Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Sex Out Of The City

“The hotel we ended up in was out in the Cotswolds and we stayed for a long weekend which included Sunday night. So on Monday morning after an early but nevertheless very exciting arsefuck we left and made our way back to London. We decided to explore a bit as we had all day to go only about eighty miles, and we were travelling through a village called Burlington when I noticed by the side of the road a sign saying “designer lingerie”. It was at the entrance to an old set of stables and a barn that had clearly been redeveloped as retail outlets. Even so it was an incongruous sign to see in the middle of nowhere. I told Tony who immediately stopped the car and reversed.

“There might be something really nice there which I can get for you to make the weekend even more memorable.” he said.

I didn’t really need anything other than the great memories. I told him as much and leant forward to kiss him slowly and deliberately. Our tongues met and interacted and I could feel stirrings in my cunt. No doubt Tony was getting hard too as he had to adjust himself in order to get out of the car.

We went into the shop and were amazed at what we found. There were rows and rows of really exotic looking clothes, mainly underwear but also fetish wear and pvc. There was also a selection of club wear, indeed everything for the sex maniac. I could envisage Tony’s cock going back to the vertical as he imagined me in virtually any of the gear. Sorting out the stock was a woman in her early thirties I would guess, and she looked pleased to see us. Probably didn’t get too many callers.

“Anything I can help you with or are you just browsing?” she asked

“Just browsing thanks”

And browse we did. Extensively. Tony sought out some really sexy basques and body suits and insisted that I try them on. I didn’t struggle. There were a couple of cubicles for that purpose and I was more than happy to model. The more I tried on the hornier I became. I was slightly wary of flouncing round the shop so I preferred to stay in the cubicle and asked Tony to come in and inspect me. I was squeezing into a particularly tight but very revealing pvc halter top when Tony pulled the curtain open and pounced. I hadn’t had chance to put on the bottom half. He was only playing – his finger slipped up my cunt and was covered in cream in no time. As he pulled it out and licked it clean we were startled to find the shop owner standing at his shoulder. We looked very embarrassed. She however didn’t seem too bothered.

She smiled as she went off to re-arrange a display.

We tried on a few more things and made a shortlist of the best to buy. Even Tony had a go with some g-string leather pants which showed his bulge off very impressively. He had been permanently erect since we came in the shop.

The woman then approached us as she could see we were going to be receptive customers.

“If you want anything other than clothes let me know”

“What sort of things?” asked Tony.

“You know” she replied “fun things. We have a room specially set out but we don’t make it obvious in case some customers get the wrong impression. I can see you two are not in that category”

We weren’t sure what she meant by that, but, intrigued by her offer, we asked to see the display. I had forgotten that I was wearing very little. I was dressed in a see-through red basque which showed off my tits to perfection, even though I say so myself. We had decided to buy the set so I slipped on the thong knickers and followed Tony through a door marked “private”.

We were greeted by the largest display of sex toys that I had ever seen. It was a veritable Aladdin’s cave. There were shelves full of the stuff. There were vibrators, dildos, strap ons, butt plugs, anal beads, double dongs, handcuffs, manacles, you name it, it was there. There were also a few implements I didn’t recognise. Tony and I wandered around fascinated.

“This is brilliant” I announced.

“Yes, it is quite extensive” said the woman. “We deal mainly in mail order and internet sales but we get some discerning personal customers.”

So that’s what we were!

I picked up the fattest and thickest dildo I could find and waved it around.

“Eat your heart out lover” I taunted Tony.

Then I saw an item which caught my eye.

“In fact Sue,” I said turning towards our randy Head Teacher “it’s the implement you are wanking with the moment.”

It was the double header. I picked it up and pretended not to be sure how it worked.

“Where does this go?” I asked innocently pointing at the thinner part.

“That’s for anal stimulation.” said the woman without any hint of embarrassment. “It’s very effective too.” she added. “One of our top sellers”

“You know how good it is from first hand experience do you?” enquired Tony.

“Oh yes” she said “My husband and I test every product before we sell it to make sure that it has our seal of approval.” “Including the giant dildo?” I asked incredulously.

“Including the giant dildo” she replied in fairly matter kurtköy escort of fact voice.

