Origami Roses


Everyone in this story is over 18. Please enjoy.


I got the first note on thanksgiving weekend in my locker. I had just been dumped by this guy (on my 18th birthday no less!) and was planning on spending the next four days drowning in cookies and cream ice cream, until I noticed a little folded up note, with origami roses scattered around. The note read “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on”.

At first I got angry, I thought it was Justin, my ex. So I slammed my locker shut and went along with my plans to drown my pain in frozen dairy products.

The next note came a few weeks later, just before Christmas. More origami roses ensued. This time I confronted the suspect about it.

Justin claimed he knew nothing about it. I didn’t believe him, of course. But it wasn’t until Justin got a new girlfriend I got 2 more notes, each note more beautiful and poetic than the last, I decided Justin didn’t have the poetic capability to do that.

So I set about looking for other suspects. Boys who showed an interest in origami and poetry. But no one that I knew fit the bill. I decided to not look the compliment horse in the mouth.

Not saying that I’m fishing for compliments, but as an average looking girl they didn’t happen a lot.

Long straight brown hair and brown eyes. Completely average. I don’t have remarkable breasts, they’re perkier than most, and my ass is just a standard white girl ass. Flat, basically.

It was probably the tenth note that read “I want to kiss every inch of your beautiful, naked body.”

This is was far more sexual than anything else. Most were along the lines of “I love that sparkle in your eyes” or “Your hair is like a waterfall of gold” something nice like that.

I felt a little twinge between my legs as I read that note. It was mid January and my dry spell was reaching the two month mark. Not saying I need sex or anything, but with Justin it happened frequently, and this wasn’t normal for me.

That night I imagined my secret admirer lovingly caressing my nipples in his mouth and his fingers.

The notes increased to an almost daily occurrence. They took a turn for the sexual, like “Ive touched myself and thought of you” or “I love watching your breasts in those tight tops”. While most girls would be creeped out, I wasn’t. It was almost sweet in a nice way. As my nightly masturbating now included this stranger, I was looking forward to when he would come out. On valentines day, I almost expected him to show himself. But instead I found a brand new bottle of warming massage oil, the usual roses scattered around and the note asked for me to use it on myself. I blushed at first before slamming my locker on it. At the end of the week I brought that home and poured it over my tits.

At first, it was cold and my nipples became hard but as I gently massaged the oil onto my tits it warmed to an extremely pleasant sensation and before I knew it I was moaning and rubbing my clit, cumming over my oily fingers.

I got a note every single day for a month, and each one dampened my panties.

Finally, on the 1st of May, my secret admirer asked me to meet them at hotel near my house at exactly seven oclock. They gave me a room number to be at. Next to the note was a bright red bra and some lace panties. The risk of fucking a random stranger sent warmth down to my pussy. So I went home and shaved well, my legs and in between them.

I carefully contemplated what to wear. Go sexy? I slipped bakırköy escort the red lace panties on, they instantly became soaked from my pussy. I put on the red bra too. It cupped my breasts perfectly. I decided to put on a black mini skirt and a tank top.

I told both my parents I would be spending the night at a friends and they didn’t ask questions.

The drive to the hotel was torturous for me. The wetness in between my legs demanded attention but I knew it would soon be taken care of. I hoped, at least.

I strutted past the hotel lobby and found the hotel room. I knocked.

A boy answered the door.

I recognized him from school, he had graduated a few years before, and now he worked as an aide for the teachers. He was probably 20. Being with a man older than me like that, though I was technically an adult as well, being 18. He was actually quite attractive. I felt relief flood through me. He had curly blonde blonde hair and stunning green eyes. A little muscular but not overly.

“Hi.” He smiled at me. “You actually showed up.”

I nodded and returned his smile. “Yeah. Of course.”

He held the door wider and invited me in. The origami roses I had grown to love so much were scattered around the room, in various sizes.

“How do you like it?” He shut the door behind me.

“It’s wonderful.” I took off my jacket and set it on a chair.

