Older is Better Ch. 01


This story is fictitious. It is totally a creation of my crazy mind. Therefore, any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, or fucktards is strictly coincidental. To all who are concerned, please note that the main character’s fictitious name has been altered, including the addition of his now very unique (I hope) middle name. Please read to enjoy, but not to believe!


My name is Chadwick Maryweatherperriwinkle Peters (I go by Chad) and I’m a seventeen year old junior in high school. It’s May 20th, a Friday, and the day before my 18th birthday. Actually, the day before ‘our’ birthday as my mother was born on the same date only eighteen years earlier. Something happened to mom during my birth so I’m an only child, not that bad of a deal as my parents seem to get me everything, even when I don’t ask them for it.

Dad is Charles Peters — don’t EVER call him ‘Chuck’ he is NOT a common person. Deep down I know he wishes he was a ‘Third’ just to add that addendum to his name. Personally, I think he’s an ass hole. No, actually I KNOW he is an ASS HOLE! I don’t know how my mother can stand being married to him! Must be the money he makes as he is concerned only with how much more money he will make today compared to yesterday! Jesus, there are tons of things much more important than money! Friends, family, good health, sanity for Christ’s sake! But not to my dad, just the never ending quest for MORE $$$$$!

Mom is Pamela Peters, the unfulfilled wife of a man with a one track mind. It’s not hard for me to know that she lives for me, her anchor on the storm tossed seas of an unhappy marriage. While my dad has let himself go, gaining weight nearly as fast as he does the all mighty dollar, mom has kept herself just as firm and beautiful as the day he met her; I’ve seen the pictures and she was HOT! Still is at a trim 113 pounds of 34C-24-36 spread over 61 inches. Soft blond hair and deep ocean blue eyes complete the package.

Mom doesn’t work, never has; CHARLES wouldn’t allow it. No wife of his will work! So she swims, plays tennis and golf, knows how to expertly play more card games than I can name! Oh, and she can make a wicked martini!

Dad is taking us out for our birthday dinner tomorrow so mom and I are spending my study day shopping for just the perfect dress for her to wear. I’m going to wear my pin-stripe navy blue suit, easy. We’ve been at this for FIVE fucking hours! This is nuts and I say, “Mom, face it, you have plenty of really great dresses at home and dad won’t even be there tomorrow night!”

“Of course he will, you know how important this is for him!” she countered.

“Yes I do, and like I said, he won’t be there!” We argued back and forth before I said, “I tell you what, mom, if he shows, even for a short while, I’ll be your slave for a day!”

“Before you say another word, I will NOT be YOUR slave!”

“Very funny, mom. Here’s the deal; if I am right, then we go without him as a couple, just you and me on a date!”

“Oh good grief, you don’t want your old mom as a date!”

“Why not? You are NOT old! You’re sexy as hell without even trying!” she tried to argue that but I wouldn’t let her. “You are smart, funny, a great conversationalist, oh yeah, did I mention that you are REALLY sexy?”

“Stop!” she squealed as she turned red and smiled. “Ooooooo, these look promising,” she said changing the subject back to the dress search. Soon I was outside the changing room as she tried on each one before she would step out for my opinion. God shopping with a woman is so tedious! Guys shop in what, twenty minutes tops! This is ALL fucking day to get a dress for a two hour meal! Thank god today was a teacher’s workshop day! I stepped away to look around and mom freaked out, insisting that I come inside the little cubicle so she could go faster.

“Look mom, it’ll be embarrassing to be in there while you change from one dress to another.”

“Nope, I’ll have my underwear on so it’s no different from being out by our swimming pool.” She’s mom, she won. I have to admit that being that close to a hot female in her sexy lacy underwear was NOT the same as being by the pool! “Okay, how’s this one?” mom asked bringing me out of daydream land.

She slowly turned around and I admired the light pink skintight dress with the low cleavage and the short skirt. My eyes came back up and I saw her bra boldly on her back where the dress scooped really low, nearly to her ass in fact. I whistled then said, “WOW! That is a knock out dress for a knock out woman! Too bad your bra shows so much!”

“What?” she said as she turned to look in the mirror. “Shit, can’t have that. Don’t peek, sweetie,” and she turned away before unsnapping her bra and quickly removing it. I was looking away, right into the mirror and saw the profile of each breast as she bared it to remove the offending bra. Once everything was back in place she said, “Okay, now how is it?”

