On the Train with Girlfriend

Double Penetration

My name is Richard and I must tell you about an incident that happened to me and my daughter Alexandra. One Saturday we had been in town doing a bit of sex toy shopping in Ann Summers. We were on the train going home and by the time we were getting near our station the only people left in our carriage were us and two schoolgirls. They were in their uniforms, red blazers, white blouses, short grey skirts, white ankle socks and black shoes. They kept looking over at us and whispering and giggling to each other. Alexandra thought that she recognized them from near to where she stayed.

Eventually Alexandra asked them if there was something we could help them with. One of them said “We were wondering what you had in the Ann Summers bag”

“Have a look if you want”

Alexandra handed them the bag and they looked inside. We had bought Ben-wa balls and an anal probe. One of the girls said “the Ben-wa box is empty”

Alexandra smiled at them and said “I know”

One of the girls asked if Alexandra had them in and Alexandra replied that she had. To our astonishment she then asked what it felt like. Alexandra told her that it felt really good and that as she walked they made her pussy very wet. Even more amazingly the girl then asked if she could feel how wet Alexandra was. Alexandra looked at me and asked “what do you think”

“I’ve no objection but I would suggest we all go to yours rather than do it on the train. Anyway our station is next. Are you happy to do that girls?”

They both nodded and so when the train arrived at our station we all got off and got into Alexandra’s car.

I told them that my name was Richard and that my girlfriend’s name was Alexandra. They said their names were Stacey and Kim. I asked them their ages and they both said eighteen. Stacey said that she thought that I was Alexandra’s dad and I laughed and said That I supposed that most people must think that given that I am quite a bit older. I asked if the age difference bothered them and they replied that it didn’t. Quite a few of their friends parents who were split up or divorced seemed to be with younger partners.

Soon we arrived at Alexandra’s. I asked the girls if they were sure about this and they both replied that they were. We went in and Alexandra said that she was going upstairs to change. She suggested that I put on a DVD and get the girls a drink if they wanted while they were waiting. They both seemed keen on the idea and I suggested that I put on some porn to get us all in the mood. I asked if they had watched much and they both laughed and said that there was tons of it available on the net and they often watched it together. I put on a DVD and went to get them drinks. They both wanted vodka and coke so I was happy to oblige. I brought through the drinks and sat between them on the couch to watch the DVD. I asked them how much experience they both had. Stacey said that she had jerked a boy off and Kim said that she had been masturbated by one of the boys at school. So not really that much but they were both desperate to learn more. I told them that Alexandra and I would see what we could do.

About ten minutes later Alexandra called out for us to come upstairs. We all went upstairs to the bedroom and there on the bed sat Alexandra. She was wearing her Britney Spears skirt, her black waspie that shows off her breasts, suspender belt, black stockings and black high heels. Arranged on the bed were a variety of sex toys.

I asked the girls what they thought and they both replied that they were a little bit scared but a lot more excited. I suggested that they both undress and go and sit on the bed. They undressed and I noticed that they were both shaven. They told me that most girls did it because it felt better and all the boys loved it. I told them to go and kneel on either side of Alexandra. I asked them if they had ever kissed or touched a girl and they both replied that they had experimented with each other. They both said that they were desperate to lose their virginities.

Alexandra smiled and said “I take it you mean all your virginities?”

“Like what ” said Kim and whispered something in Stacey’s ear.

Stacey grinned and said “Do you mean our assholes and our mouths as well as our pussies?”

“That’s exactly what I mean” laughed Alexandra.

“Fuck yes please” said Kim and Stacey.

“Well, let’s get started then” said Alexandra.

I suggested that they each kissed one of Alexandra’s breasts and suck her hard nipples. They both giggled and looked at each other. As Stacey went to place her mouth around Alexandra’s left nipple Alexandra took the Ben-wa balls from her wet pussy and gave them to the girls to lick. Both girls really enjoyed the taste of Alexandra’s pussy and then Stacey started to suck on Alexandra’s hard left nipple. Then Kim did the same with her right nipple. While they kissed and caressed Alexandra’s breasts Alexandra used a bullet on her clit. Stacey asked what it felt like and when Alexandra suggested ataşehir escort she might want to try it she seemed very keen.

