Oily Bus Ride Heaven


Today, at her normal stop, she pops onto the bus. I left work early, looking forward to a day on the beach with her as we discussed yesterday, and here she is. I am surprised to see her popping into my afternoon early. I get the hunch she planned this and the early arrival is part of a surprise.

There is nobody else on the bus except her and I. As she walks towards me I see she has on the sundress I first saw her in. The patterned light blue translucent loose fitting sundress that floats around her mid thighs. The one that shows whatever she is wearing underneath when the sun shines through. The one that now shows she isn’t wearing anything underneath.

She sways her hips and sashays down the aisle in my direction. A devilish grin purses her succulent lips as she glares at me from her downturned head. Clearly she has some deviant thoughts racing through her sharp, horny mind. She spins away from me to sit down. Her dress rises in a flaring spiral and I get a scent of her moistening pussy and a glimmer of super smooth golden skin. Her dress floats around her as she leans back into the seat next to me.

I ask, “Darling, how long have you been exhibiting your freshly shaven pussy?” She lifts her right leg up off the floor and rests her heel on the edge of the seat. This is when I notice her entire body appears to be completely oiled. I follow her sexy calf muscle, up over her knee and down to her flat belly. The dress is sticking to her and becoming more transparent as she rubs her hands up over her hips and waist.

“You like my new look baby? I just slipped my bikini off at the bus stop as I saw the bus coming down the lane. I had been sunbathing on the beach, listening to the ocean. I decided the sun felt so good melting my body into bliss that the only thing better would be to apply a generous helping of oil all over. I almost got carried away making sure I was fully covered when I noticed it was time to catch your bus. So here I am, paid (wink) the bus driver to go straight to the top, your stop. I believe that is about a 10 minute ride, no?”

She very obviously lowered her gaze to my now hardening pants to my erection just pushing out the top of my waistline. She is one of the sexiest sites I have ever seen.

“So here I am, all oiled up, naked underneath this flimsy sundress, alone with you, on this shady windowed bus. The warm air is delicious as it tickles my nipples…”

At this, she started rubbing her hands up her waist and trailing her fingertips across her now hardened nipples. Her breasts are so oiled up that the dress is now basically transparent as it is soaked in her oil as she pressed the dress into her glistening skin. She circles her pendik escort fingertips around both nipples at the same time, and trails her hands back down her belly. They both wrap around the leg that is still on the edge of the seat. She massages her leg up and down a few times as she looks deep into my eyes. As her hands press down the inside of her thigh, she rotates her right leg over into my lap, her oily knee now resting against the top of my cock that is poking out of my waistline by this time.

“Ooooh baby.” She says. “That is what I was dreaming about when I was putting the oil all over my body on the beach.”

Both her hands reach the top of her glistening right leg. Her left hand slowly presses across her pussy. Her swollen pussy lips bounce back into place as her hand gently passes over.

“Baby,” I say. “You look like you’re ready to gush. Is there something I can help you with?

She rubs her pussy, the inside of her thighs, around and over her gorgeous ass, up her belly, and around her breasts. Pushing her breasts up with each hand and squeezing her nipples through the fabric as her left leg comes up.

She rests her left foot on the edge of the seat. Both legs are now spread wide open, with her pussy lips gaping open as her body shines in the sunlight coming through the windows. She is rubbing her breasts as her hips move up and down. Her hands slide down her hips and across to her wide open pussy. Her fresh shave job allows me to see all the juicy details. Her pussy is dripping with her juices and glistening with all the oil on her body. The dress has come up over her waist and exposes her deliciously smooth body from the waist down. Not that there was anything hiding her ripe body anyway.

She starts really focusing on her pussy. Her head is bowed down towards her yearning pussy. Both hands are moving synchronously on each side of her pussy. Her index fingers are pressing against the outside of her pussy lips as she slides them up and down the length of her moist pussy. Juices are now coating her fingers as she scoops up trails of succulent rivers. She massages those fresh juices around her pussy.

I know of no better lubricant that tastes so delicious as her sweet pussy juice. She starts moving her hands in a slight figure eight pattern. The cross of the eight brings her index finger right across her pussy, slightly dipping into her hole. Then back, as the other index finger repeats the tease from the other direction, across her hole, and back. She seems to be fixated on the motion. Her lips are moist with her dripping lust.

