Parental Desires


I see the vague outline of a beautiful woman slowly taking my dick in and out of her mouth. This is a woman who has had a lot of experience with this sort of thing, since there is no way an amateur could work the muscles and tongue like this. My hands move to her head and I feel her hair in my hand. She starts to take my shaft deep into her throat and I feel her tongue send additional pleasure by working my balls. I let out a soft moan to show my appreciation and her mysterious eyes focus on my face.

My eyes open from the incredibly erotic dream and I smile as I can still feel everything like a perfect echo. It takes a brief moment for me to realize the sensation is not just some incredibly powerful remnant from a dream, but the sensation on my dick is very real. I feel her hair in my hands and there is no change of pace, regardless of my waking state. I can sense someone else in the room and my eyes start to clear of the morning fog.

I look over and see my father standing next to me with a smile on his face. He holds a finger to his lips to ensure I don’t say anything and have every intention of lying back and enjoying the best blowjob of my life. I wonder if he got me a prostitute for my birthday, since that would explain the sensation tearing though my body. I look between my legs and get a little startled by discovering the owner of that wonderful mouth.

There is no doubt the woman is my mother and she is smiling with her mouth wrapped tightly around my cock. My hands are holding onto her long red hair and her hazel eyes show satisfaction at her work. I think this must be a dream, but all the details are far too clear for that to truly be the case. My hazel eyes lock onto my mother’s face and I cannot pull my gaze away as her head moves up and down very slowly.

My father grins and says, “You’re mom is one hell of a cocksucker.”

I let out a moan as she takes my entire shaft into her throat, then say, “Oh fuck.”

He looks at my mother and says, “Guess that means he agrees. Now, Bart, you need to tell us when you’re about to cum. You’re going to see something really fucking hot.”

I nod and find his eyes are looking at my mother’s mouth working my cock and there is something odd in his brown eyes. My eyes move from his face I focus them on her lips as she slowly releases my shaft from her throat. I let out another moan as she starts to work my shaft with her hand. There is no way I can last much longer, but don’t want it to end. I have never felt anything like this before and can’t believe my mother’s mouth and hands are causing this much pleasure to course through my body.

Once on the verge of release, I say, “Oh fuck, mom. I’m going to cum. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh fuck.”

Her mouth moves so just the tip of my dick is inside of her and she starts to work my shaft like a pro. I close my eyes as my body starts to quake with a fury. My hands grip her hair tightly and I try to pull her head down, but she ignores the discomfort of my action. I manage to open my eyes and see my cum start to drip down my shaft, since her mouth is completely full. She continues to work my shift with a vengeance until I have no more cum to give her. The explosion was far too short lived for my taste, but that was one hell of a blowjob to celebrate my eighteenth birthday.

She releases the head of my dick and I am watching to see her swallow what I have given her. Instead, she gets up and quickly places her lips to my father’s and she shares my load with him. Some of my cum drips onto his chin while her tongue is clearly moving with dominance over him. I never thought seeing something like this could ever be erotic, but I cannot deny there is something very sexy about the whole thing.

Their lips part when there is no more of my cum for them to share and her hand, which is coated with my cum, starts to work his very hard dick.. She gets on her knees and aims the head of his cock towards her tits. There is nothing really extraordinary about either of them, since his cock seems to be about the same size as mine and her tits are medium sized. Even her nipples don’t stand out all that much, since they are only a few shades darker than her pale flesh.

That does not stop me from watching with great interest. I should turn in revulsion at seeing my mother jerk off my father, but I cannot look away. He lets out a groan as he starts his orgasm and my mother makes certain both of her tits are covered by his creamy release. Once he is finished, my mother takes the head of his cock into her mouth and greedily swallows what remains.

This is definitely one hell of a show they are putting on and I am about to say as much, but my mother releases the head of his dick and he moves his mouth to her tits. He starts to lick and suck up everything he can find and is doing a damned good job with leaving nothing. The man must really love it, because he is very thorough for there to be any other reason. Once he is satisfied there is no cum left to be found, his lips press kartal escort to hers and this time it is his tongue that is very dominant. More of the white substance drips out of their mouths and adds to what is already there from my release.

