Over a Barrel


“Well, you seem to have me over a barrel,” she said giggling.

“I suppose that’s an apt description of your current position,” I acknowledged as I finished securing the leg strap to the bed.

You see, I had her tied to the bed, face down, but not flat on the bed. Rather, she was bent over a large pile of pillows. With her arms pulled out in front of her, and her legs pulled apart and behind her, she presented a marvelous sight. She has a lovely ass: nice wide hips and full round globes. The effect of having her bent over was to present her ass, wide open to my view. As she was angled forward, her pussy was available as well. The pillows supported her completely and she was, largely, helpless.

“What are you going to do now?” she said, with mock innocence.

So I slapped her ass; not very hard, just hard enough to be playful and get a little shriek out of her. Then I took my hand and began to let my fingers trail up the inside of her thigh. She began to giggle “that tickles!”

I laughed, lifted my fingers as they neared the top of her thigh and began at the knee on the other leg.

Giggling harder now, she cried “Stop!”

Her ass wiggling as much as she could, trying to escape my tickling touch. As my fingers reached the top of her thigh, they trailed along just beside her sex and then up, almost but not quite brushing her little puckered anus. Her giggles turned into a slight mewl. I climbed on the bed between her legs and began to softly stroke her bare skin just alongside her slit. Not quite touching her sex, but skirting as close as possible, and then darting away. I could see her arousal as her lips began to deepen in color and her slit began to open. Still though, I teased near her sex, not quite giving in to the temptation that her opening pussy presented.

I also began to tease at her anus. One finger lightly circling around her little puckered hole. Her mewls began to get lower and became almost the low growls of a large cat. She tried to push against me, to shift her hips so that my fingers would finally address her aching clit, but the restraints made her efforts ineffective.

Her growls conveyed her arousal and her frustration: “please,” she finally said in a breathless moan, “stop teasing so much.”

I chuckled and my fingers, although wanting to touch her, left her skin completely. “Nooooo,” she moaned.

After a pendik escort moment, I trailed one hand along her pussy. My middle finger slid up her wet slit, but I did not push in, only just barely touching her there. Again, I removed my hand and she moaned in frustrated pleasure. I waited a few seconds and then leaned forward and let just the tip of my tongue slide into her. As my tongue touches her clit, I hear a sharp gasp. And then I slide along the length of her pussy, my tongue just barely inside her. I can feel her quiver with excitement. When I reach her hole, I dart my tongue into it and then withdraw.

Her lips are now swollen and flushed purple with arousal. I lean forward again and let my tongue slide gently over her lips. Taking one lip between mine, I suck and gently tug at it. Her moans are getting louder. Switching to her other lip, again I suck it into my lips, my tongue teasing it while my lips nibble on hers. Her wetness is beginning to drip down onto the stack of pillows. I touch her now swollen clit with the tip of my tongue and begin to lap deeply, slurping up her wetness as it tries to escape. Sliding up her slit and lapping her juices until I reach her opening. Darting my tongue in and out, I begin to tongue fuck her quickly, but not very deeply. She moans and tries to thrust deeper, but the restraints and awkward position leave the situation totally in my control.

And then I stop: “Oh God no, more,” she croaks, seemingly on the edge.

I slide one finger into her wet pussy. Slowly I let it seek, deeper and deeper. Gently searching for her g-spot as my hand twists and turns the finger against her. When I find the treasured spot, I push against it with my finger for just a moment, and then release. Then my finger begins to rock, side to side, I slowly increase the pressure until she begins to moan and buck slightly. I slip a second finger into her pussy and I’m rewarded by hearing her moans intensify. Again, my fingers rock and massage at her g-spot.

I bring my other hand up and begin to rub her ass. Running my hand over those sweet globes sends a pulsing sensation to the root of my cock. I think her ass is so sexy and to have it displayed for me, so open, is the realization of one of my most erotic fantasies. Slowly my hand rubs over her ass while the other continues the deep stimulation of her g-spot. I can tell she is getting close to an orgasm, her escort pendik breath is coming in ragged moans. Her juices are dripping down my fingers and onto the bed. I lick one finger and place it gently at the center of her anus and begin to massage lightly. This sends her over the edge and she explodes in orgasm.

