Part two of our cuckold story


Part two of our cuckold storyIf you read part one of my story, you would know that couldn’t be the only time my wife and Jason hooked up. After that first time, all I could say was Nina was hungry for more. Jason left her pussy feeling a bit sore. She craved this feeling… She hadn’t felt like that since she was with Michael, the guy she used to hook up with earlier in our marriage. She had forgot how much she liked walking around with a sore pussy. It was like a constant reminder of a good fuck. She really got off telling me this. Being on the small side, it was something I could never give her. We weren’t able to rewatch their first hookup because I had really screwed up using the camera. Most of what I recorded was too dark to see anything. A few weeks had past since… During that time I took Nina to Victoria Secrets and bought her a silk robe, sexy panties, and new shoes. She had me take pictures and send to Jason as a tease. The next time Jason came over it was mid-afternoon. I was excited there was sunlight this time, hoping I would be able to get some actual pictures and videos. Nina was also very anxious. She kept telling me how she wanted to feel Jason inside of her again. When he got to the house she answered the door in her new silk robe and just a pair of lacy panties. I sat in a chair from the other side of the room and just watched as her and Jason didn’t waste any time. As soon as he sat down and we all said hi, she hopped on his lap and they started kissing. After just a few minutes, Jason had opened her robe and was feeling over her big tits. She pulled the robe off and stuck kocaeli escort Jason’s face into her tits, while rubbing her pussy on his still jeaned crotch. I snapped a few pictures and a small video of him working her chest while I had the chance. Jason worked his shirt and pants off and they started their way up the stairs to our bedroom. I followed them, taking a position on the bench on the side of our room. Nina was already laying down with her legs spread, and Jason was working his way on top. He held his body over her and they continued to openly swap tongues until he stated to slowly push his already aligned cock into the opening of her pussy. He pushed in, and they both let out a deep moan. It sounded like they both had a fire go out in their pants. It wasn’t long before Jason was pounding his cock back into Ninas pussy, like he did the first time they hooked up. After a few minutes, Nina pulled off and rolled herself over on her belly, sticking her little ass in the air. Her soaking wet pussy was shinning as Jason got behind her and sunk his cock back into her. Hum, I thought. She likes doggie style. I had gotten her close to orgasm myself in that position. Now, I watched as Jason had her orgasm within just a few minutes of doing her like that. When she finished, she flipped over on her back, and Jason pushed her legs up, pushing his big cock deep into her. At times she would make a noise like his cock would hurt so good…. I can’t explain what it’s like to watch her when they get like that. I got up from my bench and positioned myself with the camera over her head, capturing her face while kocaeli escort bayan Jason pushed her into a second orgasm. I focused on her face as she has the most beautiful face while she is cumming. I was lucky to capture this moment, because a second after she finished, Jason lay on top, pulled her in and started fucking her at a real fast pace. He kept this rate for a few minutes. I knew they were both into it, so I turned on the light on my camera, snapped a few good pics, and captured a small video knowing I wouldn’t distract them. I filmed as Jason pumped his cock in Nina till he started to cum. I cold clearly see his cum dripping from her pussy, and running down to her asshole. It was very surreal watching that. I found myself staring at them, not noticing the camera wasn’t on center. Hey, at least I captured it this time I thought to myself. About one minute after this, Jason let out a big growl as he let his whole load go inside of Nina. He fell on top of her while they both caught their breath. I just sat there in awe of what I had just seen. Jason didn’t have much time. We talked for a few, and all walked downstairs to see him off. He gave Nina a kiss, shuck my hand and left. Over the next few weeks we didn’t hear from each other a lot. For Nina, the memories were getting stale. I learned I needed to take longer and more focused videos so she had something to remind her in between visits. The next time Jason was able to come up, Nina was very horny. He was to arrive mid-afternoon. By early afternoon Nina was anxious to play. She had me start preparing her for when Jason arrived. izmit escort We kissed a lot and rubbed naked bodies… When Jason knocked on the door, I ran down naked, welcomed him in and walked him directly upstairs where Nina was waiting. Again, I went to my seat on the bench against the wall and watched him take off his clothes and crawled into the bed. He put her in his arms and they started kissing. It didn’t take long before Jason had Nina on her back, with her legs stretched up to his face with his cock pounding her pussy. She started rubbing his face with her very pretty small feet. I could tell he enjoyed this, as he slowed down his pace and started to grind his cock in her pussy while she continued to put her feet in his face. Slowly, he picked up his pace, pushing his big cock all the way into her pussy. Nina was building up to a big orgasm. Jason folded her legs down, keeping the rhythm of his cock going in and out. She started to shake, closed her eyes real tight, and just kept whispering “fuck, fuck, fuck”… Jason let her finish her orgasm, then slowly slid his cock out and made his way up to her head. He started jerking off while Nina started sucking on his cock head. He stroked himself off, blowing his load all over her belly. Nina looked at me and saw my cock was rock hard. She called me over and placed my cock into her swollen pussy. I laid down on top of her, feeling Jason’s cum still on her belly in between us. Jason picked up my phone and started to record us. She didn’t give me permission to cum. So, I enjoyed the time until I couldn’t hold it any longer. I pulled my cock out and slinked back to my bench and cleaned myself up. Jason put the phone down and came back over to the bed where he and Nina started petting each other while we all discussed when we’d see each other again.To be continued…

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