I gave her a once over as she slowly turned around, then said, “Once more around mom, slower.” She did as I asked and ankara escort I was amazed when her nipples stood out like bullets through the dress. “Holy shit mom, if dad does show up, he’ll be ready to bang you before the appetizer is over!”

“Chad! You shouldn’t talk to me that way!” mom said blushing. “But, that would be nice for a change; it’s been quite a while since…never mind!” Mom blushed when she realized what she nearly said, then asked, “You really like it?”

“Good god mom, EVERY guy in the restaurant will be drooling over the sight of you in this dress! You will be so fucking hot! Oh my god, I love it!”

“Watch your language son!” she scolded me. “You really think it looks that good?”

“While trying to keep my comments clean, yes, the color looks great with your tan skin, and it shows off your incredible body to the max! If dad doesn’t show up, he’ll really be missing out!”

“Oh honey!” she said as she grabbed my face and gave me a super quick kiss on the lips. “I’ll get it, if not for your dad then for my birthday boy!” She again had me look away so I watched her reflection as she stripped off the dress and folded it before picking up her bra and struggling at getting it back in place. God what a view it was as I saw nearly every square inch of her in the mirrors!

“Here, you carry this one,” she said handing me the pink dress while she gathered up all the other ones to give back to the attendant. After buying the dress and a pair of matching thong panties that I talked her into, we headed home.

“Um, mom, about what you said in the changing room, today I’m a boy. But tomorrow I’ll be eighteen and a man. I’d…I’d prefer that you call me that from now on.”

“I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean anything derogatory by it, you’ll always be my little boy to me but I promise to start treating you like a man,” she replied. After patting my knee with her hand she said, “But I think you were peeking at me like a boy in the changing room. You sure got a good look at your old mom!”

“Hey, I can’t help it there are so many mirrors angled the way they are! At least I didn’t just look right at you and stare.”

“That’s true, you didn’t just stare at me like an…oh never mind,” she softly said. I gave her a look but didn’t push it by asking her to finish that sentence.

We returned home and I went in to start studying for next week’s final exams while mom started supper. While we ate mom gently asked, “Chad, how come you never go on dates with girls from school, you aren’t…um…er…”

“No mom, I’m not! It’s just that girls my age are so…so immature! It’s impossible to talk to them because they have nothing of value inside their heads. I mean it mom, I can have a much better conversation with this chair!”

“And you go on dates wanting to talk?”

“No, I don’t! It’s just that a girl being cute or even hot only goes so far! Once you get past that then they have nothing to offer me. Older is better, much better!”

“Just what does that mean, son?”

“Oh shit!” I said realizing what I had said. “I can relate much better with a mature woman than I can with girls my own age. Hell, girls in my class would have been interrupted by 100 or more text messages by now and would be giggling about nothing of substance.”

“So you prefer a woman of, well, my age?”

“Heck yeah, or even older sometimes.”

“Are you saying you have actually been with women my age and up?”

“Um…yes I have.”

“Who, do I know her, or them?”

“Jeez mom, that’s kind of personal! And I don’t want to betray them by ‘kissing and telling’, if you catch my drift.”

Mom looked at me for several seconds before asking, “You mean you’ve been um, intimate with some of them?”

“Okay, if you insist on going down this road, yes mom, I’ve fucked them!”


“Face it, that’s what you wanted to know!”

“But, you’re just a…I mean, what about Dawn down the street? I thought you really liked her a lot?” mom asked as I grinned at her. “NO! Not her mother! Not Jill, oh my god, no!”

“You had to ask mom, and don’t get pissed at her! Dawn is a ditzy airhead who couldn’t figure her way out of an open paper bag. But her mother is hot, really sexy! She’s almost as hot as you are.”


“Stop denying that you are a grade-A MILF!”

“CHAD! Don’t say that about me!”

“The truth is the truth.” I merely said as she looked at her hands fidgeting on her lap.

Softly mom pushed on with, “Were there others? Do I know them? Do they know me?”

“There you go again!” I paused but she just waited so I said, “Yes, yes and yes! Well, most of them.”

“Oh god!”

“Please don’t ask for their names or who was better at this or that or how many times!”

“You mean you’ve been with some of them more than once?”

“Some of them, no.”

“ALL of them?”

“Yes, mother. This is really getting to be too much.”