“My god” said Tony before he knew what he was saying “you must have a very accommodating…..”



“My wife is extremely accommodating too” said a voice, and we turned to see a very good looking middle aged man framed in the doorway.

“Hello I’m Mike” he went on “You are?”

“Jo and Tony”

“Hello Jo and Tony. I must say Tony you have the most beautiful wife.”

“Thank you” said Tony “but we’re not married – just practicing for it”

“You’ve met Denise” he continued “She and I will be pleased to show you anything you might like”

“Denise was just telling us how you like to test the merchandise” I said.

“Indeed we do. It serves two purposes. We find out how good bad or indifferent a product is and we have a hell of a lot of fun!”

At least he was honest.

“If either of you would like to test anything before you buy it please feel free”.

I could hardly believe my ears. Tony and I exchanged glances. This was definitely an offer too good to refuse.

“Well” I said “I have always been fascinated by strap ons”

“Quite right” said Denise “they are a great complement to any love making, boy/girl or girl/girl. And the design has improved too. Let me show you.”

She opened a cupboard and brought out a selection. I paid particular attention to one that had a sophisticated harness.

“This one looks interesting” I said.

“Well actually” said Denise “it’s new in and we haven’t tried this one have we Mike?”

“No, so this is as good a time as any. Bring it with you and we’ll go upstairs in case anyone comes in the shop” With that he took us all upstairs into the office which was quite spacious and had two two-seater couches at one end.

I was slightly apprehensive. Things had moved rather quickly but Tony reassured me by holding my hand in a tight grasp. Denise was opening the box the strap on was packed in and laying the contents out on one of the settees. She let it stay there and came over to us.

“Would your boyfriend like to help me get ready?” she asked.

It was strange how this rather grey and unassuming woman had suddenly taken on a much more alluring persona. What she really meant was would Tony start taking her clothes off. He was extremely happy to assist and started to relieve her of her skirt and top. Underneath she had on a vivid electric blue one piece body. It was very sexy. Just your everyday underwear at Inside Job (that was the name of the shop) I assumed. You may recall that I was already at that stage. I had the red basque and thong on. Mike came over and pulled my panties down to reveal my shaven cunt.

“That is magnificent” he announced.

Tony decided that although Denise looked ravishing in her one piece, she really needed to be naked to do the situation justice and within thirty seconds she was! She had a firm full body with ample tits and a cunt to die for. She was shaved round her lips but had some neatly manicured pubic hair. Her cunt lips were the fullest and most luscious I had ever seen. I made a mental note to inspect closer later.

I was advised by Mike to sit on the office chair rather than the couch because it was upright and comfortable but did tilt when necessary. Denise picked up the strap on and started to put it on. The cock part was formidable – black thick and with a very full girth. It was the harness that was more remarkable. In the part that fitted under the woman’s genital area which in any other style I had seen was simply smooth, this one had two fitments. The first was a second cock designed to fill the cunt of the user and the other was a smaller but still respectably sized anal plug. It was intended that the woman wearing the strap on would gain as much pleasure as the person being rogered.

“Do you want to give or receive?” Denise asked me.

“Give, give, give” I said excitedly

“I thought so” and she and Mike held the strap on either side while I climbed in. As the dildos reached my underside they paused.

“Need any lubricant?” asked Mike

“My cunt is very well oiled” I told them “but my arsehole may need some attention”.

Mike moved over to his desk, opened the top drawer and pulled out a large tube of KY. Just the sort of thing the average business man carries in his desk, I mused.

“Tony, you do the honours” said Mike.

“Oh, no” he replied politely “this is your shout. I am sure Jo would prefer your fingers up her arse while Denise and I watch.”

“Fine by me” I said

“And me” repeated Denise

So Mike squeezed a generous helping of the lubricant on his index and middle fingers and I bent over for ease of access. I shivered with excitement as the two fingers stretched my anus open and entered simultaneously. He pushed them both well in and started to fuck my arse gently making sure it was well endowed with lube. He then pulled out and I levered the harness the rest of the way up. I opened my legs and Denise helped me accommodate malatya escort the dildo part as it slid into my cunt while the two men attended to my rear hole. The plug was quite thick but the copious amount of KY administered by Mike would probably have allowed me to take a baseball bat. Unfortunately there wasn’t one handy so I made do with the strap on!