“You look wonderful.” He chuckled.

I really wanted to cut the foreplay. The lace was not doing the best job of holding my arousal.

I brushed the miniskirt and readjusted my tank top. “Thank you.”

He approached me slowly. “Are you wearing the gifts I got you?”

I nodded.

He took my hand and kissed it. “I bet they look beautiful on you.”

I took the opportunity and tried to further the small talk. “Would you like to see them?”

He smiled. “Darling I would love to but I would love to take this slowly. I have the room for the entire night.”

I smiled in anticipation. I touched his shoulder and pulled him closer. He was much taller than me, so I stood on my toes and kissed him.

His lips were firm at first, reluctant. But as my tongue probed into his mouth he loosed and his hand found my back.

When we broke away from one another he was breathless. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

I smiled. “How could I not be? No ones ever been so sweet to me before.”

He picked me up suddenly, causing me to shriek in delight and surprise and he set me down on the bed carefully. “I want to treat you like a princess. You deserve it.”

I giggled in glee. “You’re so sweet. Why didn’t you talk to me before?”

“How could I get your attention otherwise? I needed something beautiful just like you to get your attention.” He pressed his lips to my neck for a moment.

“Did you fold all these roses?”

He nodded and kissed my neck again. It was like a hotline to my pussy and it got even wetter than before.

I guided his hand to my thigh and whispered, “I guess you’ve got some pretty talented fingers.”

He smiled and we kissed once again. His hand slid further up my leg and into my skirt. “Is this okay?”

I nodded and moaned as his fingers rubbed the wet spot lightly.

“Do you really like this?”

I pulled him closer and started kissing his neck and sucking on it. “It’s amazing. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve imagined this.”

“Really?” He pulled back and removed this hand.

I nodded. beşiktaş escort “That massage oil feels amazing on my clit.”

He smiled and turned bright red.

“Do you wanna see your other gifts on me now?”

He nodded eagerly.

I sat up and stripped off my shirt slowly. Then I stood up and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall around my ankles. When I turned back around, his cock was standing at attention inside of his pants.

“You’re very beautiful.” He told me.

I laid back down on the bed and kissed him, pulling his shirt above his head. I ran my hand over his bare chest and kept kissing him. My hand found his cock through his pants and started rubbing it. I reached for the button and undid it.

I pressed my lips to his chest and worked my way down, sprinkling his torso with kisses. When I got to the top of his pants I paused, kissing it harder and licking it. I bit the top of his pants and pulled them down with my teeth. I was enjoying thoroughly how hard this made him and hearing him moan when I wasn’t even really touching him yet.

I hooked my thumbs into his boxers and pulled them down. I saw his cock twitch as blood filled it.

I started by licking the head of his cock. He let out the biggest moan when I flicked my tongue over the tip.

“That feels so good holy fuck.” He ran a hand through my hair.

I smiled. “Have you ever gotten a blowjob before?”

He shook his head.

I chuckled and decided to bring my a-game. I kissed the swollen tip slowly and ran my tongue up and down. I stuck it in my mouth and sucked gently. One hand slid and massaged his nuts gently. Giving blowjobs was never my favorite but hearing him moan made me smile.

He wasn’t long, but he was hung like a soda can. I could hardly open my mouth wide enough to fit it.

So instead I attacked his nuts with my tongue and mouth. I sucked on each one, rubbing my tongue on them while I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and pumped up and down. His moans got louder as I jerked him off faster.

“Fuck, fuck that feels so good.” He ran a hand through my hair.

I went back to suck on his cock, fitting as much of it in as I can.

“Stop I’m gonna cum.” He tugged on my hair lightly.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth. Then crawled on top of him so the wet patch between my legs was directly over his cock. I grinded on him slowly, the red lace scratching his member softly.

“That feels so good don’t stop.” He placed his hands on my hips and helped as I rode him.

“If you’ve never had a blowjob is it safe to assume your still a virgin?” I asked.

