One More Time with Mom


For those of you familiar with my work, this story will make a lot sense, and may even be enjoyable. For those who have not read my previous submissions, you may want indeed want to read them so as to put this into better context. I am living proof that incest isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it is between consenting adults. For my mother and I, it has been the ultimate expression of our love for each other. While I have only ‘been’ with my mother four times, each time is better than the prior. The mind blowing orgasms and knowing how good I make my mother feel are two of the greatest feelings I’ll ever encounter. So, enjoy my story. And I continue to advise any readers or visitors to Literotica that if you have passionate feelings towards your mother or son, act on them, or at least try. It could be the greatest thing you ever do.

It had been approximately three years since I last slept with my mother. As way of background, I am 32 years old. I wouldn’t say I am drop dead gorgeous but I have a certain appeal. I stand 6’1, weigh approximately 180 lbs and have short brown hair. My mother, nearing 65 years old, is 5’3 and weighs approximately 150 lbs. Some, actually most, would say she can stand to lose a good deal of weight. That may indeed be true but her 34DD’s and wide ass beg to differ, at least in my mind.

I have had strong feelings for my mother for as long as I can remember. They likely started when I was in high school and began to take notice of the opposite sex. My mother was not risqué or even open around me as a child. In fact, she was rather conservative if not prudish. To this day, she insists that me and my father are the only two men she has slept with. Despite that, it was hard to not to take note of my mom. She was by no means a ‘sex symbol’ but she had ‘MILF’ qualities with her breasts being the best ones. I remember during my sophomore year of high school, a few of my friends teased me about my mom having ‘enormous titties’ and what they would like to do to her and them. I suppose that’s the genesis of wanting to fuck my mom.

Because my mother was so conservative, in my mind, incest was always going to be a forbidden taboo and one that played out in my mind only. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly pushed the envelope. Jerking off into her bras; sneaking into her hamper and sniffing her used panties; and even holding on for an extra second or two so as to enjoy an innocent hug. My mother was never wise to any of those indiscretions and luckily for me or I would have been in some serious hot water. Nonetheless, I ultimately did ‘bed’ my mother while in a hotel room in Ohio. We then slept with each other on two different occasions after that. I won’t rehash those incidents but feel free to read the my prior work.

So after the ‘third time’, mom and I took a really long hiatus. Part of it was her own guilt. My mother enjoyed the sex. She isn’t an over-the-top moaner or screamer but seeing her eyes roll to the back of her head with her mouth wide open, while I plowed her hair pussy – yeah, she enjoyed it. But even so, my mom inherently knew the incest was wrong and thought we needed to ‘cool it’. I wasn’t exactly happy with the situation but deep down, I knew mom was right. I had been dating the same girl for years and our relationship was entering the next phase, which was engagement. She never knew of, and still doesn’t of what happened between me and my mother. But, I figured I couldn’t risk it. I also figured it wasn’t a great idea to be planning a wedding while porking your mother on the side. It was an amicable break up between and mom, and it stayed as such, until April 28th, 2010.

On Sunday, April 25th, 2010, my family, which consists of me, my mom, my father, my sister and her husband, and my girlfriend, soon to be fiancee, departed the shores of Miami for a week long Caribbean cruise. You may be wondering if my father or sister ever found out about the incestuous affair and the answer is, ‘I don’t think so.’ I still feel my sister is suspicious to the point where she may think that something transpired. But if she does feel that, she’s never told me. I will say this, my sister is a younger version of my mom. If I ever became especially bold or daring, she’d certainly be the target of my affection. Anyway, the cruise departed on Sunday night and all things seemed relatively normal.

For more background, my father had his own stateroom. He’s a nasty snorer and my mother and he sleep in separate rooms even at home. It was not a huge surprise or inconvenience for them to have separate sleeping arrangements while on vacation. In fact, that’s how me and mom first got together. It was mom and dad in two rooms, my sister and her husband in their own, and then ataşehir escort bayan me and my girlfriend.

