all resistance from her.

A hand moved to cup her breast and she gasped as he pinched the nipple. He chuckled moving his body so he had better access to what she was offering. He wanted to taste every part of her body, to drown her in ecstasy, to imprint himself upon her so that she would never forget him. He bit her neck lightly, nipping and tasting his way down to her chest. He circled a nipple with his tongue then began to suck softly. The scarf over her eyes thrust her deep into her own feelings. Every sense was heightened in her body. He gathered her breasts in his hands and brought them together so he could suck avrupa yakası escort on both nipples. She whimpered, pleasure sliding through her body, wanting to thread her hands through his hair, yet she remained obedient, her hands staying above her head, clutching the bedpost tightly. He grinned softly at her frustration, then moved his mouth down further, tasting her stomach, moving his hands to knead her inner thighs.

She squirmed beneath him as his mouth neared his goal. She suddenly cried out and arched against him as his mouth closed over her clit. She squeezed the bedposts and tried to move her hips closer to his ravishing tongue. He smiled against her and flicked her clit lazily with his tongue. She whimpered in frustration. His tongue licked at her again as he moved a finger deep inside her. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body. He moved his finger slowly in and out of her. The pleasure was building inside her as his mouth and fingers worked their magic. Her hips began to move in rhythm with him until she was just at the peak to shatter. He stopped suddenly and rising above her, lifted her hips and began to ease his cock into her. She shuddered as he filled her, moaning as he took her completely. Her hands left the bedposts to clutch at him as he began to move in and out of her body.

She lost herself in the steady rhythm he set, her head spinning, her body meeting him thrust for thrust. He slowed his rhythm to a steady rocking against her hips and removed the scarf from her eyes watching her face. Multiple emotions ran over her features as she looked at him. Desire was high in both their eyes and he held her gaze as he began stroking deep inside her once again. She closed her eyes and became lost in the feelings once again. Her fingernails raked over his back as he moved faster against her. His hands held fast to her hips as he thrust deeper still, his cock touching deep against her womb. Her breathing quickened and she cried out holding fast to him as her world suddenly shattered around her. He thrust deep one more time, stiffening and moaning softly as he spilled his seed inside her.

Watching her slowly come down from her cloud he slid off to one side cradling her in his arms, their bodies still linked together. Her eyes closed as she tried to steady her breathing again. Gently he traced the outline of her ear then smoothed the hair back out of her face. She opened her eyes and smiled at him then ducked her head into his comforting arms, feeling safe. She sighed softly and knew she was finally where she belonged.

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