One Look From Him


Over her husband’s shoulder she saw him descending the staircase of the ballroom. Daniel’s presence was not one that could be missed. His broad shoulders and deep blue eyes usually made any woman swoon long before he would have a chance to turn on his charm. All the women’s eyes turned to look at him, but his eyes scanned the room for only one woman, his woman.

Their eyes met, and Lynn felt herself go weak beneath his gaze. Her husband Frank felt her do so and chuckled, pressing his lips to her bare neck. “So nice to see you are still not immune to my touch.”

She blushed, knowing that Frank was not the reason for the way her body was reacting.

They had met a year ago, at the very same function. The Christmas party that her husband’s company threw every year was nice, but nothing too exciting. It was something one would expect from a law firm such as this. As the dutiful wife, she tagged along as always. She prided herself on being an adornment for her husband, one most men would be proud to have on their arm. Being just a housewife, she felt it was what she needed to do. At least, that was the way she felt until she was introduced to him.

He was handsome and charming, and for once in her life her heart leapt at the sight of a man. He looked her up and down, and she started to feel almost naked beneath his gaze.

After a bit of small talk, she felt the need for a bit of air. Quickly making her excuse, she walked purposefully to the nearest exit, needing to put a bit of distance between herself and him. He had other ideas.

Following her, he found her standing next to a fountain in the gardens of the hotel. He wrapped his strong arms around her from behind, his lips caressing her neck as he pulled her close to him. His hardness pressed against her and she could feel his heat through their clothes.

His lips moved slowly up to her ear, circling the lobe softly before whispering, “What do you want?”

Her breath was shaky, and all she could do was whisper, “You.”

And from that night to this, he never asked her again, because all he needed to do was look at her.

And his look was all she needed.

The song ended, and she stepped back from her husband, clapping politely. Frank smiled at her, and she smiled back, one that never quite reached her eyes. She offered him a kiss on the cheek, and let him pull her hand into the crook of his elbow, where he offered a gentle pat on it for her.

She sighed, and smiled, wanting to be elsewhere.

Frank moved her around the room, and she still played the part of his dutiful wife, offering a smile and a giggle, or an interested look when needed. But with every step she felt Daniel’s gaze upon her, calling her to him.

She could not excuse herself too soon. She did not want to cause any suspicions. But her heart felt the needing and wanting to be with him.

Finally came the time when she could. Her husband istanbul escort was deeply engrossed in a discussion about a new law on the books, and she politely excused herself, claiming to need the powder room and a bit of fresh air, with the smoke and all. Frank pulled her close for a kiss, and she offered her lips to him, silently trying to hurry him so that she could get away. And with a smile, she walked away from her husband, leaving him not wondering at all.

She slipped out of the room, almost running out to the garden. He stood by the fountain, watching the lights play upon the water. She straightened her dress, and brushed a loose tendril of hair aside before walking up to him.

He turned to her, watching her as she approached. Pulling her close, he whispered, “I have missed you, baby.”

Lynn giggled, always loving the sound of his voice. “I have missed you too,” her face turning up to his for a kiss.

His lips touched her softly, barely a whisper before they parted, his tongue darting into her mouth to capture her in a passionate kiss. Her knees weakened, and her arms held tightly around his neck, pulling her body closer to his.

His hands began a lazy stoke down her body, and she could feel him smile as they felt the lace of the garter belt she wore beneath her dress. His fingers followed the garters down till they touched the top of each stocking. He broke their kiss and smiled down at her. “You did very well, my dear.” His eyes were bright with his passion, and she gasped as he pulled her tightly to him, letting her feel the effect she had on him.

One hand moved slowly to the side of her dress, and his fingers dug into the fabric, letting it inch a bit off of her ankles. Then little by little his fingers worked the fabric up, exposing her leg to the cool night air. His knuckles brushed against the stocking covered leg, sending a shiver through her body. Running the palm of his hand along the top of the stocking, he felt the contrast between that and her thigh.

His head bent down, capturing her neck again, sucking hard, then licking, leaving not the tiniest of marks. She was lost in him, his touch moving so slowly up her thigh. She wanted to cry out for him to take her, but she wanted the time with him to last.

The back of his hand brushed against her, feeling the smoothness there. She heard him let out a moan of pleasure mixed with a bit of a chuckle. “I feel that you sanded the hardwood floors for me.”

She blushed, a smile playing on her lips as she nodded. She knew she would do anything just to please him.

His fingertips swept across her wetness, letting them slide back and forth along the line. His lips claimed hers again, as his finger found its way inside, brushing against the hardened nub waiting there. Her hand pulled him close, his kiss stifling the moans that came from avcılar escort her. His touch was like velvet, caressing her quickly enough to bring her to the edge, then slowing, letting her calm before starting again. Over and over he brought her to the brink, teasing her, not giving in until she would ask for it.

