Paradise Bound Ch. 06


20 days to paradise

I was happy with how my tan was progressing already. There was just a hint of color in my skin, a little less glare when I was under bright lights. Thursday night arrived after three long days of work. I wasn’t going to be able to get away from the office. I called the salon while munching on cold pizza. Stephanie said she understood in a way that told me there was someone within earshot. She reminded me I should try to get in soon so I wouldn’t lose what tan I had built. I said I may drop by Friday night after work if I could squeeze in a visit on the way home. She warned me about tanning two days in a row and said she was working all weekend and if I was able to come in she would help me re-work my schedule so my tan would be ready for my vacation. I sat finishing my pizza unable to concentrate on the work in front of me thinking about the joyous young lady I would rather being making love to at that moment.

19 days to paradise

It was Friday night. I had called home to say I was making a quick stop at the salon. My wife’s tan was looking really good. She was probably a session or two ahead of me. She understood why I wanted to stop. I drove to the salon thinking mostly about how busy I was at work and what I might be able to accomplish around the house over the coming weekend. I walked in and was greeted by Tasha, the gorgeous young Asian woman I had seen leaving the salon a few days ago.

“Hello. Are you here for a session tonight?”

“I am. I’m Tom Hampstead. What machines are available right now?”

“I’m Tasha. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Hampstead. Looking at your history I would guess you prefer stand up machines. Is that right?”

“I do Tasha, but tonight I will take whatever is available.”

“Let me see.”

Tasha tapped away on her keyboard. It didn’t seem very busy but maybe people had appointments booked and were coming in later.

“Okay Mr. Hampstead. There’s a stand up machine that will be available in about 15 minutes or you can use room 11, which is a bed, right now.”

“Room 11 will be fine.”

“Okay Mr. Hampstead.” Tasha tapped a few more things on the keyboard then stood up.

“Follow me please.”

Tasha led me down the hall to the very back of the salon. I had not seen this room before as it was tucked at the back away from the other rooms. Tasha opened the door. I followed her into the room.

“Here you are Mr. Hampstead. Get yourself ready. There’s a couple of things I have to take care of then I will be back to make sure you understand how this tanning bed operates.” Tasha left before I could respond.

‘Get myself ready? She will be right back?’ I kicked off my shoes and socks rather slowly wondering just how ready I should be getting. I paused and looked around the room. This room was different. It was in the back corner of the salon. It was a bit bigger that the other rooms I had been in but I could see how it wasn’t big enough to make into two rooms. I looked up and noticed that the walls in this room went all the way to the ceiling which the others didn’t. Considering the heat generated by the tanning machines it made sense to allow the heat to escape. This room had several vents at the top of the walls which I assume allowed that to happen.

I was halfway through unbuttoning my shirt when Tasha burst back into the room.

“Mr. Hampstead, I expected you to be undressed already. Let me help.”

Tasha stepped towards me and finished unbuttoning my shirt.

“Stephanie told me you’re one of our Elite customers and that I’m to help you apply your moisturizer on your back.”

I started slipping out of my shirt when Tasha grabbed my belt, deftly unfastened my pants and had them around my ankles before I could open my mouth.

“I hate to rush you Mr. Hampstead but I’m the only one on duty right now so I can’t be away from the front desk for very long. Hand me your shirt and step out of your trousers.”

Handing Tasha my shirt I tried to explain, “But Tasha, I’m pretty sure I can manage most of this on my own.”

Tasha reminded me “Stephanie told me I am to provide this service for you so please let me Mr. Hampstead. Stephanie will check to be certain I did this and I do not want to get in trouble for not having done it.”

Tasha hung my shirt on a hook on the wall then turned back towards me with her hand out waiting for my trousers. I handed her my pants.

“Thank you Mr. Hampstead. Please turn around with your hands on the wall so I can apply your moisturizer.”

I turned around and heard Tasha hang my pants on the wall and open my moisturizer. Seconds later my boxers were around my ankles.


“Please Mr. Hampstead. I have been told to do this. Step out of your boxers. Don’t get me in trouble. Please.”

I stepped out of my boxers then Tasha’s hands were on my back massaging in the moisturizer. She was fairly fast but she was thorough. She covered my back pretty quickly.

I started to say “thank you” when I felt Tasha’s hands on my legs spreading the lotion up and down and across my butt.

“Tasha, I can…”

I anadolu yakası escort was interrupted “Stephanie said you get the Premium Service Mr. Hampstead, not the Preferred Service. The preferred service is just your back; the Premium service includes your legs.”

