OLD WEST 6A ranch is a very busy place and when it,s time to brand calves all hands pitch in. Hank Mitchell was only a member of the team of Connelly ranch hands under boss Ted Koomins as they burnt the large “C” on the hide of the young a****ls. It was supposed to show who the cattle belonged to, but not always put off the thieves though cattle rustling was on the decrease in Dakota Territory now the law held a dim view on cattle rustling. Fortunately for the criminals getting lynched for stealing cattle rarely happened now though some of the older ranchers Didn,t like the new ideas as getting one,s neck stretched had been a pretty good deterrent, but realised they had to become more civilised if they expected to embrace statehood in this new exciting nation of America. It was a tiring day and everyone was relieved when the last calf was branded so they finished earlier than usual, the hands washing away the sweat and dirt at the large trough left to collect rain water and provide fresh drinking water for their mounts. Hank took his time as he exposed the ugly scar on the left side of his torso, a reminder of an old gunfight that almost cost him his life. He could still feel the pain as the slug gashedhis ribs just missing his heart by inches. Of course the man who put the bullet there had paid big time as Hank;s round had given him a new black eye between the normal two, The man dead long before his body hit the ground. Hank Wasn,t proud he,d killed men, but Dakota Territory in illegal bahis the 1870s was a dangerous time with the Lakota Sioux not very happy that the White man had intruded on their scared Black Hills and would raid white farms and ranches now and then in protest. Hank sympathised with the Sioux, But there was little he could do as the white man continued to treat them badly. Hank knew that eventually the lawlessness would be overcome, but it would take a while to tame this new nation, but in the mean time he would do his part. With a clean shirt and jeans on Hank headed for the main house passing the smoking Koomins on the way. “Did you know Tara Connelly is back home now?” Koomins asked. “No. Who,s she?” Hank lied. “Anne,s older sister. No doubt you,ll meet her soon! Don,t you go getting all manly with her! Stick to Annie as Tara belongs to me!” Koomins warned. “Thanks I,ll do that Ted!” “Just a friendly word of warning.” Koomins smiled a smile that held no warmth or friendliness as Hank moved on. When in the house Anne met him and guided him to where a stunning young woman sat on the porch swing. “Hank. This is my sister Tara I told you about.” Tara was indeed a beauty like her younger sister, about the same height five foot eight, green eyes to offset the flaming red hair, freckled face that Wasn,t over done, snub nose with tits as big as Anne’s, notbso slim waist with wide flaring hips not hidden by her fashionable skirt and long curvy legs. “Hello Hank. Annie’s, been telling illegal bahis siteleri me all about you.” Tara flashed a warm smile at him. “All good stuff I hope Ma,am.” He actually blushed under her naked scrutiny. “But Of course,! Thank you for saving her from that a****l Blacker!” “Only did what any decent soul would do in that situation. “ he explained. “Well thank you for doing it!’ They went in to supper arm in arm. After supper Anne took Hank aside. “Don,t want you to feel left out, but there,s lots of gossip Tara and I have got to catch up on. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow night, but can,t fuck with you tonight. You do understand don,t you?” “Sure Anne. It,s Okay. It,ll be so much better next time!” She kissed him and hurried away to chat to her big sister. Hank was annoyed in a way, but not that much. Hank Didn,t smoke much, but as he walked back toward the bunk house he went inside to collect his pipe and tobacco, then went behind the bunk house to smoke in peace. He walked down toward the small brook that meandered behind the bunk house and chicken house when he noticed two skim figures moving silently through the bushes near the brook and decided to see what or who they were and what they were up to. The figures approached the old play House that had been built years before forbthe c***dren, looked quickly around to see if they,d been seen, then entered. Hank crept silently up to the small building, noted a lantern had been switched on inside so cautiously canlı bahis siteleri peered through the one window at the side of the play house. Once his eyes adjusted he made out two female bodies laying on a bed inside, both totally naked. Tara was kneeling between Anne’s, legs eating her sweet pussy while Anne moved her pelvis against her big sister,s mouth. Hank was stunned at first, but soon felt his cock straining to be released so lowered his jeans, then began to stroke himself as he watched Tara make his girl friend climax noisily. Then it was Anne returning the favour and long before Tara groaned her release Hank shot his heavy load over the side of the building. Spurt after spurt blasted out till he was drained and could drag himself away from the window, the sisters now cuddling each other after their reunion. Hank crept back to the bunk house as the sisters made their way back to the main house. Hank was surprised at his feelings. He knew about lesbians, had once witnessed an orgy in a saloon where two women had eaten each other,s cunts and found that had turned him on a lot then, but knew that just because Anna and Tara ate pussy it Didn,t mean they were lesbians. After all he knew Anne loved to fuck with him and that she was no virgin either. Hank had never sucked a cock, but was curious to find out. He,d witnessed two friends who were drunk Suck each other off and swallow spunk yet he knew they loved to fuck women as much as any other man. That night he dreamt of Anne and Tara in bed with him and awoke with such a hard on he had to take himself to the out house and beat his meat and relieve himself with another heavy ejaculation. He wondered if he,d get a chance to fuck Both Sisters atvthe same time.TBC

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