One Summer Evening


This story is part of a quartet of stories named: One Summer.

It is not a continuing storyline. They have familiar, common settings, persons or themes but they are not the same. Each story stands on its own. As always, all persons have reached the age of 19 years or more since they were born.

Note to the reader: English is not my first language so it may sometimes read as if you are listening to somebody from a foreign country. But thanks to Tim and Christor99 for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable!


“Have you not noticed that love is silence? It may be while holding the hand of another, or looking lovingly at a child, or taking in the beauty of an evening.” [Krishnamurti]

There is something soothing about the last two or three hours of sun, on a beach. The temperatures are ideal, the crowd has gone. The colours have become softer, the whole atmosphere has become more relaxed. The families have returned home. Silence is setting in.

The youth, full of their hormones, have departed for the bars. Or were about to leave, like Katia and Marisa, my nieces of twenty and eighteen years old. The daughters of my sister Liz, they were getting ready to hit the bars at the adjacent beach, where the crowd hung out.

I looked at them and saw the similarities to Liz in both, but also the differences. Their Mediterranean features were mostly visible in their faces, coming from their dad. A native from around this area, Michael was a holiday sweetheart of Liz and she had decided to follow him and move over here. After almost twenty-five years of marriage and raising their two wonderful daughters, he had decided to accept a job offer abroad. But that was the result of a widening gap between him and Liz, for many years in the making.

At this moment, Michael had become a distant figure in their lives. The two girls had finished school and went on to attend university. Still living at home with Liz, they lived their own lives and it was solely because of my visit after many years, that they had joined Liz and me to the beach today.

“Ok, mom. We’re off.” Katia started the exit talks. “We’ll be meeting some friends at “Toni’s” and I guess we’ll stay around there, or the other bars, for the rest of the evening. Or maybe even until later. They have cars so we’ll get back home. Ok?”

“Sure, ok. Just be careful and be sure the driver didn’t drink too much, when the time comes to head home. You have any idea at what time that might be?” Liz asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah. No. I guess it’s not going to be early. Most of the gang are leaving next weekend for the holidays, so everyone wants to spend some time together. You know.” Marisa answered while tying her top around her chest.

The whole day, I had marvelled myself over these two young and beautiful bodies around us. Physically, they had inherited just the right bits and pieces from Liz. Their height, their slender legs and hips. And very importantly for topless girls, firm and round breasts without any sag whatsoever. Oh, youth!

Where Marisa stood out because of her height and her lighter hair, Katia had breasts many women, or men, would die for. Firm, pear-shaped and crowned with centred, jutting, nipples, she knew what the jewels in her crown were.

But now, all those assets were well covered, in a manner suitable for the cafe’s they were going to visit. A small backpack with the essentials, mobile phones in their hands and big sunglasses on top of their heads, they were ready to roll.

“Eh, mom, could you please bring our towels and stuff home? It’s not that much and you’re with the car anyway. Please?” Marisa asked, having the decency to ask in the first place instead of just walking away and leaving us with all their stuff. The small backpack they took with them was the opposite of all the stuff they had brought out to the beach in the afternoon.

We watched them walk away, to the beginning of the beach where the path started that would bring them to the next beach where all the bars were. This beach, the one we came to, was free of any bars, being the last beach in a series of small beaches. It also meant it was tagged as a clothing optional beach, frequented by some nudists as well as people with minimal swimwear, if one could even call it that. The reason Liz brought us here, she told me, was the atmosphere at this hour, just before sunset.

When the girls were gone, we looked at each other and we let ourselves fall on our backs. Looking at the sky that grew darker, we talked about the girls and past holidays. We remembered our first holiday around here, when she was just a visiting girlfriend of Michael and I was the younger, tag-along brother. I had brought a girlfriend along and the four of us would stay on the coast, hitchhiking from one place to another, sleeping on the beaches. It was then that our love for these special hours at the beach started.

“Remember the time you first went skinny-dipping?” ataşehir escort bayan Liz teased. She was four years older and at that time, a twenty-two-year-old was seriously an ‘adult’ and an experienced person for any eighteen-year-old.

