One Week Later: Erin Returns


Ever since our last encounter, I had been looking forward to my meeting with Erin. She had ended things last time with a pretty clear indication that more was going to happen at our next meeting. Hell, she had come right out and said she wanted me to fuck her on my desk.

I couldn’t wait, and finally the day was here.

When she got to my office and I saw what she was wearing, I admit, I was mildly disappointed. It’s not that she didn’t look hot. She did. She was in some skinny jeans, a red dress shirt, with what looked like a black t-shirt underneath, and sexy black heels. She looked good. It’s just that I had spent the week fantasizing about her in a skirt and I had very much been looking forward to seeing those legs again and, hopefully, see her tiny little panties around her ankles as I fucked her from behind.

“Are you ready for me,” she asked.

“You bet I am,” I said with a coy smile, trying to flirt.

She sat down across from me and said, “Good. We got derailed a little bit last time and I was hoping to get this data analyzed so I can start working on writing up this paper.”

“Um, yeah,” I said, somewhat taken back at where things were heading. “Let’s get to it.”

We sat down and started to work, and that’s pretty much how the meeting went. We worked for an hour, analyzing data, and there was nothing else. No discussion of what happened last time, no hint of more to come. Nothing. It was like it never happened. I kept expecting her to make a move but it just never came. Finally, our hour was up, and she said she needed to take off and would be back next week.

I’ve never been so shocked and disappointed. I couldn’t believe it and was wondering why she changed her mind. Had I done something wrong? I got up to go to the bathroom; half thinking I was going to need to rub one out when I got there. As I went to the bathroom, I just kept trying to figure out what was going. It was just so weird. One week ago she blew me and then told me she wanted to fuck tonight. All of a sudden, she wasn’t interested. What the hell?

I finished up in the bathroom and walked back to my office, trying to figure out if I should make a next move or just be done with this. I got back to my office, still focused on what had happened, and flipped on the light. I couldn’t believe what was in front of me.

There was Erin, up on my desk, laying back but propped up on her elbows, smiling at me with a cute little smile. She had taken her pants and shirt off so was just in a pair of black panties, a black tank-top, and those sexy black heals.

“That was priceless,” she said. “You looked devastated.”

“Are you kidding me,” I said. “I was devastated. You were pretty clear last week and this week there was nothing, you little tease.”

“Why don’t you tease me right back. Take out that beautiful cock of yours and let me have a taste.”

“Where do you want it?” I asked, starting to unzip and move toward her.

“Why don’t you start with my warm little kadıköy escort my mouth… but save some energy because I’ve got plenty of holes I want you to fill.”

She laid her head back on the desk, shut her eyes, and opened her mouth a little bit. I placed my arms on her shoulders and started massaging them, moving toward her perky little breasts. She let a little moan but kept her eyes shut. I moved my hand up toward her mouth and placed my thumb on her lips. She immediately started to suck my thumb, letting little moans out as she did. With my other hand, I removed my cock from my pants and brought it toward her mouth. I removed my thumb from her mouth and pressed my cock to her lips. She moaned but as she started to suck, I pulled it away. He let out a whine of disappointment. I laughed a little and brought it back to her. Again, she started to suck and, again, I pulled it away.

“Now who’s the tease?” she asked, opening her eyes.

“How’s it feel?” I asked as I brought it back toward her lips.

She reached for my cock and pulled it close to her mouth. “It’s going to feel great,” she responded, “for both of us.”

With that she wrapped her lips around it, and started to suck, taking it deeper and deeper. She slurped and moaned with each suck. Her head was hanging of the desk slightly making it easy to penetrate her throat with each thrust. She moved her hands down her body and placed her one hand down her panties. She let out some extra moans as she fingered herself with one hand and started to massage her left breast through her shirt with the other.

Meanwhile, I was going balls deep into her mouth with every thrust. It was hard to believe but, somehow, she was taking me even deeper than the last time. I pulled myself from her mouth and let her suck on my balls. She placed them in her mouth and sucked gently, still fingering herself as she did it. She had pushed her panties down a bit, allowing me to see that she was completely shaved. She had a beautiful pussy and as much as I enjoyed the head I was getting, I found myself craving her beautiful little cunt. I wanted to bury my face in it. I wanted to feel her wetness on my face and I wanted to hear her moan as I ate her out.

I took my balls from her mouth and placed my cock deep in her throat for one last suck. Her eyes got wide as she gagged a little. As I pulled out of her mouth, I said, “I want that pussy bad. Stand up, get undressed, and prepare for a tongue -lashing.”

There was no cute little comeback this time. She didn’t have a response. She knew I meant business and wanted to get eaten out as badly as I wanted her. She stood up, and immediately pulled her shirt off, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I sat down in my desk chair and told her I wanted her on my desk, spread wide for me. She slipped her panties off but left her shoes on and walked over the desk and climbed up, leaving her beautiful üsküdar escort little pussy right in front of my face.

