Oona Finds Her Dom


“Come Oona. Come to my bed.” He whispered whilst indulging while feasting further upon her sweet flavor along the soft satin skin of her elegant neck. “Let me fuck you.”

“Yes Sir.”

Slowly he sat up and reached down to pick her up and carried her through to another room that held a fireplace so large he could have walked through it without having to duck down. Luc was a tall well built handsome man who has been her opponent in many a courtroom showdown. At this moment though he was a gentle giant who set her down before a massive sturdy forged metal four poster bed.

The magnificent bed stood alone in the center of a highly polished hardwood floor but faced the fireplace squarely. The wall color reminded her of the soft moss carpet found deep in the woods and appeared to be covered in a soft green that she knew if touched would be an old velvet. Covering the bed was a deep duvet covered in deep dark green old soft silk velvet and plenty of fluffy dark green pillows.

The intriguing combination left the impression of elegant decadence and natural comfort. Oona felt it spoke of the man who, before accepting his invitation for dinner and possibly more she had respected his dedication to his client be they guilty or not, but had this evening so easily seduced both her mind and body. The fine champagne over dinner had not impaired her but it had allowed her to relax her guard thereby opening herself to this man.

Tonight she felt like a woman first and a tough Assistant District Attorney a very distant second. Not sure how he was able to do it but in the short period of time they had spent together Luc had made her feel very womanly, seductive and beautiful. Oona knew she could intimidate people and was comfortable with that in a work setting. But in the bedroom her needs were entirely different.

“Do you trust me? Trust me to fulfill your most secret fantasies and not hurt you?”

Startling her was the swiftness in which the answer came to her mind, Oona answered quietly.




“Your safe word.”


She had fantasized about this moment but now that it was here she was scared. No, she was not scared but excited and nervous.

“Take off the robe.”

Oona stood facing him with the fire to her back. Staring at his feet in order to gain some confidence she noticed at some point he had taken off his shoes. The sight of his bared feet worked on her tension in the moment and gave her self-assurance a boost. She felt safe and wanted this.

Because she could see him and he couldn’t see her all that well she accepted the advantage and remained facing him. Small advantage that it was she took it all the same.

Reaching down to untie the belt holding the robe closed, she rolled her shoulders back and slowly dropped her arms down behind her. The stylish, yet revealing garment dripped down her arms and fell to the floor with a heavy swoosh.

Looking for his eyes to drop to her impressive bust line so she could find an excuse to stomp out of the room, to where she did not know but somewhere, had her almost missing the fact that his hard-on was growing before her very eyes.

Impressively increasing in leaps and bounds.

When she raised her eyes from the bulge in his trousers his massive cock was making up to his eyes she was taken aback by the seriousness she found there. There was no smile, no mocking, but there was a look of pure respect, absolute desire and something else she could not define.

At that moment she knew that this night Luc would indulge her most wicked desires, there would be more pleasure than she had ever experienced before and in the end she would have an unbearably difficult time walking away from this man.

Maybe she would not take that final step after all.

“Take off your teddy for me.”

Taking a deep breath, Oona slipped first one thin strap and then the other off her arms whilst maintaining a hold on the two tiny triangles that constituted the top. With her head held high she released the garment allowing it to slide down only to catch on her hips.

His eyes would drop at any moment. She knew they would. But they didn’t. It was when he raised an eyebrow that she realized he was still waiting.

Putting her hands on each hip Oona shimmied first right then left working the teddy over her lush hips before it dropped to the floor, pooling around her feet.

It was him! This was not expected at all. Not once had his eyes left hers during the whole shimmy thing that sent her large breasts into swaying motion. Men always looked at her chest and rarely strayed further. Now she was very excited and her slit was getting wetter by the second. This man spoke and her pussy pulsed to its rhythm, she stripped and he looked at her face first not at her breasts.

The moment was empowering and wonderful, she wanted to stay right here, with him. But Oona could not resist a quick peak at his cock and found it larger than it had been. Inside she knew that there pendik escort was more to come.

“Clasp your hands over the opposing elbow behind your back.”