Their lips part again and I see a string of cum stay attached to both of their lips. It snaps in two and disappears against their cum covered mouths. I am at a complete loss for words as I am trying to wrap my mind around what I just saw. They turn to leave and my eyes move quite unnervingly to her ass. I see some signs of sagging on her cheeks and find myself enjoying the movement that comes with each step she takes.

I slowly get out of bed and follow them without any concern over my naked body. Hell, if they can walk around in the buff, then so can I. I follow them to the table in the kitchen and my father takes a seat. None of us say anything as my mother starts a pot of copy, then sits next to him. I take a seat and see both of their faces have cum that is just starting to crust on their lips and chins. My eyes move to my mother’s tits and she gives no sign of embarrassment over my clear ogling of them. Much like her ass, there are signs of sagging, but somehow find them a very pleasurable viewing experience.

My mother asks, “Well, Bart, what did you think of your wake up?”

I struggle to find the right words, then say, “It was interesting, mom.”

My father laughs, then says, “I’ll bet it was. Your mother’s a damned good cocksucker, isn’t she?”

I move my eyes from her tits to her face and I find no sign of embarrassment in regards to the words he just used, then say, “Yes.”

My mother smirks a little as she says, “Go ahead, Bart, you can say it. I’m not going to be embarrassed by being called a cocksucker by you.”

I feel my cheeks get a little red and look over at the painfully small amount of coffee in the pot, then say, “Alright, mom. Dad’s right. You are a damned good cocksucker.”

Her smirk turns to a smile, then she says, “Thank you, Bart. I’m glad you think so. Now what did you think of seeing your father and I do the things we did after I made you cum?”

My father has an odd look on his face, which I can’t quite place, as he says, “Be honest with us, Bart?”

The coffee pot is starting to get close to having enough of something I really need right now, which gives my eyes something to focus on that isn’t my parents naked bodies sitting across form me. I am really struggling to find the right words, but it isn’t easy. There is just too much there to give a simple answer. I cannot wait any longer, so I get up and am very aware at the two sets of eyes that are staring at my flaccid dick. I walk over to the coffee pot and grab a cup, then start to fill it with the black substance of life.

As I pour, I ask, “Anyone else want a cup?”

They both respond quickly in the negative and I set the pot back to continue to fill. Then take a sip and let the warmth wash over my body. I return to the table and set the cup down on the surface of the table. I once again take my seat across from them and know they are waiting patiently for my answer. My mind is still trying to comprehend everything my eyes had shown it and I am not certain what I think of the affair I witnessed.

My eyes look down into the blackness of my coffee and I say, “It’s a lot to take in. The first thing that comes to mind is disturbing. But, hell, I don’t know. Something else. Erotic is not quite the word, but I can’t think of anything else to describe it. So, disturbingly erotic is the closest I can think of.”

My eyes move from the black of my coffee to my mother’s face and she is very pleased with what she just heard me say. I move my gaze to my father’s face and he is looking for more than just pleased. There is a sense of excitement in his brown eyes, which I find to be oddly interesting.

My father laughs as he says, “Disturbingly erotic. I like it, Bart. Now your mother and I have some things to tell you, OK?”

I have no idea where they are headed with all of this, so I simply nod and say, “OK, dad.”

He says, “I know you’re going to be tempted to say something before we get a chance to finish. Hell, Bart, probably a lot of things, but please let us finish. There are some things you might find even more disturbing than what you saw us do. All we ask is that you hear us out without interruption.”

I cannot fathom how anything can be more disturbing than what I witnessed and very tempted to tell them just that, but I nod and say, “You’ve got it, dad.”

My eyes move to my mother’s face as she says, “Before you were born, your father and I had certain sexual proclivities, which we discovered early in our relationship. I like to fuck other men and your father likes to watch. Doesn’t even matter which hole a guy would stick his dick into. Hell, Bart, it makes me so damned horny to see him watching me get fucked hard and filled with someone else’s cum.”

