Older man fantasy


Older man fantasyI had been speaking with Michael for about 2 weeks on Fab. He explained his wife Cathriona had told him how her fantasy started about 26 years ago when she was still in college and living in a small cramped student flat.She couldn’t pay her rent and her landlord had phoned her demanding payment which she didn’t have.He lived in the flat above and said he would drop down, and if she didn’t have it he would start throwing out her belongings there and then.You wouldn’t get away with that today , but this was over 20 years ago. Cathriona told him she was just out of the the shower and he would have to wait for her to get dressed so could he wait at least 10 or 15 minutes. He had hung up without answering but less than a minute later he was banging on her door.She shouted out he would have to wait but he shouted back if she didn’t open the door now he would go upstairs and get the spare key and things would be a lot worse.She opened the door and let him in.He was older than her dad, probably mid 60s. He was wearing overalls that he used when doing repairs to the many cramped flats he rented out.She was covered by a large bath towel but felt naked, especially as he openly looked her up and down.He told her pay up the 100 quid you owe or I’ll start throwing your belongings in the hall.She had replied she only had 30 pounds and he told her to get it.It was in an old cigar box on top of a small brown old fashioned display cabinet.She walked over ,barefoot,and naked under her towel.She started to reach up and felt her towel rise up.Shes said I can’t get it would you reach up and get it for me. He sat down in the large single seat sofa chair, smiled,and said you get it.She reached up and again felt the towel rise.I can’t she said, her head turning toward him, a tear appearing and falling down her face.I said you get he said, in a very dominant voice,or I’ll throw you out now, as you are.So she raised her hands and she felt her towel raise up even more than before, exposing her small pert arse. She turned around, tears flowing freely, and opened the box,retrieved the money and threw it at him.It fell on the floor and he shouted at her to pick it up or you’ll be outside the flat in 10 seconds.She did as she was told and put it in front of him.He was rubbing himself and although she was disgusted, and she was angry, she was excited.Knowing this man wanted her.She told him if he thought she was going to have sex with him he was sadly mistaken.Then it was his turn to look sad.He said if he was able to have sex he would have suggested it already. He said although he really wanted to,he couldn’t. She looked at where he was rubbing himself, but he wasn’t rising illegal bahis to the occasion.He told her if she dropped the towel and gave him a long sexy kiss, he would let her her off with the other 70.She stared at him for a few seconds and dropped the towel.He groaned and she walked over to him.She bent forward, her small tits barely moving.She kissed him hard.He was unshaven,and he needed a shower.He reached up and caressed her left tit and kissed her back.He was a terrible kisser.Too wet, too rough.She loved it ! She felt his hand move to her pussy and he soon brought her to orgasm.But he couldn’t give her what she wanted.Cock. Hard cock.She told Michael that she missed her rent twice more after that, and paid in kind.But he lost interest as he couldn’t fuck her and wanted cash for his cheap lager that he drank too much, which probably didn’t help his little problem.She finished college soon after and met her husband to be,Michael,who was 8 years her senior.But she preferred older men. And that was where I came in….So I had been talking to Michael and he explained what he wanted me to do.He told me he would be present, watching everything, and may or may not join in, but if he did, it would be with his wife, and definitely not with me.Well that was exactly what I wanted too.i did love a threesome as it happened.And if it was with a hot mid 40’s woman, well perfect.He said if Cathriona changed her mind I was to stop immediately and respect her opinion. I agreed of course.I was worried though.I had seen Michael’s pictures on fab.He was almost ten years younger than me and looked like he worked out. I was older and grey and a little pudgy to be honest. He said that I was exactly what they wanted. He said that they had been on the swinger site for just over a year and had met 3 other couples so far.All young and sexy, but eventually Cathriona had told Michael about her college fun, and said she wanted an older guy, 60’s, just like all those years ago, but this time with a working cock..Well I was 61, grey, and my cock worked just fine thank you very much.Even if most of the fun I had these days was sitting at a computer.But at least my cock worked just fine, every time……So I turned up at a little after 10 on a Saturday night. I was nervous as hell even though this wasn’t my first time to meet a couple. The house was huge, detached, and in a very nice estate. I had been told to park in the driveway though. Not like a couple I met before who insisted I park around the corner.Michael opened the door and he welcomed me in with a firm handshake.Not too soft which I hate, and not too hard which some guys do,as if showing how tough or strong they are.Just illegal bahis siteleri firm, and warm I guess.He thanked me for coming. I told him I should be thanking him.He