Old Henry Pt. 02


Part 2 – Another Step

Jon and I talked about the photos and he asked me would I pose nude in front of Henry. I thought about it for a moment, and then asked him if he’d mind. Of course not was his immediate reply, and then repeated the question back to me. No, in fact I quite liked the idea, though I’d heard photographers of nude models often wanted more than just to take photos. What would he think if it went further than photos? Well, he replied grinning, he’d leave that to me as I was my own person and knew I loved him so what would it matter?

Jon was odd that way, very different from other men who my girlfriends said were so possessive and got irritated when other men as much as looked at them. Why, I often mused to myself, they liked looking at them? Surely their husbands and boyfriends should be pleased other men found them attractive. It was a puzzle as men liked looking at other women!

Jon’s birthday was coming up and the week afterwards he had to go away for a month on business. Apparently the company had started negotiations with a company in China. So I was wracking my brains to think of something to get him as a going away present. There were obviously lots of things he could use like tools he could use at home but for travelling? I wanted something more personal, even intimate, when I recalled our conversation the week before about nude photographs. I could load them up onto his tablet and then he could see me naked any time he wanted and masturbate over my body. I could do them myself but I wanted something a bit better. As there was limited internet where he was going we wouldn’t always be able to Skype one another. Henry’s photos of me in my bikini were great and maybe he would do some more for me but a little more risqué.

It was Tuesday and I gathered up my courage and went next door to find Henry. As always, he was dressed in his overalls holding a paintbrush as he opened the door and greeted me with his usual smile. After saying hi he waved me inside, telling me to go through to the kitchen whilst he got rid of the paint brush. I walked though and stood for a moment waiting for him. He returned and asked me whether I’d like a drink. Maybe a stiff whisky I said as I felt I needed it. Why he asked? I felt myself blushing as I tried to think of the best way to ask him. I reminded him of the bikini photos, and asked him if he would do some more for me. Of course I will, he replied.

I went on to haltingly saying what I wanted was not quite like those and told him that Jon was going away and I’d like to give him something to remind him of me, something a bit more risqué. He had stared at me for a moment as if he was not sure he understood what I was saying.

I went on, to explain that Jon was going to China for work and there is limited internet there, so for his birthday I was going to give him some photos of me to please him when he was away. The ones of me in a bikini were so good, but these need to be a substitute for me being in bed with him.

Ah, Henry had smiled, those types of photos, adding of course he’d love to, though wouldn’t Jon mind? Not at all, I had replied adding that he is very open minded about that sort of thing. Leaving anything of that nature for me to decide never forcing me one way or the other.

He’s a very good man Mandy, Henry had exclaimed. And I had replied, that I knew, sometimes wondering what I had done, to deserve him and re-iterating that he really didn’t mind, and neither did I.

I faced Henry and told him that Jon liked looking at my body, it turned him on and I liked him looking at it as well knowing that it did. So it wasn’t a problem to give him something to enjoy, I knew he liked wanking, which I normally did for him.

Henry chuckled, and I had looked at him seriously for a moment and said to him that both Jon and I liked him and trusted him. Adding that he was a man like any man with male desires. I knew he like looking at my naked breasts, so if he liked what he saw when I’m posed completely naked for him and got an erection for him to feel free to play with himself.

Henry had looked a bit surprised and then chuckled saying Jon and I really were something, going on to ask when I wanted the photo done?

As soon as possible I had said, could we do them that very day?

I decided to use Henry’s place as he had a really nice place with great furniture and fittings. He told me to come back in about an hour as he had to get some things sorted out. Then he really said something that brought home what I wanted him to do, telling me to just wear a light coat, nothing else. In fact, he said to have a hot shower and just put on a bit of makeup, not too much and to bring something sexy to wear.

I remember leaving, my face still a bit flushed from talking about what I wanted doing.

I rummaged around in my underwear drawer and pulled out a thong, a small half bra, suspenders and stockings, and put them in a small case. Not sure what else to take I pulled out a little black dress that Jon Liked that was short and sexy, and put that on top of my undies. Sitting down I applied some makeup not that I wear much anyway, just a little eyeliner and light lippy.

