Our Second Encounter


I felt you come up behind me and rest your hands on my hips. Pulling me into you, grinding your hard cock against my ass, I sighed deeply… you always new how to catch me off guard. I knew what you wanted, your cock planted deep in my ass, there was no mistake in your firm grinding. As you continued grinding, I felt your warm breath on my neck. You could smell the remnants of cotton candy from my Fantasy perfume applied earlier in the day. It was intoxicating to you.

“I need that hot ass of yours so badly”, you whispered melodically into my ear.

My clit tingled, you made me feel so naughty when you tell me dirty things. It excited me so much to hear your voice. Usually I’m not that vocal and quickly decided I would change things up. I leaned my head against your chest and moved my chin up so you could hear me.

“I want to feel you spreading my ass cheeks wide, look at my hot ass and dripping pussy. I want you to see how wet I am, just knowing your cock will soon be pounding into me, making me all yours.”

“Ohh really Crystal?” your familiar question.

“Mmmm I do, I need it so bad. My ass is aching for your fingers, tongue and cock.”

With that, I felt you lower your hands from my hips to my ass cheeks. You squeezed them tightly through my low rise jeans and I leaned back into your chest again. Planting big kisses on my neck, starting right under my ear and working your way down to my collarbone, you felt my breathing quicken. Then I felt your warm tongue run from my collarbone back up to my ear and your warm breath blowing on my neck.

I let out a soft moan, you knew just how to drive me crazy and make me squirm. I wanted to turn around so badly and gaze into your eyes but I didn’t want to leave your hard cock rubbing against my ass.

“You’re such a naughty girl”, you whispered. I could tell you had a big smile on your face since you loved when I was bad and slutty.

You started touching me all over. Running your strong hands up and down my sides feverishly. You were getting very aroused, I could feel your desire and I loved it. I felt your hands on top of my hands. Slowly, you dragged your fingers up my arms, which were quite sensitive and sent chills up my spine. Soon, they were cupping my heavy tits. Oh I wanted you to play with them so badly! You know how sensitive they are and how it makes me so unbelievably wet. Tugging on my hard nipples, you made me squirm.

“Crystal, tell me, why are your nipples hard?”

“I don’t know”, my coy response.

You wouldn’t stop tugging at them; you pulled them harder, and twisted the nubs between your thumb and index finger through my pink polo shirt. I couldn’t take it any more; I was so frustrated at this point.

“I want you to feel them skin to skin!”

You pulled my shirt off quickly and unhooked my cute pink sheer bra. It was quite erotic, you undressing me this way; I kind of felt like your doll. Taking both of your hands you slid them under each side of my bra and pushed forward to remove it. Your hands grazed against the sensitive sides and wrapped around the front of my white tits. My bra was now hanging on my arms and I let it slide off onto the floor.

You sighed deeply when your fingertips encountered my erect nipples. You couldn’t see them, but I knew you were envisioning them in your mind, dark pink, the taut skin around the eraser nub, the contrast of my white skin to my nipple. You loved when I wore white t-shirts with no bra; you loved to see the dark outline emerge through the whiteness.

As you continued to tortuously tug on my nipples, I took my fingertips and traced lines back and forth under my tits, adding to the sensation. Squeezing, pulling, tugging, pinching and twisting, my nipples grew harder and longer, sticking out further than before. You loved trying to see how far you could get my nipples to protrude, it was almost a game for you, and delicious tease for me.

“You have such great tits Crystal.”

“I’d love to run my nipples all over your cock. Shove your cock in between them as I push them together. I want your hot cum to cover them”. I was getting more and more into it as each minute passed.

“Oh we are a little dirty tonight, aren’t we?”


“I love it when you are dirty”.

I was still facing away from you; still I had not had a chance to gaze into your eyes. I tried my best to remain patient, even though it was killing me. I figured I would most likely be rewarded for my patience that was my hope.

Your hands traveled further down, over my stomach and to the waist of my jeans. Your hands continued over my jeans, to my thighs where you grabbed them firmly. I wanted you to be a little rough with me; I was hoping you were picking up on it.

Suddenly, you grabbed my hand and lead me to your bathroom. I was a little confused and wasn’t sure what you were thinking, but I went along with it. Once we were both inside you closed the door so Freeway wouldn’t disturb us, since she is quite the curious istanbul escort dog.

“I want you take off your pants.”


