Oh My! Ch. 02


[Author’s note: the characters and action follow directly from Ch. 1. You may wish to read it first.]

Maris’s Adventures Continue


“Oh my,” I thought, “Why couldn’t he just come?” I held Ted’s heaving body lightly as he thrust into me. Endlessly. As always I was able to suppress my giggle when the term, “pencil dick” cruised through my mind, but the image stuck. I supposed that any cock would seem tiny after Eric’s, and it just wasn’t fair of me to compare. But still…

As I’d promised myself, I managed to be ecstatically filled by Eric’s glorious penis, to have more truly wonderful sexual fun, several more times before we left Mobile.

My second adventure was the very next day, over Eric’s lunch break. As Ted had two hours of unscheduled time between HIS fishing and HIS golf, I stuck the kids with him so I could “go shopping.” He whined and wheedled of course, saying he wanted to nap, but I shamed him into it.

The Bay Experience was deserted when I walked aboard and quickly into the lifeguard’s office. Eric – he was so sweet – had lit candles and incense, so the stark room was more appealing, even romantic. We fell into each other’s arms and began kissing, though tentatively at first. For my part I was tingling, feeling almost shy, doubting that yesterday could really have happened. But as our lips became reacquainted, the same fire that swept me away the day before rekindled, then raged, and the wench who possessed me before returned and again fumbled with Eric’s trunks.

Once that saucy hussy had her target in hand, she fell to her knees and tried to get as much as possible into her dainty but ravenous mouth.

Eric gently stroked my hair and murmured my name – I loved how it sounded on his lips – as I fellated him, and the brazen slut kept nursing on his cock as she got herself ready to be fucked by wriggling out of her shorts and panties. No commando today. I’d need the cotton crotch to stanch the deluge.

I noted particulars of Eric’s wonderful penis I’d missed the day before, how it arced back towards his belly like a scimitar, and curved ever-so-slightly to his right. The large veins stood out and the blue contrasted beautifully with the pink pole and lovely purplish tip. His balls, large, precious orbs, felt spongy in my hand, and he definitely seemed to like how my tongue laved the spot where the shaft of his cock met the head. The big, sweet penis in my mouth grew even larger as I worked it, and I felt so very female, so affirmed, that I could make him even harder.

Eric lifted me, hands under my arms, and set me on the desk, which had been cleared of everything and had a soft blanket across it. When he eased me back, I shuddered as he spread my legs and I saw his eyes feast on my blossoming pussy. I was at first alarmed when he knelt between my thighs – Ted didn’t do cunnilingus, saying it was messy and he didn’t like how I tasted – but Eric’s enthusiastically licking and slurping had me feeling better, less tense, even before he came up for air and said, “God, Maris, you taste SO wonderful!”

I thought I’d come, or maybe melt, just from the joy of hearing it, but I didn’t, not until his tongue went back to work loving my clitoris, driving me insane. I don’t know how he was able to breathe with my trembling thighs clamped so tightly around his head, but he managed, both for that orgasm and its big sister that followed close behind.

As he kissed his way up my body, rolling up my polo shirt as he went, I shivered in rapturous anticipation of what I knew was coming. He spent almost too long – is that even possible? – kissing, licking and sucking my breasts, and I almost came again. Finally, the saucy wench who took control of my voice yesterday visited again, and when she suggested it was time to fuck me, he did. Eric stood tall between my legs, put my ankles on his shoulders and rubbed his dripping cock’s head along my slit.

“Ahhh!” the wench moaned in delight as he pushed his massive probe into her. The feeling of being splayed, plowed, just split apart, was as stunning as yesterday. Also like then, when his penis prodded my cervix he just let it soak, giving my vagina time to expand to accommodate him. When he first pulled back, my taught sleeve clung to him so tightly it felt like it was being extracted. As he eased his cock back home, back where it belonged, my insides were pushed apart, rearranged to accommodate him.

The images of ultrasounds I’d had when pregnant flashed in my brain, how the babies inside me just squished my innards aside and swelled my pelvis to make room as they grew. Instinctively I put my hand on my stomach as he began rhythmically sliding in and out, and found it was true. My belly bulged with each thrust and my hand could feel the head of his upward-arching, sword-like cock as it carved furrows in my body.