There was no more teasing. I didn’t go my usual route of kissing around the outside or licking the insides of the thighs. I dove right in, spreading her wet pussy wide and burying my face in her cunt. She let out a little yelp as she grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled me in toward her crotch while simultaneously thrusting her hips toward my mouth.

I lapped at her beautiful little pussy with long slow strokes at first and then sped up slightly as she thrust her hips to the rhythm of my licking. She was letting out little moans and whines with each thrust. I turned my attention to her clit and as I did, she let out a scream that was a little too loud given the circumstances.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry,” she moaned. “That feels so fucking good. I never want you to stop.”

I didn’t respond. I just kept flicking her clit with my tongue, taking little breaks to take long licks over her pussy lips. We continued this way for a few minutes but I was starting to want to fuck her badly. She had promised me her bent over my desk and I wanted to take her up on it.

I started to slow down a little bit and pulled away from her. I looked up at her and did a few last licks before telling her, “Stand up. Turn around.”

“Oh my,” she said. “Bossy, are we?”

“I’m taking you up on your promise from last week,” I said. “I want you bent over my desk. I want to feel that beautiful little pussy of yours.”

She did as she was told. She slid off my desk, turned around with her legs spread slightly, and bent over for me. I took a moment to stare at the beautiful body in front of me. Her calves looked stunning in the sexy black heels she was wearing. I followed her legs up with my eyes to her gorgeous thighs and cute little butt. She wasn’t too skinny, which I liked, and the way she was bent over, I could see her sexy little pussy lips.

I stood up and grabbed her hips. I reached under her and fingered her gently before rubbing some of her wetness on my cock. I guided my cock into her pussy and she moaned, “Oh God, you’re so big, professor.”

I knew it was a line but didn’t care. I was slightly bigger than average and liked being reminded of it. As I entered her, she let out a gasp. I pushed in deep and her gasp turned to a deep moan. She leaned forward against my desk, allowing me to penetrate her even deeper.

“Jesus…” she moaned.

I started to fuck her, slowly at first, but picking up speed as I went. She gasped with every thrust. On some, I would hold deep inside her and push in a little deeper. I could feel her body shake a little as I did this. I continued this but quickened the pace. Her gasps turned into to panting. She bent further forward for me, laying her chest against my desk. I held her hips and drove my cock deep into her pussy with every thrust.

I could sense her tuzla escort orgasm getting closer as I pounded away at her from behind. She was trying to stay quiet but she was letting out little yelps with each thrust. At one point her, legs gave out on her and she collapsed a little onto my desk.

“Oh God,” she moaned, “don’t ever stop fucking me.”

I grabbed on to her hair and pulled her up into a standing position, still inside of her. I kissed her neck and reached around to finger her clit. She was dripping wet and she let out another moan when I started to finger her. I continued to fuck her while fingering her clit.

“Oh God, I’m cuming!” she moaned, way too loudly.

I covered her mouth with my hand to keep anyone from hearing us. Her body began to quiver and shake, and her legs gave out a little bit as she moaned into my hand. We fell back together onto my chair, my cock still inside of her. She continued to ride me, faster and faster, her eyes wide as she came.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she moaned into my hand as she started to slow down. I took my hand away from her mouth.

“Jesus! I came hard, baby. That was ridiculous.” She said as she turned back to look at me. “I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet. You’re some kind of machine aren’t you?”

I didn’t respond. I just kissed her deeply and passionately. I realized suddenly that this was our first kiss. She had blown me, let me cum on her face, and I had fucked her silly on my desk, but we had never kissed until now.

It was a meaningful kiss too. She wasn’t just a ridiculously hot girl and a great little fuck. I was starting to like her.

She broke our kiss and stared deeply into my eyes. This was serious for her too. She bit her lower lip a little and started to buck her hips a little bit.

“I want you to cum, baby. You can pull out and cum on my face again if you want. I promise I’ll swallow every last drop.”

She continued to buck her hips and ride me harder and harder. I could feel myself getting closer. I reached around to finger her more and found that she was still dripping wet.

“I’m about to cum” I said.

She quickly got off of me and got down on her knees. I thought she would just jerk me off but she didn’t. She immediately put me in her mouth and started to suck me off. I came almost immediately and the first shot hit her in the back of the throat. I thought she would pull away but she didn’t.

“mmmmmmm” she moaned, my cock still in her mouth.

Another shot and she just kept sucking, taking me even deeper. It was the most unbelievable orgasm I’d ever had. She was starting to slow down as she lived up to her promise and swallowed every drop.

She finally sat back, still holding me in her hand. “How was that” she asked?

“So good, baby. I can’t even believe it.”

She stood up in front of me and I was once again awed by her beautiful body. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. I kissed her stomach as she ran her fingers through my air. I pulled her on top of me and she straddled me.

“You’re incredible, baby.”

“No. We’re incredible. I’ve never cum like that.”

“Please tell me this isn’t the last time. I’m going to need more of that.”

“Oh, no.” she said. It’s not the last time. Maybe next time we can have a date first, though.”

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