ON DISPLAY PART 1On Display Part 1 linemstr@aol.comKim was a senior vice-president of a stock brokerage firm inNew York City. She had attained such a high position in part byplaying the part of the consummate, castrating bitch. No one inthe office had been able to successfully challenge her. One thingwas certain, she did NOT get where she was by sleeping her way tothe top. She was determined to make herself successful by usingher brains, not her body, although her body WAS gorgeous. She wasenvied by every woman in the office and was the unsuccessful lustobject of virtually every man in the office. She usually dressed very conservatively, wanting to make thepoint that, although she had numerous assets, they were not to beconsidered in the business world. Her assets were, however,difficult to ignore. She was medium build, about 5’5″, 120 lbs,about 35-22-35, with legs far longer than anyone deserved–andmagnificently tapered to small ankles which were usually atop atleast 3″ heels. When she walked, her long, blond hair swishedside-to-side to match her hips. Her breasts were large and wellformed. Although they were large, they did not dangle downward. They pointed almost straight out from her body with only theslightest downward direction. Her areolae were silver-dollarsized, and her nipples were large to match. The nipples and areolahad an accentuated contour of their own, and gently rounded outaway from the rest of the gentle curve of her breasts. She wasVERY PROUD of her magnificent breasts. She considered these thebest of a number of her tremendous assets. She ALWAYS wore a bra!! However, Kim was bored. She longed for a secret change in herlife. She was tired of being the bossy bitch, but wanted to remainin control of her business life. Her solution was to advertise inthe Village Voice for a “master” to take control of her personallife, but not her professional life. She wanted to be secretlydominated, but under her conditions, of course. About a week after placing the ad, she received a call at theoffice from a man who called himself “WHIP.” She reluctantly tookthe call, to find that he was answering her ad. She was excited,but concerned about how he could call her at istanbul escort work when her ad onlylisted her home number. “Don’t concern yourself with trivia! If you want to do my bidding, you do not question my methods! It should prove to youthat I know who you are, and have means at my disposal to observeyou at all times. From now on, it is not your role to question,merely to obey! You will receive a package today at the office. While still in your office, you are to remove all your clothingincluding your pantyhose and underwear, and put on what is in thepackage. You may then put back on the beige heels you now wear,but nothing else! NO BRA, NO PANTYHOSE, NO PANTIES–NOTHING!! Inside the box will also be a set of instructions as to what youare to do next. Do EXACTLY what the instructions say. I will beobserving you. If you do not follow the instructions, you willnever hear from me again!” He hung up. Kim was both angered and excited. She realized that herpanties were soaked before the conversation ended. It was about10:30 a.m. She waited expectantly. The box arrived shortly before 11:00. Kim accepted the boxamid the questioning glances of her co-workers, went into heroffice, and shut the door and blinds covering the windows whichlooked out into the general office area. Inside the box was asimple beige dress. It was made totally of chiffon. The top wasa halter style, the waist was tight-fitting, and the bottom wasfull and flowing–and it was short–VERY SHORT!! Kim had neverworn anything like this before–certainly not to work! She locked the door and removed her clothing and underwear. The dress matched her 3″ heels perfectly, and fitted literally likea glove. The hem came to mid-thigh. It was long enough to coverher ass and pussy, but not by much. The halter top buttoned in theback of her neck, and the dress buttoned all the way from betweenthe twin pieces of layered chiffon which barely covered herbreasts, to the bottom of the skirt in front. Kim thought thisodd, but the dress was gorgeous, and looked like a million dollarson her. She looked like a billion dollars in it!! There were enoughlayers of chiffon avcılar escort on the top that she was covered, almost. Thehalter sides did not quite cover the curves of her breasts, andthere was a hint of darkness showing through where her nippleshugged the material. The dress dipped to the waist in back. Thebottom was similarly layered so that the outline of her hips wasvisible, but just barely. The 3″ heels added a tapering length toher legs that would give the impression graceful curves that endedwith the promise of ecstasy barely concealed by not quite enoughlayers of chiffon. Because her pussy was covered with truly blond hair, there wasno true giveaway that she was wearing nothing underneath–so longas she didn’t twirl or move fast or didn’t stand in front of awindow! Kim knew that she could only wear this dress in carefullyselected, private, concealed locations. She could never let anyoneshe worked with see her like this! She started to remove thedress, but remembered to look for the sheet of instructions. Shefound an envelope marked “Kim.” The instructions read:”You have elected to do my bidding. What you will do, youwill do because I decide it. It is involuntary on your part. Youhave no choice but to obey! You are to wear this dress in theoffice until 12:00 noon. You will carry on all your normalactivities until then. You will not do anything to hide your body. Your hands will remain at your sides when you walk. You will notcover your breasts or pussy at any time. When you sit, you willpull the skirt up in back so that your bare bottom will sit on thechair. You will let the skirt ride up to where ever it may whenyou sit. At 12:00 you will leave the office. As you go out, youwill carry only your beige purse, and will leave by the path thattakes you along the large windows which look out onto 6th avenue. You will walk slowly, allowing everyone ample opportunity to admireyour charms. As you leave the building, you will take a cab to theMetropolitan Museum of Art. You will go directly to the HavermeyerCollection and rent a walking audio tour tape of the collection. You will view the collection and await further instructions. Remember–as şirinevler escort you leave, you never do anything to hide your charms. If the wind blows, you let your skirt do what it will. You do notavoid backlighting. As you sit, you must hike up your skirt andsit directly on the seat. You may place your legs together as yousit, but you never cross them.” Kim stood dumbfounded! This was not what she had bargainedfor! She was horrified at the humiliation she would feel bywearing the dress and parading around the office as she wascommanded–much less to go outside on the street–and not beallowed to cover herself! But more than anything, she was just asdetermined that no man would get the best of her. She would showhim! She was also secretly determined to fulfill her fantasy. Shepacked her work clothes and underwear in the box and stashed it inher closet. She resumed her work. Occasionally workers would knock at her door. On entering,they would be startled and stare momentarily, catch themselves, andstammer on about whatever it was they originally wanted–if theycould remember. Kim was both humiliated and excited. She soonrealized that her ability to remain seated most of the hour was oflittle comfort, because her desk top was glass. She soon found ituncomfortable to constantly hold her knees together, and shefrequently found the entering workers staring through the glass ather slightly parted thighs. Sitting as she was, her skirt wasriding high on her creamy thighs, and barely covered her pussy whenseated. She also realized that it was 12:00 noon and she wouldhave to stand and walk out of the office in front of a series oflarge windows and a staring office full of workers. As she got up,she realized the seat was wet. She was thankful that she wasn’tsitting on her skirt. Kim picked up her purse and left her office, locking the doorbehind her. She nervously strolled across the office to thewindows, turned, and walked slowly down the long rows of desks tothe elevators. She realized that the chiffon halter top didnothing to stop the lewd juggling and swaying of her magnificentbreasts as she swayed from side to side in her long strides. Likewise, the chiffon skirt swished from side to side, flipping upon the sides of her hips as they swayed. She did not look at theoffice workers, but was aware of a hush that came over the floor. She could feel the stares as the backlight from the windows showedher curves plainly under the chiffon top and skirt. She wasthankful she was a natural blonde!

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