As she begins to come down from her orgasm, I slide my fingers out of her vagina. I lick her juices off them, noisily so she knows that’s what I’m doing: “mmmm, baby your cum tastes so good,” I moan. She is panting and moans a weak reply. But my finger has not stopped its gentle massage of her puckered hole. During her orgasm, I could feel the muscles clenching and tightening. I reach over and add a little a lubricant so that my finger slides more gently over the thin tissue there.

And then I press it in. She gasps at the sudden intrusion to her ass and I stop. My index finger is just barely inside her, not quite even to the first joint. I take my other hand and begin to gently rub her globes again, down her back and along her hips “relax baby, it’s OK.” I can feel the muscles in her anus begin to relax and I gently push my finger a little deeper until it stops against the inner ring. My other hand roams down and my fingers dance across her lips and the smooth, bare skin surrounding her pussy. I let my fingers find her vagina and slide in and out, teasing at her clit. Again, she moans and whimpers as I tease her electrified pussy.

I resume pushing my finger into her anus; I feel her inner ring open and my finger slides almost effortlessly in until my knuckles are against her ass. She growls “God, that feels so full.” She struggles a minute “give me second to get used to it,” she almost pleads. My cock is throbbing. I’m not sure how long I can hold on. My other fingers find her vagina and I slide one in. She gasps and as my finger rubs her g-spot, she begins to come again. Juices are running down my hand in a stream and her anal ring grips my finger almost vice-like. “Oh God, baby, I’m so full. Oh god, it’s too intense” She moans as her orgasm subsides. I can feel her anal muscles relaxing again and I slowly begin to slide my finger back out. Just before it clears the inner ring, I reverse direction and begin to finger fuck her ass. She grunts, but is so spent that she does not try to move or wiggle. Slowly, deliberately, my fingers work in and out of her tight ass. pendik escort bayan I can feel the muscles relaxing, admitting my thrusts more readily. I squirt a little more lube onto her hole, and at the top of the next stroke I pause. A second finger pushes its way into her ass and I hear her suck air in around her teeth. The muscles are more flexible and it passes the inner ring more easily. She grunts as my fingers slide knuckle deep within her. I stop at the bottom and twist my hand. She shudders and moans and I can tell that while this is a different sensation, it is deeply arousing to her.

But my cock will not be patient any longer, so I slowly remove my two fingers completely from her tight hole. Squirting more lube on my rock hard cock, I line it up against her anus. She is moaning now, as she realizes what is next, “I want to feel your dick in my ass,” her voice breaks and I know she is actually nearing a third orgasm. I slowly push my purple head in. When it hits the inner ring, I feel her muscles begin to open and my head almost pops as it passes through. And then it slowly sinks deep into her ass. I can feel the tight ring sliding down my shaft until it grips me near the base. I stop and catch my breath giving her a minute to get used to the fullness. I can hear her panting and moaning.

My hand begins to tease at her soft pussy lips again and I seek out her hard clit. I hold the position, buried in her ass, for a moment while I let my fingers bring her arousal up again. But my cock demands to thrust and I grab her hips and slowly slide up. As I feel the ring get to the underside of my helmet I reverse direction and push into her.

She gasps and I can feel her start to shudder and shake “God yes, fuck my ass,” she yells as she begins to cum again herself.

I plunge deep with in her and my balls tighten. I can feel the root of my cock pulse and the warm cum pumps deep into her. I cannot thrust, I simply hold her hips with my pulsing cock buried in her ass.

In a moment it is over. I slip my softening dick out of her anus. She is lying, spent, on the pillows herself. I survey her gorgeous figure again. The cum seeping out of her anus, her juices on the pillows and bed and running down her thighs. I look at her flush face and she looks back at me and smiles.

I flop alongside her so that I can look into her eyes and rub her back. “That was marvelous,” I sigh. She smiles, sighs and closes her eyes for a moment. Opening them, “so, are you going to untie me now?” I chuckle “and why, prey tell, would I want to do that? As you’ve said, I’ve really got you over a barrel now.”

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