The cruise was going well and everyone was having a good time. A ton of good food, gorgeous weather, and alcohol – what more could anyone want? But I guess ultimately, there is drama in every family vacation and this cruise didn’t escape that. It was Wednesday night and we had just finished dinner so everyone decided to relax in a jazz lounge. My girlfriend had too much to drink, which was a bit odd. She isn’t a drinker, partly because she can’t hold her alcohol but she also doesn’t like the taste. To see her ‘drunk’ was odd. Everyone learned pretty quickly that she’s a ‘nasty’ drunk and when my girlfriend is in a bad mood, I’m the target of the verbal abuse. That night was no different. Whenever she could, she took a shot at me. Whether it was waiting too long to ask her to marry me, or my lack of ‘communication skills’, or my being a ‘mommy’s boy’, all the guns were out. Yes, that last zinger about being a mommy’s boy could not have been more ironic.

As my girlfriend continued on, I decided it was time to call it a night. To no one’s surprise, she protested and quite loudly. She continued to stress the point that she wasn’t sharing a bed with someone who ‘hated’ her. I still don’t know where that came from but she was adamant that I hated her. After a few minutes of this, my mom stepped in, ‘Son, why don’t you stay on the couch in my room. It will be a little snug but I think maybe she needs to be alone tonight to blow off some steam.’ At that moment, my mind instantly raced back to the first time with mom. There she was, in a black dress, which wasn’t tight but showed major cleavage. Her boobs, about ready to spill out, milky white with purple veins covering the tops…I was starting to sport a bit of a boner and knew I needed to divert my thoughts.

Even though I knew I was tempting fate by staying with my mom, I legitimately had no choice with my girlfriend acting the drunken fool. So my reply went something like this, ‘Ok, thanks mom. Look, let’s all get a good night sleep and tomorrow we can start over.’ Everyone agreed, except my girlfriend who stumbled into the elevator, slurring something about ‘no one understanding her’.

I did somehow manage to grab a t-shirt and boxers out of my room so as to have some ‘pajamas’ for the night with mom. It was certainly tight and cramped but at least I didn’t have a drunken bitch screaming at me for no reason. I don’t know if my mom was thinking about our past but she didn’t seem to be so I had opted to let it go. It was hard. But what was the alternative if mom wasn’t willing and ready? She decided to change first and she was in the bathroom for several minutes. When she came out, she did so in a plain black nightgown. It was typical for my mom: nothing really revealing or showy but she’s so damn busty that you couldn’t help but notice her fucking monstrous tits sagging through the material. I did my best to not look. My mom’s tits are the nicest I’ve ever seen. I guess some may call heavy hangers, down to a woman’s naval, with areolas as wide as tea cup saucers and inch long nipples, aren’t all that appealing. But for me, they were an obsession. So you can understand why I scurried into the bathroom with my head down. I didn’t need any added temptations.

I came out of the bathroom in a white t-shirt and blue boxers. Now I’ll admit, I’m not Ron Jeremy. But my erect penis is a decent 8 inches and in boxer shorts, you can certainly make out that I have a nice sized cock. It was funny but just how I was trying to avoid eye contact with my mom’s massive tits, she too wasn’t all that eager to look below my waist. We were both fighting the urges and deep down, we knew it.

Mom settled into bed and I onto the couch. The couch was uncomfortable as shit after an hour or two. I’m sure for most mother’s and son’s, sharing a bed for one night is as harmless as you can get. But again, me and my mom aren’t all that normal. I did my best to not toss and turn but my back was killing me. I guess mom wasn’t sleeping either because finally, she said, ‘Son, just get into the bed. Stay on your side and we’ll be fine. You’ll throw your back out sleeping on that thing.’ Having her tell me to stay on my side cut like a knife because I was hoping against hope that we’d share that special bond at least one more time. But I wasn’t going to force the issue.

As I was getting up from the couch, the moon was pouring into our room visibility was high despite it being after midnight. I didn’t realize it before, but at that moment, I was standing at full attention. In other words, all 8 inches were raised and ready to go. Part of me wanted escort kadıköy to swing my dick all over the place so my mom would take notice but like I said, I wasn’t forcing the issue. I scurried into bed without knowing, or caring, if my mom saw my dick.

