Out of Control


Min Aryan was known as a nymphomaniac. At age 23, she’d had sex with more men than she could remember. She currently worked as an x-rated film star and spent the majority of her time having hot, out-of-control with well-hung young men.

Min’s greatest lover was Clint, her sexy dark-haired stud from Canada. Clint didn’t mind Min’s lustful appetites, in fact it lead to many kinky acts between the two. Their relationship was very relaxed. He allowed her countless lovers and didn’t mind her porno-acting. In return, she gave him sexual freedom to pursue other women on the side. In fact, she wasn’t even angry when she caught him laying carpet with the maid, while also entering the pretty, young woman from behind on the rolled-up length of carpet.

One afternoon, Min arrived home to her apartment she shared with Clint to find a note from him on the kitchen table. The note read: “Darling, I’ll be out for the afternoon. I’ll be home later this evening. Be hot and ready for me when I return. Love, Clint.”

Min smiled, her nipples instantly hardening when images came to mind of Clint’s exquisite lovemaking. He, like no other, knew ultimately how to please her. She decided to spend the remainder of the afternoon preparing for a night of delicious sex with her lover.

She slipped off her clothing. First, she pulled the white cotton blouse over her head. She wore no bra and noticed that her dark-pink, dusky nipples illegal bahis were taut and aroused. She ran soft, lazy fingertips over the peaks, sighing from the rush of pleasure it gave. Next, her red skirt came off, followed by her light-blue silk and lace panties. The dark patch of hair between her legs quivered as she padded across the floor toward the bathroom. A warm wetness between her thighs caught her attention, and she knew instantly she needed to cool down. A nice, long bath should do the trick.

Once inside the bathroom, Min ran cool water into the circular tub. She squeezed a large portion of bubble-bath under the spray and soon rich bubbles emerged within the bath. She then stepped into the tub, washcloth and razor in hand. She hummed a soft melody as she began to lather her body with a small piece of lilac-scented soap. A moan rose in her throat as she massaged the silky lather over her breasts. The nipples burned and tingled as she ran the wash cloth across the curves again and again. She slipped the wash cloth between her thighs, the cool fabric playing over the heated moisture there. Suddenly a wicked thought came to mind. Clint would have a great surprise when he returned home that night!

She raised herself up in the tub, so only her legs remained within the water, then she applied the soap to her pubic region, carefully saturating the curly patch. Then, very slowly, she began to glide the razor illegal bahis siteleri across the triangle of dark hair, watching as bare, smooth skin started to appear.

The razor seemed to sing as it glided again and again across the petal-soft flesh, removing every tiny dark hair above Min’s moist snatch. It was at that very moment that she realized how wet she was. Beads of pearly moisture were slowly emerging from the heated pink lips of her vagina. She wet a finger in her mouth and inserted it deeply in her well-lubricated crevice. A strangled moan left her lips as she embedded her finger to the hilt. Her loins burned with pleasurable tingles as she slid the finger in and out again and again and again. Ohhh, God, how she longed to cum, and cum hard!

Her eyes come to rest on the cylindrical bottle which contained strawberry-scented bubble bath. *It’s just the right size and shaped like a huge cock,* she thought to herself, so many lustful visions coming to mind.

Min stopped fingering her shaved genitals only long enough to grasp the half-filled container of scented bubble bath. Once in hand, she inserted the red tip of the cap into her gushing pink slit. “Ooooo,” she moaned, as she stretched to accomidate more of the thick, dick-shaped bottle. She licked her lips passionately as her snatch accepted the entire length of the hard object.

With deep, quick thrusts, she rocked the bottle of bubble canlı bahis siteleri bath to and fro inside her juicy vagina. Her nipples were tingling and rock-hard as an orgasm built-up within her. “God, I want to CUMMMM!” she groaned, as she rammed the container deep, deep inside.

Instantly, a wild orgasm ripped through her body, leaving her limp and satisfied. She slipped slowly down in the lukewarm water, tenderly caressing her breasts and tummy with the damp wash cloth. Her nipples remained taut with thrilling sensation as the after effects of the orgasm slowly seeped away.

“Ohhh, Clint….” she whimpered, as the water lapped at her vaginal opening. “I am still hungry for you.”

She stood in the bath, wrapping a fluffy towel around her middle. She dried her body and applied a soft sheen of sweet-smelling perfume to her skin. She then left the bathroom and padded into the bedroom. She pulled back the covers and lay down on the dark-blue silk sheets. She located a small container of strawberry-flavored lip gloss upon the nightstand and loving applied it to the engorged lips of her hairless vagina. “A small feast for my man,” she thought. “What a surprise he will have!”

She slipped into a sexy, see-thru purple negligee trimmed in black lace and having a wide open crotch for easy access. Her attire was something which was totally new. She had been saving it for a wild night such as this with Clint.

She opened her bedside copy of “Hot Female Fantasies,” a collection of erotic stories which had the capacity to put her in the mood for further sexual passions. “Ooooo,” this looks good as she flipped to a page describing sex on horseback…….

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