I suggested to Kim that she might like to try one of the vibrators. Both girls lay back and Alexandra put a dildo into Stacey’s pussy and started to use the bullet on her clit. Kim asked me if I was going to get naked before I joined them and Stacey nodded in agreement. While I was undressing, Kim put the vibrator inside her pussy and pressed the start button on it. She soon started to squirm with pleasure and both girls soon started to giggle and Stacey said that it was absolutely amazing having her pussy filled and her clit being worked.

I knelt between Kim’s legs and while I masturbated her pussy and ass-hole I started to lick her out. It only took a few minutes of this before Kim cried out as she climaxed. Alexandra soon had Stacey cumming as well and after we had made them cum again Stacey and Kim both said that this had been the most incredible experiences they had ever had. Alexandra told them that this was just the start and that even better was to come.

I lay back on the bed and Alexandra told Stacey to straddle my face and let me put my tongue in her wet cunt. Then she got Kim to kneel over me and Alexandra took my cock and eased it into Kim’s wet slit. Kim groaned and was soon riding my cock really hard while I licked Stacey’s cunt until both girls came. Alexandra was kneeling beside me fingering each of the girls’ clits while she kissed them and after they had cum again she got them to swap positions so that I could eat Kim and fuck Stacey. After they had both cum she knelt on the bed and asked the girls if they would like to sit back and play with themselves while they watched me fuck Alexandra in the ass. Both girls were extremely excited by the idea and Kim said that although she had seen it in a porn movie she was so turned on by being so close to it being done in front of her and Stacey agreed.

Alexandra then knelt on the bed with her head between Stacey’s legs and started to lick her out. I told Kim to straddle Stacey so that she could be licked out by Stacey. I stood beside them and Kim sucked my cock until I was very hard then I knelt behind Alexandra and slid my cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her hard then Alexandra groaned and told me to get my cock into her ass. Stacey and Kim both said that they wanted to watch me so they wriggled out from beneath Alexandra and sat beside me on the bed as I took my cock from Alexandra’s sopping wet cunt and eased my cock slowly and deeply into her ass-hole

“Fuck I would love to do this” said both girls as I fucked Alexandra. Kim started to caress Alexandra’s pussy as Stacey caressed my balls. Within I few moments I was ready to cum.

“Cum in my ass-hole” said Alexandra. I shot my hot cum into her and Alexandra put her fingers into her ass-hole and started to lick the cum from them. With a smile she looked at the girls and said “tastes delicious girls, you should try it”

Kim looked at Stacey and giggled. “Oh god I can’t believe I’m licking cum from a girls ass-hole but that is just so fucking arousing” “Christ I know” said Stacey,” can’t wait to have Richard’s cock in my ass too.

“I’m sure that can be arranged” laughed Alexandra.

Stacey said “We should really get home but we can come back later if that’s alright?”

“Absolutely” said Alexandra. “How about around half seven”

“We’ll see you then” said Kim.

That evening the doorbell rang and there were the two girls. They were dressed in cut-off shorts and black tights and were carrying little rucksacks.

“In you come girls” I said, “Alexandra’s upstairs getting dressed. She has some new stuff that she wants to try out. What’s in the rucksacks?”

“We brought a change of clothes too. We noticed that you like the slutty schoolgirl look so we brought our uniforms and some stocking and high heels. We’ll go upstairs and get changed too and we’ll let you know when we’re ready.”

“I can’t wait” I said.

“We can’t be too late” said Kim, “we have a meeting with the our form master to discuss which standard grades we are going to do. You don’t mind that we are only eighteen?”

“Well it’s not a problem for Alexandra and me so long as you two are happy”

“Fuck yes. I had to make myself cum before we came here I was so randy at the thought of what we are going to be doing” said Kim.

“Well I’ll see you in a few minutes” I said as the girls went upstairs.

About ten minutes later Alexandra called out for me to come upstairs.

I walked into the bedroom to find Alexandra and the girls standing waiting for me. Alexandra had on her red net dress, red fishnet stockings and her new seven and a half inch silver platform stilettos The girls were in their school uniform skirts, black stockings and high heeled platform shoes.

“I think you should get undressed” said Alexandra, ” I think we all need fucked, don’t we girls?

But before kadıköy escort we start I have an idea for some pre-fucking fun. Stacey, you and Kim put on your heels and go and wait for me in the bathroom. Richard and I will join you in a minute.”

Alexandra then got her anal douche kit and a tube of strawberry lube and holding my cock led me through to the bathroom.

