Oppreciator – Bulging in Public


Stacy walked out of the shop with a contented smile on her face and slung her heavy shopping bag over her shoulder. She’d walked down this high street loads of times in the past, but she’d never been inside of the curious little corner shop before. It was odd, everything about it seemed so… plain. She had a vague memory of being surprised walking in there, but every second that passed that memory seemed to get further away, clouding over like it was covered in a thick layer of fog.

She shrugged her shoulders and walked on. The one thing she did remember about going in there was the reason, she was thirsty, incredibly so. She’d picked out an interesting looking bottle on the shelf. The liquid was a luscious-looking purple, and she had the vague memory of the shopkeep telling her that it was an excellent choice and that it was bound to bring her “Bountiful happiness”, whatever that meant.

Stacy cast a glance back over her shoulder, trying to find the shop again, but she just couldn’t pick it out. She shrugged and popped the cap from the bottle. It was a hot day outside, and she’d decided to wear a light blue cardigan over a thin top. She didn’t have much of a figure to speak of, and she thought her choice of outfit would at least help her hide the lack of curves. She’d always wanted to have a more… outrageous figure, particularly in her boobs. She’d always hoped that she’d be a late bloomer, but nature seemed to have other plans for her.

She carried on walking down the street and took a deep swig from the bottle. The liquid was thick, and it wasn’t exactly cooling, but it certainly hit the spot. But maybe not the one she was expecting.

She walked along the high street, looking in shop windows, fantasising about all the outfits she’d love to wear if she could pull them off. She felt a tightness in her chest and heat flushed her face and took another swig of her mysterious drink. She assumed it was a combination of her anxiety and the heat, and neglected to consider what else might be causing her rapidly rising body temperature. She carried on walking down the street, slowly sipping from the bottle as she went, hoping that the feeling of tightness would go away soon.

What she’d failed to notice was that the tightness wasn’t coming from any anxiety attack, but real, genuine tightness. As she walked along, her shirt had slowly started to fill out. Her A-cup breasts had slowly started to swell, stretching the shirt she was wearing gradually. The more her chest swelled, the more sensitive it became. The more sensitive her chest became, the more Stacy’s body temperature rose. The more her body temperature rose, the more she drank. Stacy noticed that more people were looking at her as she walked down the street. She hated being the centre of attention, and the way people were looking at her was only fueling her anxiety more. erotik film izle She took another swig as she carried on, hoping it was all in her mind.

She’d drank nearly a third of the bottle by now, and her tits were gaining ground rapidly. After the first few swigs she’d grown to a D-cup, but the more and more she drank, the faster they swelled. Her shirt had started to ride up her body, and the loose cardigan she wore barely managed to hang off her shoulders as her ballooning breasts claimed more and more of her torso. Stacy still hadn’t noticed, her attention focussed on anywhere but herself. If she had, she might have noticed that her nipples were making an admirable attempt to burst free from their confines. If she could have seen them. They’d grown so far away from her at this point that identifying the dents they were making in her shirt would have required her to pull them up to her own face.

More staring. Stacy could barely handle it. She started to rush, desperate to make it to the train station so as to finally get some shelter from the oddly rapturous attention that people were paying to her. This didn’t help. She’d never needed a bra, and her newly endowed body was taking full advantage of the situation. Her massive tits bounced as she powerwalked down the streets, gaining more and more attention the faster she walked. The more they bounced, the closer they came to freedom; but also the more tired Stacy became. Her obliviousness to her new body didn’t stop her from becoming tired, so she took another deep swig from the bottle, draining another third of it in one go.

Her tits swelled out more, claiming as much of the strained shirt as they could, before finding more places they can expand to. The neckline of her shirt had been stretched out so much by her new enormous sweater puppies that it gave enough room for them to start swelling over the top. Stacy’s cleavage squeezed beyond its fabric boundaries, creating a tight, meaty valley that slowly crept up to her chin and slowly invaded her line of sight. Down below, her shirt continued to ride up, displaying a beautiful abundance of underboob to any passerby as her titties started to cover her stomach in their fleshy bountifulness.

Stacy felt a brief moment of relief before the tension returned.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Stacy looked down and sighed, as the stitching down the side of her shirt popped loose with the slowly encroaching tide of her thriving bosom. Her mind was more concerned about the wellbeing of her clothes than her rapidly developing chest, and it felt like something in the back of her mind was screaming at her; but every time she tried to catch the thought, her mind filled with fog and before she knew it the thought was gone again, taking more of her sense with it.

