Opposite Worlds Ch. 03


As always:

Thanks to “Alpineskier” for editing.

Thanks to “Doc” for consulting.

All characters involved in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age. (So get your mind out of the gutter!)

Chapter 3: Revenge

It was Thursday afternoon and Tiffany and Allison were skipping their fifth period class. They made their way into the girl’s locker room as the current hour’s gym class students were all outside running track.

“You did bring the bottle of aspirin, right Ally?”

“Yeah, I got it Tiff, but I don’t understand how we’re going to get back at Chelsea with aspirin.”

“You’ll see.” Tiffany gave a sinister smile. “5-34-12.” A popping noise came as the combination lock opened in the blonde’s hand.” She always keeps it in her purse. Where are they?” After a few seconds of digging, Tiffany’s eyes lit up. “A-h-a! Here it is.” Tiffany pulled out an amber vial and unscrewed the top. “Give me the aspirin and hold out your hands.”

“What are those for?” Allison’s hands cupped as Tiffany emptied the vial’s contents into them.

“I don’t know. I asked once but she said it was nothing serious, just something she had to take.”

Allison started filling the empty the vial with aspirin. “She wouldn’t tell you?”

“Just another reason that bitch is getting what she deserves. Couldn’t even be honest with her best friend.” Tiffany glanced over her friend. “You’re not feeling guilty, are you Ally?”

“Hell no.” Ally dumped the pills in her hands into the aspirin bottle. “The way I see it, she turned her back on the entire cheerleading squad by picking that loser. The slut flaunts it too. Hanging all over him and playing that dice game at lunch right in front of us. Who does she think she is? The more we can do to get her to quit cheerleading, the better.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Tiffany put the lock back in place. “This is only the first step. She’ll turn in her uniform by the end of next week.”

The girls openly laughed as they exited the locker room.


Jason was in an absolute rush to get home. It was Friday and school was out for the weekend, but most importantly, he was late for his date. Can’t have a first date without flowers. It’s not like he hadn’t spent every night hanging out with Chelsea, he had. But this was going to be their first official date and afterwards, according to how she put it, she was going to ‘jump his ass’. She even offered to get a hotel room so he could make love to her like he wants for his first time instead of the backseat of the car. Jason was hard just thinking about it.

“Slow down Jason!” Jessica was holding on for dear life with one hand on the door and the other on the side of the seat.

“What’s the matter? Jason took a quick view of Jessica as he swerved to pass yet another car.

“I know you’re inspired about your date, but if I die before we get home, I swear I will haunt you till the end of your pitiful existence.” Jessica threatened.

“Relax, you’ll be safe. I just wanted to get home quick so I had time to change. I didn’t tell Chelsea I was going to wear my black slacks and white dress shirt.”

“Whatever, Romeo. If I knew you were going to be like this, I would’ve ridden the bus.”

“But you begged Mom and Dad to make me take you to and from school as soon as I got my car. You hate the bus.” Jason was emphatic.

“I know, but I like life more.” Jessica stated sarcastically.

The poor old car came to a screeching halt in front of the Akers house. There couldn’t have been two different reactions to this. Jason grabbed the flowers and was out of the car in a flash as he bolted for the house. He made short work of the lock, bounded up the stairs, taking at least three steps with each stride, and went into his room, all in ten seconds flat. Jessica got out of the car slowly, and, despite her family not being religious, she dropped to her backpack and threw her hands in the air and praised to the Heavens that she was safe. After a few moments of gratitude, Jessica picked up her backpack and then noticed the now all-too-familiar yellow Beetle pulling in the driveway.

“Hi Chelsea.”

“Hey Jessica, is your brother ready yet?” Chelsea started for the front door.

“He’ll be down in a minute. Can I talk to you?” Jessica closed the gap between herself and the red headed cheerleader.

Chelsea turned to face Jessica. “Sure, what’s on your mind?”

“Look, I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll get to the point.” Jessica’s face grew stern as she waved her finger and continued. “If this some sort of twisted game you’ve concocted to screw with my brother, I guarantee I will be arrested for what I do to you. You may be older and I may not seem like much at school, but that’s because I don’t care. What I do care about is my brother and he’ll be devastated. So if this is a trick, then leave now.”

Chelsea was taken by surprise by yet another Akers child. Jason was nothing like how he was depicted at school and now Jessica is the same way. There was a fire in her that was never bakırköy escort shown at school and Chelsea believed every word she spoke.

“I understand why you may think that.” Chelsea nodded. “I promise there is no game being played or trick up my sleeve. I’m in love with Jason. He saved me, he is my Knight in Shining Armor.”