“But Jill is married and…”

“Neither she nor I will tell her shit head of a husband. Hell, mom, he’s escort ankara a carbon copy of my dad! Don’t tell her I said this, and don’t get all weird on me, but I was leaving their house one day at the same time he walked in. I could smell the sex in the air and her pussy was full of my stuff. Jill told me he never even noticed! She was so pissed that she really did a number on me the next day!”

“Oh my god!”

“Look mom, she’s a hot, sexy woman with physical needs that Jess won’t quench. Somebody needs to and I was the lucky guy! Besides, I know I could take him in a fight!”

“But do you love her? Or any of them for that matter?”

“Good god no! I only love two women,” she looked at me anxiously, “and you are one of them. The other one is Grandma Philips (my mom’s widowed mother).”

Mom blushed at that before saying, “You’d better love me! And your Grandma is having a hard time coping with the death of your Grandfather.”

“It’s been three years!”

“Well, four actually. She’s lonely, but the worst thing is people keep taking advantage of her and keep ripping her off. If it keeps up she’ll be broke before she knows it.”

“Jesus, if I’d known I would have tried to help her out.”

“That’s really nice of you, I will let her know!” Mom looked at me for several seconds before saying, “Getting back to you and Jill…”

“No mother! We’re done discussing my exploits with other women! And don’t you dare mention this to anybody! All of them needed what I could give them! If they need me again I’ll be more than ready to help them…”


“Yes, I’m ‘helping’ them! And they all love it!” I abruptly stood up saying, “This discussion is over!” and left the room. We didn’t speak the rest of the night.


Dad was in the kitchen when I got up. “What’s with the suit, dad?” I asked considering it was only 6:45.

“I’m flying to Honduras in 90 minutes for an important meeting. I won’t be back until Thursday so I’ll need you to take good care of your mother for me.” I thought ‘I’d really like to take better care of her than you do’ but I just nodded my head. “Oh I almost forgot these,” and he handed me an American Express card and a set of keys. “Happy birthday son, it’s parked in the driveway.” Then he reached out and shook my hand before walking off leaving me speechless. JESUS! HE SHOOK MY FUCKING HAND! Thanks for caring, dad!

I put the card and the keys in my pocket and waited for him to return so we could go look at it. Moments later he stuck his head in and said, “Call to activate the card, it’s got the number on it. There’s no limit, I pay it when I pay my own. And I started the insurance on the car so it’s good to drive! The limo’s here, so I’ll see you later! Have a happy birthday, son.” He didn’t say it like he meant it.

An hour later Mom came out wearing her nearly see-through nightgown and a sheer robe over it. I gave her a wolf whistle and she glared at me as she sleepily asked “Where’s your dad?”

“You’re kidding right?” I asked before going on, “Oh shit, you DON’T know! Um, he is just now flying out to some meeting in Honduras, said he’ll be back on Thursday!”

“That fucking shit head!”

“Exactly! But hey, tonight is on him,” I said pulling the card and keys from my pocket.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, I was waiting for you to come outside with me. Come on.” We walked outside and found a brand new top of the line fire red Corvette sitting there with a bow on it. “Nice. I get this, a piece of plastic and a hand shake. WOW!”

Mom gave me a firm, long hug as we both told each other “happy birthday”. Finally she let me loose and said, “Well, I guess you win so I’ll be your date for the evening, my handsome young man!”

“I’m sorry to say that ‘I told you so’ but…I told you so! Now mother, for some rules for our date,” I said as mom winced at the word ‘rules’. “First, you will not be my mom; you will be Pam or Pamela. Second, I will not be your son, I will be Chad! Neither of us will mention our relationship. Do you agree so far?”

“Um…yes Chad.”

“Good, third, once we leave the house neither of us will mention Chuck’s name (Mom really laughed at that) and fourth, other than the first three there will be no rules! Agreed?”

“Ooooo, I love a man that knows how to take charge! Yes, I agree completely, Chad!”

“Good, now what does this card say?” I said as I saw the card tucked under the bow on the car hood. “Oh, the car was from both of you! Thanks mom, Pam,” I said as I stepped up to her and gave her a huge hug, my hands ending up on her ass cheeks as we pressed our bodies together. My hands slid up her back and then lifted her face to mine before I gave her a soft kiss on her lips. It wasn’t a hurried quick kiss, rather a long and gentle one.

After breaking the kiss I took her hand and walked her inside before saying, “Mom, I’ll meet you in your bedroom! I have to get your present!”

