Older Man Addiction


John was my Father’s best friend, but if Dad knew what was happening he would have killed first John, then probably me. But I couldn’t help it; I knew it was wrong, and truth be told, that was part of the appeal. But John had me mesmerised. And that big, thick cock…mmm. I was nineteen, and he was…well, much older.

Our first kiss was on his doorstep, and it was electric. He was passionate and his kiss lingered warm, rocking me to my core,. John worked out and when he wrapped those big arms around me and lifted me slightly off the ground I could feel his solid muscles through his shirt. This was a man; I had I only ever been with boys, and I was smitten. I was also suddenly wet, and rabidly horny.

We continued to kiss all the way inside before tumbling down onto his bed. He was on top of me, his full weight positioned between my legs, moving back and forward, and I was consumed by lust. I took his head in my hands and guided his mouth towards my breasts, yanking down my top at the same time to reveal my hard nipples. I loved having my boobs sucked hard, loved having my nipples nibbled and lightly bitten, loved the feeling of calloused hands gripping them and squeezing them. Hard. Harder.

I pushed him up and took my top completely off, laying my pert breasts bare for his admiring stare. Then I kicked off my shoes, and unbuttoned my pants, slowly pulling them down to leave illegal bahis nothing but a thin pair of panties to cover my modesty. Then…fuck the tease, they were off as well. This guy wanted me so badly, he wanted to devour me, I could see it in his eyes, why put up any barriers. I wanted to let him loose.

I laid back on his bed, totally naked, and spread my legs for him. I touched myself lightly, one hand stroking my nipples while my other worked its way down to massage my clit. John was still standing there, a little smile on his face. The fact he was taking his time was driving me even wilder.

“John, get your mouth on me now!” I finally demanded.

In he came, burying his face between my legs, the oral pressure on my pussy was just insane. His tongue lapped at my clit and then buried itself inside of me, working its way around, thumping my G-spot in ways I thought impossible. He was a hungry man, and my previously under-appreciated pussy was on his menu. For twenty five minutes he stayed there, giving me the hottest head humanely possible. I stopped counting my orgasms after the third one, and instead just bucked and groaned like I was in one continuous state of cumming.

When he stood up I was exhausted, but I was also keen for what needed to inevitably come next. I had felt the bulge in his pants when he was laying on top of me, but I had no idea what was creating illegal bahis siteleri it. John took of his top revealing a hard man’s body crafted by a lifetime of experience. His chest was large and full, and his arms were thick with strong veins running through them. The slight bulge around his middle was irrelevent and just provided evidence of a life well led. But when he dropped his pants…

His cock was fucking huge, not just in length but in girth as well. It was the most beautiful, hypnotic thing I had ever seen. It was as thick as my wrist! I was overcome by cocklust and sat up on the edge on the bed and took it down my throat as far as I could til I could barely breath. In and out, tongue tickling the tip, my hand squeezing his balls, and I was completely in love with this cock. I took it out of my mouth to examine it, stroke it across my cheeks, kiss the entire length up and down and then lifted it up to take his balls in my mouth, sucking constantly. I felt my jaw lock a few times through the effort but I didn’t care.

But I needed to fuck this monster. If I could, and I wasn’t sure I could, but I knew I wanted to try. It was so much bigger than any other cock I had ever had. I laid back once again and opened my legs, wiggling a finger to invite him down and in. He put the tip at my entrance and slowly pushed forward…ahh! It was agony for a few seconds, but canlı bahis siteleri then the pleasure started, that feeling of being completely filled and the friction was scintillating.

He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and started to fuck me, hard, increasing his pace in synch with my moans, staring me straight in the eye. I urged him on as I came once again, convulsions rushing through my body, a blood curdling “yessss!” rushing from my lips.

He then took one leg and flipped it across my body, the momentum twisting me so that suddenly I was on my side, and then flat on my face, his cock never leaving me as I bit into the bed sheets to stop myself swearing and hollaring from the pleasure I was experiencing. John’s full weight was on top of me, his cock feeling so deep inside of me, I felt like I was going to pass out from the wanton excitement. Sweat poured from my forehead and electricity was shooting from my pussy all through my body.

Suddenly I felt John thrust extra hard, and then the warm tickle from deep in my pussy as his cum exploded from the tip of that massive cock against my innermost walls. He collapsed on top of me, and I was hooked on older guys and big cocks from that moment.

I would tell my girlfriends later on the joys of being with a much older man. It was something I would recommend they all try, not just for the benefits of their greater experience or the different feels of their bodies, but because their pleasure is your pleasure. They want to deliver as much ecstasy to you as they can, and consider it even more of a priority then their own orgasm. It was fantastic, and I was an instant addict.

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