Pam and Steve


Pam’s attention was attracted by a man who walked by her, holding the arm of an attractive young lady. He was wearing tight, sharp slacks with razor sharp creases and a loose, white shirt. His ass looked fantastic.

“Oh my,” Pam said quietly to herself.

What she wouldn’t do to get her hands on his lovely, sculpted cheeks. She watched him walk away. He had a broad back to go with his tight ass. She would have bet he had a long, thick cock as well. She turned to Steve who was standing beside her. He hadn’t noticed that she was looking at another guy’s ass because he was gawking at the huge tits of a young lady walking by on his left. She slapped him on his arm.

“What?” he said.

“Quit staring at her tits,” Pam hissed quietly. “You embarrass me.”

“But they’re so big.”

“That doesn’t mean she wants you staring at them.”

“Then why’s she wearing such a tight top?”

Pam shrugged. She didn’t know. She dressed like that herself when she wanted guys to look at her. Maybe that woman loved her tits and wanted everyone to know.

“You don’t have to embarrass me by staring at her,” she said.

“Sorry, Jesus,” he said.

They walked on quietly a little further. Pam stopped to look at a stuffed bear in one of the shop windows.

“Isn’t that so cute?” she said adoringly.

“Yeah. Real cute,” Steve said, looking around with disinterest.

Pam bent at her waist to get a better view of the toy bear. It was big and fluffy and brown with a cute, black nose. She wanted Steve to buy it for her.

She bent a little steeper. Something touched her ass. She almost straightened up, assuming that she had stuck her ass out too far and was blocking the aisle, but then she realized it was a hand on her right cheek, caressing gently. She smiled to herself, pleased that Steve was touching her in such a tender way. Her ass was beautifully outlined in a tight skirt and she was glad she wasn’t wearing panties. She looked up at him. He was standing just to her left, looking in the direction of the Toy store. Both of his hands were in his pockets.

Pam looked over her right shoulder as she slowly straightened. Standing beside her was another man, shorter than she was, with a long nose. He was looking in a window off to his right. His hand was on her ass. He looked at her. He was older than Pam realized, maybe in his late thirties. He smiled at her briefly, took his hand away, and walked off. She could still feel the warm sensation of his palm on the cheek of her ass.

“Did you see that?” Pam said.

“See what?”

“That pervert had his hand on my ass.”

She was trying to follow him through the crowd, but he was too short and moved too quick. She lost him entirely.

“I can’t blame the guy. You have one great looking ass.” He stood behind her and put both hands on her ass, one on each cheek. She felt his hard cock brushing against her ass. “Let’s get out of here. I’m really horny for you.”

“Not yet,” Pam said. “I’ve still got some shopping to do.”

Steve groaned and rolled his eyes. It reminded her of a little boy throwing a tantrum.

“Come on, let’s go,” Pam said.

She took his hand off her ass and pulled him along, deliberately heading in the opposite direction.

For the rest of the day, Steve was terribly intolerant of Pam’s shopping. He was obviously anxious to get out of there, and his impatience completely annoyed Pam. Finally, looking through some lingerie she thought might interest him, she had put up with enough and finally agreed to go get something to eat, at least.

They went to one of the restaurants in the mall, the Smiling Irishman, a favorite of Steve’s because of the low beer prices. Just before they went in, Steve stopped.

“Here, hold on to this. I’ll be right back,” Steve said, and handed his varsity jacket to Pam.

“Where are you going?” Pam said.

“I just thought of a CD I want to buy.”

“Why do you wait until now?” Pam said, but he was already gone.

Frustrated, she put on the big, heavy jacket. She would wait for him, but she hoped he wasn’t going to be too long.

Standing outside the restaurant, in a darkened little grotto outside the door, she checked her face and hair in a mirror on the cigarette machine, then leaned against the wall to read pendik escort the menu. She was amused at the selection if Mexican/American food at an Irish bar. However, she did like enchiladas and the description of the enchilada on the menu sounded delicious.

She felt Steve behind her, and just in time, too. She was getting hungry. He placed his hand comfortably on her ass.

“I’m starving,” Pam said, still examining the menu.

Steve pushed his hips against her from behind, and shoved the ridge of his cock between her buns. His hands pulled her skirt up her thighs a few inches. She pushed her ass out. His cock felt right at home rubbing along the crack of her ass. Pam turned to him, her wide, blue eyes flashing a surprised look to say, “Take me, I’m yours”, but it wasn’t Steve behind her. It was the short guy who had touched her ass earlier. She almost screamed, but Steve’s big hand came down on his shoulder and yanked him away.

“You got some kind of problem?” Steve growled at him in an almost neanderthalic way.

The nerdy looking guy shook his head nervously. His glasses slid down his nose and he hastily shoved them back up.

“Is this the guy that touched your ass before?” Steve asked Pam.

“Yes,” Pam said, but she was afraid of what Steve was going to do to the poor guy now that she had accused him.