But she did not ask, she begged him. “Please Daniel, please.”

He could never refuse her. His finger worked its magic, bringing her yet again to the very brink, and then letting her tumble over it, quivering against him as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her juices ran down his finger, pooling in the palm of his hand.

And she held onto him, feeling her legs shake with the intensity she felt. Her breathing was heavy, her breasts heaving with each one. He watched as they rose and fell, then bent his head down to place a kiss on each milky white globe.

He pulled his hand back, letting her dress fall. He stepped back a bit, taking a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped the dew off his hand. Placing it back in his pocket, her took her hand and led her along a path that wound through the gardens. He was not ready for her to go yet. He needed more.

A bench sat at the side of the path, and he had an idea. “Please have a seat.”

She did as he asked, for she never needed to doubt his requests, knowing they only led to more pleasure for both of them.

He stood before her, holding out his hands for hers. She placed them in his, feeling his warmth. He just held them for a moment, letting the heat spread through her. Then he simply placed them on his belt.

He did not need to ask. He always let her do what she loved most. She smiled at him as she hastily undid his belt and trousers. She reached inside, bringing him out for her to adore. She looked up at him, licking her lips. He chuckled at the eager look in her eyes, and nodded.

Her heart jumped for joy as she lowered her lips to him, soft and wet as they touched the tip. Her tongue came out to lick gently, tasting his saltiness. Cupping him with her hands, she opened her mouth to him, taking him in as deeply as she could.

He looked down at her, amazed at the wonderful feeling of her mouth wrapped around him. Her lips came just short of touching the base, but her tongue running along the underside made him forget all about the bit left untouched. He wound his hands in her hair, making pins come loose. Tightly grasping, he could feel the moan from her that vibrated around him.

Slowly she let her lips slide back, holding just the tip of him between them. Her eyes looked up at him as she opened her mouth. He was in awe at the sight of himself resting there on her tongue. He was amazed at this passionate woman before him, and he wanted more.

She closed her lips again, sucking him into her mouth. His hands guided her, faster, now slower. She worked her mouth şirinevler escort on him until he felt his passion explode, but he held tight to his body. He did not want to give her that just yet. There was more pleasure to be given, and taken.

She felt him relax a bit, and she offered one final slow lick up the underside of his shaft. He shuddered, letting out a moan. She smiled up at him as he caressed her cheek.

“Baby, you are so wonderful.” His head bent to place a kiss on her lips, and then he offered her a hand. She took it and he helped her stand. Gently he turned her around and pulled her back against him. “But I am not done with you yet.”

He ran a hand down, over her backside, and rested at the back of her knee. He pushed on it to raise it up, placing her foot onto the bench. She did as he wanted, and gave in to the pressure he applied to her back, leaning forward to rest her hands on the back of the bench.

Her dress was once again lifted, and she felt the breeze blow over her heated skin. Swiftly it was replaced by the touch of his body against hers. His hardness nudged at her, begging to enter. She arched her back, offering him what he wanted.

So easily he slid into the warm wetness she had. He was wrapped in her velvety softness, held so tightly there. He had to stop, just holding himself still or this would end too soon for the both of them.

But she wanted to feel more of him. She squeezed him tighter, feeling him press back at her walls, jerking against the closeness. His hands rested on her hips, holding her as he moved back, each inch sliding out of her. He then pulled her back to him as he pressed forward into her. She cried out, so excited by the feelings inside of her. Over and over he pounded into her, and she pressed back to him, taking him deeper each time.

Then he stood still, letting her rock herself on him, slow movements that sent quivers through them both. He loved the feeling she gave to him, never holding back her passions. Her noises and movements excited him more than any other woman he had ever known. He longed to make her only his.

His urgency took control then, wanting to bring her to the edge and then plunge over it with her. Pounding into her, she let him move her as he needed, knowing exactly what to do to help her find her release. Her whole body trembled, trying to hold on. Over and over, his body would not let her, begging her to let go.

Her body grasped him as he exploded. She held him tight as he let loose, their cries of pleasure mixing together in the night air.

He pulled her close, pressing her back against his chest as he lay deep inside her, still twitching from the pleasure they had found. She purred, as his lips once again caressed the coolness of her neck. She wished the moment would last forever.

But it did not. He backed away, sliding out of her and leaving the cool breeze to brush across her wetness before her dress slid down again around her ankles. He quickly cleaned himself off with his handkerchief before righting himself.

Offering his arm to her, he led her back inside to the ladies room to freshen up before heading back to the party, where she knew she would play the dutiful wife until he looked her way again.

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