Finally we were facing each other and I was staring at you. I loved when you took control. Quickly, I unbuttoned my jeans and tossed them aside. I was left wearing only my pink fishnet thong.

“Mmmmm naughty girl.”

I could feel your eyes move up and down my body, inspecting every inch. You wanted me, I could tell.

“Sit on the toilet.” You demanded.

Intrigued by your statement, I put down the lid and sat on the toilet with my legs closed. Kneeling down in front of me, you placed your hands on my knees and tried to pry apart my smooth legs. Playfully, I resisted you.

“Oh so now you are going to keep your legs closed?”

Very funny, I thought. Laughing at you, I spread open my legs about shoulder width apart. You pushed them open wider. I loved when you exposed me. There right in front of you was my shaved pussy lips and clit only separated by a piece of mesh fabric. You had to investigate further.

I looked down to see your head between my legs, about 3 inches away from my pussy. I wasn’t sure what you were going to do, but I felt your hot breath. This was pure torture. Then I felt your warm tongue push against my panties. Probing your tongue around my now juicy cunt felt delicious. The fishnet fabric had enough holes that I could feel the wetness of your tongue… just enough.

“Mmmmm, that feels sooo good! Bad Billy!”

“Oh you haven’t seen anything bad yet”.

“I want to feel it skin to skin!”

“Patience Crystal”.

Dammit, I thought. I shouldn’t have said anything. Now I knew you were going to tease me even more. God, I wish I wasn’t so impatient! I snapped back to reality when your cock was right in front of my face.

I didn’t even notice you took off your pants. They were now around your ankles and you pulled your cock out from your boxers. You rubbed it softly across my lips.

“You a like hard cock Crystal, don’t you?”


“You love the way it feels in your mouth, don’t you?”

“Yes I do.”

I knew what you wanted. I opened my mouth wide and licked my lips, waiting patiently for your dick. I closed my eyes and felt the silky smoothness on my lips, you pushed yourself into me and I felt the head of your cock in my mouth. My tongue encircled your head, I licked it all over. You let out a deep groan as you pushed your throbbing cock further into my warm, wet mouth.

I loved having a hard cock in my mouth. The intoxicating feeling of control that it gave me. Even though I was at your service, you were also at mine, feeding my small desires of control.

Feeling the ridge pass through my lips was my favorite part. It immediately made me think of that same ridge grazing over my g-spot when your cock was thrusting deep inside my pussy. Mmmm… The thought made my clit extremely tingly, I had to touch it. I reached down and began to rub my clit over my panties with my middle finger.

“Excuse me, who said you could touch?”

I looked up at you with your cock in my mouth.

“Patience Crystal, no touching”.

Instead I moved the same hand up to your cock and began pumping the shaft in sync with my mouth. I felt your legs buckle just a little, I always loved that response. You let out a groan of pleasure. I felt your hands running through my hair as I worked diligently on your throbbing cock.

“Ooh Crystal you’re such a naughty girl”.

I started stroking with more intensity, I could taste your precum, sweet and salty at the same time, I secretly wanted you to pull your cock out and cum into my mouth from a distance, that way it would get on my lips, cheeks, neck and maybe even my glasses, I wondered if you could read my mind, I sure hoped so.

By this time, I was moaning while on sucking on your cock. God I wanted to rub my clit so badly, but I let the feeling subside. I focused all my desire on you. Taking my left hand, I started to cup your heavy balls in my hand. They were so warm and soft; I couldn’t help but touch them. Slowly stroking them with my fingers and squeezing them lightly, I wanted to feel them in my mouth. I wanted to lick them all over while I pumped your cock with my hand.

I quickly made the transition moving my mouth off your cock and directly onto your balls. Slathering my tongue all over with one continuous lick I got them all slippery wet.

“Ohh Crystal, you like licking my balls don’t you?”


Slowly sucking your right nut into my mouth, you let out a louder more urgent groan. I chuckled to myself, I loved turning you on. It was such a fun game to me. I loved exploring your desires, finding out what made you tingle. Alternating between each one, sucking on them like you suck on my nipples, I continued to pump your cock with intensity. I could tell you were close, I coul feel the tension. The muscles in your thighs were avcılar escort tense, you needed release.

“Where do you want me to cum baby?”

“All over my face! Cover me with your hot creamy cum”.