“You like her ass so much?” he snarled.

The guy looked awfully frightened. He frightened Pam as well.

Steve looked around. He seemed to find what he was looking for, because he grabbed the small guy by his shoulders and started to drag him away.

“Come on,” he said to Pam.

She followed him obediently across the hall, past some startled shoppers, down one of the little used hallways where some of the offices were closed and locked up. He found a short, darkened hallway that dead-ended at a doorway and brutally shoved the guy in.

“You like her ass that much, you pervert?” Steve growled again.

His teeth were clenched together and his eyes were almost glowing. The short man was so frightened he couldn’t say anything. Steve grabbed Pam roughly and pressed her face-first against the wall.

“Steve, what the hell are you doing?” Pam cried.

Her hands were spread against the wall. Her cheek was pressed against the cold surface and she watched the stranger staring back at them. Somehow she felt pity for him.

“Look at her ass,” Steve commanded. “Look at it.”

The stranger’s eyes went down to her rear. Steve’s strong hands were caressing her, roughly squeezing her flesh. Despite her fear and apprehension, Pam was getting turned on in some perverse way. With his foot, Steve kicked her legs apart, like a cop accosting a criminal. His hand slipped up under the bottom of her short, tight skirt and rubbed the inside of her thigh.

“She’s got the best ass you’ll ever see,” Steve growled.

The short stranger was so stunned he could only watch. Pam watched him in return. Steve’s hand stroked way up her thigh. She was trembling with fear and excitement and breathing heavy. She had no idea what he was going to do. But she hoped he fucked her. She would prefer that he did that by far over beating the shit out of this poor man staring at her ass.

Steve hooked his fingers under the snug hem of the skirt and slowly pulled it all the way up over her hips.

“Oh yes. Oh yes,” Pam whispered.

When the stranger saw that Pam wasn’t wearing panties, his eyes practically bugged out of his head. Steve’s hands caressed her cheeks again and she closed her eyes.

“You want to fuck her ass, don’t you?” Steve barked.

She imagined the stranger helplessly nodding his head. She began to wiggle her ass. She was really getting turned on by all this. She couldn’t believe it. This poor jerk was standing only a few feet away, watching it all happen and she was getting turned on by it.

“Give me your purse,” Steve said.

She didn’t move to give it to him but he started digging through it anyway. She didn’t know what he would want in there, but she let him go through it anyway.

“There’s no way in hell I’m going to let you fuck her ass,” Steve started telling the guy. “But you’re going to watch me do it.”

With her eyes closed, Pam smiled at the idea, but it wasn’t until she felt him spread escort pendik her ass cheeks apart and smear cold grease on her asshole that she realized he was serious about it. Her eyes snapped open and she froze.

“Steve, are you crazy?” she whispered.

She was looking directly at the stranger. Her was looking right at her bare ass. Steve had removed from her purse the tube of KY jelly she carried. He was smearing a big glob of the stuff on her tender hole. She heard his zipper go down.

“Oh my God,” Pam whispered.

She couldn’t believe this was really happening. Steve had lost, she was sure. She closed her eyes again and remained very still. He was going to fuck her.

All of them were very quiet, except for the heavy breathing she could hear from herself, Steve and even the stranger. Like a distant dream, she could hear the sounds of the mall filtering toward them down the empty hallway. Her own breathing was ragged and weak. She could feel it warming the wall against her cheek.

The next thing she felt were Steve’s hands spreading her ass and the head of his cock touching her greasy asshole. He brutally shoved it into her.

“Ow,” Pam groaned. “Damn it, that hurts.”

It felt beautiful, but painful as hell. Steve held her hips with both and hands shoved it all the way into her. He was grunting like a wolf as he pumped fast and hard. Pam was groaning herself, almost ready to faint. She opened her eyes and watched the stranger’s face. The guy was hypnotized while Steve pumped. He was nearly drooling.

Steve did not spend too much time being gentle or attempting to satisfy her. He was merely putting on a show to scare this guy, which was fine with Pam, but she was extremely disappointed when he started to cum inside her while she was in the middle of enjoying a good, hard, exciting fuck. She wasn’t even close to an orgasm when he pulled his cock out. She felt a tremendous letdown, especially since she was still buzzing with excitement. There was a roar in her ears that wouldn’t go away. She didn’t even pay attention when Steve stuffed his cock back into his pants and told the guy to get the hell out of there. She was aware that the guy was gone, but she hadn’t seen him run off.

Pam turned away from the wall. She had to hold it to stay up. Her legs were trembling and weak and she was a little bit dizzy. She tried to pull her skirt down with her free hand.

“Are you ok?” Steve said, holding her by her arm. “What’s wrong?”

Smiling coyly into his eyes, Pam latched onto him. Her eyes seemed to melt into his, as if she were reading his thoughts. She slipped her right knee between his legs and rubbed her warm, moist crotch on his thigh. She nuzzle her face in his neck.

“I want you to fuck me some more,” she whispered in a low, husky voice.