As I walked off mom softly said, “No rules,” before she headed to her room. I got there just ankara escort bayan a few seconds after she did and stepped right up to her, not stopping until we were less than a foot apart.

She looked up at me nervously before I pulled the small gift wrapped box from behind my back and held it out saying, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I know! I love you Pamela!” I leaned in and gave her another brief kiss on her lips which she actually returned to me, unlike the first one where she just stayed in contact with me.

I watched her eyes light up when she saw the box was from the most prestigious Jewelry store in town, then as she slowly opened the purple box her eyes grew HUGE as she squealed and took out the long strand pearl necklace. “Oh my god Chad, I’ve always wanted one of these but your dad would never get me one! Oh thank you, Chad!” and my mom pulled me into her arms and hugged me tighter than she ever had, her barely covered breasts digging into my chest. Again my hands dropped to her rear and squeezed her ass as I pulled our hips even tighter together!

This time it was my mom who lifted her lips to mine and kissed me, her tongue slightly entering my mouth and just touching me own. Slowly she pushed away from me as she blushed before saying, “Oh Chad, you’ve made me so happy! How could you know I wanted these? How could you afford such an extravagant gift?”

“Oh Pamela, I’ve heard you rave about other women’s pearls so many times, only a fool would miss it! I finally gave up on Chuck getting it for you so I did it. And I used my own money that I earned doing odd jobs around the neighborhood.”

“I won’t ask what sort of jobs they were, but the pearls are simply lovely! They will look awesome with my new dress tonight. Oh thank you SO much!” mom exclaimed as she hugged me tight once more and gave me a slightly deeper kiss — this time her tongue was nearly all the way inside my mouth! It was quite a kiss and when we parted her eyes went instantly to my crotch where my 8 inch cock was trying to make a tent in my shorts.

I stepped back as we were both embarrassed by my reaction to her kiss. “Okay, you scram now! I have lots to do to get ready for my date tonight with the best man in town!”

“I’m going to make us some breakfast and then you can do everything you want to in order to get ready for tonight. However, you need to know that no matter what you wear, no matter how you do your hair, you are the most beautiful woman in the state! I love you Pamela!”

“Oh Chad, I love you too!” Then I backed out of her bedroom transfixed by the sight of her in her nearly see through nightgown and robe. My god she looked so hot!

I fixed a breakfast of sausage patties, scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and coffee, surprised that Pamela walked into the room just as I was ready to call for her. She raved about my kitchen skills and ate a bigger breakfast than I could ever remember. After another hug and kiss mom was off to get her hair, nails and whatever fixed for tonight’s date.

While she was gone I called the high class restaurant where my dad had made the reservations. I gave them my last name and the manager was on the phone instantly saying, “Yes Mr. Peters, what may I do for you!” I told him to change the reservation from three people to two and to make certain that we got their best secluded intimate table. “Absolutely Mr. Peters, it shall be my pleasure to make certain you are most satisfied! Would there be anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes, when we arrive I do not want to wait for our table!”

“Absolutely, it will be ready for you, sir! We will seat you immediately on your arrival!” I thanked him and hung up the phone laughing that being my dad’s son did have some benefits. Then I took a short drive in my new car before taking it home and giving it a good wash and wax.

Six hours later mom called to tell me she was on her way home, and I was not to peak at her. She wanted me to be surprised later when she was ready. I was a gentleman and stayed in my room until she called out that I could come out of my room but I still mustn’t peek. I was ready to go in my suit and had been pacing as I waited for my mom to be ready when she called to me. “Chad, honey, please come help me! I can’t get this right!”

I slowly opened her door and beheld the most incredibly beautiful creature on earth. I whistled but she took my breath away so it was a lousy one. She had the pearls in one hand and was trying to clasp the dress behind her neck and she looked at me with a helpless face saying, “Can you do my dress?”

“Sure Pamela,” I said as I stepped towards her. Just before I reached her the two ends of her dress straps slipped from her fingers and dropped leaving her naked from the waist up. She gasped and nearly dropped the pearls as she tried to gather up her dress. “Pamela, let me do it!” I said authoritatively and she smiled at me as her hands slowly went to her sides. Stepping up to her I said, “You look so beautiful, Pamela, you always do. But tonight you look positively stunning!” As I slipped her dress back up the backs of my hands softly dragged across her nipples causing her to gasp as her body shook lightly. I reached around her, our bodies nearly touching and fastened her dress on the back of her neck.

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