The marked pulling in and out on my labia minora dragged the hood of my clitoris up and down over its head. Knowing the boat was unoccupied, bakırköy escort unlike yesterday Eric didn’t try to muffle my impassioned cries. When he licked his thumb and began teasing my clit, it pushed me up to the crest, then over. Each time I got to the brink, Eric whispered ardently, “Come for me Maris, come for me.” Remembering rule number one aboard ship – the lifeguards are always right and are to be obeyed – I followed the Head Lifeguard’s orders. And came. Then, as if on a magical, erotic roller coaster, I cascaded gloriously down, only to be dragged to the summit again. Up and down, over and over. It was so marvelous that soon the only reasonable reaction was to begin weeping for joy.

Still Eric fucked me.

Finally orgasmed out, sated by countless comes to his command, I stilled his thumb, settled onto a rosy plateau, and became aware of other things. Soon after Eric picked up the pace, his pumping became less rhythmic, spasmodic, and finally he just locked his cock into me to the hilt.

I watched with delight and pride the rapturous, tortured look on his face as he tried to keep his eyes on mine when he came. Each time I felt the burgeoning of his penis, just before the gush of ejaculation, I put the muscles toned by my thrice daily Kegels to work and squeezed his cock with all my might. Each clutch extracted an immediate gasping, “Oh!” from his lips, simultaneous with the eruption from his cock. As I forced it to spurt time and again, I whispered, “Come Eric, come for me.” Every time he obeyed my clenching command, I watched his eyes lose focus, sometimes flicker and close, then struggle back to find mine as the next glob was pulled up his shaft.

I had never felt so complete, so much a woman, as I did milking all the semen out of him. I continued squeezing his penis, maintaining the interval between his ejaculations, well after I no longer felt his jets squirting inside me. Wanting it all, I continued whispering my mantra and making his cock clench and throb, try to shoot, over and over, wringing out every last drop. Near the end his body begin to shake and quiver. Eric’s eyes locked shut, his head bowed, he bit his lip, his torso trembled and curled toward me, and his voice broke as he finally gasped, “Oh God, Maris.”

When at last he had finished, when I relaxed my vagina and let him be finished, my hands held his head, smoothing his hair as Eric gathered himself. When the heaving and trembling stopped, he shuddered, opened his eyes, smiled, took me in his arms and joyfully lifted me to him like I was a toy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and coddled his noble, chiseled, handsome face in my hands as we kissed. His fingers, embedded in my buttocks, felt as right, as simply perfect, as his penis did filling me completely. I wished the sweetness would last forever.

When his erection lost some tumescence, however, my tight, overstretched vagina popped him out and we both laughed. We continued laughing, touching and kissing as I wiped up the flood with the many tissues I had wisely put in my purse. I felt so connected to him that it seemed natural to catch a glob on my finger and lick it off while looking into his lovely blue eyes. His immediate answering kiss was sweet, loving and passionate simultaneously. After I’d fallen to my knees and sucked the last little dribbles of nectar from him, cleaned him with my mouth, we dressed, close to each other, touching and kissing. Sweetness of a different sort.

We had five minutes before I would risk discovery if I didn’t leave, and we sat on the desk, holding hands, leaning on each other, hugging, kissing, and talking. Basking in the afterglow of the unspoken bond of intimacy that the rude knock had denied us yesterday. We talked of nothing in particular, often just making affectionate, purring sounds, though we did cover plans for the near future. He had a day off soon, and I would find a way that we could spend it together.

We parted reluctantly at the office door. After a final kiss I slipped out, and though the first mate saw me as I walked off the ship, his smirk bothered me not at all. I smiled slyly as my playful middle finger salute answered his leer. I was walking on air, in such bliss that I hadn’t a care in the world. Plus, I’d arranged to see Eric again, late that night.

Ted’s regular snores faded when I eased the hotel room door closed at midnight and went for a solitary walk on the beach. It was cool and peaceful, and I wandered aimlessly, trying to make sense of what was happening to me. How this fantastical adventure – delicious sex and head-over-heels infatuation with a wonderful new man – was continually evolving. How our torrid, frenzied coupling the first day was followed by slower, sweet love-making the second. How dearly I had loved being able to give Eric such pleasure as I squeezed all his cum out of him, and how girlish and thrilled I felt now that I would see him soon. I shivered, but not from the cold. By 12:30 beşiktaş escort I was at the prearranged spot, and shivered again when I heard the mellifluous voice whisper my name.