Tasha completed my legs almost as quickly as she did my back. She moisturized my butt and the back of my thighs, then she did my lower legs back and front. Tasha seemed a little nervous and shy so I wasn’t surprised she hadn’t tried to do the front of my thighs. She was probably a bit afraid to get too close to my genitals.

“Are you done Tasha?” I asked.

I hadn’t heard Tasha get up from where she was kneeling on the floor.

“With your back, yes Mr. Hampstead. Please turn around so I can help you do your front.”

I didn’t move replying “I can manage from here…”

“Mr. Hampstead, please,” Tasha whined, almost crying it seemed. I really like my job and Stephanie got me this job and if I don’t do what she says, please Mr. Hampstead, PLEASE.”

“Okay. Okay.” I turned around. “But Tasha, I will tell Stephanie you gave me the best service. It’s okay.”

Tasha was kneeling in front of me holding out the tube of moisturizer, my flaccid cock hanging above her head. She squirted some cream into the palm of her left hand. “Please put your hands out Mr. Hampstead so I can give you some to do your face and neck.”

I did as Tasha asked. She dispensed the moisturizer into my hands, enough for me to do my face neck and arms. Tasha put down tube rubbed her hands together and started applying the lotion to my thighs. I spread some on my arms then started focusing on my face and neck.

“TASHA!” I hollered bending backwards at the waist. My little moisturizer girl had taken my soft cock into her warm mouth without warning.

“Please Mr. Hampstead. My job”, Tasha whined.

I straightened up. “But Tasha, I can’t believe Stephanie told you to suck my cock.”

“Please Mr. Hampstead. I have to get back to the desk. Please. Let me do this. Your cock should be hard when I put the moisturizer on. Stephanie told me it’s better for men to tan with an erection and easier for me to apply moisturizer to it when it’s hard. Please.”

Tasha’s mouth returned to my cock before I could reply. The moisturizer she still had on her hands Tasha proceeded to spread on my balls and my ass. My cock had grown to its full length. Tasha was trying her best to consume as much of it as she could. A bell rang.

Tasha pulled my cock from her mouth stroked it a few times spreading some moisturizer on it. “I’m really sorry Mr. Hampstead. Someone just rang the bell at the front desk. I have to go. When you’re ready lay down in the bed. It’s set for 10 minutes. The start button is this little green button. I will see you on your way out. Please don’t tell Stephanie I didn’t finish.”

“I won’t say anything to Stephanie, Tasha.”

And with that my adorable Asian attendant left the room. I finished applying my moisturizer. As I was putting the moisturizer down, I heard my Blackberry buzzing. I picked it up. It was a text message from my wife wondering when I would be home. I sent a quick reply telling her I was just stepping into the tanning bed for 10 minutes so I should be home in 30.

Ten minutes is a long time to lay still. My mind started running through what just happened. What was Stephanie doing telling this girl to apply my moisturizer and give me a blow job. What else was she telling her? Was she one of the ones that knew we fucked in here on Saturday? And did she know Stephanie was fucking me and sucking me at every opportunity? The fool thing is I didn’t really mind because this girl was so damned hot as well. Standing naked while a hot young woman rubbed lotion all over your body and gave you a blow job when she was done was a difficult thing to complain about to anyone.

The bell chimed indicating my session was done. The top portion of the bed rose. I rolled out got dressed and made my way to the front. Tasha was sitting behind the desk and looked up as I walked into the reception area.

“Was everything to your liking Mr. Hampstead?”

“It was Tasha. I certainly am glad I took out the Premium Service program.”

Tasha looked around quickly, reached over the counter, grabbed my hand and led me into the office behind the desk. She closed the door behind us.

” Mr. Hampstead, there is no Premium Service,” Tasha whispered. “Stephanie and I just have some customers who are nice that we help out with their moisturizer. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Okay Tasha. So who knows about this? And how many people get it?”

Tasha looked at me sizing up if she could trust me I think, “Just you and one of my customers. You’re the only ones we think we can trust and the only ones we want to do this for.”

“How did you decide this?”

“Well Mr. H., it gets pretty boring in here and well” she looked around again and leaned in closer to me. “There were these great looking men coming in here and we had to think ataşehir escort of some way we could see them naked.”

I stepped back and looked at her, “Really? And what else?”