It took her a second to figure out what he wanted and then she understood and reached her hands back. The position naturally thrusting her breasts out further. She trembled for moment and dropped her eyes.

“No. Eyes on mine unless I tell you otherwise. I want to see your passion. I want you to see what you do to me.”

With her eyes on his she watched as he looked at her from the tip of her toes to the top of her head and back to her face. No, to her lips! To test the finding she dipped her tongue out for a small moistening to an upper corner and watched as his eyes flared.

That is interesting.

Oona felt a little awkward standing before this compelling and fully dressed man in nothing but stockings and heels. It took a moment for her to acknowledge it was more of a carnal quivering than embarrassing convulsion that burst within her stomach.

“You are very beautiful. I hear your sultry voice and my cock gets hard, I smell your uniquely flowery scent and my cock gets harder – I see you standing naked and I must fuck you.”


“I see your full red succulent lips and I must have them wrapped around my dick,” while he spoke he had been unbuttoning his shirt and now dropped it to the floor behind him.

Wanting to be shocked at what he was saying was something she could not achieve; flat out him and the language he used to tell her of his desire excited her to no end. She was ready to drop to the floor and crawl on her hands and knees to suckle his prick for both their pleasure.

Not realizing she had moaned loud enough for him to hear she was startled when he drew attention to her desire.

“It appears you find sucking my cock an appetizing treat. Do you like the idea of such a feast Pet?”

Reaching down he stroked his hand over the growing bulge; her eyes had no choice but to follow the easy motion.

Silent feet brought him forward until he stood before her, with feet braced apart and hands on his hips. His chest was strong, ripped with muscles without being over done, tanned and hairless. She could clearly see two small pink nipples that were tight with desire.

He placed a finger under her chin and raised it up so her eyes were once again on his.

“Do you? Do you fancy using that incredible mouth for pleasure rather than work?”

Deciding to put this demon in his place she took a wickedly slow swipe of her tongue along her upper lip and nodded her agreement.

“Yes Sir.”

Smiling with enjoyment over the toll her very natural action took on the man before her was short lived.

“Excellent. Because for this week if my cock is not in your cunt or ass then it will be in your mouth. Time will make no difference; if you are awake then you will be naked and ready to act upon my every salacious desire, as they will be your desire as well. You will thrive at the whim of my libido.”

Feeling her eyes open wide she was not sure if he said that to scare her because it did not work. No, she was ready now, no eager to feel the desire he described. It was what she had always wanted, someone to want her as much as she wanted them.

“Do you understand me?”

The nod of ascent she offered was far subtler than the previous one as was her quiet “Yes Sir”. She wavered on her feet as she gripped her thighs tighter together to ease the emptiness his words drew attention to.

“Spread your legs. I have warned you to not hide your passion from me. That is your honey gracing your thighs and I want to see it.”

“Oh, but -“

“No buts Pet. It is either my way or puce. Choose.”

“Your way Luc.”

“Excellent.” Oona could see in her peripheral vision that he unbuttoned and was unzipping his trousers. “Now step over here and wrap those luscious ruby red lips around my cock and suck.”

With his legs spread Luc’s pants did not fall down merely flapped open under the pressure of his cock bursting out. He never wore underwear as they were too constricting. Reaching in to his pants he released his balls from their resting place between his thighs.

Oona stepped closer to him so he could feel the heat of her body gently beat against him. As yet she had not released her hands and he wondered if she would. Luc was showing her his dominance and control over her body and her desires. He knew total submission to another was her deepest desire and it easily fit with his greatest pleasure: controlling this woman’s rampant lust while being deeply in love with her.

She needed to trust him to ensure her pleasure was complete and fulfilled. Deep down in his soul Luc knew he could never harm this woman in any way, but he would dominant her.

The light of the fire played against her body and with her legs spread he could see her juice painting her upper thighs. He knew she had been holding her legs tightly together kartal escort to ease the throbbing but he craved her natural carnality.

When she stepped up against and rested her body against his, dropping soft innocent kisses along his chest and then took a bite of a nipple, drawing a groan from deep within him. She released it quickly and soothed it with her tongue.