He nodded again.

“Do you have anything?” I asked. I was on the pill but it never hurts to double wrap.

His eyes widened in realization. “Yeah I do. But one thing first.”

I was confused until he pulled me up so I was sitting on his face. He pulled my red panties off and then adjusted so my pussy was directly above his face and began eating me out.

At first he was clumsy. He just licked the hole. But eventually, he found my clit and started sucking on it and rubbing his tongue on it. He stuck a finger in, while his tongue lapped slowly at my clitoris.

I started grinding my pussy back and forth on his tongue, quivering from pleasure as he added another finger, when I started to cum for the first time.

“Does that mean it was good?” He asked from below.

I nodded, breathless.

“Mind if I keep going?” He asked.

I beylikdüzü escort smiled. “Oh baby please keep going.”

He flatted his tongue and licked my button slowly. It drove me crazy. A third finger was added to the mix, stretching my pussy to its limit. He curved his middle finger in, hitting my g spot while he thrust the other two in and out. I was screaming in pleasure. Then he sharpened his tongue and jabbed at my little pearl, gently. With the hand that wasn’t fucking me, he undid my bra and cupped a breast, pinching the nipple.

I reached a hand back to jerk him back to try and repay him but eventually the pleasure was so much I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but his tongue and fingers fucking me. His hot, wet tongue rolled over my clit and sucked on my labia. He took the three fingers out and stuck his tongue in. I hit orgasms 2 and 3 while I rode his face.

Eventually he stopped. I wanted to ask him for more but I knew what would come next.

He rolled me onto my back while he reached for a condom. He rolled it onto his thick member.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

He asked with a small smile.

I nodded eagerly and spread my legs for him. He mounted me and positioned his erect cock at the opening of my exhausted pussy.

“I feel find of bad about deflowering you.” I said as I spread my legs even wider.

He smiled and rubbed the latex head against my dripping pussy. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

I pushed myself up and kissed him, biting his lip. “What’re you waiting for then?”

He slid his dick inside of me, stretching out my tight cunt like never before. I gripped the blanket beneath me and arched my back as he went fully inside me.

I let out shuddering breaths as he pulled out and thrust inside again.

I clenched my pussy around him as he started thrusting in and out faster.

I pulled him closer to me so I could kiss his neck and bite him as he let out moans of pleasure.

“How do you like my pussy baby?” I asked him as I clawed his back. His cock filled me, I could feel it throbbing each time it went inside of me.

He kissed me. “Its so good. Do you like my cock?”

I nodded. “It’s so amazing.”

“Do you want to change positions?” He asked, pulling his cock out of me.

I pressed my tits to his chest and whispered “Tell me how you want me.”

He swallowed hard, throbbing cock in his hand. “Could you get on your hands and knees for me?”

I smiled and obliged. I spread my asscheeks for him, revealing my tight asshole, and rubbed my clit.

He slid his cock inside of me against and I pushed back against it. He thrusted in and out faster, ravaging my pussy.

I decided to go out on a limb. “Please spank me.”

I felt his hand on my ass. I thought he wasn’t going to do it. But eventually he lifted his hand it came down hard on my cheek.

I moaned and pushed my ass further against his cock. “Again. Please.”

He switched sides, hitting me again. Each of my cheeks stung as he smacked them.

He began thrusting in a steady rhythm, pumping his cock in and out me. I felt another orgasm arise within me and in him too.

“I’m about to cum.” He moaned. His clumsy fingers found his way to my breast and squeezed hard as his cock jerked and became cumming.

I gripped the bed sheet and started joining him in orgasm.

He withdrew his member from me and unrolled the condom, tossing it into a trash can nearby. I pulled the bed cover up and crawled underneath. He joined me, his cock resting on my thigh.

I laughed as I wrapped my arms around him breathlessly.

“I don’t even know your name.” I told him.

He kissed me. “I’m Nicholas.”

I returned his affection.

“Should do this again sometime.”

He agreed.

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