Jason came out the front door. “Hi Chelsea, are you ready to get going?” Jason was holding the flowers behind his back.

Chelsea turned. “Wow, you should’ve told me that you were going to get all fancied up. I feel underdressed in just my jeans and shirt.”

Jessica walked past Chelsea and murmured, “It better be on the level, but if he’s the Knight in Shining Armor, then I would hate to see the ogre the knight has to fight.”

“You look sensational. These are for you.” Jason gave Chelsea the bouquet of daisies and followed that with a kiss to her cheek.

“You got me flowers. They’re beautiful, thank you.” This was the first time a boy had given her flowers.

“What did my sister want?” Jason was curious.

“Just girl talk, let’s get going. Here, you can drive my car.” Chelsea gave her keys to Jason. “I can’t wait to get to the finale.”

Jason walked around and held open the door for Chelsea. She never tired of Jason’s small gentlemanly gestures.

Jason got into the driver seat and started the engine. “Why did you want me to drive your car?”

“More head room.”

“I’m sorry, are you cramped in my car?”

Chelsea unzipped Jason’s pants. Jason was startled. “Um, what are you doing?”

Chelsea fished for Jason’s manhood and pulled it out. “You see my steering wheel sits higher than yours, giving me more head room.” Chelsea’s head disappeared in Jason’s lap as the car pulled out of the subdivision. Jason was at full erection in mere moments as Chelsea used the tip of her tongue to lightly tease all around. She then took just the head inside her mouth and began to stroke him with her hand.

“Chelsea, um, Oh God, this is kind of distracting.” Jason was doing his best to keep the car on the road.

Chelsea ignored Jason’s plea as she lowered down slowly until her lips were touching his zipper. She held still to get used to his size to prevent her gag reflex. Once satisfied she could, she gradually went back up, dragging her tongue on the backside of his shaft until only the tip was in her mouth. She then bobbed up and down with a speed her car wouldn’t have been able to maintain. She added a hum to her craft and Jason’s pre cum was coming out in a steady stream. A slurping sound filled the air.

“Oh Chelsea!” Jason called as he shot his load in Chelsea’s waiting mouth. He could barely keep the car in the lane as the car went side to side. He noticed other cars remained behind them, not wanting to risk passing the out-of-control car.

Chelsea stayed on Jason until every last drop was in her mouth. She lifted her head and as he looked at her, she swallowed the entire load. She lovingly tucked his dick back in and zipped his pants up. “Sorry, but I’m certain that appetizer isn’t on the Italian restaurant’s menu. Uh.., you were saying something was distracting you?”

Jason rolled his eyes. “Oh no, Beautiful, hardly noticed you. There was something in the road, that’s all. We’re here.”


After dinner was over, the couple went miniature golfing. The movie didn’t start until 8:15 and it was only 6 PM now. They were on the eighth hole and having a blast.

Jason was filling out the scorecard for the last hole. “I can’t believe you’re beating me. It’s only one stroke, but you’re really good.”

“Aw, is my man’s ego hurt cause he’s losing to a girl?” Chelsea set her pink ball on the ground. “No, not at all. I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

Chelsea was lining up her next shot. “Well, good. I don’t want to have to lose on purpose to make you feel better. Here’s a consolation prize.” Chelsea wiggled her ass provocatively.

Jason came up and slapped right butt cheek. “Don’t start, Beautiful. We still have the movie before we get to that.”

Chelsea shook her ass again, then struck her ball off the rail and knocked it within a foot of the cup. “Hey, I know I want to see the romantic comedy, but I would be willing to skip it and go right to the hotel.”

“We’ll get to the end soon enough. Patience is a virtue.” Jason lined up his shot. He knocked his blue ball off the rail and it sailed straight into Chelsea’s ball. Jason threw his head back as he watched her pink ball fall into the hole and as his blue ball stopped next to a brick.

“Oh thanks, Baby. I’m such a lucky girl, my man wants me to win. I believe that’s a hole-in-one.” Chelsea went down to the green.

“What luck you have. Oh well, at least I’ll lose to the most gorgeous girl here.” Jason lined up his next shot.

Chelsea inhaled deeply once, then a second time. “Do you smell something?”

“No, like what?” Jason hit his ball and it went into the hole.

“Something burning?” Chelsea inhaled one more time.

Jason beşiktaş escort walked over and put his arm around Chelsea’s waist and inhaled. “No. Nothing. Do you still smell it?”

Chelsea didn’t respond. She started to collapse and Jason caught her. She began shaking uncontrollably and he laid her down on the green.

Panic overtook Jason. “Chelsea, what’s wrong? Can you hear me?” Chelsea’s body was still shaking. Jason grabbed his cell phone and dialed 9-1-1.