I felt pretty full as both my orifices accepted their offerings. The tight pvc material pulled over my tummy and Denise moved in to tighten the belt to make sure that it didn’t start to sag. I think the belt was a little unnecessary as I didn’t get the feeling that the harness was going anywhere! The thick black rubber cock protruded from my crutch in a very provocative fashion and I made it more so by thrusting in and out. Denise got the hint and sat back on the black leather office chair which could tilt to a very useful angle. She leant back and I got my first close look at her magnificent cunt lips. They were large, fleshy and very inviting. She pulled them open so that I could see inside. She was extremely wet and I watched as tell tale droplets of cunt juice dribbled out and ran down into her arse. I inched forward with help from the two men and started to insert the cock into her cunt. Mike and Tony pushed from behind which had the joint effect of locking me into Denise and ensuring that my butt plug and dildo were firmly embedded. As I started to fuck her the full pleasure of the contraption kicked in. Every time I thrust into her fuck hole my own arse and cunt were double fucked. This was sexual pleasure at its most intense.

“Fuck me you gorgeous bitch” urged Denise.

Goodbye the demure shop manager and hello the rampant sex slut!

Mike and Tony then started to get busy. Mike liberated my tits from the top of my body and started to kiss and knead them, while Tony bent over Denise and offered her his cock to suck. She didn’t need a second invitation. She started to devour his prick with the passion of someone who might never get the opportunity again. She was moaning every time I fucked her. We kept the rhythm going for ages. Denise then let out a cry of pleasure as the first orgasm consumed her. She seemed to keep cumming for ages. We then decided to change positions and I was told to lie on the floor. This pushed the butt plug even deeper into my arse and I desperately needed to cum. To my amazement Denise went over to Mike, got hold of the KY and lubricated his bum hole. Before I had chance to fully appreciate the situation he had impaled himself on my strap on and I was arsefucking him for all I was worth. This was fantastic. A really good looking guy sitting on my “cock” with his own fully erect in front of him and begging to be played with in some shape or form. Denise straddled her husband and I watched from behind as she lowered herself on to him. Tony moved close and Denise started to suck his cock again. It was a fairly precarious fuck and not one any of us could keep up for very long, but it was long enough to produce my first orgasm. Mike was clearly no stranger to being buggered and when we had to change positions, he begged me to go straight back into his arse from behind. I got a really good view of his arsehole from that position and watched as my prosthetic prick slid all the way up his back passage. Denise lay beside him on the floor and sucked him off while massaging his balls. It was my turn to take Tony in my mouth. The poor sod couldn’t hold on much longer and as he played with Denise’s cunt with the fingers of one hand I felt the first of four big loads of spunk shoot from the end of his cock straight to the back of my throat. Within a few seconds Mike had filled his wife’s mouth in much the same manner, and after we had both drained our respective men’s balls she emerged to give me a wet sticky spunky kiss.

“My turn now” she announced as she started to unbuckle the strap on.

There was a distinct squelching sound as the dildo and plug left my cunt and arse.

Denise wasted no time in stepping into the harness and pulling it up. I helped her. As the girdle part reached her hips I looked down. The dildo part was shiny with my juices and the plug was flecked with shit as it had been deep in my arse for the best part of half an hour.

“Sorry about that” I said to Denise rather shamefacedly.

“Don’t worry about that” she replied “No point in cleaning it. It will be dirty again in a minute or two”.

So saying she opened her legs and crouched in order to get maximum leverage. The boys were on hand to help fit the device and within a few seconds the strap on was snugly in both her holes. She sat defiantly on the chair in order to make sure the dildos went in as far as they possibly could. She sat back in satisfaction.

“That feels great” she announced.

The large black false cock that had last been in Mike’s arse stood out in front of her. The boys had cum only moments before so were in no position to perform again yet. That left me. Denise sensed that I needed attention and got off her chair to come and snog me. She tasted delicious and I got very aroused kayseri escort as her tongue explored the insides of my mouth. I wondered what she would feel like between my legs. The cock dug into me and I parted my legs to allow her access to my cunt. As we were different heights serious penetration was not going to work in this position so she turned me round, marched me over to the desk, and pushed me flat on its surface. My tits were crushed against the hard wood. She came up behind me and without much ceremony opened my legs. I felt the rubber cock at the entrance to my cunt and slowly she achieved maximum penetration. She started to fuck me, slowly at first and then with more vigour. I could imagine what it felt like.

