Pamela, Pippa, and Me Ch. 03

Public Sex

Third and final part of the triplets tale. Sorry it took so long but I ran out of idea’s for a while. May (but only MAY) try to write this from the girl’s POV at some stage. Hope you like!


We were about two-thirds of the way through our parentless summer and for the three of us the days had settled into a rhythm. Every morning we did our designated chores for the day before spending some time doing our own thing; meeting friends, doing some personal shopping, maybe some reading, just stuff to give the outside world the idea that nothing else was happening between us. We got together for one or two meals a day, generally prepared by Pam. I offered to cook sometimes, but the general feeling I got from my dear sisters was that they’d rather starve. After the evening meal had been cleared away we’d talk; sometimes for just a short while, sometimes for longer. But we’d always end up in the same place; our parents double bed. Even then we didn’t always make love. On occasion we just lay with our arms around each other, enjoying the presence of our sibling’s naked bodies.

It was during one of those quiet nights that Pamela sparked off our next erotic experiment.

“I wonder how it feels to have two cocks inside you.” She said out of the darkness beside me.

I looked around into her eyes, bright in the night; she meant it.

“I don’t think I can help you there Pammy, I’ve only got the one, sorry.” I grinned.

“I think it sounds cool.” Pippa piped up from my other side. “Hey! Maybe we could get another guy?” The question hung in the air while we all thought about it.

“Nah!!” All three of us said at the same time.

“How about the vibrator?” I asked.

“I don’t think that would be quite how I meant.” Pam said dubiously.

“I know!” Pip sat up. “What about one of those harness things with a dildo that girls use?” She said brightly.

“You mean a strap-on?” I asked in puzzlement. Surely Pip knew what they were called? I had the feeling I was being set up again some how.

“You’re the porn expert.” Pip smirked.

“That will so work Pipsqueak.” Pam sat up too with a grin on her face, reaching across me to kiss her sister. Now I knew they had planned this earlier.

“Where are you going to get one of them?” I said as they kissed above me, deliberately teasing.

They broke the kiss.

“Well, I heard about this new adult store opening somewhere in town. Maybe I can find it tomorrow.” Pip said.

“Then I’m coming with you. I don’t think you should go into one of those sort of shops on your own.” I said firmly, trying to ignore the fact that Pips hand had now slid down to my dick and was slowly pumping it.

“I’m coming with you.” Pam said, her hand joining Pip’s.

“Are you sure Pammy? You might get embarrassed at the stuff in there.” I said, trying to ignore what Pip was doing. I was a little worried, I always knew Pamela was more sensitive than the outgoing Pippa. The way their hands were moving on my dick was making me sensitive in a different way. Much more of their digital manipulation of my cock was going to bring me off. I told them that and a little reluctantly they stopped but left their hands in place.

Pam spoke again, obviously having considered my worries.

“No. I’m not letting you two loose in a place like that; who knows what you’ll buy.”

“Pam! I’m shocked that you think so little of us.” I said in mock astonishment.

“She has a point though.” Pip laughed.

“Fat lot of help you are Pippa!” I laughed too, so did Pammy. “Okay then: Tomorrow the three of us will go and find this place.” The girls murmured their agreement and then went back to massaging my dick.

I had been ready to fall asleep but the feeling of the two hands on my cock pushed all thought of that aside. I lay back and let them do what they wanted. I sighed as the hands disappeared, thinking they had got bored, but sat back up as I felt two sets of lips replace them. I looked down and saw a pair of smiling faces at work around my rigid tool. Between them my sisters licked every part of it, from the tip leaking pre-cum to below my ball sack and every part in between. It soon became too much and I shot several strings of cum over both their faces.

“You both wear it well.” I smirked.

“Let’s clean each other off.” Pip said, licking at Pam’s face.

“After you little sis.” Pam replied. That was the last thing I heard as I finally got to fall asleep.

When I awoke my sisters were already up and about as usual, I could hear them moving around downstairs. I rolled out of the bed and showered before venturing down to join them. The pair of them were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I came in. They were obviously waiting for me for some reason. Pam got up and made me a mug of the hot brown coffee, pushing it across the table to me as I sat down. I sighed as the drink finished waking me up. They were both looking at me expectantly.

“Ready then?” Pip asked as I finished the drink.

“For what?” I replied.

“Our shopping trip to the sex shop dopey. You are slow in the morning sometimes.”

“You meant that last night?”

“Of escort bostancı course we did.” Pam joined in. “Pipsqueak and I have done a little research and found out where it is. We can be there and back in an hour.”