I decided I would handle the situation myself. Leaving your balls behind, I positioned your cock at my warm, wet mouth. I wanted to taste your thick rod again. You groaned even louder before when your cock entered my mouth. Stroking wildly, your moans got louder and louder. As soon as I felt your cock pulsate I pulled it away, and kept pumping it. Exploding, you shot streams of hot cum all over me, while moaning extremely loudly. I felt it hit my cheeks, nose, neck and I tasted it on my tongue, tangy and delicious.

Overcome by your intense orgasm, you kneeled on the floor in front of the toilet and rested your head in my naked lap, breathing heavily. Running my fingers through your hair you turned and looked up at me. What a sight to see, my face covered your cum. Smiling down at you, I started to lick my lips.

“My little cumslut, you look so decadent.”

Moving up close to me, I felt your warm tongue on my cheek close to my ear. Dragging it across my face you gathered you’re cum on your tongue and plunged it into my mouth. Moaning in your mouth, I pushed myself closer into your body and kissed you deeply. It drove me crazy that you didn’t mind the taste of your own cum. You proceeded to clean my face erotically and pulled me onto the bathroom floor with you.

Entwined on the floor, I was on top of you. Grinding my pussy on your naked cock, you felt the moist fabric of my fishnet thong. You knew I wanted you badly.

“Is my cumslut a little wet?”


“Why are you wet Crystal, do you like making cocks cum?”

“Mmmhmm, I’m a bad girl.”

“Let’s see how bad you really are.”

With that, you lightly pushed my shoulders away from you, motioning me to move off of you. Sitting on the bathroom rug on my knees, I waited for your direction.

“Rest your arms on the edge of the tub and stay on your knees; I want to see that big, juicy ass of yours.”

Following your instructions, my elbows rested on the cold edge of the tub, pushing my ass out for you to see. I was still wearing my pink fishnet thong, so my ass cheeks were displayed nicely for you.

“This is what I really want”. You said as your hands glided up and down my ass cheeks.

Your touch felt electric, your hands are so big and strong, yet gentle at the same time. I had been dying for your touch ever since you grinded into me earlier.

“Mmmm,” I moaned softly.

Continuing to rub my ass cheeks, I felt you start to spread them slowly and gently, each time wider and wider until you could see my dark pink asshole peaking through the strip of fishnet thong.

“What do we have here?”

Then I felt your tongue pushing the fabric against my asshole, causing me to lunge forward slightly in surprise. Pushing the fabric aside with your tongue, I moaned as I felt your warm tongue circle my taut asshole. What an incredibly erotic feeling. I loved when you licked my ass, it was so naughty.

You were relentless, circling, pushing and licking my ass feverishly. All the while you knew this made my pussy drip. As you continued to savor my asshole, I felt your middle finger press lightly on my swollen, throbbing clit.

“Oh god!” I yelled out.

“Does my dirty girl like her ass licked?”

“Oh yes!”

Your finger pressed my clit more firmly, I squirmed to try and see if I could get your finger to move side to side on my clit. Then with your other hand I felt you steady me, by holding my hip firmly.

“Patience Crystal”.

Dammit! I shouldn’t have done anything again. What the hell is wrong with me! Now I’m really not going to get what I want for awhile.

I flinched again as I felt your warm breath blowing on my asshole. Then your warm tongue pressing against it, then you blew on it again, you kept repeating this. I was ready to turn around and push your face into it, when I felt you slide your wet index finger into my tight hole.


“I want to fuck this ass of yours; you need to be ready for me, nice and relaxed.”

Your finger felt so damn good in my ass. Secretly I wanted more, three or four fingers planted deep within my ass, stretching me wide. But I was patient. You slid your finger in completely and I relaxed around it. It felt nice and comfortable in my ass, and you started to fuck me with your finger. Then I felt you pull it out and replace it with your tongue. This time you pushed your tongue further into my ass, probing it. I couldn’t take it; I had to rub my clit. You saw my finger rubbing feverishly and pulled it away.

I felt a sharp pain as you spanked me on my left ass cheek.

“Bad girl, no touching!”

I squealed in pleasure.

“Does my little naughty girl like being spanked?”

“Mmhmm yes!”

Feeling your hot breath on my ass, I knew you şirinevler escort were getting back to work. I was surprised when I felt both your tongue and finger pushing into my asshole. God it felt fantastic, I would definitely be nice and relaxed for your thick cock.

“Play with your clit baby, while I eat your ass.”