His cock was trapped between their bodies, beating against the soft feel of her belly, with a compulsive need to be buried inside her heat.

Thinking she was starting to drop to her knees he was startled when she paused with his cock surrounded by her soft breasts as she dotted quick hard kisses followed by softer busses from her lips along his ripped abs.

Luc moved his hands to help steady her in her move down and could no longer deny temptation. His fingers moved in further to pinch her nipples. The gasp that came from the subtle tweak led him to further investigating how tender her breasts really were.

Clasping an overflowing breast in each hand he squeezed and maneuvered them around until they both surrounded his cock and her excited nipples were bursting from between two strong fingers as they flexed back and forth. Torturing the tips of her tits brought groans from her that led to her tongue returning the feeling with an occasional stroke when his head would peak through her cleavage.

“Your tits are fabulous! Look how responsive they are. Shit I look forward to chewing on these hard nipples for hours on end. I wonder if you can come just by giving these ladies some serious one-on-one attention. Not to worry, I plan on seeing first hand if it is true.”

Suddenly he needed more. Releasing her breasts, he moved his hands to her shoulders in order to both help hold her steady and move her down to her knees.

“Suck my cock Pet. Open wide and take me in.” Luc thrust his hands into her hair so he could hold onto her head. Positioning her just so, then he would be able to watch his prick glide smoothly in and out of her mouth. Spread her folds wide in order to accept his girth and length.

“There is more baby, I know it is big. All the more for you to suck on or to thrust deep inside your hot tight pussy.”

Watching as his hard shaft slowly moved into her mouth left him hard pressed to keep from thrusting fiercely in and out of her lovely lips. They were stretched wide but beautiful as they banded around his cock in red.

“You are so good baby, so beautiful kneeling before me with my cock in your mouth. Look at me…look at me…yes…yes.” Unable to stop himself he moved a small length of his prick in and out of her mouth as their eyes held. His thumbs reached down and softly stroked them along the pulled skin beside her mouth.

“Show me how much you want my cock.”

More mini thrusts led to her tongue stroking around the crown and to beat an unsteady rhythm against the small opening on the tip, encouraging the floodgates to open.

Wet. His cock felt so wet and hot in her mouth. Luc tuned into the noises the woman on her knees before him was making. Moaning, yes, but the sounds she made as she sipped and savored his cock was pure ecstasy. Mewling with the advancing needs of her body, but her arms remained behind her – he was impressed. But for the moment he wanted to sustain her greedy appetite for more of his length.

“Ungh, yes Pet! That is it, take it all. Here comes some more…yes more for you to devour, just a little more, need to save some for your pussy.”

Hands clasping her head more firmly did nothing to stop her from neither moaning rampantly on his length nor taking more of his cock down her throat. There was no way she could take all of him but it seemed she was striving to take everything he had to offer. Luc moved a hand to clasp the back of her head and the other went to grasp his cock to limit her depth.

Looking down he noticed her perched on wide spread knees with her honey spreading down to moisten her stockings. Every moan she gave around his prick pulled his balls up tighter furthering the need for desperately releasing his seed down her throat.

“That is it baby, beg me. Beg me to give you my cum.”

Knowing the moment was close he removed his hand from his cock and stroked a finger back up and down her exposed neck and looked into her eyes with a fierce expression lighting them.

“Will you drink my cum down Pet? Will you let me feed you?”

In answer to his request Oona moved a few more times before taking as much as she could, down the back of her throat where she tilted her head back further to help ease the opening of throat before releasing him. Only to take his cock down again.

With a savage hold on her head she watched as he lost his battle with control. He grunted and growled with the spurting release of his seed down her throat.

“Swallow it all…ungh…there…there…more come for…ungh…my Pet…”

Oona felt sexy, desirable, and hornier than she has maltepe escort ever felt before.

Not yet ready for him to pull his still hard prick from her mouth she continued to stroke his hard length with her tongue and suckle the mass as he unconsciously moved it slowly in and out of her mouth.

