Part 2 of the Forbidden Sex.


Part 2 of the Forbidden Sex.Friday arrived and I was full of nervous anticipation, Annie and I had spoken at length last night, and she was excited, as she had witnessed the Shetland Pony take one of the stable girls against the stable door.He was raised on his hind legs and leaning against her, with his penis in between her open legs.She was being crushed by his weight and his humping was lifting her of her feet, but his penis was in-between her ass cheeks and the door, so she was riding his shaft while clinging to his halter.’It was an incredible thing to watch’, she babbled, ‘Two different species doing it, weird yet erotic’, convincing me she was touching herself as she reminisced.Having witnessed the stallion sire a mare, I was very aware of the massiveness of the horse cock, and my inability to accommodate its girth, let alone it’s length, was causing me some consternation, perhaps having up between my ass cheeks would suffice, somehow even thinking that, gave me a pleasurable and disgusting feeling.I had been wearing the same pair of knickers for two days to make sure enough of my ovulating scents were strong enough to trigger a response in the Sheltie, and as I approached the stall, on the night in question, I was convinced he could smell me istanbul escort even before I entered the stable.The old farmer stood bare-chested, dressed in hid dungarees, and little else, I guessed. He was behind all the girls, taking turns in touching them intimately, feeling which one was receptive to fucking, as was the ritual, as I was taken by my husband, the Sheltie.Jenny approached me as I arrived outside the stable door, ‘Dont waist any time, just go in and do it’, she said, adding, ‘Are you ready in your head’?I looking into her almond shaped eyes, she was clearly enraptured as were the rest, at what was about to transpire, ‘Get your knickers off’, she rasped, and get in there, your man wants you.I stood naked now outside the stable door, clutching my tiny pair of knickers, with the Sheltie’s head over the door, snorting and neighing, his nostrils flaring as I drew my knickers over his nasal entrances, noting his eyes take on a glazed look, as he picked-up on my scents of sexual need.One of the girls watching on from the next stable shouted, ‘His cock is up’, my cue to go in and take him on.Jenny undid the bolt and put her hand on my naked shoulder, ‘He is slightly bigger avcılar escort than a man, so take him inside you’.I looked at her, then kissed her, suddenly it seemed natural, ‘I will do it for you’, I said and walked into the stall, and stood side on the the pony, who was snorting but restrained by the ropes, that held him in position.Curious I knelt and was met by his manhood, so rigid and dripping continuously from his cock end.Everyone remained silent as I knelt and reached out to him, encircling his manhood and cupping his cock head, soaking my small girlish hand in his pre-cum.I stood back up and faced the girls, bring my soaked hand down between my legs and massaged my husbands pre-cum into my open vagina, lubricating my opening, determined to consummate our unnatural liaison, nothing mattered now as all I wanted was to feel him inside me.’Jenny can you guide him in’, as I took hold of the reigns and started to push in front of him. His head was on my shoulder and I murmured quietly into his ear, ‘Good boy, easy now, up you come’, I had my back against the stable door as he snorted behind my ear, ‘Up boy’, I commanded, as he rose against me and I felt Jenny’s arm against my thigh as she grappled with his cock, şirinevler escort guiding him into my arched cunt, as my buttocks were thrust forward and my legs open, and as he brushed through my vaginal lips, he made the vital contact, and slipped all the way in.He thrust forward lifting me off my feet and slammed me into the stable door, knocking all the air from my limp body. I was being violently fucked, feet of the ground and my calls of disbelief unheard, as everyone was transfixed with the act of beasiality unfolded.The sudden rush of sperm pouring from my violated pussy was felt is it quite literally poured down my inner thighs and formed a puddle on the stable floor, more so as his cock went flaccid and it just ‘plopped’ out of me, and the flood burst.I drooped to my knees quite exhausted and limp, as I had had the stuffing knocked out of me.Jenny took hold of him and pulled him back into the rear of the stall, securing him, as he would come back for more after a short repose.I staggered out of the stall to much back slapping and hand clapping from the other girls, some of which broke off, stripped off, and went into the stall, to administer their own appreciation of what he could offer them, now their own needs had been awakened, by what they had just witnessed.’Take her to the house, Jenny’, the old man ordered his niece, and as we staggered there, Jenny kissed my cheek, ‘I think he needs you now’, and as I looked at her, a smile broke across both our faces, ‘Yes I guess he does’, and with that I found some strength in my legs, round two, I thought, and I am ready.

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