Oral Expressions


I fumbled with my keys, but finally fit the right one inside the lock and opened the door. I hung my jacket on the coat rack and kicked off my shoes. The light in the living room was on, but my parents were gone and my sister Melanie wouldn’t be home until much later.

Suspicious, I entered the living room and saw that it was in fact, my 20-year-old sister Melanie sitting on the sofa. She was surrounded by a pile of rolled up tissues and had obviously been crying. I sat down beside her, but she didn’t look at me.

“What’s up, Mel?” I asked, trying your best to sound concerned.

“Nothing… it’s not like you care.”

“Come on, just tell me. It’s therapeutic to get it off your chest,” I replied. I took this opportunity to sneak a quick glance at her cleavage, very visible in her white spaghetti-string tank top.

“It’s Scott. We had an argument.”

“About what?” I inquired.

“Do you really want to know?” she asked, surprised at my curiosity.

“Yes, I really want to know,” I responded.

She sat up, wiped her eyes and turned to face me.

“Well, we did some things, Scott and I.”

“What sort of things?”

“Sexual things… I gave him head.”


“I know, it’s weird that I’m telling you this, isn’t it?”

“No, come on. I’m 18; just go on.”

“All right, well… I sucked him off and then I expected him to return the favor, you know… and he said he had to leave!”

“He wouldn’t do it?”

“No! We ended up fighting about it and he eventually stormed out.”

“That’s unbelievable.”

“I know! I mean, if your girlfriend sucked your dick and asked for the same in return, you’d do it, right?” she asked.

“Of course, especially if my girlfriend was as hot as yo-”

I stopped suddenly.

“What?” she asked, her eyes widening.

“Nothing, never mind.”

“Were you going to say me?”

“No, come on… no, I wasn’t.”

“No, you were about to say ‘if my girlfriend was as hot as you’.”

“All right… so what if I was?”

“Nothing… I guess I’m flattered.”

“I was just being honest… I mean, I know you’re my sister, but you’re pretty fucking hot.”

She smiled for the first time that night and began to twirl her curly brown hair between her fingers.

“Shut up… do you mean it?” she asked.

“Yeah, definitely.”

“Well, what about me is hot? You know, just for the sake of escort ataşehir discussion.”

“I don’t know… your tits, I guess.”

“My tits? You don’t think they’re too big?” she asked, glancing down at her chest.

“Too big? No way. Who told you that?”

“Fucking Scott… he said that I should get a reduction,” she said with a scowl.

“No, Mel, they’re perfect,” I assured her.

She began to squeeze her breasts in her hands, jiggling them around with her fingers.

“Well, I guess I like them, too,” she shrugged.

“You’ve got a pretty nice ass, too, Mel.”

“Oh, shut up,” she laughed.


“I have the worst ass ever.”

“Now you shut up. That is not true at all.”

“My ass looks nothing like those models’ do.”

“You mean flat? Guys would die to have a girl with a nice, round ass like yours.”

“Show me what you mean,” she said, standing up and turning around.


“I don’t see how my ass is that great, just show me.”

I cautiously brought my hand to her butt, placing it on her left cheek. I ran my hand up and down from the small of her back to the bottom of her thigh.

“See how it curves right here… guys love that. A nice bubble butt, that’s what you have.”

I gave her a gentle spank, causing her to jump, giggle, and slap my hand.

“Sorry, I’ve just always kind of wanted to do that.”


“Yeah, I mean with those fucking shorts you wear around the house and those tight jeans…”

“That gets you hot?”

“Hell, yeah. How could it not?”

“Because I’m your sister and you shouldn’t see me like that?” she countered.

“But you’re also a woman and I’m a man. It’s called primal instinct.”

“You’ve got a point there, I suppose,” she resolved.

Her eyes wandered to the obvious bulge in my pants.

“Do you ever… never mind.”

“No, tell me.”

“Do you ever… masturbate, thinking about me?”

“A few times, I have… yeah.”

That was an understatement. Almost every single one of my masturbatory fantasies has somehow wound up back at Melanie.

“What do you imagine?”

“Just you, your body, I mean… naked.”

“Am I touching you?”

“Yeah, sometimes.”

“Like how?”

“Maybe your hand is on my dick or something…”

She suddenly grabbed the growing bulge between my legs.