“Richard you sit on the edge of the WC so that you can get a good view. Girls, stand side by side facing the wall and spread your legs and stick out your asses” said Alexandra.

She filled the anal douche with warm soapy water and starting with Stacey she slipped the nozzle of the douche into Stacey’s tight little asshole and gently squeezed the bulb sending a warm jet of soapy water into her.

“Keep your ass tightly shut Stacey while I do Kim now.”

“I know this is turning you on Richard so why don’t you play with your cock while I finger the girls assholes. I know they are already clean but I also know that this is an extreme turn on for you and me and from the look of the girls them too.”

“Oh fuck” said Stacey “I am so wet.”

“Me too” moaned Kim.

After a few minutes Alexandra led the girls to the bath and had them sit on the edge and release the soapy water from their assholes into the bath then she used the douche to rinse the soapy water from their assholes and after drying them off she said to me “Richard why don’t you lube the girls assholes and then I think we should go through to the bedroom and I can fuck my ass with a dildo while you fuck the girls assholes with your cock. Would you like Richard to do that to you girls?”

“Oh fuck yes please” they said.

“O.k. then stand against the wall girls with your legs spread.”

I took some of the lube on my fingers and stood behind Stacey and as I fondled her breasts feeling her nipples get hard I slid two fingers into her asshole gently masturbating her slippery asshole and then I switched from her breasts and nipples to her sopping wet slit and fingered her ’til with a little cry I felt her legs slightly buckle as she came.

I then stood behind Kim and using some more lube proceeded to finger her cunt and asshole until she climaxed too.

“Well girls I think it’s time we went through to bed. I really need to fuck the three of you and I think you all need fucked too.” I said.

“Fuck hurry up” said Stacey and she and Kim grabbed me and practically dragged me to bed.

“There is a box of toys in the other room Stacey, why don’t you and Kim go and get some and bring them through and we can have some fun. There are some anal toys which we need and there is a double dildo as well and a couple of vibrators and a strap-on.” said Alexandra.

“We’ll go and get them” said Stacey.

When they returned with the toys Alexandra lay back and lifted her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. As I fucked her she told Stacey to come and straddle her face so that she could lick her out. Then she told Kim to get the anal vibrator and to slide it into my ass-hole.

Kim took the vibrator and licked it lasciviously and then before putting it in my ass she slid it deep into her cunt and masturbated herself until with a groan she came. Then she took the wet vibrator and slid it into my ass-hole as I fucked Alexandra’s soaking wet slit until Alexandra shuddered and came too. I took my cock out of Alexandra’s wet cunt and Kim took me in her mouth and licked Alexandra’s pussy juice off it and then kissed me very deeply so that I could taste Alexandra’s cum.

Kim then knelt between Alexandra’s stockinged legs and started to greedily lick out her cunt. I knelt behind Kim and raising her skirt I slid my cock into her tight little pussy and fucked her until she came again and again.

Stacey climbed off Alexandra and stood behind me as I fucked Kim.

“Put it in Kim’s ass-hole” said Alexandra. Stacey took my cock and licked it then guided it into Kim’s tight ass-hole.

“Fuck her hard” urged Stacey as she caressed my balls.

I fucked Kim’s ass while Stacey reached under and fingered Kim’s wet pussy then she took a dildo and put it into her own pussy and then into Kim’s and the two of us fucked Kim until with a cry she came.

“I want it in my ass now” said Stacey. She lay back on the bed and Kim got into a sixty-nine with her. Alexandra got up and took my cock and slid into Stacey’s ass-hole. As I fucked Stacey, Alexandra took the anal vibrator and a dildo and went round behind Kim and slid the vibrator deep into Kim’s ass. And the dildo into her pussy.

As I fucked Stacey Kim licked Stacey’s cunt until both girls came almost simultaneously.

“Fuck, that was just the most amazing experience of my life” laughed Stacey,

“Oh my god, me too” said Kim.

“Well” said Alexandra, “just one thing more before we take a break. Both of you kneel on the bed facing each other. I am going to take this double dildo and fuck both of you with it while Richard stands bostancı escort just beside you facing me so that we can take turns sucking his cock and then I am going to stroke him until he shoots into your mouths. Then I am going to kiss you and you are going to give me his cum”

“Oh Christ that has just got me so wet again” said Stacey.