Thank god! I was hoping you’d let me do it. My clit was so unbelievably sensitive; I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I rubbed my swollen pearl side to side and then in a circular motion. Pushing my finger down to get some of my juices, I couldn’t believe how wet I was, completely dripping.

“Billy, I’m so wet.”

“I know baby, I can smell your aroma, taste it for me.”

Turning back to look at you, I brought my wet finger to my mouth and sucked off my juices.

“Yum, tasty.” I had a huge grin on my face.

This drove you crazy and you continued your tongue assault on my ass with more intensity. As you fucked my hot hole with your tongue and finger, I rubbed away on my clit. Feeling my orgasm build, it was sensory overload. Feeling the strong, blinding, pounding sensation in my head I bit my lip.

“Billy I’m so close.”

“Cum for me baby, I want to hear you.”

With that, you pushed me over the edge. My body bucked forward into the wall of the tub as I screamed loudly, you felt my ass clench and release against your tongue and finger. I was transported into another plane of existence, couldn’t hear anything and didn’t care about anything in the world. I just felt the beautiful sensations that you caused me to experience. Slumping forward into the tub, I caught my breath. I needed a minute.

I felt your hands on me again, just caressing my sides, rubbing them all over. Grabbing my waist you pulled me into your lap and kissed me softly.

“You are so beautiful, baby girl.”

Smiling up at you, I saw that devilish horny gleam in your eyes. I know you wanted more, I felt your hard cock pressing against my ass. You wanted it planted deep; you wanted to fuck my ass.

Moving back into position, I took each hand and spread my ass cheeks open for you.

“Mmm your asshole looks ready for me.”

Squirting some lube onto your cock, you rubbed it in with your hand, pumping your cock with your fist. I loved watching you touch yourself; it was always thrilling to watch. Your lubed fingers rubbed all over my asshole. I relaxed myself as I felt you slide two fingers into my ass. I have gotten pretty good at doing this, so they slid in effortlessly. Slowly you pumped them in and out, getting me ready for your cock.

“I want your cock in my ass Billy.” I turned and looked at you coyly.

“Gladly sweetheart.”

Positioning the head of your cock at my hole, you pushed your swollen cock in very slowly, letting me stretch around you inch by inch. I always loved the initial penetration, an act of give and take, allowing you my total trust, making it very intimate and personal. We both moaned loudly as you entered deeper and deeper. Feeling the ridge slide back out of my ass was incredible, and each time you entered again it was easier.

“Your ass feels wonderful baby.”

Rubbing my clit while you pumped my ass slowly was divine. You always knew the right speed and force. Never too much, gentle but firm and so deliciously erotic. Soon your cock was fully in my ass. I loved feeling so full and stretched by your cock. Pushing its way through the depths of my ass bringing me great pleasure.

As you fucked my ass steadily, I felt your hands reach around and cup my tits. Squeezing each one softly added to the strong sensations already building in my body. Rubbing my clit faster and faster, as you pounded your cock into me, was going to make me cum very hard.

“Oh baby, I’m getting close again, I want to feel you cum in my ass before I cum.”

“You dirty little cumslut, wanting cum in every hole.”

Your hands moved to my hips and you pulled my body harder into you. Fully fucking my ass was bringing you close. Feeling me, hearing me, smelling me, was incredibly arousing to you. Your sweet girlfriend letting you do the dirtiest things to her. Not putting any restrictions, letting you fulfill all your fantasies was a dream come true. As you watched your cock disappear into my ass, you felt me grip it tighter and tighter, I was going to make you explode. Thinking how I loved your cum in my ass put you over the edge.

I felt your cock pulse and shoot a big load into my ass. You came hard, I felt your body jerk and you screamed as you came. I loved that you were vocal and your moaning combined with your pulsating cock pushed me over. I felt the burning aching sensation build in my thighs, each single uncontrollable spasm of my ass grew into a series of spasms that you felt gripping your cock again and again as I cried out.

“I’m cummmming!!!!!!!”

This orgasm was stronger than the first, lasting a good 20 seconds. Cumming with your cock and hot cum in my ass felt amazing, my face, ears, chest were flushed hot pink. I was hot, sweaty and satisfied.

As you pulled your cock from ass, I felt your warm cum drip onto my pussy. Reaching my hand underneath, I rubbed your hot cum all over my pussy, relishing in it. You watched as I covered myself with your cum.

“You are a very dirty cumslut!”

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