“Sure. I’ll never forget. It formed me for the rest of my life.” I replied and got a surprised look from Liz.

“Yes. Really. I became so fond of skinny dipping or, for that matter, doing things in the nude, that I have always looked for secluded beaches on holidays. So, depending on the relation I had at that moment in time, it was either great or it was a struggle. You can even argue that, in the end, it cost me some relationships.”

“Really?” Liz looked at me and her surprised look got even more expression. “Did you regret it sometimes?”

“Regret? No. It is part of who I became and I got more fun and pleasure out of it then frustrations.” I said as I looked around. The beach became more quiet and easy going as the afternoon waned.

Liz had followed my gaze and asked: “Care for a last swim? Skinny dipping again?”

I looked at her. “That’s sweet of you, but you really don’t have to. Not even for old times’ sake,” I answered.

“No, that’s ok. I do it most of the time too. That’s another reason why this beach is one of my favourites. It’s so easy here, it doesn’t matter if you’re clothed or not. Clothing optional in its most relaxed way. You saw that, didn’t you.”

“Yes, I noticed,” I replied. “But as a guest, it’s not my position to drop my pants where ever I like. Especially not with the girls attending.”

“Well, I think you can give the girls more credit, as they have seen a lot more than we did at their age. And they take it all very maturely.”

“What do you mean by that? Take what?” Now it was my turn to be surprised by her answer.

“Well, nudity of course. Even sex sometimes. You know, here, in the summer, with all the tourists or even some locals, you can run into all kinds of behaviour. They’ve seen it, we’ve been there with them. I know they acquired a very healthy, live and let live attitude towards sex. Anyway, that’s my opinion.”

“Ok. I guess you know what you’re talking about. You had the same attitude when we were young, I guess.”

After some moments of silence, she asked: “You still remember?” And I could feel her hand touching mine.

I turned around to look at her, lying here beside me. “I promised not to forget, didn’t I?” was my short reply.


More than anything I remembered from discovering sex as a boy, even more than losing my virginity, I remembered that night on that beach. As I told before, the four of us had been camping around. Young and full of hormones, with a new-found girlfriend and boyfriend, sex had been a daily thing. Most of the time within our small tents, but sometimes, at an empty and secluded beach, we had done it outside in the open.

Off course, at first it had been very strange to hear my sister, or her brother from Liz’s point of view, having sex. We grew accustomed to it very quickly. We respected each other’s privacy but in the end, being so intimate in such close conditions had its effect on both of us. We stopped seeing each other as just the brother or sister we knew for so many years, growing up. We saw each other as individuals, as someone with a physical attraction. Knowing your sister has sex is totally different than seeing your sister having sex. And vice versa, for Liz.

Then one night, after an evening full of beers and dancing, I had crept out of my tent. Naked, I walked to the sea to piss. To my surprise, I found Liz there, sitting at the edge of the water, looking at the moon, far away above the horizon. She too, was nude. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was, she just had to pee. I said I had to pee too and took a few steps into the sea to empty my bladder. I looked over the sea and longed for a dive into the black water.

I turned around and walked towards Liz. I asked her to join me and she did. We swam in the midnight sea, staying close together, playing together. When we walked through knee deep water towards the beach, she stopped me by taking my hand and, turning around, faced the sea and the moon again.

As I stood behind her, she had said to me these days had been the most wonderful days of her life. And not only because of Michael but also because of me. She explained how I had become so much more than just a brother. I’d become plain good, attractive company, company that she loved. She told me how she would never forget those days.

She turned around and looked at me, with the light of the moon on her wet hair. She took hold of my hands and asked me if she could give me a kiss to thank me and I remember I just raised my eyebrows.

She kissed me, very soft and sweet. But she also took my dick in her hand, caressing it, warming it from the colder waters, making it grow. I asked her what she was up to and she answered that this is what escort kadıköy she had longed for, for a long time. Her desire had only grown stronger every day she had seen us, my girlfriend and me being intimate. I told her that maybe this was not a good idea but she was very sure it was the best idea.