I made myself a strong cup of coffee and sat down to read my emails. The clock anadolu yakası escort quickly ticked by and before I could lose my nerve I was slipping out the front door, naked under my small light coat and walk next door to Henry house. The door was open, but I knocked anyway. Come in, I heard him from inside and I entered, he popped his head around the door to the lounge and, smiled as he saw me. I entered the lovely room with it stylish modern furniture and as he directed put my case on the table. He was changed from his overalls and now wore a T-shirt and shorts. He showed me where he would take the shots, by a white easy chair. He had moved it by the window but this time he also had other studio lights making the place look very professional.

You must have done this thing in the past? I asked him, to which he replied that he had spent some time as a professional photographer. Oh that explains it, I mused, as he looked down at a camera he was fixing onto a tripod.

He opened my case and held out my stuff, commenting approvingly, say that these should be fine, as we’d do a sort of strip sequence.

We stood there a moment, before he looked at me and said that we should get started. He explained we’d do nude shots first as I was already nice and smooth and then dress me up. He pointed to a chair by a table and told me to get undressed. I walked over, and with nervous fingers undid the few buttons and slid my only protection off and stood naked. I turned and saw me completely naked for the first time.

You’re lovely Mandy, he said adding he liked it that I hadn’t completely shaved down there, pointing to my pussy. He directed me over to the window and for the next few minutes took photos of me standing in various poses.

To start with I was a bit stiff but Henry slowly got me to relax and I started to enjoy the feeling of exposing myself. He kept reminding me to think of Jon as I posed which helped and I could feel myself getting into the mood. He was very easy to work with explaining what he wanted. We moved to the chair and we did what I suppose what could be called modest poses, but slowly they became more intimate as my legs parted and my cunt was in brought into full view.

Henry stopped photographing and asked me as he looked down at himself if I’d mind him getting a bit more comfortable, I could see the front of his shorts were being pressed outwards. He went on to explain that he’d taken a little helper when he knew I wouldn’t mind him looking at me and getting erect.

I said, no problem and to go ahead as I got myself comfortable in the chair my legs apart and drawn up over the chair arms. I was slowly stroking my exposed cunt when I looked up to find Henry standing next to me naked, his erect cock poking directly at me. The shaft was long and pale in the light, though the head was purple and well ridged. I smiled to reassure him I didn’t mind a bit.

He watched me as he held the camera with one hand whilst the other stroked along his shaft. Maybe he said we could get some more action shots and told me to open my labia and show him my clit and vagina as he knelt down in front of me barely a meter away from my genitals.

The camera clicked as he directed me to stroke myself around my cunt and then to push a finger inside then two. I must admit it was starting to turn me on as my fingers caressed my sensitive spots. And I could see him also stroking his sensitive spot though it was limited to his cock. He then got me to change position getting me to kneel on the chair, legs apart. Facing away my cunt and anus were in full view. I stroked my labia running my finger up my slit to my anus.

He stopped shooting and stood up and he walked around stroking his cock, before he put the camera down and turned to me and suggested we changed the camera for a video and I thought that was a good idea then Jon could see me in motion. It was not long before the video was sitting on the tripod and I was once more the focus of action. I sat facing him once more my legs wide apart. This time he suggested I really work at getting Jon excited and even maybe myself. I didn’t take much encouragement, my nipples were hard under the tips of my fingers as I caressed them, before sliding down my body to touch the tip of my clit full aroused above my gaping lips. Henry left the video to record and came closer out of frame to the side and his hands really worked on his cock. Henry told me to take my time remembering that this was for Jon, so I worked on slowly caressing my body before returning to my clit and cunt.

I knew I was getting close as my breathing got deeper and more ragged, and then my body reacted to my ministrations. I was gasping, the fingers of one hand now inside my vagina and my other fingers squeezing my nipples. My eyes closed as I came, my body heaving as my breathing rasped in my throat, it was wonderful.

Henry also chose to cum then, his hand grasping his cock as semen pulsed out the top, caught by his hand. I opened my eyes and grinned up at Henry, he chuckled and went on to say that once he would have shot all over me but now, well no matter he’d certainly enjoyed that and asked if I had as well.