“As long as you don’t get carried away.” Pip added cheekily.

“Me!? Whose idea was this anyway?” I rejoined with a grin.

“All right, all right. Just hurry up with that mug and we can get going.”

“Eager aren’t we?”

“YES!!” They chorused.

With a sigh I got up and swilled out the coffee mug.

“Come on then.” I said, picking up our car keys.

I suppose I was expecting a seedy looking back street shop. Instead it was a small unit in an industrial estate. Inside it was an airy warehouse with wide aisles and high shelving with the adult goods on display. Even though I was having sex with my siblings it felt strange taking them to a place like this: Hell, it felt strange just BEING in a place like this. The girls soon saw the sort of thing they were looking for and began to compare several different strap-on’s. I wandered off by myself to explore the rest of the place. I came up to the bondage equipment and stopped. As I looked at some of the more serious implements I found myself hoping that Pip had been kidding about going further than just having her hands cuffed. These things looked painful and I knew I could never hurt her or Pam even if they asked me. I moved away quickly in case they saw and came over to look. I found the ‘fantasy costumes’, short, plasticky versions of uniforms. They looked nowhere near as sexy as my sisters’ old school uniforms did. I walked away and wandered further down the aisles, wondering if there was anything at all here that interested me. I circled the warehouse and had made my way back to the entrance. It was then that I saw there was: My two beautiful sisters at the checkout with a bag each. I caught up to them and we left for home.

When we got back home my two sisters disappeared upstairs, clutching their carrier bags and giggling. It was obvious to me that they had bought more than just the strap-on we’d gone for but they were not going to tell me what. As I parked the car I had seen that it was about time the lawn was mown. I sighed to myself; that was one of my chores. I went to get the mower from the garage.

Trimming the grass didn’t actually take that long, but as I returned the mower the garage door got stuck. It took me well over an hour to fix it. Consequently I wasn’t in the best of moods as I entered the kitchen to clean off. In spite of being back for nearly two hours there was no sign of my sexy siblings so I grabbed a cola and went into the lounge to wait and see what the devils were up to. I had barely sat down when one of them appeared in the doorway, throwing a sexy pose before giving me a sultry look. For the first time in many years I was unsure whether it was Pam or Pip. The pose and the outfit, silky black lingerie and stockings, were pure Pippa, but it didn’t seem as effortless as usual. Just this once I was unsure which sister was standing in front of me. Whichever one of them it was, they sashayed their way over to where I was sat on the sofa and draped themselves over the arm at the other end to me. As I stared into the face I could tell that it was Pammy; her eyes told me. A further look told me she was nervous too.

“You look absolutely gorgeous in those Pam.” I said in a voice just above a whisper. “Truly stunning. Did you get them at the shop?”

“Yes.” She said a little breathlessly. “Pip said it was about time I got something a little sexier than my usual undies.”

“You look sexy whatever you wear.” I assured her. “And I suspect Miss Pippa wanted you to buy those wispy garments so that she had an excuse to get herself something as well.”

“So, do you like my new underwear?” Pam looked at me almost fearfully.

“Of course I like it silly. But you don’t have to impress me. I think Pip plays us both at times, so that she can get what she wants.” I paused, realising I was being a bit nasty about Pip without meaning to. “What did she get?” I asked to cover myself.

“I don’t know.” Pam replied. “Whatever it was, it was quite small, it went into the same carrier as the….you know?” She blushed in that delightfully simple way she had sometimes.

“No doubt we’ll find out later.” I sighed. “Now come here and sit on my lap in all your fine lingerie.” I smiled. “I need to investigate fully.”

Pam smiled as she slid across to me and threw her arms around my neck. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and our tongues danced momentarily.

“You don’t love Pip more than me then?” Pam asked as we pulled back a little.

“I told you before; I don’t love either of you more than the other.” I admonished her. “I love you both the same, but probably for different things. Things that I’m not going into detail about because I don’t want the two of you jealous of each other about anything.”

Smiling, Pamela lowered her lips to mine again, our tongues entwining as they met.

“You are a wonderful brother you know?”

“And you and Pip are very special, very sexy sisters.” I said, kissing ümraniye escort her softly.

“HEY! No starting without me.” Pippa called out as she entered the room, naked except for the strap-on jutting strangely from her groin.

“Well hurry up then slowcoach.” Pammy grinned. “How long does it take to do up a couple of buckles anyway?”

“Wasn’t just the buckles.” Pip muttered, reddening at the same time. Pam and I waited. “What?” Pip said.