“Well Mr. H, no nothing else I promise. Please you can’t tell anyone. Stephanie and I could lose our jobs. Stephanie said you are nice and really cool. Please don’t say anything.”

“But you were just sucking my cock. Who else do you do that for?”

Tasha stepped in close to me. “I just did that Mr. Hampstead. Steph said you were cool and my customers aren’t as good looking as you and Steph said she sucked yours and well she didn’t say I could but I wanted to.”

“So Stephanie didn’t tell you to do that to me?”

“She didn’t even say to give you the service Mr. Hampstead. I just wanted to. Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Stephanie.”

She looked at me with her big eyes and her shiny black hair. I glanced up and down at her body admiring her v-shaped torso supporting her a-cup breasts; the tidy flair traversing the space between her tiny waist and her shapely hips; the slope of her tight shorts where they tucked in between her smooth thighs and hugged her sweet looking pussy.

“Thanks for telling me this is yours and Stephanie’s personal upgrade program. What would you have done if I had told a friend and they came in and asked your boss or another employee for the “Premium Service”? You two had better think about this. It’s a good thing one of you told me before I sent in a referral. I won’t tell anyone. We can keep this our secret but I will have to think about this arrangement going forward.”

The door to the salon opened and someone came in. Tasha stood on her toes, grabbed my shirt reached up and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you Mr. H. Stephanie said you were really cool and she was right. She also said you have a nice body and she’s right about that too. Wait here until I’m finished with this customer and then you can leave Mr. H.”

I watched Tasha turn and exit the office admiring the gentle curve of her fine looking ass. I was hornier than a male dog at a kennel with fifteen females all in heat. My wife was expecting me at home but right now all I could think about was trying Tasha on for size.

Five minutes passed while Tasha assigned the customer to a room and did whatever administration she needed to do.

The door opened. “Mr. H. You can leave now the customer has gone to her room.”

“I don’t think we’re done here yet Tasha. I think you need to come in the office.”

Tasha looked concerned closing the door behind her. “You’re not going to tell are you Mr. H.”

“I don’t think so Tasha, but your little blow job you started got me really horny. I think we need to finish what you started.”

“But Mr. H. There are people here.”

“That’s right Tasha, I can be quiet if you can and you do like your job don’t you Tasha?” I asked unbuckling my belt and unfastening my pants.

Tasha walked towards me and got down on her knees pulling down my pants and boxers. My heart was pumping blood into my shaft in anticipation. In that instant, I decided I wanted to fuck Tasha. I reached under her armpits and pulled her to her feet. Our lips locked in a deep kiss. I reached under her top with one hand and filled the other with tight firm ass cheek. Tasha pressed her body against mine grabbing at my ass and cock with more gusto than I anticipated. I released Tasha, bending down to remove her shorts revealing the tiniest thong I think I’ve ever seen.

“Stephanie said you’re a good lover Mr. H. Please make love to me. I will do my best to be quiet.”

When Tasha lifted her second leg out of her panties I hooked a hand under her knee holding her leg up so I could lick her sweet little pussy. Her panties were soaked and her pussy was smooth and shiny. My tongue danced with her clit for only a few moments before Tasha grabbed my hair and came all over my face. I stood up surprised at how quickly my little attendant had climaxed and impressed at how well she muffled her moans.

“Bend over the desk Tasha.”

Without a word she turned around and grabbed the edge of the desk raising her hips as high as she could. I grabbed one hip and guided my cock into Tasha’s pussy. It was wet warm and oh so tight. Slowly I worked my shaft deeper into Tasha’s tight cunt feeling her hot walls part and hug my cock.

My hips finally collided with Tasha’s butt. I gave her two long slow strokes then started increasing my rhythm. I heard someone walking out from the tanning rooms. The salon door opened, the bells tinkled, the door closed, Tasha gasped, my thrusts quickened. I reached forward grabbing Tasha’s arms pulling them backwards until I was holding her wrists and Tasha was standing, her torso leaning at a 45 degree angle.

We bounced against each other Tasha moaning “yes, yes yes” as softly as she could each time I buried my cock in her up to its hilt.

My first blast of cum squirted deep in Tasha’a cunt. My next spasm dislodged my cock from her pussy landing it between her ass cheeks. ümraniye escort My load splashed onto to Tasha’s back. I held her against me while my orgasm wound down dropping blobs of semen onto Tasha’s smooth ass.

“Thank you Mr. H. Thank you. That was amazing. Stephanie was so right. That was so good.”