I smiled and told him it was lovely and knew ataşehir escort Jon would love it. Henry wiped his cock on a hanky and said for me to take a short break and then we’d shoot some with me dressed, as a lead up, as men like their women to tantalize them before revealing themselves fully. I briefly exited and found a flannel and towel in Henry’s bathroom to wipe my cunt that was still wet.

I seemed almost surreal as we stood naked after the sexual excitement of a short time ago drinking some mineral water. His body had aged but I could see the young Henry under the wrinkled body and surprised myself by not worrying about it.

For the next couple of hours, we shot all kinds of shots with me dressed in different clothes and teasing Jon, a flash of a nipple here and a bit of cunt there. It was great, I really enjoyed it.

We finished with me wearing suspenders and stockings and nothing else. Henry turned off the lights and asked me if I wanted something to eat as it was past lunchtime. I was certainly feeling peckish after the exciting morning so I said fine and Henry left to knock up something. I started to pull on my dress when I thought what the hell it was a beautiful summer’s day and it was lovely being naked. I walked out into the kitchen and Henry was stirring some eggs in a bowl. He had replaced his shorts and turned as I came in. His smile greeted me as he once more scanned my naked body. Didn’t I want to get dressed he asked to which I replied that I was fine if it was OK with him. He chuckled and that was enough.

Jon left for China that week and before he went, I gave him the USB stick that I had encrypted, and told him it was for him when he got lonely. The password was my vital statistics; I thought it best to encrypt it in case it was confiscated. He could always say he couldn’t remember the password.

It was a fortnight later that Jon managed to phone, after the usual long time no see conversation, I asked if he had found the need to check out the treat I had given him. He chuckled and said it was great saying it just hit the spot, I could tell he did not want to talk explicitly about it as the phone might not be completely private. I asked if he minded that Henry was there, and he said of course not as it was up to me and didn’t affect us in any way at all. He even hinted that something tastier would be appreciated as they did receive internal mail couriered over here, so I could drop it in at work and they would forward it. We chatted some more before he said he had to go saying he loved me and all that mushy stuff. He did hint that he might be away a bit longer, as the task was a bit trickier than they had estimated for.

I was a bit teary when he rang off but was pleased to know at least he had something to remember me by. Later that day I popped over to Henry’s place with some cake I had made. He was as always pottering about in his overalls and smiled as I walked in. I told him that Jon had appreciated the shots and video, which made him comment he should hope so, which made us both laugh. We chatted amiably for a while about this and that before I returned to the photo shooting he did.

I mentioned that Jon could be away for a while and I stammered he might like some more maybe even more interesting. Henry looked at me and then surprised me by explaining that many years ago he had been a photographer for a pornography supplier. I chuckled saying that was why he was so good at the photography. He smiled saying you didn’t need to be that good to photograph pussy, but it did teach him something. Some girls just loved it whilst others hated it. He then implied that I seemed to like being photographed that way. After a pause thinking about it I said I did. Also Jon had mentioned he had a fantasy where he would “show “me off to other men.

Henry looked at me thoughtfully and asked if I liked men looking at me that way, or rather my body, sexually. He asked me if I’d like to show myself naked to strangers. I hesitated not sure whether I should reveal any of my own fantasies, but thought what the hell, what did I have to hide? Yes, I said I did, and went on to admit that I was fairly highly sexed and often needed to release my tensions. He asked me how I felt, to which I replied that it made me feel good knowing men are getting off on my body, even turning me on a bit. What about handling me, no sex just fondling my body and how Jon would feel about it. I replied that I had no problem with being fondled and Jon fantasized about showing me off, but had never talked about anything further, though as long as it was just fondling he’d probably be ok and definitely turned on. Anything further I would have to ask him.

Henry went on to say he had an old friend, George, who ran an exclusive gentleman’s club who would love to meet me. If I wanted, he could phone him and see if he would be interested in meeting me. I hesitated thinking it was one thing to show myself to Old Henry, but to other strangers, but then thought why not so I said Ok, go ahead. Henry picked up his phone and tried the number. There was a reply and Henry started to talk to his mate. I listened with interest as he explained a little about what we had talked about, and had to chuckle when I heard him ümraniye escort say I was well endowed. There were a few chuckles as they bantered a bit until he told George he would bring me along. He then asked if George was interested in using me, could he take some shots of me if his customers would let him. It sounded as if that would be OK. He rang off and explained about the place. It’s not a strip joint if that’s what I was thinking, you’d have to see what went on. I paused a moment, was this all going too far too fast, but then I thought Henry would be there to look after me and he did say it was a friend. I asked when and we decided it should be that night before I got cold feet.