My eyes maltepe escort bayan turned to my father in this much practiced speech, as he says, “Not just horny, Bart. She could be taking a cock in the ass and have one hell of an orgasm, which is something that just doesn’t happen any other time your mother has anal sex. For me, what really got me, was when a guy would cum inside of her and she would push it out of her body. But the part I loved the most is drinking their cum from wherever it happened to be dripping out of her. Ass, pussy, mouth, doesn’t matter one bit.”

He wasn’t kidding when he told me it would be disturbing. My eyes move down to my cup and I take another sip. I want to say a great deal, but I made a promise and I will keep it. I put the cup down and maintain my view of my coffee. No child should ever hear about the sexual exploits of their parents and I should have the desire to leave the table. However, this just isn’t the case and I find their words to be erotic.

My mother says, “Your father never drank all of it. We always shared, just like we did with your cum and his. Fact is, Bart, we both love the taste of cum. We both love the feeling of swallowing it. It was almost always with just one guy, but I did try a gang bang once. It was your fathers idea, since it was supposed to give us a lot more cum to share.

“The problem with fucking five guys and having them cum inside me in different places is the feeling of being rushed. Sure there was more for us to share, but we didn’t get to really enjoy it. Not the way we enjoy me getting fucked by just one guy.”

My father says, “We haven’t done anything like that since you were born. We never wanted you to see us like that. Neither of us ever wanted you to see us in any kind of negative light. We wanted you to think we were normal parents when it comes to having sex. Now, Bart, you’re probably wondering why we’re telling you now?”

My mother says, “Simple enough reason for it, Bart. You are eighteen and legally old enough to make some very important decisions when it comes to sex. Your father and I have talked this over for many years and we want to continue what we were doing. But not with just anyone. Bart, we want you to join us.”

My eyes are still focused on the black of my coffee and I take a sip, which is no longer necessary due to the unfortunate cooling process. Once again, my mind was trying to wrap itself around something I could not full fathom. My parents had never come across as comfortable when it came to matters of sex. Now they’re speaking very cavalierly about far more than just the sex talk they had with me many years ago.

My father says, “Think about it this way, Bart. By joining us, you get to have anal whenever you want. Pretty damn rare for a woman to give up her ass. You’ll never have to wear a condom again. Feels a lot better without the damn things getting in the way.”

My mother says, “Not just my ass, Bart. We weren’t going to tell you this right away, but decided to be completely honest with you. We would never push this on you, but if you are ever inclined, you can fuck your father’s ass.”

My father says, “That’s right. My ass, my mouth, whatever you want. Hell, if you ever get the itch, I’ll fuck your ass as well. But if you have no interest anything like that, no problem. We understand completely. Very few guys have any interest in doing anything like that, so we will never bring it up again. Unless you want us to.”

My mom says, “There you have it, Bart. Any hole you want, whenever your father and I are together. Neither of us will ever say no to you.”

My father says, “That’s right. We both have to be there before anything can happen. Other than that, Bart, you’re in complete control of everything.”

My mother says, “I know we’re asking a lot from you and we don’t want an answer right away. Why don’t you go take a shower and think it over. Then let us know. If you say no, fine. We’d be a little disappointed, but we’ll get over it. If you say yes, great. Means you’re in for one hell of a ride.”

They both get up to grab a cup of coffee and my eyes move to my mother’s ass. There is something exciting about seeing her cheeks bounce as she walks. I should be completely disgusted over everything they just said, especially the part about my father’s bisexual proclivity. However, I can’t say that I feel much of anything right now, since there is far too much swirling around in my mind. I finish my coffee and leave the room. They’re right, I need to take a shower and clear my head. I step into the shower and begin to wash my body and let the thoughts form naturally.

My initial thought is not being able to do what they want. To start, they’re my parents and incest just isn’t my thing. Sure my mom has a damned good body for a woman her age, but she is still my mother. Then there is the problem with what my father wants to do. I know they said they would never bring it up again, but I know it is something escort pendik he greatly desires. If I go through with this, then it has to be all the way. I have never even come close to thinking of bisexuality as something I desire and the idea of being with a man like that is something that sickens me just a little.