I was laying there, on my side, for about a half hour, when my mother leaned towards me and uttered my now favorite words, ‘One more time. And that’s it. Ok?’

I practically came on myself right there. It was almost like I was dreaming so I need confirmation, ‘Mom, one more time? One more time for what? Are you serious?’

My mom was definitely serious and she let me know it by gently squeezing my penis and saying, ‘You and me. One more time. I want to feel good. I want to make you feel good too. Please, let me have this.’

That was all it took for me to say, ‘I love you mom, so much.’ And with that, I laid back and allowed my mom access to my dick. Love making for me and my mom was never animalistic or wild. It is more tender, slow, and passionate. She always takes her time and this was no different. Sliding my boxers off, my mom began to gently fondle my balls and stroke my cock. The pleasure was surreal. My mom wasn’t saying a whole lot, other than letting me know that my dick was the biggest she’s ever seen. The stroking picked up and I began to pump my hips upward, almost fucking my mom’s hand. When I’m with my girlfriend, I can last a decent while. But not with my mom. It’s so taboo and so wrong that it adds to the pleasure. After jerking my cock and fondling my big balls for about 5 minutes, that was it. I closed my eyes and whispered out, ‘Oh mom, oh fuck yeah’, and literally exploded in her hand. My eyes were closed so I can’t be for certain as to how much cum there was but a few drops landed on my chest. My mom was giggling and rubbing some excess cum off of her hand and onto my stomach. Then she said, ‘Mmmm, someone likes me, huh?’

My mother then leaned back and took her nightgown off. Like I said, her tits are huge and gravity’s won the battle but it hasn’t stopped me from lusting after them. Her nipples were like rocks and were clearly visible through the flimsy material. Also, for the first time in years, my mom’s pussy came into view. My mom was never one to shave, or even trim her pussy, and it was evident. Light brown pubic hair covered her mound, her inner thighs, and extended just below her belly. Her stomach was stout, covered with stretch marks, and hung like a pouch over her vagina. Gross? To some. Not to me. To me, it’s the most erotic thing I have ever seen. When she was fully nude, mom called me to her, ‘Lick my tits for me. Please, I need it.’ She didn’t have to beg. I picked her left tit up and lowered my head to it. My mouth could barely get around the whole tit so I settled for sucking her nipple like a breastfeeding baby. My mother moaned lightly and lowered her hand to her vagina where she started to slowly pump two fingers in and out of her hairy cunt. I was against fully erect and continued to suckle on my mom’s boobs, alternating from one to the other. I also decided to relieve her of her fingering duties and began to slowly finger fuck her. My mom always did have a rather large pussy and it easily took three of my fingers. This scene carried on for several minutes when my mother’s breathing picked up. She whispered into my ear that she was going to cum and I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. My mom’s not quite a squirter but she came close. Her juices were coating her thighs and matted down her pubic hair. She was out of breath and for a moment, I worried that we were done. Fortunately for me, we weren’t.

My mom looked down at my penis, which was once again rocking all 8 inches. Barely audible, I did make out my mom saying, ‘So fucking big’, and with that she lowered her mouth over my dick and began to slowly suck me off. My mom’s not the best at blow jobs but who the fuck cares? My big tittied mom, slowly sucking my big dick while she caressed my balls? I was in heaven. Her pace picked up and I could hear her tits slapping against her belly. This was the kind of shit that drove me wild. She began to tickle my nuts with her French manicured fingers and I was again fighting a losing battle. As much as I loved fucking her, I never did like to cum in my mom’s mouth. I’m not sure why I cross the line there but I always did and always will. So as the explosion neared, I let her know. My mom plopped my penis out of her mouth and began to slowly jerk me off with my dick head staring straight at her belly. I thought for a moment that I’d last a bit longer but then my mom had to say, ‘Mmmmm, come on big boy, cum for me. Come on. Let that horse cock cum for me.’ My mom saying I had a horse cock? Yeah, bostancı escort I was done. And with that, I fired several loads of cum onto her stomach and her tits. I didn’t think it was going to stop but eventually my stream of cum ended.