Very quickly my dick was fully erect and standing straight between our bellies. Then she surprised me again by dropping to her knees. The water reached up to her crotch (“You made me so wet, I could have filled the sea,” she would joke later). While holding onto my dick and stroking it, she brought her mouth to my balls and licked them, before sucking them into her mouth.

After a few moments, she looked up at me again and told me to look at the moon and the sea and I did. It was light and it was black and silver. I felt my dick being enclosed by warmth and wetness and a tongue and teeth. For a moment, I closed my eyes and then opened them again. Still, the moon was there and the waters reflected the light. And the feeling had not left me.

I looked down and saw my sister moving her head, taking of all me in her mouth. I had received many blowjobs that summer but I knew that this was one I would never, ever forget.

I told her to stop, that I would start to cum very quickly. She looked up to me again and let my dick slip out of her mouth, but immediately took control again with her hand. Stroking along the whole, hard length of my dick, she looked me in my eyes while the spurts of cum flew across her face, into her hair, onto her cheeks and chin. Liz kept on stroking it until it softened and took it into her mouth for a last time. She played with it with her tongue, licked it, sucked it clean and finally kissed it goodbye. She looked up at me once again, before she let herself fall into the water, to swim away from me.

When she returned to the beach, I was waiting there. I embraced her and kissed her softly too. I told her I didn’t know why but that I would never forget.


So, we go for a last swim?” I asked.

“Sure,” she replied and started to pull her arms out of her one-piece swimsuit while seated.

I stood up and looked around for a second time. There were some couples sitting nearby and a bit further on there was a group of people. At the other end of the beach, I could see the people were mostly nude. It was the end of the beach where the sun would last touch the sand. I looked down and saw that Liz had pulled her feet through her suit and had put it in her bag.

I jammed my thumbs under the waist of my shorts and pulled them down. Stepping out of them, I felt the welcome touch of the air around my genitals and bums, always a good moment whenever I was outside. I bent over and put them on my towel. Then I stretched out my arms to Liz and helped her to stand up. She was a head smaller than me when standing. She looked up at me and laughed.

“So, after how many years we’re naked together on a beach again?” she asked.

“Twenty-six. I just counted them, right now.” I answered.

“Back then you were a skinny boy with lots of hair. Now, you’re not so skinny anymore and you’ve lost almost all your hair!” she laughed.

She wasn’t talking about the curls on my head but about the absence of most of my pubic hair. Shaving my balls and trimming most of the pubic hair short had been a habit of mine for the past ten years of so.

“There’s only one answer I can give, I guess,” I teased her back. “Same goes for you!”

“Oh no! I have never been skinny!” she objected laughingly and she had a point.

Even twenty-six years ago she wasn’t skinny but already had fine firm tits and a firm ass. She had slender hips and legs that were nicely shaped but she hadn’t been a skinny girl. Her figure had remained the same until now, I saw with pleasure. Off course, her belly had grown to an adult size and her tits, while still firm, showed a good amount of sag. But that perfectly suited her age. And now, standing naked in front of me, it became clear to me that she was completely smooth between her legs, which was a pleasure to notice.

“Come on, let’s go to the other end of the beach and swim in the sun as long as it lasts,” she suggested and took my hand as she started to walk.

Walking next to her, I looked down and wondered why we had lost contact for so many years. I had always admired her no-nonsense approach to live, combined with an “anything-goes” attitude. She had always been open for things she didn’t know or had never experienced. She had liked my playfulness and non-conformist attitude towards almost everything. But somehow, the distance between the places we lived became too great and it led to having a normal, more superficial relation. It had not always been so and I realized I’d missed what we’d had.

She looked up, as if she felt I was looking at her and she touched my forearm with her forehead.

“Good to have you around, again. It’s been much too long.”

“Just what bostancı escort I was thinking,” I replied and squeezed her hand.

We had arrived near the end of the beach and we saw that all the people sitting or lying here were completely nude. Suddenly I noticed some men were sporting an erection or that some hands had disappeared between the legs of their partners.