“Shit. This is good” she confirmed. “I am full and I mean full”

I turned to see what Mike and Tony were up to and both of them were stroking their cocks in an attempt to get them back to full erection. With some success I should add. Denise was initially holding me down on the desk while she fucked me but it was unnecessary as I was going nowhere! Eventually she changed her posture and stood upright which gave me more freedom. I leant on my elbows which enabled the two men to see my big tits swaying in rhythm to the fuck. That got their erections well and truly back to the vertical. Denise was holding on to my buttocks as she fucked me faster and faster. She then pulled open my arse and complemented me on it.

“Perfect arsehole Jo” she said. “Mike – come and look at this arsehole to die for”

Mike got up and moved towards the desk but took a slight detour to open one of the drawers. He took out a set of anal beads. Not just any beads. These were huge. The circumference of the beads varied, starting at little more than a large pea but each one increased in size and ended up as big as a ping pong ball. He handed the string to Denise who dangled them tantalisingly down my crack.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed in mock horror “Please tell me you’re not going to put those up me”

“Sorry Jo” said Denise “These are just in and we simply have to test customer satisfaction”

With that defense she started to insert the beads into my anus. By the third – there were about eight on the plastic string – I was beginning to feel fairly full. I told her so but she had no intention of stopping. The fourth forced its way in. The two guys stood there watching with their throbbing hard ons in their hands. Tony in particular urged me on.

“Come on darling you can take it. Fucking hell, your arse looks good. Your hole is wide open.”

“I can’t open it much more” I protested.

“Yes you can” said Denise who was still gently fucking my cunt with her strap on while all this was going on.

“Yes you can” echoed Tony.

I amazed myself. The bigger the size of the bead, the easier it seemed to go in. Five, six, seven and finally the eighth and biggest bead slid up my arse. Free from her insertion duties, Denise got back to the serious job of fucking my sopping wet cunt. I started to cum and told the world about it. She didn’t really pay much heed to start with and kept fucking. But as I reached the peak of my orgasm she pulled the whole string of beads out of my arse and sent me into another dimension.

I thumped the desk repeatedly with the intensity of it all. Tony had come round to the front of the desk and held his cock towards my face ready for me to suck it. Mike saw that I was otherwise engaged and intercepted him. Then, in front of my face, one of my all time fantasies came true. Mike bent down and took my lover’s cock in his mouth. Another man sucking Tony’s cock! Fanbloodytastic!

Fair play to Tony, he never flinched. He let Mike take it all the way in and I watched stunned as he gave him a terrific blow job. The sight worked wonders on Denise too who let us all know in no uncertain terms that she was having a shuddering orgasm.

I suddenly realised that the description of my lovers first male blow job was also having a significant effect on Vicky and Sue who had been wanking throughout my story but who now were both in a state of high excitement.

“Did Tony cum in Mike’s mouth?” asked Vicky “Please tell me that he came in Mike’s mouth. Pleeeeeease…..”

I didn’t need to say anything because Vicky had brought herself off with the thought of it.

“Oh shit!” I heard from the other side of the room “I’m cumming too”

Sue wailed as yet another orgasm consumed her. I can honestly say that I have never met a woman who had as many intense orgasms as Sue. Her sex life is certainly fulfilling. Back to the plot, and although by now it was academic, the answer to Vicky’s question was yes, Tony did cum in Mike’s mouth. He told me afterwards that the combination of being sucked by a man and seeing me impaled on those anal beads was irresistible. Equally impressively, Mike swallowed it all. He was the only one of us who hadn’t cum twice so purely as a thank you, you understand, for giving the two of us so much pleasure I let him fuck me while Denise and Tony recovered. He didn’t take long to deposit a full load in my cunt. I love going into the wide world with my cunt or arse full of cum because at certain moments I stick my finger into the appropriate hole and smell or lick my fingers and the whole fabulous experience gets re-lived.

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