Then again, that was a damned good blowjob. I don’t have much experience in the ways of sex, but enough to know I want her to do it again. Only next time, I want to be awake for everything. So what if my parents like to share my cum? If it means I get my dick sucked like that whenever I want, then I can learn to live with it.

There is also being able to fuck her pussy without ever putting a condom on again. I have had my dick in some tight pussy, but always with that damned thing on. I just never really got to fully enjoy it as much as I would have otherwise. So what if my father wants to suck my cum out of her pussy? If it means I get to cum inside of her pussy whenever I wish, then that is also something I can learn to live with. Damn, I can’t believe I’m actually considering any of this.

The final caveat is guaranteed anal. I have tried to get every girlfriend I have ever had to let me try it with them, but it was always to a resounding negative. The idea of having access to her asshole is one that cannot be ignored. I find I can push the idea of incest as being wrong far to the back of my mind. Even if that were the only hole I had access to, it would be more than enough for me to go through with it.

My newfound acceptance of having and incestuous relationship with my parents aside, there is still the issue of my father. I just don’t know if I can do what he wants. Then again, maybe I can start off with something small and go from there. Something along the lines of getting a hand job before fucking my mother’s ass. Hell, if I can do that, then I can probably get around to do the other things he wants to do with me. After all, if I can consider joining them as something very erotic, which there is no doubt in my mind that I do, then fucking my father in the ass is really not that far removed from anything else I am considering.

Considering is not the right word to use, since it does not really mean what I want it to. I’m going to do this, no matter how strange this situation is. If they want to share my cum, then so be it. I turn off the shower and step out with a very hard dick that needs to be buried inside my mother pretty damned quick.

I step into the kitchen and my parents are both waiting eagerly for my answer. Both of their eyes fall to my very hard dick, which gives plenty of indication as to my answer. They both start to grin in great anticipation of the wonders to come from my decision. My mother’s hazel eyes sparkle beneath her red hair. My father’s brown eyes are filled with lust and great yearning for action.

My mother does not move her eyes away from my very hard dick, as she says, “Guess we know what the answer is.”

I nod, even though neither can see my head move, then say, “I’ll do it. I’ll join you and give you both plenty of cum to share.”

My father grins and says, “Glad to hear it, Bart. You’re going to have a lot of fun with us.”

I smile a little as I say, “I’m sure I will, dad. And you might as well both know. I’m in with everything.”

My mother lifts her gaze from my dick to my eyes and asks, “You mean you’re going to be with your father like that?”

I smile and say, “I’m not going to fuck his ass, at least not right away. I’m going to start off slow and work my way up to it.”

My father continues to stare at my cock with great desire as he excitedly says, “Hot damn, Bart. You won’t regret this one bit. We’ll take it as slow as you want. Just keep this in mind. Your mother likes to swallow cum out of my ass, just as much as I like to do it to her.”

My mother grins widely and says, “Enough foreplay, you two. Let’s get to bed and have some fun.”

My father goes to the cabinet and pulls out a shot glass, which leads me to say, “Kind of early for that. Don’t you think?”

My mother grins wickedly and says, “It’s to hold the cum before we drink it.”

I shrug my shoulders and say, “Whatever works, I guess.”

We move to their bedroom and my mother lays on her back with her legs spread very wide. I take my time admiring her pussy, which is mostly free from blockage from her lips. I notice for the first time there is no sign of a single pubic hair and get very excited. If my dick weren’t already hard, it would be as a result of seeing my mother like this. She pulls her lips apart and I see a wide open hole that is just calling out to my dick.

She lifts her legs and I can see another hole that is also calling out to me. It looks amazingly tight and my dick actually ges a little bigger. Her hands move to either side of her cheeks and she spreads her asshole open a little for my viewing pleasure. My eyes are locked onto her asshole and I know precisely what I am about to do.

My father is kneeling beside her and looks at my dick as he says, “Take your pick, Bart.”

There is no need for clarification as I have already decided, so I look into my mother’s hazel eyes and say, “I’m going to fuck your ass, mom.”

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