I released Tasha’s wrists.

“Let me clean you up before you go home Mr. H.” Tasha said turning around.

Her idea of “cleaning me up” was to drop to her knees so she could lick and suck the love juices coating my softening member.

“There you go Mr. H. All clean and shiny… and happy I would hope.”

“Yes happy Tasha. You were very good. Definitely happy.”

My attendant lifted my boxers and pants fastening my belt when she was done.

Tasha guided me out of the office.

“Hope to see you again soon Mr. H.”

“Bye bye Tasha.” I called back exiting the salon.

Carol had dinner ready and some great tunes on the stereo. We kissed hello.

“How was your day dear?” she asked.

“Long. Just long.”

“Grab some wine and sit down and we can talk over dinner.”

Our Friday dinner was therapeutic, relieving me of my work created stress but I was still hornier than hell, mostly from Tasha’s unfinished blow job. Carols comfortable clothes she was wearing didn’t help. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and I was willing to bet no underwear either. The subtle scent of soap I inhaled whenever I got close to her told me she had showered since she had been home.

“I will do the cleanup tonight Tom. Why don’t you shower off your moisturizer from the salon while I tidy up?”

Her cleanup was easy. My wise wife had grilled some steaks, mushrooms and corn on the cob for dinner so all that needed to be done was put the dishes in the dishwasher and wash up the barbecue utensils.

In the shower I washed my balls and cock at the start and at the end just to make sure there was no moisturizer lingering that may taste bad should Carol wrap her mouth around my manhood. I stepped from the shower with a raging hard-on. I toweled dry and slipped on my robe while making my way downstairs to find Carol.

I found her standing at our mantle lighting some candles. She looked amazing in the candlelight, her pants hung perfectly showing off her firm rounded ass. I stepped in behind her wrapping my arms around her kissing her on the neck. Carol tilted her head exposing more of her neck to me, blowing out the match she was holding with the natural sexiness she possessed. I wasted no time sliding one hand under her top and the other into the front of her pants. Carol just stood enjoying the attention, allowing her horniness to catch up to mine. Her skin was smooth and soft. I struggled against my eagerness to touch her as lightly as I could; trying to give her time to ready herself for the hot fast sex I was preparing to deliver to her. I tempered my eagerness by pulling my hand out of her pants and caressing her pussy through the soft cotton covering it. Carol let her hands chase mine around her body, encouraging me to go slow at times and guiding me to squeeze and pinch at others.

I reached for her waistband; she told me she wasn’t ready yet by grabbing my hand and directing it back to the outside of her pants where her pussy was just beginning to dampen the material. Carol reached behind herself undoing my robe. My cock was in her masterful hands seconds later. Carol allowed me to remover her top. I filled both hands with her breasts. She wrenched her neck around as far as she could so we could kiss. I returned a hand to her crotch. Her dampness had grown. She released my cock and lowered her pants herself. Wet pussy happily received my prodding fingers. We kissed and groped for a few more minutes before Carol broke our embrace, took my hand and led me to the sofa for one of Carol’s favorite love-making positions. She sat down and guided my steely penis into her mouth. I only allowed her few seconds to suck my rigid pole before I stopped her mastery and kneeled on the floor in front of her. Had I stood there much longer I would have lost my load in her mouth and it was her pussy that I really wanted. Carol leaned back spreading her legs and placing her heels on the edge of the couch. Her pussy and anus were fully open to my mouth and tongue. I spent only a few minutes feasting on my wife’s treasures before I raised my head and inched closed. I poised my cock at Carol’s pussy, she loved this position for whatever reason, her sitting, me kneeling, both of us driving against each other racing towards orgasms. Carol’s pussy was hotter than I expected and as tight and glorious as ever.

I unloaded whatever cum I had left in my balls at that point. I held myself inside Carol catching my breath.

“Don’t pull it out.” My beautiful wife requested.

Carol leaned back again, my quickly softening cock doing its best not to leave its warm companion. Carol placed a hand on her clit and proceeded to massage herself to a groaning orgasm. About five seconds into her climax Carol’s pulsing pussy pushed my softened lingam from her greasy cavity. I fell back onto my heels. Carol dropped her feet to the floor. We both sat there panting not speaking. I eventually crawled up onto the couch, sitting in a corner. My wife cuddled against me. I pulled a blanket over the two of us. We nestled against each other quietly for an hour before we made our way to bed and a night of sound sleep.

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