The day Eric and I had first fucked, Ted had acted strangely both at dinner and afterward. Perhaps some 6th sense picked up that something had changed. Though I tried to act normally, I was probably behaving oddly, blissed out, frequently flushed, day dreaming and smiling constantly. I had no experience covering up an affair, was winging it, and it certainly didn’t help when Susie asked me at dinner if I’d liked dreamy Lifeguard Eric. Ted asked me what was wrong several times. I said everything was fine, that I was just relaxed and enjoying vacation, but I could tell he was suspicious.

Though it would have been my preference to again feel Eric empty himself inside me, I was concerned that Ted might awaken when I returned and have the gall to grab me by the pussy and check before I could shower – he can be shameless and crude when he gets a notion – so after some sandy, blissful cuddling and kissing, I mounted Eric and rode to two wonderful orgasms. When I sensed he was getting close I dismounted and finished him with my mouth. I loved how I could taste myself on him, how my juice mingled with the flood of strong, salty semen.

I had no regrets about what might have been when my precautions proved unnecessary. Ted was snoring more loudly when I slipped back into our room and didn’t awaken during my shower or when I slipped into bed. My late night snack felt perfect, warm and pleasing in my tummy as I drifted off to blissful sleep.

In retrospect, the next day’s noontime adventure was momentous. Eric had lit candles and incense as before, but, even in the dim light, the look of raw lust in his eyes weakened my knees the second I saw him. Whereas yesterday I had quickly bared his cock and fellated him, Eric was on me immediately, his hands pawing, embracing, feeling me everywhere. His tongue plunged into my mouth while his hand snaked inside the hems of my shorts and panties. The fingers of his other drove up under my shirt, forced up my bra and assailed my exposed tit.

I was stunned, taken aback, expecting a more gentle, loving approach, so my hand instinctively grabbed his wrist as his fingers drove inside my panties. Eric would not be denied, however, and had his way with me, his fingers plunging into my vulva and beginning to fuck me as his other hand thrummed my nipple and squeezed by breast.

Ted is about my size – at 5′ 8″ just an inch taller, and, being slim, just a bit heavier – and early on, before he lost interest, we’d had hot sex a few times with him playing dominant. It was nothing like this. Not at all. Eric drove me back against the wall and sucked my tongue into his mouth as one hand fiercely kneaded my breast and pinched and stretched my nipple. The other fucked my pussy relentlessly. Unable to stop anything he was doing, I just trembled in shocked amazement, overcome, stunned at how this powerful, rutting animal was devouring me.

The orgasm came from nowhere, savage, uncontrolled, massive and full, and, as I gasped and trembled, I could feel my glands release and flood Eric’s fingers and my panties with my cum. I quickly pulled his mouth off my neck – I couldn’t have a hickey – and kissed him hard, teeth gnashing teeth, consumed by the passion and hunger that overwhelmed me as I realized how astonishingly erotic it was to be simply taken.

As he ravished me, I kicked off my sandals and squirmed to help as his hands stripped me of my shorts and soggy panties. He tore off his trunks and I grabbed the purple, oozing head of his cock as he pulled me to him. I raised my leg to wrap it around him so he could have me as he had the first time, but Eric’s hands, one under my elevated thigh, the other under my arm, lifted me like a feather, spun me, and I found myself face-down on the desk. His panting became louder, more carnal, almost scary, as he forced my legs apart. I caught my breath in anticipation of what I knew was coming.

The previous times we’d had sex, Eric had gently eased his penis into me, giving my vagina time to expand to accommodate his length and girth. Now he drove his cock in to the hilt. Hard and fast. I gasped and cried out – it was stunning, even painful, if deliciously so – and my torso was driven flat onto the desk as Eric plunged into me. I held on for dear life, fistfuls of blanket in each clenched hand, as he began pounding me.

The shock of being pierced so ruthlessly pulled me back, off the high plateau of arousal onto which I’d settled, and, when I didn’t immediately obey his command to come for him, Eric snaked a hand around my hip and his finger accosted my clit. The discomfort from his savage pumping was quickly subsumed, overcome by the growing heat and electric sparks shooting out from my center. Though his other hand in my hair had craned my head back till my neck beylikdüzü escort locked, I was able to gasp out, “Oh yes, Eric. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He did.