Alexandra took the dildo and slid one end into Stacey’s dripping wet cunt and then slid the other end into Kim’s. I stood beside them and Alexandra took me in her mouth and started to lick and suck my cock while she masturbated the girls. Kim and Stacey fondled and kissed Alexandra’s breasts and fingered her pussy as well. They also licked my cock until I couldn’t take it any longer. Alexandra came round beside me and took my cock in her hand and stroked me until with a groan I came over Stacey and Kim’s faces and open wanton mouths. All three of them then french-kissed my cum between them until with a laugh Alexandra said ” Time for a drink I think. Richard looks like he is about to collapse”

“But we are going to get more from you Alexandra, aren’t we?” said Kim.

“Absolutely” laughed Alexandra ” but I really need a rest. You youngsters are so impatient”

“While Richard’s recovering his strength why don’t the three of us do something” said Stacey.

“Like what?” asked Kim

“Well Alexandra could lie back and sixty-nine you while I put on a strap on and take turns at fucking your assholes for a start. I’m sure Richard would enjoy watching that while he gets ready to join us in some more action.”

“Fuck I would love to do that” said Kim.

“I think that’s a brilliant idea” said Alexandra, “While Stacey is doing my asshole and I’m licking out your cunt I could masturbate your asshole with a dildo and then while she fucks your ass you can do the same for me.”

Stacey came and knelt beside me as she put on the strap-on. While she did it I fingered her wet pussy while Alexandra and Kim ate each other out until with a groan Stacey came over my fingers. I licked them and pulled her head down and kissed her deeply. Her tongue searched for mine as she desperately drank her own juices from my mouth.

She stood up, and walking over to where Alexandra and Kim were locked in a fierce sixty-nine moaning as they came in each other’s mouths she knelt behind Alexandra’s upturned ass. Kim stopped licking Alexandra’s cunt and said ” I want to watch it going in and I want to taste it after you’ve fucked her ass.”

Stacey guided the dildo into Alexandra’s tight wet asshole and slowly started to thrust into her with slow rhythmic strokes while Kim’s tongue and lips worked her cunt and clit until Alexandra shuddered and released her hot sweet pussy juice into Kim’s wet mouth. Kim probed Alexandra’s cunt with her tongue getting all the hot cum she could into her mouth as she greedily gulped it down.

“Now” said Kim “let me lick the dildo.”

Stacey eased it out of Alexandra’s slippery asshole and Kim took it into her mouth and licked it clean before sliding her tongue into Alexandra’s sweet asshole rimming her until Alexandra groaned and came again

“Oh fuck” laughed Alexandra, ” You are a filthy little slut Kim but I think I’m in love. Sorry Richard but that was just incredible.”

Kim giggled and said “well I’m glad you enjoyed that because me and Stacey are going to swap places and I’m going to fuck you with the strap on.”

“Christ” said Alexandra “I can’t wait. Are you ok Richard?”

I laughed and said “don’t worry about me, this is just an amazing sight. As you can see I will be joining you when you’re finished this little scene” and I gestured toward my, by now, hard cock

Kim looked over and said “that looks like you have some pre-cum so I’m just going to drink it if you don’t mind then I want to fuck your ass Alexandra.”

She came over to me and licked all my pre-cum from my cock then she slid two fingers into her pussy and let me lick the juice from her fingers. She pointed to my cock and said “I want that in my ass soon please.”

She walked over and knelt behind Alexandra and taking the strap-on she started by fucking Alexandra’s soaking cunt with it before sliding it deeply into Alexandra’s ass while Stacey greedily gulped down her pussy juice until Alexandra moaned and delivered all her wet pussy cum into Stacey’s waiting mouth then Kim took the strap on out of Alexandra’s ass so that Stacey could lick it and then rim Alexandra’s beautiful gaping asshole until Alexandra came again

“I take that back” laughed Alexandra, “I think I’m in love with both of these girls.”

“That’s fine with me” I said, “I think we should adopt them!”

Alexandra smiled at me and said “you look ready for some action now.

“Me first” said Stacey and knelt on the bed with her face in the pillow and her ass raised in the air. “I want your cock in my cunt fucking me til I cum then I want it in my ass.”

Kim laughed and said “well Alexandra can eat me out while you’re doing that.”

I slid into Stacey’s wet slit and with deep thrusts I soon had her cumming. I then took my cock and slid it into her slippery sweet asshole where I fucked her while she masturbated until she groaned and came again.

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