In an instant her tongue was in his mouth, struggling to find his tongue. She put her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his chest. Steve slipped both hands up her slender rib cage and hefted her tits with his fingers.

“Would you like to cum in my mouth?” she panted.

“Are you going to blow me?”


“Let me see you do it,” he said.

He pushed her down to her knees and she parted his legs. He leaned back against the wall and watched her. She looked back up at him from down on her knees, still smiling, while her hands roamed over the front of his pants. He had zipped them back up, but his cock was still hard inside.

Steve glanced around to make sure no one could see them doing this. It wasn’t that he cared about getting caught. It was just that he didn’t want anyone to stop Pam before she got started. She gave head better than any girl he had ever known, and he had shot his wad on many girl’s faces.

Pam unzipped his pants again and pulled them down to get his cock back out. It appeared in front of her as if it had been waiting all this time, knowing that she would be there for it if it was patient. She stared at the big, purplish head before her eyes and ran her hand down the long shaft. It was still warm and covered with the grease Steve had used to shove it in her asshole. She was shaking with desire as she raised the head to her lips and placed the tip of her tongue on his cock. The grease had a unique taste. She kissed it tenderly, smothering pendik escort bayan it with her fat lips. The grease smeared all over her lips.

Steve pushed the thick head against her mouth until her lips parted and took it in. He closed his eyes and sighed as her warm, soft, saliva-thick mouth engulfed him. It felt so good he had to hold his breath in an effort not to cry out. Her tongue worked furiously over the end of it. Her head bobbed rapidly. She made little happy, contented noises deep in her throat. She pulled her head back and let his dick slide out slowly between her lightly clenched teeth, then nibbled the head gently.

She started sucking hard and it felt so good it made her forget all about the pervert. She just wanted to taste Steve’s flesh and lick him a little. She slid most of the long shaft in and out between her wet, greasy lips with the dreamiest expression on her face. Her eyes were closed in rapture.

Steve was breathing heavily when she put it in her mouth. While she sucked she cupped his balls in her hand and rolled them like marbles. His hands were tangled through her thick hair as his dick moved in and out of her mouth. He wanted to enjoy the pleasure of shooting his sperm in her mouth. It always felt so good. Looking down in the dim light, he could see her pink tongue poking out past her lips, licking along the side his shaft. He could feel the head slide right down her throat as her tongue licked.

Pam was talking while she sucked, but her words smothered by the huge prick. He held his breath and listened to her praise the size of his dick.

“Oh, Steve,” she murmured. “It’s so nice. I want your cum in my mouth.”

“I got plenty to give you,” he said.

He was going to cum hard. With his hands on either side of her head, he stopped her from bobbing up and down. Unprepared for anything so sudden, Pam was caught completely off guard when he roughly jammed his cock way down her throat, holding her face pressed against his groin and bucking his hips with short, quick thrusts. His cock was wedged way down in her throat and her mouth was filled with the shaft, which rubbed the tender skin at the very back of her mouth like a feather tickling her throat, which made her gag terribly. This excited Steve immensely. Pam’s struggles to free herself from this predicament made him orgasm and his thick cum squirted straight down her esophagus, giving her an even greater need to cough.

He could see her throat muscles moving rapidly to swallow the sperm and he felt her tongue licking around his shaft. He finally let her up and she pulled her head back to draw the cock out of her throat so she could breath again. It fell out of her mouth and she coughed fitfully. His cock hung in front of her face, dripping with saliva and mucous and cum. Pam swallowed the last of his cum that was in her mouth then licked it off her lips. She looked up at him. He could see the glaze of cum on her lips. She shivered with delight when she was finished.

He helped her rise to her feet on her weak, shaky legs. She was giggling like she was drunk, which she was. Drunk with excitement and anticipation. He reached into the varsity jacket she was wearing, ripped open the front of her blouse and grabbed her tit.

“Are you raping me?” she asked, giggling excitedly.

She was stroking his wet cock. She had lifted her leg to stroke his hips with the inside of her thigh and held the end of his cock so it touched her cunt. Their bodies were pressed together tightly, face to face, like they were bundled together with ropes. Her big, firm breasts flattened against his hard chest. Her demure, innocent smile set off his broad, nasty grin. He squeezed her waist in his arm, squeezed her tit in his other hand, and kissed her deeply. She returned his kiss with all the passion she had stored up, burning with the fire she felt deep in her body.

“Do it to me right,” Pam whispered. “And don’t spill a drop.”

Steve laughed and raised her on her tip-toes until his cock was pointed up her cunt. He let her down easy. She came back down with her thighs outside his hips and his cock easing past her greasy lips, right into her cunt. She clenched her teeth together and groaned. His big shoulders were tight in her clenched hands and his arms were as hard as steel posts. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hooked her legs around his. She writhed in his tight grip, her small, trim body penetrated by his thick cock.

This one will be hard to explain, she thought, smothering Steve’s face with her lips.

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