“If it wasn’t the buckles what was it then?” Pam sighed. Then with a sudden insight: “Was it the extra things you bought then?” As she asked that I noticed the two small battery packs clip to the strap-on harness. There was a lead from each one disappearing under the device, one towards her cunt, the other her ass.

“What did you buy Pippa?” I asked.

She looked down at the carpet.

“Two vibrating eggs.” She said quietly.

“Why?” Pam asked, genuinely puzzled.

“Cos I don’t think I’ll be able to cum just from using the strap-on to fuck you Pammy.”

“We could swap later on?” Pam offered.

“No, it’s fine sis.” Pip looked a little sulky.

I laughed.

“Just switch your new friends on Pip and we’ll try this. Who do you want where Pammy?”

Pam gave us a thoughtful look.

“Well, I really like your dick in my bum Petey….”

“Looks like you’ll be needing one of these.” Pip grinned, her sulk forgotten, as she tossed me a tube of lube. “I bought a couple of them too.”

“How are we going to set up for this?” Pam asked.

“It’s your fantasy sis,” I said, “how do you want us?”

She paused for a moment.

“I think,” she said slowly, “that Pip should lie down and I’ll lower myself onto the thingy, then Pete can get behind me.” Pip and I nodded. “But I’m going to take off my lovely new undies first.”

While she did that Pip and I cracked open the lube; neither of us wanted to hurt Pammy. Pippa lay on her back, the strap-on pointing towards the ceiling. When she was settled Pamela straddled her stomach and then, reaching between her own legs, she took hold of the plastic phallus and guided it carefully towards her pussy. She gave a little grunt as it entered her, parting her cunt lips. I watched in fascination as the thing sank all the way into her.

“Ooo! It’s cold.” She said. “But not as big as it looked.”

Pip reached up and began to fondle her sister’s breasts. I knelt behind Pam and gently pushed her down toward Pip so I could lube up her ass hole. The two girls kissed.

“This feels odd.” Pip said.

“What does?” Pam asked, jumping a little as I slipped my fingers into her butt.

“The way our nipples brush against each other.”

“I kinda like it.”

“Oh, me too. It’s not a bad ‘odd’, just a different ‘odd’.” They wrapped their arms around each other as they spoke.

“Ready Pam?” I asked quietly.

“What? Oh yes. Go on Petey.”

With infinite care I put my knob against her rear entrance and eased it in with a gentle pressure. Pam gave a low moan as she felt my balls brush against the backs of her legs.

“You two okay so far?” I asked, leaning forward.

“Fine lover.” Pip said, stretching her neck to give me a peck on the cheek.

“Just give me a sec.” Pam panted. “I feel so full of cock.”

“Just tell us when you’re ready for us to do more sweetie.” Pip said encouragingly.

“S’okay.” Pam breathed. “Hey, if we roll onto one side then you can both fuck me properly, yes?” Pip and I exchanged glances and then carefully the three of us followed Pam’s suggestion. “All right, I’m ready.” Pammy almost whispered.

Pip pulled her hips back a little with me following suit and then we began to fuck our big sister.

“Oh Pip.” Pam said. “Your vibrating egg thing, it’s making the strap-on vibrate too.”

Pip grunted in acknowledgement, concentrating on thrusting her hips back and forth. I couldn’t feel any vibration, but I could feel the fake cock occasionally rubbing against mine through Pam’s inner walls as my and Pips strokes coincided.

“Oh god! This feels incredible.” Pammy cried out. “I’m gonna cum so quickly.” Her body clenched and spasmed as her orgasm took her. Pip and I slowed our thrusts and then stopped. “NO! Keep. Going.” Pam managed to pant. “I want. You two. To cum. As well.” It was all the encouragement I needed and I began to pump her beautiful ass once more. Pip managed to find a slow rhythm fucking the dildo into Pam’s pussy. I realised it was odd for her to actually find a rhythm rather than respond to one but being Pip she found a way.

“Pam, Pammy, I’m not gonna last long.” I panted out.

“Just. A. Bit. More.” She gasped out.

Pip was strangely quiet. I could see the determination in her eyes; she wanted to do this for our sister, but wasn’t getting much out of it. Pam saw it too and began to suckle on Pip’s left tit. I leant forward a little more and managed to lick at her right tit. A light came on in her eyes and within moments our attention had increased her pleasure.

“Pam, here it comes.” I wheezed, feeling my nuts tighten.

