One Day


Parking the truck at the bottom of the hill he approached the house on foot. He did not want her to hear him coming, didn’t want her to have time to realize what was about to happen. He made his way slowly up the steep hill, breathing in the fresh scent of newly mown grass as he climbed. He congratulated himself on his choice, the house was set back well from the road, no one would see him enter. His truck parked at the bottom of the drive might warrant suspicion, but being in construction, he was able to leave a few tools scattered about. Anyone passing would not give a second look at a workingman’s truck. He felt that he had prepared well for this, had thought it out, and now that the plan was rolling, he felt very sure of success.

He went directly to the back door of the house, carefully avoiding windows as he crept along. He reached out and tried the knob, and finding the door unlocked, let himself in. Quickly he scanned the room he had entered, it was a combination entrance-way/laundry- room, the floor was littered with the shoes of children, as well as an empty blue plastic laundry basket. Behind the doors to his right he heard a dryer laboring to perform a task the sun should be doing. He had passed her car in the drive, and the dryer confirmed that she was at home, alone till her children returned from school.

He stood silently in the makeshift foyer listening for sounds of her, straining to determine where in the house she was. He finally decided, based on the quiet music emanating from the room at the far end of the hall, that she was in the bedroom. This was not a good thing, he had hoped to be able to surprise her in the kitchen, or even the living room, now he had to walk down the long hall to the bedroom, leaving him only halkalı escort the children’s room to hide if she decided to come out of the bedroom. He slipped through the kitchen, his ears tuned, ready to dive behind the counter if she emerged. Another sound came to him, disturbing the music, soft clicks, the tapping of a keyboard. He smiled, not believing his luck. He knew as long as he could hear the keys being used, he was safe, and he would not be detected. He knew the layout of the home, knew that the computer was in a far corner of the bedroom and she would have her back to the door.

He boldly strode down the hall; listening to the tap, tap of the keyboard. Behind him a buzzer went off, startling him. He looked left, then right, searching for a place to hide. The buzzer signaled the end of the drying cycle, and her being a good housewife, would be soon emerging to remove and fold the clothes. He slipped into the room on the right, one with bunk beds along one wall, and children’s toys strewn about the floor. He toed a model car with a missing wheel, suddenly lost in the reverie of youth. The memories flooded his mind, almost causing him to forget his purpose here today. The second buzz from the dryer brought him back, and he stepped against the wall by the door, effectively hiding himself from anyone coming down the hall. He listened, straining to hear her rise from the computer.

All he heard was the sound of typing; even the music had stopped. He wasn’t sure what to do, the indecision of the moment causing small beads of sweat to form on his forehead. He chastised himself for the lapse, and moved on. If she hadn’t risen by now to do her chore, she taksim escort was not going to for some time. He exited the children’s room, and moved forward the events he had been planning for weeks. Entering the bedroom, he looked around; the bed was made up, the signs of laundry day evident by the neat piles of freshly folded clothing. He glanced across the room at the woman seated in front of a computer monitor, tapping away at the keys, while the clothes wrinkled in the electric monstrosity at the far end of the house. She must have sensed him there, for as he crossed the room, she turned her head. As she was turning, he took notice of her blonde curls, lying lightly on the back of her neck. He loved her hair, couldn’t wait to get a handful.

“What are you…?” she started to ask.

“Silence,” was his stern reply, as he came up directly behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders, pinning her to the chair. He lowered his head, inhaling the scent of her, kissing the top of her head.

“Tell whomever it is that you are talking to that you must go now,” he ordered her. He watched as she bid farewell to someone inside the box, then told her to shut it down. “We don’t need any distractions, do we?” he asked, rhetorically. When she was done with the computer, he allowed her to stand, keeping her facing away from him. He led her to the bed, and forced her to bend over it. He slid one hand up into the luscious blonde hair and intertwined his fingers within it. Using that grip to hold her down, he yanked down the sweatpants she was wearing. The sight of her naked ass, immediately revealed due to the lack of undergarments, caused his hardening cock to twitch. He pulled at the button of his jeans, worked the şişli escort zipper and released his cock. He took it in his hand, and rubbed the head across one full ass cheek, leaving a sticky trail of pre-come as he did. He leaned over her, pressing his cock into the crack of her ass.

“Open your legs a little,” He demanded. She complied, giving him the opening that he needed. He grasped the base of his cock, and slowly entered her, finding her well lubricated for him. He pulled slightly on her hair, lifting her head, turning her face to his. He smiled down at her, and leaned in to kiss her cheek just as his thighs met the backs of her legs. His cock was fully inside her now, and he began a slow rhythmic thrusting, bringing his dick almost all the way out, then sliding it back deep within her. He increased the tempo with each thrust, and was soon slamming into her with all he had, his balls bouncing into her clit as he rammed her. He never let go of her hair, controlling her with small tugs, causing her to back into him, to match his thrusts. He felt it coming, felt the climax building all the way to his toes. He filled her one more time with his cock, burying it inside her as he came. The warm sperm mixed with her juices, and he could feel them running out of her as he nuzzled her beautiful hair once more.

“I love you,” he whispered into her hair.

He removed his cock from within her, let go of her hair, and bent to pull up his jeans. He glanced down at the woman on the bed. She had offered no resistance, and now she lay, unsatisfied, across the end of the bed. He smiled as he left the room, knowing that when he returned later in the evening, after they had tucked the children in their beds, he would take care of the need that would be building in her for the rest of the day. He was whistling as he walked back down the drive, thinking to himself how wonderful it was to be married to someone as spontaneous as she was, someone who helped him fulfill his fantasies, and confided her own to him. This scene had been her idea, and he knew that he had performed well.

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