Whenever I’ve come once, there is always another orgasm lurking in the wings, ready and eager, and the combination of his insistent finger and pistoning cock pulled the lady-in-waiting to the fore.

Oh My! How she took off!

Little did I suspect that she was just the first in a line of Rockettes, and Eric’s relentless thrumming my clit and fucking my pussy brought them to center stage, one after another, each one kicking higher than the last.

Tears squeezed from my eyes from the ferocity of the climaxes and my rapturous cries encouraged Eric to screw me yet harder. Though the first half-dozen orgasms were fabulous, more mind-blowing than I could ever have imagined, the last ladies in the line became too much, and the intensity, especially of his finger on my trigger, crossed the threshold from ecstasy to pain.

My inflamed whimpers and desperate, fumbling attempts to remove his hand only drove him on, seeming a continuation of our scenario of him just taking me, and he diddled and pumped me with ever more vigor. Unable to stand it a second longer, I wailed, “Eric, please stop!” and dissolved into a blubbering mass of tears. Dislodged from his fanatical focus on fucking, Eric instantly pulled his finger from my clit and his cock from my pussy. I sagged to the floor, devastated, weeping.

Eric was on me immediately, his arms surrounding me, coddling me gently, cradling me into his lap. “Oh, God, Maris, I’m so sorry. I haven’t been able to think of anything other than you all morning, how you used your vagina to just suck the cum out of me, kept milking me, how it was more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been so hot, so turned on, my cock rock hard and throbbing constantly. I couldn’t wait to see you, to fuck you. I just got carried away, trying to make it as fabulous for you as you had for me. I’m so sorry I hurt you. Please, please, please forgive me.”

I bounced in Eric’s arms as his heavy sobs wracked his body, and his hot tears falling on my neck and shoulder burned into my skin. Then, from deep within the murky depths of his despair, something moved, emerged. I felt an ethereal aura emanate out from him, grow, seek me out, enfold me, and finally merge with the one arising from me, embracing him.

Miraculously healed, I shook off my pain like a dog shedding water, took a deep, shuddering breath and kissed Eric’s tear-lined face. I took his head in my hands, pulled it down on my shoulder and caressed his hair, rocking him gently, murmuring comforting nothings, making everything right again as every mother knows how to do. When I pulled his head up and kissed him sweetly, our tears mingled, and I felt his sigh as the tension and angst drained from his body.

Basking in the soothing warmth, we talked at a level of intimacy I had never felt with any other person, and he explained again how he had literally been transfixed by how I had milked him ceaselessly, taking his all. No one had done that ever before, and it was beyond marvelous, had captured his mind. It drove him to try to do as much for me, to give me orgasm after orgasm, going beyond what I thought was possible. He never imagined it could actually hurt me.

My comforting hands roamed his body as we talked, and, when they became insistent, his cock complied, and I finished what he’d started.

As I walked away from the lifeguard’s office, a wry, satisfied smile on my face, I marveled at my quirky mind. I’d never even considered counting the number of times Ted ejaculated into me, but as I had already used up my daily allotment of orgasms, my mind focused only on Eric. As I rode him, stroking and squeezing the cum out of his cock over and over, I realized I was unconsciously counting each shoot. At number three I started counting out loud. It was fun. Sexy. After five he’d pled for mercy, but I’d urged him to try for more, to do it for me. Seven seemed a lucky number.

As I stepped onto the pier, only one small concern clouded my euphoria. I felt consternation at how this wonderful, even transcendental experience – a true crisis leading to cathartic release and much greater intimacy – had hastened what I sensed had already begun.

An unforeseen complication. I had definitely intended to flirt with Eric the instant the opportunity had been presented, and had not shied away when it led to sex. More than once. I had assumed it would be NSA, no strings attached, a fun adventure. I had definitely not intended to fall for Eric, not at all, but, as we kissed goodbye, I had seen the same care, concern, passion, and nascent love in his eyes that I knew were in mine.

Oh. My.

As wonderful as all our adventures were, none could compare to our last time together. Eric’s day off. As Ted had golfed and fished every single day, it wasn’t hard to cajole him into finally taking the kids. It was only fair. They planned to tour the USS Alabama, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, and take a fishing trip. I was going to shop, lunch with my new-found girlfriends – the same ones I’d been with for previous lunches – and gossip with them at the beach all afternoon.

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