Liz pulled me into the water and I ran with her until the water became deeper and we dived into the clear, warm Mediterranean waves. Even now, at the end of the day, I could clearly see the swirly patterns in the sand on the bottom of the sea. I was happy again.

Happy, as I always had been when diving into this sea. I dove again and again and looked around for Liz. I saw her swimming at the surface. I swam behind her and grabbed her leg. I thought I could hear her scream under water.

Surfacing, I saw the scintillation of revenge in her eyes so I quickly swam away. For some minutes, I swam further out to sea. I looked back at the marvellous scenery of the beaches and the hills behind them. Then I swam back to the beach. I didn’t see where Liz was so the moment I stopped swimming where I could stand up, I looked around for her.

Too late! I felt two hands pulling my ankles and legs back and I fell flat-faced into the water. The moment I resurfaced again, she was all over me. In the water fight that followed, all our arms, legs, heads and bodies were all over the place and we had touched each other everywhere. Then a truce was declared and we stood smiling at each other in a close embrace. Her sleek, wet hair was straight to the back, which fully exposed her face and she radiated a happiness I hadn’t seen since I arrived. The way she smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners, reminded me of who she was, twenty-six years ago.

“That was good!” she laughed out and for a split-second I thought she was going to kiss me.

“What are you laughing about?” I asked her.

“This!” she laughed again and she pushed her soft belly against my crotch. Her belly had become a soft hummock through the years and it fit perfectly in the triangle between my legs and my belly, gently pushing against my dick. With all the recent grabbing, I wasn’t aware that my dick had grown and this new contact made it stir and rise again, much to the pleasure of Liz.

“Liz. Have erections become a normal thing at the beach here?” I asked her to distract her attention from mine and she turned around, looking at the beach while still holding on to me.

“Well, yes and no, Tom. During daytime, the unwritten rule is that there are no sexual activities on the beach. If people want that, they should cross the rocks at the end where you will find some secluded small patches of sand. But at the end of the day, when almost everybody else is gone and the people left know who is still around, the attitude becomes more free and liberal. Or maybe libertine is more precise. But still, no open sexual activities. So, that’s what you’re seeing now.”

“But, you told me this is one of your favourite beaches. Also because of this?” I asked, looking at her in a curious way.

“No. Not just because of that, but it is like it is and it doesn’t bother me,” she replied.

“So, you stay at this part of the beach, sometimes?”

“We did. Before the girls. And this last year when I came here with friends,” she explained while we walked through knee deep water towards the beach.

“Somebody is waving at you,” I told her and she looked across the beach. Suddenly Liz acknowledged and waved back to a small group of two women and a man.

When we got out of the water, one woman came walking towards us and beamed a big, lovely smile from underneath her beautiful black curly hair. She opened her arms towards Liz and gave her a close, intimate hug. When they separated, she smiled at me and offered her hand.

“Laura, this is Thomas. Or Tom. Tom, this is Laura, my good friend for many, many years now,” Liz introduced us.

I smiled back at her and looked into two black eyes that were very alive. She smiled but not only with her mouth as her whole face seemed to be smiling. What really stood out was her broad mouth, her white teeth and her full, luscious lips.

“Hi,” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

She started talking to her in her own language and I couldn’t really follow. She seemed to be younger than me. She stood half a head smaller than Liz and she had a small, well rounded figure. Two still perky breasts with small dark areolas stood high on her frame and the curls of her dark hair fell in wet strings past her shoulders.

She looked at me again, still smiling and reached out to touch my arm.

“I’m so sorry! I see you do not understand our language, do you? It’s not nice of us to keep talking like this,” she said with a heavy accent. “I will try to speak English but sometimes it is not so good, ok?”

Her touch was all she needed to say and I forgave her every mistake at once. I smiled back again.

“No problem! I’m o.k. with that,” I answered her and looked at Liz.

“Laura told me she saw us fighting in the water and that it looked like great fun. She also asked if we would join them, here on the beach. Would you like that?” Liz asked.

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