With one last final gulp, Stacy downed film izle the rest of the mysterious purple liquid, before tucking the empty bottle away in her heavy, cumbersome bag. Her shirt rode further and further up, as her tits swelled further and further out. Before long, her stomach was entirely consumed by the colossal mountain range of breast flesh; and the poor, struggling T-shirt was holding on for dear life to the peaks of Stacy’s swollen, prominent nipples.

Her tits made one more daring bid for freedom before their growth spurt came to a creeping end, while Stacy’s shirt put up its valiant last stand, barely managing to contain the tremendous titties. They covered her entire torso, and her waist was completely hidden behind their monumental mass.

She carried on towards the station, confused and slightly aroused by the multitude of perverse stares she was receiving. Her shoulders ached from the sheer weight she was carrying, their weight pulling down on her and making every step a challenge. Her forehead dripped with sweat and effort, while her shirt strained and stretched with every step.

She was close to giving up when someone stepped in her path. A tall man with broad shoulders and well-toned muscles stood before her, a smile on his face that looked cocky, but Stacy just couldn’t figure out why.

“Would you like a hand with those?” He asked, his own beautiful blue eyes locked onto her own.

“Oh, would you? You’re, like, a lifesaver!” Stacy said, standing up and thrusting them out, allowing the man to take hold of her enormous, overstuffed, bulging shopping bags.

For a brief moment, a look of confusion and slight annoyance crossed the man’s face before it was clouded over with a look of contentment and happiness. He followed along in her footsteps like a dog following its master, happily carrying her weighty bags full of clothes and make-up. The top of a new, enormous bra could be seen poking out from the top of one particular bag.

Stacy was struggling to think straight, it was like her mind was going in circles at one hundred miles per hour. She couldn’t remember where it was she was going, or where she had been for that matter. What she did know was that behind her was a hunk who was happily carrying her colossal bags of shopping while she tried to figure out what she was going to do with the rest of her day. She did have a pretty good idea though.

She stood at the side of the road and hailed a cab. She’d never had trouble getting their attention.

— — —

The bed creaked and lurched. Clothes were strewn across the hotel room, and the smell of sex pervaded the air. The first one hadn’t lasted very long, so Stacy threw what clothes she could find back on, and went fishing. Her tits strained her shirt to breaking point, and the rest of her body was showing similar changes. She’d managed seks filmi izle to find some booty shorts that hugged her skin so closely that they may as well have been painted on.

A group of men had walked past the hotel entrance, drunk and clearly celebrating the victory of whichever sports team they followed. Filled with confidence and bravado, they’d decided to take this stacked bimbo up on her offer of a good time. It was a mistake.

The ensuing orgy had been one of the greatest times of Stacy’s recently rewritten life. She took their dicks in every way she could think of, in every whole she knew she had, and some she didn’t realise she had as well. The cocks in her ass and pussy were on a constant cycle, and she didn’t think she’d gone more than a few seconds without one in her mouth. While one of the guys had been fucking the shit out of her tits, another moved up beside him and experimentally poked her nipple with his meaty schlong. It was to everyone’s surprise when he managed to slip inside, and before long both of her nipples were being ploughed by big hard cocks.

Of the four of them that had followed Stacy up to her room, transfixed by her heart-shaped pillow of an ass, only one remained standing. Or lying, as the case may be. Stacy bounced on his rigid cock, as her giant tits followed suit. They were large enough that each time they fell, they would crash into Stacy’s victim, knocking the wind clean out of them. Their weight was ridiculous, and yet Stacy seemed completely unphased by them, moving about as if she’d had them her entire life.

She was ravenous. Though her tits had stopped their growth, her body was changing in so many unseen ways. Her entire life was being rewritten to orbit around her monstrous mammaries. Her mind was emptying almost as fast as her figure was filling out, leaving her with nothing but the thought of cocks. Her body ground against the groin of her victim, milking his cock until he burst, spraying the last of his load into her unguarded pussy. Not that she minded. He collapsed against the bed, the last dregs of consciousness leaving his body, and Stacy looked down at his limp body that was being covered by her all-consuming chest pillows. She was covered from head to toes in cum. Her hair was plastered to her scalp, and she was fairly certain she could still feel it leaking from her nipples

Her phone buzzed at her. She’d gotten a lot of text messages over the past few hours. Something about people wondering where she was. To be honest she couldn’t find it in herself to be that concerned. No matter where she went, she was pretty certain at this point she’d never need to worry about money ever again, now that people would be throwing themselves at her. She was about to get ready to leave, scour the town for her next fling when a knock on the door caught her attention.

“Excuse me miss, we’ve received several noise complaints from your neighbours over the past few hours. Could you open up?”

It was the young man from the desk. Maybe Stacy wouldn’t have to go out hunting after all.

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