At nine I walked over to Henry’s wearing as before just my light coat no bra or panties as he recommended, he told with a knowing smile and chuckle that they would provide all I needed to wear. He was smartly dressed and grabbing his keys we went out to his car. He asked if I had taken his suggestion as to what to wear, to which I grinning I answered by briefly opened the top of my coat to reveal a naked breast, he laughed and we were off. The place was in the smart end of town and we parked in a car park in front of the building before walking over to a large door in front of which stood two big men in bellman’s uniforms. One recognized Henry and they talked briefly, Henry mentioned that George was expecting us and we were ushered in.

We entered a luxurious foyer where a middle aged man turned and smiled as he walked towards us. He said hello to Henry as they shook hands before turning to me, asking if I was the lady he had phoned about, to which Henry replied I was, and introduced me to George. Henry turned to me and to my surprise said he would take my coat. After hesitating for a moment I unbuttoned the front and slipped it off to stand naked before this complete stranger. He looked me up and down, especially my breasts, turning me around to see my back and buttocks, lovely he said as he complimented me and said Henry always did have a good eye for a fine looking woman. He talked briefly to Henry before turning to me to explain what was expected of me. I was a hostess and was there to look pretty and smile at the customers. They might wish to hold or cuddle me but there was no sex in the main lounge, it was up to me if I wanted to go further. But if he understood Henry correctly, I was there to just enjoy myself and hopefully please his guests at the same time. I nodded, and he explained I would be paid but would have to be readied before I went into the lounge. OK, I agreed, feeling butterflies in my stomach as the clock ticked by with me standing in a strange place totally naked. He went over to the desk where a young woman dressed in a short frilly apron and transparent top that did little to hide the fact she wore no bra or panties was taking coats and told her to take me to the dressing rooms to be made ready; he would look after the desk. So within a few minutes of entering the place I was being whipped away. Henry told me later that I had a worried look but also a twinkle in my eye as all this went on.

Thirty minutes later I was walking into the lounge still totally naked apart from black high heels, now I understood Henry’s grin when he said they would dress me, they had, in heels. My my cunt and anus had been washed and douched, the girl had explained all the girls had to have this done so I had no choice. I walked down the five steps my breasts bobbing until I reached the main floor, I could feel many eyes on me as I walked before the twenty or so men who were standing or sitting around drinking. What was I thinking exposing my whole body freely to these strangers, though I could also feel a tingle in my loins?

I spotted Henry filming me and walked towards him. He put the camera down and told me I looked fabulous, saying I also had the biggest tits in the room. We stood there chatting before he told me to go and get him a drink. I turned and walked over to the bar and ordered a drink from another totally naked girl. As I waited I turned and faced the room, watching the other girls to see what they were doing. They were also naked and standing around just looking sexy and pretty as the men around them ogled their bodies as they chatted. I turned and after picking up the drink returned to Henry. We talked briefly before he took my arm and walked a few paces before introducing me to three men who had been standing looking at me and then asked whether they minded him taking some video shots of me with them, explaining that they were strictly for my benefit and would not be published. He did assure them he would blur their faces a little. They said fine as they stared at my tits before one stepped closer and put his arm around my naked waist before raising his hand up to cup my breast. Lovely he said to his friends one of whom ran his hand down my tummy before running his fingers between my legs and fondled my cunt. They asked whether I was new here as they had not seen me before to which I replied yes, this was my intro night. We talked a little more before they asked if I would be available upstairs to which I replied I’d have to see how the night worked out. They chatted a little longer as they fondled me before Henry led me to another group of men. And so the evening progressed with me being either videoed or photographed with several men. All were fascinated by my breasts and nipples that were rubbed fondled and squeezed through the night. I must admit it felt very strange to be the plaything of these well-dressed men, passed from one to another.

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