“9-1-1 emergency response.”

“I’m at Lucky’s Putt-Putt and my girlfriend is on the ground shaking. Please send an ambulance.”

“Alright, Sir, I have dispatched an ambulance to your location. I need you to remain calm, don’t touch her, and make sure there is nothing around her that she can bump into or that can fall on her that could hurt her.”

Jason took a deep breath, trying feebly to be calm while checking for nearby objects. The ambulance’s siren could be heard as it entered the parking lot. A crowd of spectators started to form to watch the scene. Chelsea’s seizure was at last subsiding as the EMTs arrived. They put her on a stretcher and carried her to the ambulance. Jason had gathered her purse and was right next to her.

“Jason.” Chelsea said groggily. Jason grabbed her hand.

“I’m right here, Beautiful. It’s going to be okay.”

Chelsea gave a weak smile.

“Sir, you have to stand back.”

Jason reluctantly let go. The EMTs loaded Chelsea into the back of the ambulance and shut one of the doors. “Wait a minute! I’m coming with her.” Jason demanded.

“Jason.” Chelsea muttered while reaching for him. Pleading for him to be next to her.

“Are you family?” The EMT stated quickly.

“No, I’m her boyfriend.”

“Sorry Kid, we’re taking her to Mercy Hospital. You’ll have to meet her there.” The EMT shut the second door and the ambulance sped off.

Jason ran to the Beetle and drove off as well. He looked through her cell phone and found an entry for her Mom’s workplace. He had never met her and now he had to tell her that her daughter was in the hospital.

“Canton Advertising, how can I direct your call?”

“Um, Ms. Pollack please.”


“Janet Pollack speaking, how can I be of assistance today?”

“Ms. Pollack, you don’t know me, but my name is Jason Akers and I was with your daughter and she collapsed and started shaking. She’s on her way to Mercy Hospital.”

“On my way!” Janet hung up right away. She grabbed her purse, shouted to her boss that her daughter was in the hospital, and ran out of the building.

Jason hit the end call button and then reached for his phone and called home.

“Hello.” Jessica answered.

“Jessica, listen up. I’m…”

“Hey big brother, how’s the big date going?”

“Not well, I’m…”

“Did she try something? I warned that bitch…” Jessica was infuriated.

“What? No. Listen, Chelsea is being transported to Mercy Hospital. I’m on my way there. Let Mom and Dad know.”

“Okay, okay, bye.” Jessica hung up the phone. “Mom! Dad! Jason’s on his way to the hospital. Something happened to Chelsea!” Tim, Mae, and Jessica headed to their car so they could get to the hospital to comfort Jason.

Jason rushed through the emergency room doors and charged right up to woman behind the desk. He was winded. “Chelsea,” Breath. “Pollack,” Breath. “Please.”

“Do you know when she arrived, Sir?”

“A few,” Breath. “Minutes ago.”

“Oh yes, she’s here. Are you family?”

“No.” Jason finally caught his breath.

“Well, you’ll have to take a seat right over there until someone who is family can verify you can see her.” The nurse pointed with her pen to the chairs in the waiting room.

A look of exasperation fell upon Jason. “What is with you people and this family question?” Jason shouted. “I’m trying to see my girlfriend who collapsed in my arms and started shaking just a few minutes ago!” Jason pounded both his fists onto the desk.

“Sir, you’ll have to calm down or I’ll be forced to call Security. You have three options. Leave willingly, leave with Security, or calm down and wait over there until I know you’re allowed to see her.”

A deflated Jason slouched down into the chair in the waiting room with his head in his hands. He didn’t see the woman come in.

A woman in her mid 40’s with red hair in a bun wearing a black business suit with matching heels came running in.

“I’m Janet Pollack and I’m here for my daughter, Chelsea Pollack.”

“Okay, here are the forms we need you to fill out. When you’re done, you bring them back to me.” Janet didn’t move. She filled out the paperwork and handed it back within a minute.

“Alright, what you do is go through that door, make a left, and she’s the first bed on the left. Oh, and one more thing, do you know that boy?’ “No, I’ve never seen him before.” Janet rushed to the back. “Chelsea, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine Mom. They said I had an epileptic seizure and they may need to increase my dosage. beylikdüzü escort They’re waiting for my blood work to come back and I’ll be able to go.”

“I wonder what triggered it. You haven’t had one in a long time. I thought it was under control.” Janet held her daughters hand.

“I don’t know.” Chelsea sat up. “Mom, do you know if Jason is here? I thought I heard him screaming earlier?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll go out there as soon as I speak to the doctor, okay?” “Alright.” Chelsea laid back down, disheartened.