She is sucking on one of her pussy juice covered fingers. While she does this, the kartal escort knee that is pressing against the head of my cock is moving up and down slightly as her hips bounce against her fingers. I have never been so hard as my cock is now. It is bulging out of the waistband of my pants. Precum is already leaking out of my cock head, creating a moist spot on my shirt. The bus keeps grinding up the hillside towards my stop.

She lifts her knee and glances over at my throbbing cock head. With her right hand she reaches over and scoops up a large swath of my precum and brings it to her lips. She sucks her index finger into her mouth and moans.

“God I love tasting your precum. That is the best afternoon treat.”

Her left hand is now wrapped over her pussy, with her middle finger sliding in and out of her dripping hole. Her right hand reaches back down to my cock head and scoops up a pool of precum that has formed. She brings it up and rubs it across her left nipple, through the fabric that is stretched clear and tight across her rock hard nipple. Her knee presses back into my cock and she starts pumping her hips into her finger as her hand rocks around her pussy lips in small circles.

Every time her pussy presses forward her knee presses harder into my cock. This is driving me wild as I am now rocking my hips forward into her knee as my cock feels ready to explode.

Suddenly I feel the bus starting to slow down. We pull up to the stop in front of my house. She stands, reaching out with her left hand that is covered in her pussy juices, reaching for my hand. I wrap my hand around her wrist as I get up, placing her fingers in my mouth as I stand.

Sucking the juices from her fingers almost pushes my straining cock over the edge. We turn and pop out the doors of the bus. She leads me by her hand. I follow, getting a gorgeous view of her ass as it clearly drips with her juices, through the dress that is now just barely down over her pert behind.

We get to my door, and as I reach into my pocket for the keys, I look over at her. She has moved to the deck railing next to the front door that looks out across the hillside, down to the water. She has bent forward, resting her collarbone across the railing. Her breasts are straining against the fabric of her dress from gravity pulling at their perfect form. She has spread her legs and her hands are back at her glistening pussy.

“Baby, I can’t wait. My pussy is flowing nonstop for your rock hard cock. I need you inside me now.”

I have given completely to the moment and could care less if the mailman came. In one motion I move in behind her, dropping my pants and rest my hands maltepe escort on either side of her hips. My cock is pressed between her ass cheeks as I move my hips forwards and back. My cock is so covered in precum and her ass is so slippery with oil, it feels ridiculously marvelous.

I bend my knees and get my cock to spring down across the front of her pussy from behind. I straighten my legs and feel the length of my cock slide along the opening of her pussy as it strains against her. Her pussy lips suck at my cock as I rub the entire length of my cock along her dripping, burning pussy.

Her hands have pulled her breasts free of the fabric as they spill over the top of her neckline. She is squeezing and rubbing her breasts in time to my cock rubbing across her slippery clit.

“Ooooh baby, I need you to dip that hot, hard cock into my pussy. I want you inside me soooo bad.”

On her wanton urge, I pull back, holding her hips, position my cock head at the entrance to her puckered pussy. Lining up, I push my cock head in. She gasps and squeals as I bury the entire length of my cock into the very end of her pussy.

She shudders as my cock presses against the depths of her pussy. I feel her hips lurch and her legs shake as her body erupts in a full body quaking orgasm.

I feel her body rippling with pleasure as I press my cock to the deepest parts of her pulsating pussy. I start rotating my hips in a circular fashion and feel my cock spiraling around inside. She lets out a deep, throaty moan. Her body has gone into automatic and her hips are rotating in reverse motion of my cock.

What was a raging orgasm for her, just went into overdrive. Her hips let out several hard thrusts and I feel her pussy, no, her whole body clenches down on my cock. I can feel every muscle in her body focusing its energy into sucking on my cock. She erupts. Her body expands and tightens down again.

Her cum pressures out around my cock and sprays across my balls that are pressed against her clit. I reach around as her body expands again. Right when she clamps around my raging cock I press my balls with my hand against her clit and rub her pussy cum across her clit. She squirts again.

This goes on for several more cycles of breathing. Inhale quickly, exhale and clamp the entire length of my cock, as my cock head presses against the ends of her pussy. On the last one, my cock has reached the limits of straining.

I erupt. I can feel my cum squirting deep inside her, spraying across the inner surface of her pussy. My cum mixes with hers as it flows out her pussy, squeezing out past my cock, and down my legs. I slide my hands around my cock, up across her pussy and spread copious amounts of our cum mixture in circles across her glistening ass.

When my legs regain their focus, I bend forward and scoop her up in my arms. She is quiet. She melts in my arms as I carry her to the side lawn, still shaking in pleasure.

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