“Me too.” She said, her ass gripping my dick as she orgasmed. kartal escort bayan That set me off completely, my spunk invading her butt-hole. I stopped my thrusting and let Pam get her breath back, lowering my head once more to Pip’s nipple. She too had stopped moving, but I could tell she wasn’t going to cum.

“Pammy, we need to get Pip off too.” I whispered in her ear.

I slipped out of her ass and she moved aside. Pip lay back looking at us, disappointment written over her face.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“Why?” I said, kissing away the tear that was forming in her eye.

“I couldn’t get off with the two of you.”

“We’ll finish you off sis.” Pam said, undoing the strap-on and pulling it away from Pip. She lowered her face between Pip’s legs and plunged her tongue into the wet slit. I stayed with her tits, playing with her nipples with my tongue, my teeth, and my fingers. Pam pulled the vibrating egg out of Pip’s cunt and thrust her tongue in instead.

“Maybe I should have turned it fully up?” Pip said as the egg came out still buzzing.

I kissed her.

“Shut up Pip. Let us do this for you. I think you just need to get used to it.” I paused. “That’s if you want to try again.” She suddenly stiffened as our joint ministrations took her over the edge.

Pip looked at us lovingly as she got her breath back.

“I think I do. I don’t like being beaten by you two.” She grinned.

“I know I want to try again.” Pam said from between Pip’s legs. “We can do it the other way round if you like. I’ll wear the harness and you can feel two dicks in you.”

With only three or so weeks left of our summer idyll I suddenly realised that some of the jobs that I had promised Mom and Dad that I’d do were still not done so I set a few mornings aside to work through the short list. Soon I was down to the last item; repainting the back door. It was a bright morning when I started, gradually getting warmer until I was sweating in my overall. By midday I had almost finished.

And then the girls, my sweet sisters who had been out all morning thus far, decided they were going to sunbathe in the rear garden. If that was all they had done I would have finished so much quicker. It was distracting enough having the two of them reclining nearly naked only a few feet away, but then Pip made up her mind that I was ripe for some teasing. She kept brushing past me, much closer than was necessary, on the pretext of getting a drink from the kitchen. Pam watched in amusement a couple of times and then decided to join in with the tease. Every time one of them squeezed past they made sure their ass or their breasts rubbed against me. My work got slower and slower. It wasn’t as if the scraps of material masquerading as bikinis covered up much anyway. Despite their not entirely unwelcome attention I finally managed to finish the door and went into the garage to take off my overall and get the paint from my hands.

As I looked out at my two gorgeous sisters giggling on their sun beds I felt a tinge of regret. Not over what we had done, but more a feeling that this would be the last time the three of us spent an extended period of time in each others company. I was due to go and work for my father when he got back; Pam was going to take a business degree; and Pip, well even Pip wasn’t sure what she was going to do, other than it would be an exciting adventure. I sighed and determined that we would make the most of the rest of our time alone. But first was the matter of revenge for the mornings teasing.

I got the garden hose out.

“Hey ladies!” I called out and opened the tap, spraying cold water over my two tormentors. They both squealed at their unexpected drenching but quickly recovered and dived on me, trying to wrench the hose from me. By the time Pippa had managed to pin me down helped by the fact I was laughing so much we were all thoroughly soaked. She sent Pam to turn the hose off and lay on top of me. Her nipples, made hard by the cold water, poked through the material of her swimsuit into my chest. I gazed lovingly into her face and saw the ‘naughty idea’ grin begin to cross her features.

“What? Out here?” I said.

Her grin just grew wider and she began to grind her pelvis down on my cock through my now soaked shorts. She bent her head forward and kissed me.

“Why not? We’ve done it practically everywhere else?”

“People will see.” I said, trying to ignore the raging boner she had caused to rise.

“I doubt it very much. The fence is too high.” Pippa said, reaching behind her and releasing her bikini top. She dropped it to one side and wiggled her perfect breasts in my face. With a roar I rolled over on top and kissed her hard, our tongues dancing around each other. Her hands went to the top of my shorts and undid them, pushing them and my boxers down and releasing my straining cock. At the same time my mouth was exploring her breasts once again; I would never tire of the feeling of sucking on her or Pam’s tits. Her hands came up to my head and gently pushed me lower. My tongue trailed across her damp belly, stopping at her belly-button for a moment before continuing down to the scrap of material covering her pussy. I teased the string ties of the bikini undone and revealed Pip’s exquisitely trimmed pussy. I stopped for a moment and then lowered my face between her legs. Pip was still, waiting for me to plunge my tongue into the folds of flesh of her pussy.

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