Time seemed to crawl by, even though in reality it was only twelve minutes until the doctor opened the curtain barricade.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Miller. Are you Chelsea’s Mom?”

“Yes, My name is Janet Pollack.”

“Well Janet, I’m glad you’re here. First, let me say your daughter is fine. She’s probably already back to her normal self. Now, we got the blood work back, surprisingly quickly considering how busy we are today, and, I must say, I have some concerns. Chelsea told us she has epilepsy since birth, correct?”

“Yes, she was born with it.”

“And she also told us she is on 100mg of Lamotrigine three times a day. Is that correct?”

“Yes, she’s been taking that dosage for a few years now.”

“Well, here’s the problem. We found no traces of that medication in her system. Instead, we found a large amount of aspirin in her blood stream.”

“What? Chelsea, why did you think you can do that?” Janet demanded.

“I didn’t! I keep my pills in my purse and I haven’t missed a dose. Why would I? I don’t want a seizure.” Chelsea pleaded.

“Well then, where’s your purse, young lady?”

“I don’t know. I suppose Jason has it.” Chelsea reasoned.

“Dr. Miller, could you wait here a few minutes? I’ll go get the purse and maybe you can help straighten this out.”

“No problem. While you get her purse, I’m going to see another patient and I’ll be right back.” Dr. Miller left.

Janet reached the waiting room and called out. “Jason. Is there a Jason here?” Two men stood up. One man clearly in his sixties, bald up top with grey hair around his head, and looked like he was hiding a beach ball under his shirt. “Please don’t let that be him.” The second was a teenager who was surrounded by what looked like his mom, dad, and sister. Janet walked up to that Jason. “Do you have my daughter’s purse?”

“Yes ma’am.” Jason handed over the purse. “Is she alright? May I see her now?”

“Yes, she is fine. No, you cannot see her. Give me a few more minutes.”

Jason sat down, his head back in his hand.

Mae stood up. “Ms. Pollack, please, my son is worried sick. Can’t he please go back with you?”

“I’m sorry, Mrs.?”

“It’s Akers. Mae Akers.”

“Well Mrs. Akers, if it was your daughter and you knew what I know, trust me; I’m being polite in just saying no right now.” Janet disappeared behind the ER doors. “Here you go Dr. Miller.” Janet handed him the vial.

Dr. Miller poured a couple pills in his hand. “I’m sorry to say, but these are ordinary aspirin. It says so on the pill. Now if you excuse me, I’ll write up another prescription for the Lamotrigine and I’ll have the nurse discharge you.”

“Mom, I swear, I didn’t do that.” Chelsea was insistent. “Please believe me.”

“I believe you. The person I don’t trust is Jason.” Janet stated coldly. “No Mom, he wouldn’t. He couldn’t have.”

“Who else could it have been? This happened recently and I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with him. If not him, who Chelsea?” Janet was on the verge of yelling.

“I don’t know Mom, I don’t. It wasn’t him.” Chelsea started to cry.

“Chelsea, I know it’s hard to believe. I hear how you talk about him, but he did it. He’s guilty and I forbid you from seeing him again.”

“Mom, no! I love him! Please don’t say that? Please?” Chelsea’s cry turned into a sob.

“Chelsea, knock it off. I will not have you hanging around with someone who is willing to put your life in danger. End Of Discussion.”

The nurse walked in and handed Janet a piece of paper. “Here is the prescription and now Chelsea is free to go. Have a nice weekend.”

When Janet and Chelsea reached the door to the lobby, Janet stopped. “I want you to wait here.” Janet walked through the doors and headed toward the Akers family. Jason wasn’t there. “Mr. and Mrs. Akers, I want you to know you’ll be hearing from my attorney.”

Jason exited the restroom and saw Miss Pollack speaking to his parents. He looked around and saw Chelsea peaking through the doors heading to the back. He ran towards her. He pushed through the double doors and embraced Chelsea. “I’ve been so worried. Are you okay?” Jason was almost on the verge of tears. “They wouldn’t let me see you or tell me what was going on. I love you so much.”

Chelsea pushed Jason away. “Did you do it? Look me in the eye and tell me the truth.”

“Did I do what? Oh, did I lay you down on the ground too hard and you hit your head? I’m sorry if I did. I just freaked out when you started to shake.”

“No Jason, my pills. Did you switch my pills? I understand if you did. I’ve been so mean to you. Just tell me.” Chelsea began to cry.

“What? How can you ask me that? No. No. No. No. I would never do anything to hurt you, Beautiful. You have to believe me. Please? I love you.” Jason moved in to kiss her.

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