“Like this?” kadıköy escort bayan she asked, biting her lip. She knew that she was taking a risk.

“Yeah, something like that. Maybe you’re stroking it a little.”

“Well, your pants would have to come off for that to happen.”

I complied immediately, standing up, pulling down my pants and kicking them off. My throbbing member was now completely exposed and standing erect before both of us.

“Wow…” she breathed, taking hold of it and gripping it firmly.

“I might have been grabbing your tits, in my fantasy I mean.”

I took her silence as a sign of compliance and brushed two fingers against the underside of her chest. When she didn’t stop me, I grabbed hold of one of her breasts and then the other, squeezing them gently.

“You were topless, by the way,” I added.

She smiled and pulled her shirt over her head, allowing her naked tits to jiggle free.

“Damn, they’re beautiful…” I murmured, running the tips of my fingers across the smooth skin and softly tweaking her hard nipples.

She grabbed my cock again and began to slowly stroke it.

“What else?” she inquired, her eyes locked on my member.

“You put it inside your mouth… you sucked on it.”

She tucked her hair behind her ear and lowered her mouth to the head of my cock, brushing her soft lips against it. After she had tasted it, she ran her long tongue up and down my shaft and my balls.

“Oh, that’s fucking good…” I moaned.

“As good as your fantasy?” she said into my cock.

“Fucking better…” you reply, holding her hair back.

She began to suck, slowly at first, but forcefully. She could fit almost the entire length of my shaft down her throat without wincing. With one hand I held her hair and with my other I played with her breasts.

“Scott doesn’t know what he’s missing,” I mumbled after she had been sucking particularly hard.

She popped me out of her mouth, but continued to lazily stroke it with her hand.

“I know, right? I give the best blowjobs and all I ask in return is that he gives me a little attention once in a while.”

I nodded and pushed her head back down into my lap.

“Getting aggressive, are we?” she giggled.

“Just suck my dick and don’t ask questions,” I commanded in a playful manner.

“Yes, daddy…” she cooed in a mock innocent tone. That really got me hot and I escort bostancı almost lost it right there, but I managed to regain my composure.

When she saw that I was close to the edge she suddenly stopped.

“Do you promise to eat me after this?” she asked sincerely.

“Of course! In fact, I’ll make up for what your dickhead boyfriend did to you and do it as long as you like,” I promised.

At that point I would have said anything to get my cock back into her mouth. She smiled and kissed the tip of my dick before swallowing it again.

It was another few minutes of furious sucking that finally did me in. I grunted to warn her of the impending climax and she readied herself, using even more pressure as if to suck it right out of me.

I gripped her shoulders and pumped my rod in and out of her mouth as I shot my hot, sticky seed down her throat. She then aimed my cock at her chest and emptied the remaining drops onto her fat, naked tits. She smiled at me as she slapped my dick gently against her breasts, causing the soft skin to ripple.

I barely had a moment to catch my breath before she had ripped off her panties and spread her legs, beckoning me near as she began to stroke her moist pussy.

“My turn!” she said, wiping my cum from her mouth.

I sank to my knees and positioned myself before her, running my hands up and down her smooth, toned legs. I finally had my hands on this body and wasn’t going to waste this opportunity without exploring every inch. Before beginning to tongue her clit, I kissed everywhere around it. I slid a finger inside of her and drew her closer to me. She was busy massaging her tits, but obliged. I finally flicked my tongue at her clit and then brushed my lips against it before eventually sucking it as she had sucked me.

I ate my sister out for a good fifteen minutes before she began to show signs of orgasm. She suddenly tensed up and grabbed my head, guiding my mouth to just the right spot. I teased her, starting and stopping. In her heat, she lost her patience with my game and slapped me good in the head. I laughed into her pussy and that’s what sent her over the top. She writhed and twisted as I furiously licked and sucked her. When she came back to earth, it took her a minute to catch her breath.

“Thanks, bro… you don’t know how much I needed that. I mean, my vibrator can only do so much.”

“No problem… anytime you need it…” I replied.

“Oh, and let me tell you… your cock is going to be mine whenever I need it.”

“No argument here,” I said with a laugh.

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She cuddled against me and we spent the first of many evenings together, exploring all of our wildest fantasies.

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