“Here, let me help you stand.” Luc grasped her upper arms and could have lifted her entire body without any assistance. With her higher than high heels she needed all the help she could get to keep herself steady on her feet.

With a slight teeter she moved her hands forward and braced them both against his abdomen. Unable to resist the smooth tanned skin she moved one hand over to stroke down his side, down to where his pants rested loosely on his hips.

On a gasp she looked at her hands as if they were not hers. Oona had released her elbows. She looked up into his eyes and noticed a wicked gleam that matched his smile brought small crinkles to the corners of his eyes.

“Tsk tsk Pet. You were doing so well but I did not tell you to move your hands. Did I?

“No Sir.”

“Go stand beside the bed and wait for me.”

She walked over to the bed and wished she could not feel his eyes moving up her body, this was definitely not her best side. A rare woman looked good from the rear, or was comfortable with that view; this was definitely not her best. Unsure of what she should do Oona moved her hands back to clasping the opposing elbow and stood straight, with chin up and eyes forward.

Ready to meet every challenge head on.

It felt like an eternity she stood there, nearly bare, beside a huge bed, listening to the raging fire crackle and snap to her right. Odd, for such large fireplaces not once had she felt extreme heat flow from their depths as she would have expected and also from her idea of what hell would be like. What it was was warm enough to not feel the need for clothes.

Aroused and alone she did not dare move. Luc was most likely watching and she did not want to disappoint him again. But, her body was figuratively on its knees begging for an orgasm. Watching and feeling his release had shown her how wonderful an experience this week was going to be. She was happy to have been able to share his climax and more thrilled to have brought it on.

“Spread your legs wide Pet.” He whispered in her ear, not touching her anywhere else.

With hands clasped behind her back she slowly shifted her legs apart.

“Further,” nudging her feet with his as he now held her at her waist and smoothed his hands up and down her thighs and ass cheeks. “Show me that pussy of yours.”

Kissing the back of her neck just below her hairline he moved closer and shifted a hand to gently cup a single breast and tease its peak with a rogue thumb. His other hand slowly traced down her spine from his kisses, over her entwined wrists, to the top of her crease and back up again.

He repeated this, delving further down the crack of her ass each time. At its furthest reach he teased a finger around her pulsing clit before tracing back to her pussy’s opening and swirled in the honey dripped there and up along her crack.

It was a very erotic feeling, which she found surprising. Never before had she felt her rosette was an erogenous zone and she was not sure she did now.

“Bend at the waist and lay your head down on the bed.”

Vulnerable. It scared her that she would be so exposed and defenseless.

“Do you trust me?”

Those four simple words said it plain and simply, and yes, she did. With hands clasped behind her back, legs spread wide, she bent over and laid her head down, looking away from the fire. Usually she was uncomfortable on her stomach but the duvet was so soft and cushy that her breasts were not squashed with her weight.

The high heels made it easy for her to bend as they left her height next to the bed at about level with her hips, it would be a mighty jump up if she were to try and sit on the bed, with or without the shoes.

Feeling his big rough hand smooth across her ass made her feel much like a cat would, it was wonderful and left her with a feeling of being cherished. Occasionally a finger would chart a return course from her neck, softly down her spine and over her wrists, ghosting between her crease, down to her now extremely needy nub and back to her pussy where it stirred in her cream before dragging it up back along her cleft.

Legs quivering with a fierce need for relief, she was stunned when she heard and then felt a sharp slap he settled on her ass. It did not hurt but it sounded horrendous. Before she could do more than gasp a matching spank landed on the other cheek with much the same results, shock and awe. Oona was surprised to realize the two mild blows had actually brought her pussy instantly back to full throb and as she very slightly wiggled her backside. She acknowledged to herself that she was not sure if it was for more spankings or a plea for him to bury his cock deep within her moist and heated sheath.

Gasping and groaning she could feel her honey dripping down her thighs and onto the duvet as Luc continued to pebble her cheeks with slaps. Ass red and up seemed perfectly matched with a pussy that gapped and dribbled spendings, she could do nothing more than beg for relief.

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