I collapsed back down on the bed as did my mom. It wasn’t to be believed. The moonlight cascading the room. Me and my mom panting and heavily sweating. My dick going limp on my stomach. My mom lying back, once again opting to work her hairy vagina over with her own fingers. I didn’t want to stop and quite frankly, I couldn’t. I scooted up to my mom and spread her legs. She knew what was coming and encouraged me not to stop, ‘Please, son. Please. Eat my pussy. Eat it. Please’. With that, I lowered my head and began to hungrily lap at my mom’s vagina. The unbelievable amount of pubic hair. Her juices flowing into her ass crack. Not everyone’s fantasy I’m sure. But it sure as fuck is mine. I licked harder and faster. My mom spread her legs wider, allowing more access. After a couple of minutes in, she grabbed my head, forcing me deeper into her cunt. My mom didn’t yell or call out. She simply started breathing heavier and faster. She began to grind her cunt into my face, her belly and tits jiggling every which way. And then, it happened. My mom announced to me that she was going to cum, ‘Ahh, shit baby. You did it. You made mommy cum.’ It was in a low hush but the words still drove me wild. Seeing my mom’s vagina flood the bed, nothing’s better.

My mom and I knew what was next and there was no stopping it. Quite frankly, no one wanted to. We were going to fuck and it was going to be amazing. I quickly picked myself up while my mom stayed in her prone position. My dick was throbbing and I pressed it up against my mom and slowly entered her. As I did, my mom gave out the loudest moan yet, and said, ‘Ohhh, wow, that’s a big dick.’ Now I don’t know if my mom was trying to turn me on or she really was overcome by my size. Either way, it did the trick. I began to slowly pump in and out of her. There was no sound aside from dick sloshing in her pubics and her tits slapping on her belly. My mom’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open, per usual. I stared at her and took it all in. It felt so good and even better knowing how good I made her feel. After a few minutes, I took my entire 8 inches out and slammed into my mom. I wasn’t sure if I would hurt her or make her cum right there but I did yet it again. On the second time, my mom’s eyes flew open and bulged out of her head. Still saying nothing, her eyes then rolled square back and she reached for her boobs. Pinching her fat nipples and licking her lips, I felt her juices coat my cock for the fourth time in my life. I soon followed and deposited another round of cum into her hairy vagina.

I wanted more but my mom needed a breather. She was panting, practically trying to catch her breath, while she massaged her boobs. I gave her a few minutes. I began to stroke my dick, hoping had one more round in me. After a bit, my mom got up to her knees and told me what I wanted to hear, ‘Lay down. I’ll ride you baby’. Having my mom ride my dick, while her belly rested on my stomach and her tits jiggled all over, is the greatest accomplishment of my life. Demented? Sick? Delusional? Don’t knock until you try it. I laid back and my mom hovered over me. She grabbed my dick, again commenting on in its length, and slowly lowered herself down on me. My mom took all of me inside her, and said, ‘Whew. Oh, yeah. That’s my baby.’ With that, she started to slowly move up and down on my dick. She took my hands and placed them on her tits. I kneaded them like dough and looked up at her. My mom had a smile on her face, practically a mile wide. She was feeling pleasure that she hadn’t felt in years. She slowly picked up the pace, her belly was bulging out and her tits were knocking against each other. It felt so good to me that I never wanted it to end. And then, my mom lowered her chest on mine. With her face a few inches from mine, she engaged me in our first open mouth kiss. I wasn’t sure why. And I didn’t care. But my mom was slobbering all over my tongue and grinding her fat ass and hips on my dick. I felt her tits crush up against me. I didn’t want to end but it was a losing battle. When she broke the embrace, my mom looked at me and whispered, ‘I love you so much.’ And with that, I came, and came, and came. As did my mom.

My mother collapsed in my arms and we spent the remainder of the night in an embrace. We woke up on Thursday and needed to return to reality. I’m not really sure if either one of us wanted to, but we certainly had to. That night wasn’t discussed again during the remainder of the cruise, nor has it been. I don’t know it ever will be in fact. Shit, I’m not even sure if that was the last time. I do know this though. It was mind numbing sex. And tomorrow, on Mother’s Day, me and mom can take heart in the fact that we have a bond that most mother’s and son’s can’t even comprehend.

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