laughed and brought me in and told me from now, unless I’m told different, he was to be totally ignored as if he wasn’t there.We walked past 2 sitting rooms and into a stylish kitchen . Cathriona was there, hair wet, with just a towel around her. Oh hi she said.Sorry I’m just out of the shower.The washing machine is playing up, could you have a look at it please. Em sure I said, that’s why I’m here.I had an old tool box with me as planned .I had no plumbing tools though.Just a hammer,some screwdrivers,typical diy tools that all men have. But I was playing a role.I turned and saw Michael was sitting in a single seat armchair.It wasn’t old and tatty though,it was leather. I guessed it was part of a set that probably cost more than I earned in a month.Maybe 2 months. He had a drink in a crystal glass in his left hand, and there was an almost full bottle of Southern Comfort on a little marble table beside him. The table looked old and expensive, maybe Italian. In his right hand he had his cock ! It was already hard, and it was at least 7 inches,maybe even 8 inches, and thicker than mine which was a very respectable 6 inches long.He was stroking it slowly, so he wouldn’t cum I realized .He knew there was still some fun to be had….Cathriona put her hand on my head, turning it toward her.She told me that we were alone, and that was the rule.I apologized,and decided to ignore Michael and pay more attention to his sexy wife as agreed.I bent down and stared at the washing machine wondering how to escalate our fun. Cathriona suggested the problem may be actually under the sink and suggested I had a look there.I said ok and stuck my head inside a little press, under her sink.I was looking at her red painted nails on her sexy feet when she turned the tap on suddenly, soaking me. What the fuck I said.She laughed and said damn, this is the last dry towel, indicating what she was basically wearing.Come with me she said, taking me by the hand up the stairs, and into a bedroom. Here she said, handing me a sleep mask to cover my eyes. I was aware Michael had followed us up and just as I covered my eyes, I say him sitting on a chair by a dressing table, and he was now naked.I felt Cathriona dry my hair, and she said let’s get you out of these wet clothes. She opened my one piece overalls and slid them down. I stepped out of them, and I was naked beneath as planned earlier with her. She gently manoeuvre me on to the bed, naked except for a pair of old work boots.I thought you would have been rock hard canlı bahis siteleri she said, disappointment in her voice. Before I could respond I felt a wetness engulf my flaccid cock.I had never had someone’s mouth on my cock when soft. Would anything happen I wondered. She flicked the end of my cock with her tongue, and again, and again.It twitched with interest. She licked it. She sucked it. Suddenly I wasn’t soft anymore. I was at least semi hard, and growing harder. Well done old son I thought.I felt her hand rub my grey covered balls, felt her squeeze them. I was rock hard.Then she climbed on me. Astride me and facing me. My cock slid easily into her soaking wet pussy. I gasped and heard her gasp too, both of us excited.And I heard a gasp from the back of the room too.You filthy pig she said. You should be ashamed of yourself. She fucked me as she said this. She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits.You a****l she said as she fucked me harder…She leaned forward and stuck her tit in my mouth.I bit and sucked it hard.I couldn’t hold back any more and shot my cum into her thrusting pussy.I cried out in ecstasy.Yes,yes she cried out, fill me with your old man cum. I wasn’t insulted. I had just had my best orgasm in years.She climbed off me and I went to remove the mask from my eyes.She slapped my hand and told me not to move.She told me it was time to get me cleaned up first.I felt her mouth on my cock again, licking and sucking. I was still semi hard. Usually I wouldn’t be truly hard for 24 hours.I felt her lick a pool of cum from my belly.She moaned in pleasure as she did this. Then I herd her gasp. Her hands where on my thighs.From the vibrations I knew Michael was fucking her. He lasted less time than I did, no doubt incredibly excited by watching her fuck me.She put her hand on my cock and kissed the tip.She thanked me for amazing sex.I told her I should be thanking her.Her hand was still on my cock, still wet with her juices and my cum.She moved my cock up and down slowly.I removed my mask and this time she let me.She was leaning on my thighs still.Her beautiful small pert tits hanging down.What a beautiful sexy sight.I saw Michael had finished dressing.Suddenly, and loudly Cathriona shouted, “Clean me up,”. I froze.I wasn’t up for this. But as she continued stroking my now hard cock, Michael dropped to his knees and approached his wife from behind.He licked her swollen pussy. Cathriona smiled with pleasure. I couldn’t believe the incredible scene in front of me.After a minute she was close to cumming she quickened her pace. Then she came loudly,and so did I, my cum landed over her hand. She smiled at me and licked it clean.Her eyes never left mine.Afterwards we all dressed and Michael led me to the door.He told me next time we could maybe spitroast Cathriona if I wanted. Next time ? If I wanted ?He waved and said Happy New Year. I waved back and thought yes, it probably would be.

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